Scam letter(s) from Marina Lunnay to John (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my friend John, It was really a great pleasure for me to get your letter today, my dear. You really made my day when I got to know that you got interested in me, my dear. I really interested in you and I want to know more about you. I don't know why, but I feel that we need to use this chance for us to try to be together. I wish tot ell you that I have never been abroad, my dear, I even don't have an international passport. I'm so sad that you still didn't send me any photo of yourself. As for me, I have sent you mine already and today I'm sending you my new photo as well. I don't have a photo camera by myself, anyway I asked to make some photos of me, cause I know that they'll bring you the happiness, my dear. Am I right? Don't you want to make me happy with your photos as well? I sincerely hope that you'll help me with my simple desire. I'm interested in making a family and I truly hope that your interests are the same. First of all I wish to introduce myself. I even don't know from what to start, so if I miss something that you are interested in, please, ask me and I'll answer all your questions with a great pleasure. My name is Marina. I am 30. My birthday is on the 7th of July. I'm working at the hairdressing saloon as a hairdresser. I have graduated a college to get this profession. I like my specialty a lot. It helps me to meet new people and to communicate with them. It's always very interesting for me to get to know something new all the time. Now is a sad part of my story... I don't have parents for a long time already and all my family is my grandma. We live with her in her apartment. I also have other relatives. I have an older brother who has his own family. But he lives very far from me. He has 2 children, 2 nice boys. I love children, especially very little, they are so cute and nice. They say what they think and it is so wonderful, they are honest all the time. I value honesty most of all. I need someone who wants and is willing to discuss and work through any problems that might present themselves. I was married already and now I'm divorced for 5 years already. The reason of my divorce is that my husband was seeking for to be with other woman. He changed them every day. And he even invited some to our home, when I was at work. It was his apartment and he thought that he could do everything he wanted. He also liked to drink and was ***** almost all the time. I decided to separate with him and since then I have never met him. I am looking for someone who wants to talk and not lock themselves away, reading newspaper or watching TV. My husband was such a man and it was very difficult for me to live with him. I want to meet someone who is understanding and won't leave me in a difficult situation. I dream to go to my home and to "rest" with my loving husband and children. I would like to have children. I think they will make our family life better, happier and complete. I really hope that we will keep our correspondence, I want to know you more. Tell me more about yourself. What do you like to do? What is your interests? Do you like to spend your days near TV or going out somewhere? What is your favorite food? What would you Like to do on a vacation? What do you do during the week? I am waiting for your letter very much. I miss you.
Your Marisha
Letter 2

Hello my dear friend John, Thank you for your reply. I was so happy to get your letter today. You really made my mood by writing me today. I wish all days were so bright for me. Of course I'll send you my photos, but what about you, my dear, Will you send me any of yours? As I have already told you, I absolutely don't know English language. Unfortunately a teacher of English at school all the time was busy with her own needs and didn't teach us anything at all. All the English lessons were for us the lessons of mathematics or chemistry. Nobody could do anything with that, cause she was a daughter of director of the school and she have done everything she wanted. I pay for the correspondence with you, and I'm very happy that there is a firm in my city that can help those girls as I'm, without knowledge of English language, to find their sole mate abroad. My salary is low, but I'm paying for our communication with a great pleasure and will pay until I have money. I think that I have for more several letters. Anyway you'll make me the happiest if you tell me that you can speak Russian language. So I'll need to pay for Internet only without translation, it'll be much more cheaper. Today's weather is wonderful, the Sun is shining brightly, but anyway it's quiet cold, cause of the wind. The only I'm sad that you are not with me at the moment. I wish the sun shines for me every day. I want a man who will be my best friend, who wants to spend his time with me and is willing to discuss and resolve any problems we might have along the way. I like to do many things in my life. Life can be boring without doing anything. I like camping, badminton, jogging and swimming. I like to go to the swimming pool. And do it as soon as I have such an opportunity, unfortunately I can't do it very often. I relax there and I gain much energy when I swim. I like to dance too. It gives me much energy as well. When I have free time, I always go to the disco with my friends. I enjoy it and my dream is to dance with the man who I love the slow dance. I'm an outgoing, warm sensitive woman who is always open to new ideas. I'm also romantic and I like to travel, also I like to go to the seaside and sunbathing there. Unfortunately I don't have an international passport and can't go anywhere abroad... it's still my dream... so it'll be really nice if you come to my country and we meet with you. As soon as I don't know English language, I need to use the service of the firm that provides me with such a service, but I hope one day in the future to have an opportunity to learn English and to speak fluently. I hope you'll help me with it as well, my dear. Hopefully this reply will be the first brick laid down. Then your reply will be another brick. Until we build a road that one-day might bring us closer together. This road will bring us to happiness and luck. I really believe that we can be more than friends in the future. We should help each other to build this road only with the help of our affords we will build this road of happiness. Do you agree? By the way what do you think about happiness? What do you need to be happy? What is the most important in your life? I'll be waiting for your next letter with a great impatience. I kiss you,
Letter 3

Mr. John, We represented the bureau of the translations, which located in Russia. Some time ago we've opened a filial in Ukraine. Your lady came to our firm and made contract with us for the next services: providing of Internet connection, her own e-mail address, translation of any kind of different texts. Today Marisha came to us and asked to inform you that she won't be able to pay for the correspondence with you for some time. she is afraid that you'll be worrying about her silence. The proposition from our firm: We are an international firm that works with any country of the world. So, if you are interested to help your lady to pay for your correspondence, please, contact us, and we'll send you our price list. (The prices are the same as for Ukrainian clients). Sincerely Yours,
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