Letter(s) from Julia Nikolaeva to Frank (USA)

Letter 1

Greetings dear Frankl!!!!
I was happy, that you have written to me. Your letter was interesting. I at once Has not answered as leaved from city. You - also it is valid,
The intellectual and beautiful person. I liked your photo,
At you a charming smile!!!!!

It seems to me also, that it has much
The general (usual), and it will be the best impression to know more
Concerning you. You have a lot of pictures. Probably you will send
I have more.

I was born and always a vein in Sevastopol. Sevastopol it not big but very much Beautiful small town. Yes I very much love the city and certainly the sea. I live also About coast; Summer here mainly very warmly and горяче. My parents Russian. As I have still the younger brother. It now lives and Studies in санкт-Петербурге. To it of 17 years.

You have very good formation., it - is important for me. Me, my life.
I have finished university in Sevastopol. Then set various курсовю
Worked as the secretary in institute. At present I do not work, I search new
Work. At us it is very difficult to find good work in Sevastopol, but I try. I would like find such the man which could to be to me the friend and to help To me in this жизне. I appreciate in the man mind, добрату, generosity, fidelity.

Yes, I understand what to communicate through e-mail very quickly and conveniently, but For me it is complex as at m еня houses are not present a computer and the Internet, therefore I should go in the Internet of cafe!!! In our city the Internet yet
Absolutely accessible communication facility. Also costs very dearly. It is complex to me to pay Our correspondence if you could send me of a few money through the Western
Union (50 $) on the Internet I would be very grateful to you and wrote very much чаcто. Whether there is at you such opportunity. I send some more photo!When at you birthday (number and month)? With the best regards from Sevastopol!