Scam Letter(s) from Rick Flora to Koos (South Africa)

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Letter 1

Hello Honey,
How are you? With ths soul full of passion and love for you am glad to inform you that my late dad invest in africa and his lawayer called me today to confirm that the document of the company is with him and that i can only have access to this inheritance unless i have someone that is truthful and caring for me to marry{According to the Will of my father}....Honey and am full with Joy to tell you that we can make it together with one soul and body....Honey here is how it goes you will have to call the lawyer and tell him that you are the one my heart really want and that we have plan to marry each other as soon as i get back to the state.
Honey as soon as you are done with him please kindly email me and tell me what you have discuss with him so that as soon as he called i can knw what to explain to him as a representative of the lawyer is here in africa now to show me where all the properties were and am shown the will but the condition is really vital so honey you are all i have and depend.
From the Point of view Honey i am told that if we inherit this property we can invest here in africa and also Abroad as all the properties cost almost 2.2millions of Dollars
Honey as soon as we embark on this the document of all the properties will be fax to you so that you can see the proff of it all and the lawyer can see that we are really in love.
Honey i want us to knw that True Love really start from the heart and i want to assure you that as long as you dont Betray me i will be there for you till the words dont rhym and till the sun fade away.Beliece me you are always in my heart and i will be there for you.
Honey please Let me be well convinve that you are fully by my side before i email you my dads lawyer phone number and email so that you can communicate with him.
With True Love from my heart...I say to you that i love you.
Best Regard Honey
Rick flora

Letter 2

Hello love how are u doing pls call the lawyer ol the lawyer call u but he said ur number is incoret this is lawyer number +447024039583 and this is lawyer email thear from you soon,here is lawyer email
love u



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