Letter(s) from Tatyana Tokareva to John (USA)

Letter 1

Hello! I was very happy to read your answer. I can maybe tell you more about myself. I have spend most of my live in Mockow city, a historical town here in Russia. It is a nice town with a lot of museum, park's, old building and Kremlin. There is also our Russia parliament where our government is. I have 1 sisters ( one in Saratov), and my mother lives in the suburb. My father, who is divorced, lives in Mockow. He was a military and travel a lot when I was young. They are both of them on their pension. I was also married at an early age, 20 years old , it lasted about 3 years, but we split apart having are own problems with life. The man in Russia don't like work and want many things without work. Alcohol is problem here else. I live in Mockow, in a nice apartment alone with my dog Tekila. I work for Reals estate Consulting, we buy and sell any real estate in many countries. I was in many countries by my work including USA and Canada. I have been with my company for 7 years. I really like my job, having a lot of fun doing it. I have spend a lot of my time in my work, making homework, so I have not been able to meet a man with who I would have like to live with, so I have been alone for a while. Like you, I am looking for someone that will be loyal and thrustful, someone to talk, to take care of, to go out and have fun with friend. The man I have been on dates were nice, but are looking mostly for an adventure. I like adventure like anybody else, but I am now interested in having a long term relationship. I really think that love can come at what ever age so I am confident. I am strongly against drugs use, I do not smoke. If you somebody smoke around me this is not problem for me. With my friends, we go to happy hours after work on Fridays for fun. We do drink beer or wine from time to time but not too much. Since I am writing this for my work, I'm sending some photos of me to you, they was made in photo studio. I will be hopefully waiting for your letter to write a little more to you. Yours Irina!

Letter 2

Good day John! I'm work much and if I will not able reply to you fast, then I just have no time, but I will try answer to you as soon as possible. I am fine. My work has taken a lot of my time today. But I was happy to read you letter. It is fun to know a little bit more of you. For myself, I wanna tell you some about my dog. I found her while working at the family's house. She was hungry, her leg was hurt and she was very afraid of me at the beginning. But with patient and perseverance, I was able to feed her. After fixing her leg and trying to find her owner with no success, she decided to stay with me. I do not know what kind of breed she is, but she is faithful and is very protective of me. I university degree. I'm lawyer. I do like 'Bad boys blues' and else, Abba is a great band. Else I like rock, the Beatles, Rolling Stone, Pink Lloyd and a lot of new groups like the Green Day, Offspring and other a like. But, I prefer the 80s and 90s music. I haven't been in a disco for a while, but if the music is good and the company is right, I love to dance to what ever is playing and to have a good time. I have been twice to Europe, mostly in Paris and in London. I liked the British more than the French. I have also been in Germany, Italy and in Belgium when I was young. Like I told you , I have been to the US (Washington). I am not in a serious relation at this time. Like I told you, I have spend a lot of time on my work and making homework, so there was little time to look for the right person. I am looking for a lover, yes, but also a partner in life. Someone who can help out with the little problem of life, with who I will talk of everything and nothing important. I am sending you a new photos of me. I leave you now and wait for your letter. Bye for now,Irina!

Letter 3

Hello John I hope that you are fine and that your day is or has been good. I guess that there is a lot of deception to be found on the Internet, lies are easy written to play with the thrust that people will give. I will not play this game, with you or with anybody else. I am not that kind of person. I am on the Internet to try and get to known people, to create friendship and, maybe, to find somebody that will be special. I had bad experience in my last marriage. But I still have dreams of living a better life, finding a nicer man, to have a loving family. I have a lot of courage to think of leaving my country, family and friend to be able to live my dream. It is something that can change me because of the culture clash, the different language and the life style change that I will have to endured. I'm think that you seem a good and honest person. I only want to get to know you more. And nothing very serious now, I want to know you better before I can think of something that would be more serious. I like to write to you and will continue with an open mind and a open heart as long as you continue to write back. With a little time, if our friendship grows more, I can try and see if there is a possibility for me to travel to meet you in your country or near, if it is OK with you, that I can do. Or maybe, you can eventually come here and see my country, see how I live. What do you think about this ?. I leave you now and will answer your letter as soon as possible. Bye Bye, Irina!

Letter 4

Hello dear friend John! How are you yourself ? I hope that this day goes well for you. I'm very fine. This morning at the office, I was very happy to get your letter, it has put a smile on my face. I will think about them all day. I like to get your letter and to write to you, it is kind of talking with a good and nice friend. I really hope that with time, we will become maybe more than just friend. I was thinking that maybe I can see if I can organize to travel to get to meet you eventually. I have US and Canadian visa and else Euro Union visa. As I would be pleased that you could show me your country, will explain me culture and ask you many question about it. But some more else about me, about my childhood. My childhood was also very pleasant. My father was a military man, so we moved a lot to different places in USSR, see new surrounding, meet new people, it was super to have many friends all over the country. I have nice memory of summer camps, camping trips with my family, going to visit in the Russia going the beach at the sea,... It was all very funny and a very happy time. My family was always together on those trips. Of course, these trips have stopped since my parent divorced, but is was OK. My parent are happy with their live now even if they live apart. My father, my mother and my sister are very close together with me. Every year me and my university friends try to get together for a party and talk about everything and anything. We were all young and did all kind of crazy stuff, nothing illegal, but sometime very stupid. During the summer, we would have party, go to a friend with a pool and have a BBQ, then after that, go on the main road just to hang out and have more fun till dawn. It was a very crazy time. And after that, I married so I did not have time to do all those things with my friends. But since my divorce, I have made contact with them again. We do not party has much, but we still try to get together one way or another. I like to take care of homeless animal. I like to think that by taking care of my own dog, who was homeless, I have made good. My dog seems to be happy to be with me, to have me to take care of her. I have to get back to work, so I say goodbye for now. I'll be waiting for your new letter soon. If you want, I'll try to send you more pictures of me. Kiss.Irina!

Letter 5

My dear John! I am always glad to get one of your letters and to get to know you more and more each time. I am fine. I will surely have a happy hour after work, with friends, to go out, play pool (billiard) and have a good time. I have a big day's work ahead of me, reports to give, reunion, priority to give, personal management,... but I have fun doing all this, so it is alright. It make me think that it would be fun to be able to call you up just to go and have a walk outside, go to have a coffee, a light lunch in a restaurant and to go strolling on the main steet to do window shopping. And to finish the day, home with a nice wood fire and a nice glass of wine. Hey, I'm getting romantic :-) love good food. Else I like to cook. I like to try all kind of dishes for other places. There is a lot of Italian food that I like, Mexican also, but I have tried lately some lamb from a Portuguese restaurant that was delicious. Greek dishes are also nice. Else we have many good dishes in Russian cook. I have to go back to work, so I leave you now. I hope that you have a fine day and I will wait for you next letter. Bye for now and a kiss! Irina!

Letter 6

Hello John! I am very happy to get to read another of your very nice letters. It always give me warm feeling to know that there is somebody special out there that seems to care very much about me, it is also very pleasing to know that it is you. What have you done lately ? How was your day's work ? Have you been out lately ? Tell me about all the things you do in your day. How is it in your country ? You are a very passionate man and it pleases me to get to know you more every letter you send me. When I feel lonely, I only have to think about you and then, my loneliness disappears to be replace with smiles of joy and happiness. Like you, I think that trust, respect and taking care of the loved one are the very essential things for love to grow. Understanding between 2 people is also very important. I really hope that we will have trust, respect and carefulness between us. I would be happy to get to meet you face to face. It is something that we can write about in our next letter if you want. I will be waiting for your message. With kisses!

Letter 7

Hello my dear John! How are you days going on? As for me I have much work. But I will have vacation in one week. I'm really happy about that cuz I haven't vacation 3 years. So my boss decide give me some time to rest. I want spend my vacation very good and I guess that I can come to visit you for one or two months, of course if you not against. I think that we can know each over face to face better, and we can have a great time together. Will you invite me? LoL. I have foreign passport and visa so I don't needing in any paperwork. So I can come to you so soon as I will found good flight. But this is not too hard, cuz our company work with one tourist agency very long time, and they always can find good flights to any point of the world. Today I was in that travel agency and check cost of flight to you. It will cost for me about 1800 US dollars. In this cost including round-trip tickets and health insurance. In my country I can't buy one way tickets, cuz in many countries immigration cervices afraid that somebody could stay in them countries illegal, or something like that. And about insurance, this is I must have too. I thought that I will go to my vacation to other country so I saved some money for that. I have 600 US dollars for tickets, but unfortunately I haven't another part of that sum. I wanna ask you, dear will you able help me with other part of money. I think that it will be very honest from you and my side bye tickets for me together. This will be great chance to meet each over and know better. What do you think about that?Ok, I will write for your letter. Sweet kisses! Bye, Irina!