Letter(s) from Galina Polushina to Jerry (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Jerry, it's me again, Galina! How are you?
I am very glad that you have answered me! I am glad that you as I, do not like to play with people!
I am really glad that now we can continue our acquaintance and to be friends and can be more!

I had said that I do not have the husband and I have been never married! Yes, you can ask why?
I do not know the exact answer to this question! But please be not afraid of me!!! :)
I the good person, the positive character!
I simply think that I have no success in a choice of the man! But I do not lose hope!
I am sure that sooner or later I shall find my second half and we shall be happy!
And who knows there can be it you! :) But now early to speak about it!
I do not have children. I very strongly love children, but I want that I had children from my the man!
I am sure that I never shall lose hope. We should continue to live not looking on anything!
And what about you? You have been married? You have children?

Oh I am really glad that for you has no value that I live in Russia!
I was afraid that you will tell that it too far, but we live during good time
And we can speak even if between us many miles!
I live in Mari El, near Kazan. Do you know something about Russia or can be you have been here?
If you ever been in other countries, you the happy person!
I have never been in other countries I simply have no opportunity now.
It is my dream to go round all world.
I dream much. I am a very romantic person. I can tell that I have a very pure heart.
I do not like when people tell a lie to each other and treachery. I want to trust only in the good and kind feelings.
Friends speak to me that I very kind and trustful girl.
Yes, I know that now many bad people. It is bad! But at any time were both bad and good people
And such way will be always!!!
But we should not lower a hand. We should remember that always there are good people and we should search for them!!!
What do you think of it?

I would like to write to you a long letter, I want to tell you more about myself with pleasure...... But it seems to me that we are familiar too little.
I can tell more about myself. But now I am not ready to this.
There are many things which are necessary to tell each other and we have a lot of time for this purpose!

I hope you will be glad to see my letter. I simply want to ask you one thing!
I ask you to speak always to me the truth and I shall do it! I simply think that it very important!

Now I should finish my letter, but I hope that it only the beginning!

Sincerely yours Galina!

Letter 2

Hello my love, my beautiful and unique man!!!
It is very a pity to me that we had no opportunity to talk in on-line yesterday! I really very strongly wanted to talk to you!
As I have already told to you I have learned the information concerning my trip to you!
Today I all the night long did not sleep! I thought of us and about our relations! I am sure that we shall are happy together!
I am sure that you my second half and I thank the god for that that it has allowed us to meet!
My love I has just come for work, I did not sleep all the night long and now I should collect all my ideas!
I shall write to you after a dinner and I shall try to explain what I should make for trip to you!
I want that you always remembered that I love you!


Letter 3

Hello my love, Jerry!!!
Now I have time to write to you the letter!
As I spoke, I did not sleep all the night long! I thought of our relations! I had many ideas!
I am really glad that we have met each other! Both of us searched for our second half. Both of us were mistaken,
But now I am sure that we have found ours second half!!!
I am sure that you my second half and I your second half! I am sure that we shall be happy together!
I dreamed that I shall find my second half and now my dream has come true!
We have only one step up to our happiness! Yes, we are already happy because we have met each other!
But we cannot live so far apart! We should meet and be happy!
I am simple I can not live here without you! I want to arrive to you because I love you!
I do not know why you did not receive my letter. I have written to you the letter on January, 17.
I as shall try to call to you to speak with you.
My dear Jerry, I have learned all concerning my trip to you!
I thought that it will be difficult for me, but fortunately I was mistaken! For me it is very easy to arrive to you!
We in our city have good travel agency which helps people to legalize all papers for trip to your country!
The most important, I should make the visa and the passport for travel abroad! They will help me to make it!
I have learned that my visa and the passport will be ready in 4-5 weeks!
I think that it quickly enough and we shall be together! It is convenient for me because,
The travel agency will make out, for me, almost all documents!

It is good news, but I have bad news! I have learned that registration of all documents costs 400 dollars!
It is very expensive for me! I simply have no such money! Please forgive me!
My salary very small and I cannot save up such big money!
I have told to my mum about it! She has told that if we really love each other that of money should not be a problem!
My love I ask you to help our happiness! I really love you and I want to be with you,
But I cannot simply save up such big money!

I have learned that you can send me of money for the visa through Western Union! It is system of remittances!
It close to my house and I can receive very quickly money!
When you to come in the Western Union, everyone will explain to you.
For this purpose it is necessary for you to know the following information:

Country - Russia, city - Yoshkar-Ola, name - Galina lastname - Polushina

That I could receive money. It will be necessary for me to know:
Your full address of regular mail,
Control number of a remittance (MTCN for the Western Union) and the sum of translation.
MTCN to you will give, when you to send money.

My love Jerry I understand that it is the big money, but I ask you to send me them!
I ask you to make it for the sake of our happiness, for the sake of our future!
I love you and I want to be with you! I am ready to make all for our meeting, but I simply have no such money!
I very much regret that I have to ask you about money if I had money, I would pay for the visa!
Now your help is necessary for me, I love you, I am ready on all for the sake of our love!
You are probably disappointed by that that I ask you money, simply understand that it is necessary for
both of us, our love without is valuable, now it is necessary to make only a small step, a step to our happiness!
Oh I just now have thought! It is very big step! But I am ready to make it!
I love you and you my happiness! I do not want to lose you! I love you!

Yours for ever Galina