Scam letter(s) from Elena Aslamurzaeva to Steve (USA)

Letter 1
I am so tired. I have found money for my visa and for a ticket.
I was able to get it. So many times I have proved that I have only serious intentions. It took me so much forces.
Please, try to appreciate this! Only one step is left now to see you. Please, try to understand I have no intentions to lie to to you and I am not going to do it. I know that you don't have much money. Try to understaand, please, as soon as I get to your country I will give you all money back.
You will not loose any of your money. As soon as you meet me at the airport, I will give you the money back immediately.
You will not lose cent. Only will spend a few money to send it.
I know, that you have no many money. And you pay many charges on a life. But understand, as soon as I shall cross border at once I shall give you this money. You will meet me at the airport.
As soon as I shall see you at once I shall give you your money.
I have visa and I have a ticket but I need to have some money to prove it at the customs. I have to prove that I have enough money to support myself in a foreign country. In other case, they will just not allow me to cross the board. I know it is going to be Christmas soon. I have a bought a present for you.
I am sure you will like Russian Matreshka. I know that all people are trying to save money for the presents now. And I think that you do it too. You can send me the money that you have now and as soon as you meet me at the aiport I will give you the money back. I am very tired. I have been living all these days at the Moscow airport and I almost have no money for the food.
I am tired to sleep at the aiport as it is very uncomfortable.
If you do not help me now, then for sure you do not need me at all.
Everything depends on you now. I have done everything I could in this situation. And now the rest is in your hands. Only you can change the situation now.
I have to ask you as you are the only one who can really help me and us. There is so much done. I have my visa, I have my ticket.
All I need now is to have some money to cross the board.
That's it. If you send me this money I will give them back to you immediately after you meet me at the airport.
You have to pay rent and taxes. So just send me money from those you pay your expenses. And I will give you them back as soon as you meet me at the airport. I hope so much for your understanding. We have to solve the problem, so, please, think on this. And let me know as soon as possible. Elena. My emails -
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