Romance scam letter(s) from Karina to Georges (France)
Letter 1
Hello George!I was pleased to read your lines. sometimes I just stop and began to imagine how you tell me this and think out like we have a conversation with you, only you and me, at dinner, with wine, we just talk and talk and talk... about different things that can occur to our minds and ask each other whatever we want. Yes, it would be so wonderful, do you agree with me ? The weather is not so warm now, it is getting a little bit cold and I have so big desire to huge you and kiss you so that you can feel how warm my lips, and it will be the kiss from my heart, I want to share with you my tender wishes, to feel your warm kiss and at once I can forget about cold weather... Yes, I have a romantic soul and I do want to make my beloved not just happy, but the happiest one on the whole earth!!! I know the only thing that if you want to be happy you will be, yes?
When I choose my profession my friends told me that I was wrong because now in our country doctors earn a few money in comparison with businessmen. I think that a real payment for your job is gratitude of the people, I know that people of this profession earn much more money in your country because the Government really take cake of this sphere, I write you the letter I feel like knew you before and I want to trust you. I have so big desire to share with you all my lifelong because I don't want to hide something from you, I am very sencere in my thoughts and feelings and hope that to get in response...
I want to send you my kisses from my warm lips... hope you like it!
your Karina
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