Scam letter(s) from Victoria to Alan (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dear new friend! Of course one letter is not enough to tell you a bout myself but with every my letter I will surprise you with different sides of my personality. I am a woman-mystery Will you try to solve me?:) I am very unpredictable in my mood – now I am shiny like a warm summer day and the next moment I can turn to be gloomy like rainy autumn sky. That is why you will never be bored with me. I hope this letter has caught your attention and intrigued you. I will be waiting impatiently for your reply and hope this is not the last letter I am writing to you. Please, write me back to this address With the warmest regards, Viktoria
Letter 2
Hello, dear Alan! Thank you for writing to me. I am happy that we have found each other in the net and that we have a chance to correspond .I hope our letters will give a start to serious and true relations between us with no games, lies and cheating. I like that you are honest with me from the very beginning even in small details. I do not care much for age difference. I am looking for a man who is older then i am and I also hope that you are not confused that I am younger then you are , I am 25. Thank you a lot for the photos you sent me, when i saw that you placed our pictures together it made me smile - we make a nice couple together, don't you think so?:) Here there are some information about me because I think you would like to know it. I live in Ukraine. To be more exact in the east of the country in a small city Antracyt. I was born there but now I live in Lugansk because I study here. It is one of the biggest and the most beautiful cities in my country. I am a student and now I am getting my second higher education. My first one was in the filed of Social Science and now I am studying Law. I do not have a big family but we are very close with each other. Unfortunately I have lost my dad. I have an elder sister who is also my best friend, we are in very good relations and always support each other. Darling Alan, I would like to know more about your life, what kind of job you do , what are your hobbies, passions.. I will gladly listen to everything you want to tell me about:) I think it is enough and it is time to stop my letter here. Do not forget that you are welcome with any questions – I will answer them with pleasure. Hope to continue our correspondence and wish you all the best. Warmly, Victoria
Letter 3
Hello my dear Alan! Thank for so much for your nice letter. I really like getting letters from you and I look forward to open my mail-box and see there is a letter from you. I am very happy to know that you enjoyed my letter and my photo, it can be a start of seething special for you and me .. Thank you so much for the photos you sent me, they are lovely! Your little pet has very wise eyes I must say and she look pretty in her devil suit:)) I have been always dreaming to have a pet, a dog but our flat is too small and there is not enough space there for a dog . I would like to get to know about your friends and relatives. Can you tell me about your family? Are you close with your relatives? Do you have a best friend? I would be very glad if you share this important part of your life with me. I will tell you about my family ,too. I have already told you that my family is not very big but were are close with each other. I live together with my mom and I have got an older sister Margarita. She has always been my best friend not only my sister. I admire her, she is like an example for me and I always ask her for an advise in some difficult life situations. Her opinion means a lot to me. My mom's is retired now. She doesn't work anymore and I try to help her and support her as much as I can. Darling Alan, I like our communication but I must confess to you that my English is not enough for talking on writing to you without help. I know just a couple of words in this language..I do not have a computer at home and I do not speak English. That is why I use translating agency. It was not an easy decision for me to search for a partner in other country but I think that distance means nothing if two people love each other and want to be together. I hope that my bad language will not be a reason for us to stop correspondence because it is not a problem that can prevent us to have relations. I can learn the language but I need to be sure in a man for whom I am doing it and I need to know that my efforts will be appreciated. My Dear Alan, I it is a pity I will not have a chance to answer you tomorrow because the agency doesn't work on Sundays but I will think about you and I will be waiting for your letter. Can you promise to take care of yourself? I will be thinking about you. I kiss you gently. Have a nice weekend and write me back on Monday. The lady who has stolen your heart:) Vika
Letter 4

Dear Mr. K, I want to introduce you our translating service company which deals with translating correspondence, phone calls and personal meeting of our clients. The lady you were corresponding with Victoria is our client and she was using our service to translate your letters from Russian into English and vice versa. Her account is empty now and we can translate your letter to the lady. But as far as you are interested to keep in touch with Vika we can propose you to be come our client as well. If you are interested in using our service to keep in touch with Vika ,let us know and we will provide you with our price list. If you do not wish to continue relations with the lady ,please, also let us know about it. Best regards, The Administrator of "Favorite-lady", Evgeniy Ispravnikov
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