Letter(s) from Natalia Usova to Rich (USA)

Letter 1

Hello an angel my Rich.
I am glad to receive your letter. I so waited when you will write to me.
My loved Rich, I want to inform you that why we
Should wait up to our meeting about a floor of year???
My angel if you cannot arrive now to me to Russia that I can arrive to you
To America, and it for me will be easier than to you.
I Rich, can I arrive to you this month and after we with you shall lead
Time in America, and our relations become even more strong that we shall arrive to Russia and we shall get acquainted to my parents.
I want to arrive to you and to visit the first you. I want to see as well as where do you live, to study
It is better than you in your country.
I love you and I would ask that you only to me help and would agree that I arrived to you.
Help me with trip to you.
I was in travel agency and I only would need 880 dollars what to arrive to you.
I want to see you, to embrace, kiss and looking you in the face to tell I love you my prince Rich.
I kiss you and I wait for your answer.
With love your Anna.