Scam Letter(s) from Marina Lunnay to Charles (UK)

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Letter 1

Mr. Charles,

We represented the bureau of the translations, which located in Russia. Some time ago we've opened a filial in Ukraine. Your lady came to our firm and made contract with us for the next services: providing of Internet connection, her own e-mail address, translation of any kind of different texts.

Today Marishacame to us and asked to inform you that she won't be able to pay for the correspondence with you for some time. she is afraid that you'll be worrying about her silence.

The proposition from our firm:

We are an international firm that works with any country of the world. So, if you are interested to help your lady to pay for your correspondence, please, contact us, and we'll send you our price list. (The prices are the same as for Ukrainian clients).

Sincerely Yours,



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