Letter(s) from Elena Miroshnichenko to Wayne (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Wayne

Very beautiful name and a very beautiful man:-) I hope to hear something more next time from you:-) But ... thank you for the complements:-) My friend has met her boyfriend using Internet and now they are together and live happily in his home city and they are planning to have a baby boy pretty soon. And I think that is a miracle... When I have heard this story I have understood that my destiny is waiting for me around the corner and I have understood that there are still so many lonely hearts that are searching for their second half and for their one and only true love...if you are dreaming about true love and family happiness - you have met a native soul...as i have same desires and wishes...

A bit of myself? Are you sure? Joke:-) So, my name is Elena Miroshnichenko (but my friends and close people call me Lena). My birth date is April 9, 1979. Actually I am 27 already. Time to think of creating a strong and happy family!!!!!! I love children and animals especially puppies. I can't image my life without music; I listen to all genres except for rap and hip-hop. I like to go to the cinema but I am not against to watch movies at home. I am an optimist and I have good sense of humor. I am not ego-centered and conservative in views. I do compromise. I respect and value people that like working and making career, and dream to meet loving and faithful man.

I LIKE erotic smell of perfume and I want my man to be proud of me and pleasant to look at me when we go out. I am energetic, sensitive and... I don't hide my feelings, in contrast, I like showing and expressing my love to my only man. I think it's awful when there is some tension in relations and I suppose it is necessary to improve this situation at once discussing all problems with the soul mate.

I DISLIKE humbug and Puritanism. Why do many people make life more difficult than it really is? They are really boring!!! (those people I mean). Life is short and we'd better use it and enjoy it, give joy to each other, because we can't be happy when we are lonely. I believe that someone who is searching always find. I hope luck will smile at me soon and I'll meet my soul mate! Would it be you?

Going to say bye for now and hope this letter will not be considered as a boring one:-) You are in my heart:-) Kisses, Lena.

Letter 2

Hello, Wayne

I am happy to be writing to you again. Thank you so much for taking your time to write to me. Wayne, as for the list of your questions, a half of it I answered in my last message, and the second I am going to answer right now:-)

Probably you are wondering about me:-) Actually, I understand you pretty well, as I feel the same towards you:-) I live in a small nice peaceful town named Alexandrovka (the very east of Ukraine). I live with my parents, but to be completely honest, we all are already ready for my relocating:-) I like my city, but I dream to travel one day to others. Unfortunately I have never been abroad, in spite I wished it so much. Somehow I didn't managed to make this dream of mine to come true. But I am not losing my hope and I dream that one day we will realize it with my husband:-)By the way, my height is 167 sm and weight is 52 kg, my eyes are blue and I have blond hair:-)

I work as an accountant in a small firm. I like my job, but it makes me to sacrifice to it all my free time:-) Sometimes I work even on weekend. I am not complaining:-) I just have no one to be in a hurry from my job:-) If I had a family I would be the best mother and wife for my husband and kids:-) I know I would be really happy if you were that man who I dream about. We would have our own house, prepare dishes together, or, maybe, go out to have romantic diners. We could go shopping on weekends, we could go to swim or walk during weekdays and on Sundays, we could stay in bed until late... I would like also to invite our friends to have diners, or have parties. I would be the happiest girl on earth for having the most careful husband, the nicest children and the most comfortable home. I want our friends come to enjoy our calm and friendly home, have a rest, talk about eternal things, or just to have fun. Those are some of my dreams. I hope you tell me your opinion.

I also want to tell you that as I do not know English I use the services of the translational company. Please, do not be shy to express yourself:-) Anyway, I am going to take English classes to learn English to have the possibility to speak with you:-) I really hope you are not confused with this small discomfort in our communication:-) Lena.

name of the receiver: Elena Miroshnichenko
address: 91000,Lenina Street,52/12
city: Alexandrovka
country: Ukraine.

Letter 3

Good evening or maybe good morning Wayne!

Thank you very much for all your thoughts and desires, I like you and want to meet one day soon, what do you think about it? I think that we open a new page of our relationship and become closer with each letter. I want to know as much as possible about you. Perhaps you are wondering why this nice lady is searching for his love in the net. I think that several months ago if I would ask myself the same question - I would not be able to answer it, but now after what has happened to my friend I have realized that it is possible to find love - true love in the net... I suppose you remember the story I told you in my previous letters:-)

Of course, we have already several differences and barriers in the early stages of our relations, but I think that recoiling may be fatal flaw:-) Maybe we were meant to be together:-) And we, having seen the smallest problem would recoil and would lose the possibility to find our second half:-) Actually, I believe that it is not as easy to find the second half as it may seem:-) People may match on some of the aspects (physical, for example), but be different in some other (mental). It is ideal when all the aspects are suits:-)

Sex should not be used as a means of finding out that you love someone, sex should be mutually enjoyed by two partners AFTER they have found love in each other. That means they should have a good understanding of each other, they should be able to communicate and be best friends. There should be a mutual love, honor, respect, trust and honesty shared between them. These attitudes make sex a beautiful and enjoyable experience that is not only enjoyed but even "sacred" Please do not misunderstand me, as any human being, I love sex but I have certain morals and principles that won't allow me to abuse it, but instead, I am a decent and gentle lover. What do I mean by that...........well............ men would just enjoy the act of sex, you know......pardon the expression but "just jump in and jump out" I have found that I rather enjoy all of the many acts or actions that lead up to sex, you know........the love making, the ROMANCE????

Anyway, I think that sex is a basis for long term relations. Of course, passion can disappear with time, but if two people had wonderful sex and passion in the beginning, they will find the right spots to satisfy each other on the next stages of the relations:-) They will re-inflame the passion again:-).... Sorry, I must have became too enthusiastic:-) What I meant to say is that I am open for any topics:-) If you are interested in something but do not find it tactically to speak about, please, do not be shy:-) I will answer all the questions you may have, and I also hope to be able to keep any topic you may develop:-) We can even dispute about something:-)

We live in different parts of the planet, and I do not know what time of day you have right now:-) If you have evening - I wish you "Good night, and sweet dreams!", but in case you have morning right now I wish you to have a wonderful and fruitful day:-) Anyway, just after my wishes there are several kisses:-) I will wait for your letter:-) Lena.

Letter 4


S.ervice for

Dear Mr. Wayne Barnes,

We are writing you on behalf of Elena Miroshnichenko. Elena is our client but she is unable to use our services anymore as she appeared to have certain financial problems. We have noticed that she is a very decent girl and we see her real interest in you, that is why we decided to help your lady and write this letter. We wanted to let you know about the reason of her silence.

In case you are interested in continuation of the correspondence with Elena we will be happy to assist you and give the information about our services and prices. If you are not interested just inform us, and your lady will not disturb you any more.

We are open to all your suggestions.
Cordially yours
The head of "G.S.E.M."
Margarita Tereshkova