Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina to DG (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello my love .My mood today excellent. Since morning when I went for work I have metthe old girlfriend. I did not see her already for a long time. She hasleft from our city when we have finished the higher school. We for along time talked to her. My girlfriend has told that she has arrivedto mum for Christmas and me invited to itself. And I to her have toldthat I correspond with you. She for a long time asked what relationsus. I to her have told all. And when she has asked about a meeting. Idid not know that to her to answer. My love when we shall make ourmeeting. I very much want will meet with you. And as soon as possible.I wait you for the answer. I send you one thousand kisses. Also I wishyou good morning. And I shall go to rise early tomorrow home.With love your loved.Kiss Katya
Letter 2
Hello mine dear the man Today at me such good mood that IAll to color. Since the morning in my head there were ideas only about you, aboutOurs pleasant impressions from each other when we shall meet the firstTime. It will be divine! Because I shall see the man to whichMy heart and my soft, but hot soul belongs. If it is fair,That I want it a meeting right now, but that distance whichshares us from each other big and I understand that we cannot makeReally I meet now, but I every day would pray that our meetingWas faster and whatever who could not prevent to meet and love to usEach other. Now I have come to cafe the Internet from work, because mineHeart cannot remain indifferent and not go in cafe the Internet. MeAlways pulls to a computer! And you know why pulls? Because except forCafe the Internet I cannot where to see your letter, to read it,To represent us together. I have found you in this life and to me is very insultingThat I cannot frequently be in cafe the Internet. Sometimes I would like simplyTo sit and write hours to you letters, to ask you different questions,Though my questions are sometimes senseless, but they with all the heart and allHearts. I all cannot believe that I have found happiness!!! Has found the manFor which I am necessary also he is ready on all for the sake of me. I not when could notTo think that though one man it will be ready on all for the sake of me, thereforeThat earlier I considered that all men want from girls only *** andAll. And as they to receive *** at once to throw the girl, asInterest at them to vanish to her. But under your letters I understand that youIt is ready to make me happy and cheerful. And on the first place forYou it is necessary to make me happy, instead of ***. And in replacements for yoursLove I shall give you all myself, the love, passion and caress. II love you and you are very necessary for me my remarkable the man.My honey have gone to me you a phone number. TransferAll greetings from me. Now I shall finish the letter andTo come back to a workplace. Care of itself my lovely and tender.Successful day. Kiss kiss kiss Katya
Letter 3
hello I was glad to receive you the letter. My love I wanted to write youearlier. But I could not for a long time thought and did not know thatto me to do{make}. You speak that we shall meet that you love meinstead of what results are not present. My love when we shall meet?When you to me will help me you can answer to me this question? Withlove yours KatyaKatya
Letter 4

Hello my dear . I have come to the Internet of cafe and wasdelighted that from you were the letter. I so was pleased that havereceived from you the long-awaited letter. My dear I very much you aregrateful that you will help me. I shall be glad that you can to helpme with arrival to you. My love I too want to ask you a question. Wewith mum have decided to establish a home telephone number and to buya computer. But it is necessary 1000 $ on all charges. And we cannotfind such sum. My honey you can help me money. Simply I have thoughtthat from a house I am free I can communicate at any moment with youand you can call to me home. And we can communicate with you by phone.That you think of it. Only answer me the truth I ask you. I shall beglad to hear any answer. Yesterday at me difficult day on work was.And I at all did not have time to write you the letter. You do nottake offence but today my letter will be short. I was afflicted that Ido not have time to write you the big letter. I send you one thousandkisses.With huge love yours Katay.
Letter 5
Hello my dear I am pleased to receive from you new letter. Your letter bring to mepleasure and high temperature in souls. I was in travel agency. I havelearned, that is necessary to arrive to you. I can receive the visaonly in embassy. In my city is not present Embassy Canada. Therefore Ishould go to Moscow and there assort The visa. There I should enterembassy of your country and interview of pass. I should show a fullpackage of the documents confirming my strong financial position. As Ishould make the passport for travel abroad. The most simple way toarrive to you it under the tourist visa. I can receive The visa after10-15 working days. The visa will be valid to 90 days. The total costof the visa with services of agency of round will be 365 USD. I haveno passport. In travel agency to me suggest to make the passportduring short time. It will cost 130 USD. In total it will be cost 495USD. I, certainly, assumed, that all cost dearly, but what so it isexpensive! And I even was upset a little. I have no such big sum ofmoney. And I ask to help you to me of money for registration of thevisa and the passport. And now I shall send you this letter, and Ishall wait the answer. If my charges for you will be expensive, I,certainly, all I shall understand. In fact sometimes it is necessaryto refuse itself in many respects. As though we would not like it. Inany case we shall be good friends. I have now gone home, I shall havesupper and I shall lie to sleep. And at all I do not know, that Iwould like more, that tomorrow has more soon come or on the contrarydid not come. I wait for your answer. Good-bye. I hope, that up tofast.Your Katya.
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