Letter(s) from Anna Ivanova to David (USA)

Letter 1

Thank you for a prompt reply to my message. I did not think, that the answer will come so quickly, and I am very glad, that you have not disregarded my letter. I have already lost hope to find my soul mate, and I have decided to try to make it with the help of the Internet To me have advised to get acquainted with the man from your country, as the men in your country the most decent and kind It is very good. I have gone to club of acquaintances and the beginnings to look profiles. I very much was surprised when have seen such plenty profiles men which search for the woman!!! Really in your country so many lonely men?!!! It is very sad. So many men are lonely and have no happiness in private life. I have seen your sincere profile and I have become interested in you very much and have decided to write to you. In mine profile, manager of Internet - club have written residence USA because the base does not accept my Russian postal index. I do not know why, but I live in Russia and I hope it does not confuse you? I did not think, that you to me write. You at all do not represent as it was pleasant to receive your letter. Well, I want tell you about itself. I the usual Russian women, actually am not distinguished by anything from others. It is probable to describe itself, it would be easier for me, if I did not make it for the first time. At me words and ideas because I worry slightly are confused. I did not expect, that you will answer me, and when I have seen your letter, I as if a current have struck in heart and now I sit behind the computer and I do not know that write to you. Excuse me if I shall do many mistakes in the letter, I not absolutely well know English. So if to you something will be not clear, you ask me again, Ok? My name Natalya. I was born in a small town under the name - Palochka My growth 5,6 and weight 105 lbs. I the blonde with blue eyes. I like to look comedies. Music I listen to anyone. For fun I to like to read books to play table tennis, to walk with girlfriends. I do not drink and do not smoke, drugs even never saw I live separately from my mum, as in our small town there is no prospect, and it is impossible to find decent work,that to earn on life therefore I have moved to city of St.Petersburg and I work as the advertising agent in a small private concern on sale of furniture It not my speciality, but at me is not present other choice After my birth my father has died from accident on construction My speciality - lawyer, but I can not find work on the speciality, therefore I should earn additionally on various works I work to earn for my living. I have a higher education and I am rather intelligent. My main vital principles it is honesty, kindness, decency under the attitude to all people, Tenderness and love and respect for loved to the man. I do not love lie and to not love false people. I do not respect arrogance in people. I think that the arrogance worsens to live to these people and environmental people. In people I respect honesty, compassion to poor people, love and respect for associates. Therefore I abuse myself if when that have thought of any person poorly. ok, that it is possible to tell about itself. Ok, my main hope and dream is a search loving men and creation with him families. Loving the man which will support me when I shall be need in support. Who - what understands me. But also and who - what only does not praise me when I operate a wrong way. For me the main thing that the man loved me, respected as the person and paid me attention. I do not ask, that he sat next me each minute. No, I want, that my beloved did not forget date of our acquaintance, Date of our wedding, that was interested in my health and mood..... I am sure, that I will have happiest family. I shall make all that my husband and I lived in harmony and mutual understanding. I would treat beloved when he will be ill. My grandmother has learned me to some cunnings of national medicine. I would sit with my loved each evening and shared the ideas and dreams. I want to work on the speciality and to help the husband to cope with difficulties of modern life I don't think that the age and appearance is so important though I am rather pretty. The most important what is inside you and how do you feel about the life. I know this life from many sides and I am rather mature already to know how to make a man happy. I don't know if you answer me or not. But why not to try? I will regret if not to try. I think we should use every chance to find our happiness. Life is too short to use it only for thinking and dreaming. I sincerely hope, whether that our correspondence will show there can be we such pair. Certainly there will be many complexities on our way. It is possible, that we can remain only friends. Probably between us strong feeling of love and respect will appear. Yet I do not know. Life will show. If we shall be sure, what we necessary each other, then we should meet with you that to find out each other,you agree with it? I think, that I can arrive to you for more intimate meetings and conversations. I beforehand assure you, that I shall not ask you money for this travel. I was enough prepared for a meeting my beloved, and I can arrive to you with mine means, and I shall not ask the financial help for this travel. I want to know all about you and about your life. As we live in the different countries at me there are questions: Are you ready to have the relation with a Women from Russia? Or the woman living abroad is not of interest for you? Whether your dreams coincide with my dreams? Please to answer sincerely all my questions. Please if you are not serious in search of serious relations that Tell me it. I shall understand and to not take offence. I hope you to not get tired to read it With impatience I shall wait from you the letter. If you have photo, send me please
Sincerely Natalya!

Letter 2

Hello David!!!
I am very happy at receptions of your letter again. Again you have given a lot of happiness to my heart and I want to tell you thanks that you have not left my letter without the gentle attention. Many thanks for your nice photo!!! When I have written to you the first letter I at all did not expect to receive your answer. Because I very much worried, that probably I am not that woman whom you searched. I worried, I very much worried, that I shall not receive from you any answer and because of this i with the big desire expected the end of a working day, when I again can sit down at computer to see your letter. I so wanted it and waited, that you even imagine it can not. And when I have checked up the mail was happy to see there your letter, it was unforgettable feeling of happiness. I would like to continue our acquaintance and we on one step becomes closer to each other. It is very pleasant to see, that you can understand without problems all that I have written to you. It means that we can overcome without problems our language barrier and understand each other, it very much pleases me. How are you? How has passed your day? As to my day it was the usual worker, quiet day. Today in library there were very few visitors. To me it was absolutely boring and lonely, and I wished the prompt end of my labour shift that for one step, to become closer to you. I work each day since 8 mornings and till 7 evenings. I also have a lunch break in midday, here is cafe not far from my work, I go there to have lunch. Also I have a weekend, at this day I am necessarily with my parents. We will spend together weekend, we all family gather at home and together we have rest. Also in the free time, I like to go on walk in our city. I visit various museums, parks of culture, trading cents. But the most part of time I try to be with my parents at home. When I am at home, I try to help my mum on a facilities(an economy) of a house, to clean an apartment and to cook to eat. So as my mum works much and it happens, that she comes home late, she is tired and I take all her cares for home to incur. Most of all I like to cook, I am a gourmet of the refined meal and I like to tasty prepare and to tasty eat. I like Russian, American, Italian and Japanese meal. But from all is higher told, I only prepared Russian food. Most of all from Russian food I liked to prepare Russian national dish, these are meat dumplings. I almost each day prepare for meat dumplings and each time they turn out more tasty and more tasty. Very much I hope, that sometime, probably I can prepare for you Russian national dish as meat dumplings and I am most of all sure, that it very much will pleasant to you, as it is very tasty. Also I would like to find out yours favourite food? I very much hope, that sometime I also can try a meal, your preparation, and I think, that it also is very tasty. I also very much like to listen music, most of all I like foreign executors, it as Madonna, Rickey Martin, and also i like Enia. I am the big admirer of these foreign executors and when I hear songs of these executors in me there is an additional energy of movement and i want to dance. What is your favourite music? What do you like to listen? Still I like to look films, most of all I like to look a fantasy, a comedy and a drama. I more recently looked very interesting film "Hostage", with participation of my favourite actor Bruce Willis. I looked almost all films with participation of this actor Bruce Willis known for all. What is your favourite film? Also I have favourite kind of sports, it is skiing in the winter. I very much like winter, it is one from my favourite seasons of year. I with the big desire expect winter because in this period, I can go by a ski. Also driving on a ski, is my hobby, in my free time, I the most part skiing, try to be in form, it very much helps to my organism to be always in the excellent form and good mood. But it is all only in the winter, as to the warm period of time, that is a summer? in the summer I very much like to have a rest on a beach to go to bathe and have fine sunburn on the sun. Still we with daddy go sometimes in a weekend to fish, this year I managed to catch very big fish, this fish was weight 4,5 KG. I am first time in life could catch such big fishe, I still never had not to catch such big fish earlier, it was my first big fish. the fish is Pike! It was really big fish, I was happy when could catch such big fish, and I was the moment I shall remember probably all life as I have caught such big fish. In general, I want to tell you, that this year I had many interesting moments which occured to me, there was a set of everything, that through a computer it is difficult to tell all this. But the most important, that could happen, I could get acquainted with you, I could meet you in Internet and it this is the main and happy event of this year. As up to a meeting with you in unternet, I was very lonely, I required in male attention. I tried to find for myself good male all this time, but all my diligence were vain, I have already lost all hope that I never can find worthy for myself male. It was very terrible to me, that all my life I can not find for myself male. I asked all gods who only are that they have helped me with this problem, each day was for me torture. I each day see set of happy pairs, all of them are happy. I also want to be happy, I also want to love and be loved, I also want to be near to loved male as to me has already bothered lonely life. I want to embrace, I want to love, I want to kiss, I want to feel a gentle touch of hands, I want to come each day home and there always was met me by loved male and we together spent our joint time. I each day dream of such life as I was bothered already with this loneliness and it would be desirable to create happy future already. I know, that now all my words sounds too openly for the beginning of our acquaintance. But I nothing can do with myself and with my desire, I can not control the emotions it is all turns out so, probably it comes with ages, more senior, i start to think of the the future more. Also I do not want anything to hide from you, I do not have any secret from you, I want to be completely fair with you, and open all and I want to tell you, that you completely could trust me and also i hope, that I can trust without problems to you. So I hope, that you will agree with me, that we should be fair in all, and only trust to each other can solve all problems. I know, that now there is a set of a various deceit on the Internet and it is difficult to trust somebody through the Internet. But I here not to deceive, I here search for the real love with whom I could create the happy future and I completely fair in all and the god to this the witness. WOW!!! I at all have not noticed, how have imperceptibly flown my time and already it is time to run home as already late and my parents already probably worry for me. I shall be compelled to finish this letter, and with big hope I shall wait for your fast reply. There is still a set of everything, that I would like to write and tell you about myself and the private life. But it needs too many time which i do not have and consequently I should finish this letter. I hope, that this letter also will give you a lot of happiness and a smile on your face and this letter will make our friendship much more strongly.
Always your friend Natalya.

Letter 3

Hi David!!!
Very pleasant to know, that outside my country, is male which thinks of you and with big desire expects my letters. This is big happiness for me to meet you on the Internet. Thank you so much for the beautiful photo. Your letters are well written so much, that it is very pleasant for me to read all your letters. In your letters I feel a lot of positive energy, and at readings your letter, something happening with me, while I absolutely do not understand what is this, but I want to tell you, that this is very pleasant feeling. Thank you, that you try to enclose in the letters love and kindness, thank that you is, I am really very happy our sincere friendship. At readings your letter, I start to understand, that not everywhere male are identical, that have still remained good, kind and fair male and one of such male is YOU. Yes, yes, yes, I want to tell you and shall not hide from you, that you exactly the type of male with which I would feel like on all of 100 the real woman. I have understood it when I have read all your letters, I still never had to read so beautiful words, told to me. Nobody never spoke me it and you male who could understand me as the woman, who can understand all my problems and you first could make the very beautiful conclusion, from words, which were told by me. From all your letters, I could understand and estimate all your kindness, I have understood from your letters, that you serious, fair, you have kind heart, that if were near to you the woman similar to me, you for her would make utmost, that she could feel near to you very happy. Make the woman happy, can only kind soul and loving heart male and it is male, king of female hearts, it is YOU!!! I write this all that you have understood, that I am really very happy to meet you and that with you my life has changed, it became more and more beautiful. You could change me and my life and I very much want, that our relation never came to end, I want, that our relation became much more stronger, I very much want it and I hope, that you will support my desires. It is possible, that my words will seem for you too open, it is possible, that you will think, that it is impossible to find out the person under several letters. And I absolutly agree with you, that it is impossible to learn the person completely under letters. But I think, and I hope that you will agree with me, that through our letters it is possible to understand, what conditions there is a person and what he wants. As up to a meeting with you I had usual grey days, in my life, up to a meeting with you, there was nothing interesting, in me there was an emptiness, I did not know, that such happiness and what means to be happy, I did not think, that in the world have remained still male which require me which will be glad to acquaintance to me and to which I shall deliver many smiles and to make their life even more more happily, than mine. And when I have met you in me all have changed, and I have changed my life, all became more more beautiful, also to me wanted to continue to live and struggle for the happy future. But it is only my first impression and good opinion on our friendship, is possible, that in the future all will change and to resemble at all that now I feel, pleasure in the heart. But I shall hope very much, that in the future all remain without changes, that our relation remain same good and happy as now or probably, what even will be better. Now all will depends from you, how strongly you will show interest to me, if you will be kind and good with me as now and your interests coincide with mine, I think, that possible all will turn out with our relation and we can create our happy future. But if you will not show any interest to development of our relations all can be sad, to be finished for us. So choose, or you want the happy future with the beautiful woman or sad loneliness up to the end of the days. I would like, if you will be determined now, what is better for you? It is not late now, I would like, that you have made the choice. So as I here do not play in games, I am adjusted more serious to all and already would like to change the life, i do not want to return to loneliness and lonely life. I search serious kinds of the relation, I with the serious purpose here to find for myself male that with him I already could find the happy future. I do not want to loose my time and yours too and if your purpose of your friendship does not coincide with mine I think, that we should not continue our relation further. But if you are really lonely in this life and that if you really need in the woman, for creation the happy future I think, that to us is about what to talk and that at us is much in common to continue our acquaintance. I hope, that this letter did not become too rough for you and that you well will think, before to write the answer to me. So as in life there is a set of afflictions and I would not like that they happened, that I in consequences strongly regretted and suffered about it. Many times I stumbled and did in the life mistakes, and because of this I still alone in my ages and because of this I do not want any more recurrences and mistakes. If we have decided for ourselves, that we should aspires to the best life so up to the end we should go, with hope to happy future. I hope, that you understand, that I want to tell you and that I achieve from our relation. Simply I was already bothered with all this deceit which meets in my life, I do not want, that it constantly happened with me. I think, that I deserve the greater from life, it is many happiness and love and I hope, that this all will be, that I can find worthy male and with him I shall be happy. This is my desire, is my dream and I would like make this dream to a reality. Please understand me, we can not play with life it is impossible to play with life, that all in life all much more serious and if once you make a mistake this mistake will be already difficult to change. And on this I would not like to do any mistakes that again in the future about it to not regret and I think, that you also do not want it. It will be better both for you and for me if we with you shall now be determined in the interests as in the future it already will make more more difficultly. It would not be desirable to plan empty future, to plan the relation which can collapse in a flash. I want, that you were now determined in the feelings and desires and, were with me completely fair as I with you fair in all and so it will be constant, we shall be with fair in all before each other. I want, that you have now forgot about deceits on the Internet and did not think of it because I know, that if you will do that serious decision, you will think first of all, that it is the next deceit. But I want you to afflict, that it is not! I am here not to deceive, I am here to find real love and to be with him happy and I am not going to play game. If we have decided to be together so all should be and anything should not prevent this. So, look yourself and draw from this conclusions. Well, I would like to finish this letter and only shall hope, that you will understend my desires, and you will not scold me for my openness, in my letter. I want to be with you fair only and because of this I speak you that I feel in the heart, and this is the truth. Ok, now I precisely should run, i have no time anymore, I need to go.
Big Kiss and Hugs, yours on always friend Natalya.

Letter 4

Hello my dear angel David!!!
I hardly can transfer all happiness through the monitor of a computer.
You again could prove me the interest in our relation, thi is once again proves, that I am not indifferent to you and that your intentions are more serious and present. I am very happy to receive your answer to my last letter, now I with the big confidence can hopes for the happy future and build the plans. Having read your letter, I have understood, that we have common interests and purposes, we have common desire to be happy in our life and we are worthy to love and be loved. All this time we were lonely, we were in heavy search happiness and only with the God's help we could find that we so long searched, I shall not be ashemed of to tell, we could find each other. Yes, yes, yes, we could find each other and, probably, this is ours happiness, it is possible, that this is to what we so long aspired also that to us so strongly did not suffice. Having read all your letters, I have understood, how many you are lonely and how many you need in second half of happiness. I am ready, I am ready to give you all caress and all love, I am ready to become for you the unique woman of your dream, I am ready to become for you that person whom you always waited and searched, I am ready to become yours and only yours woman. But all my desire can not depend only on me, also you should show the interest in it, as I think, that the most part of our relations should depend on you. As it is accepted under laws of a nature, male should first show the interests in desires with the woman and male should do first deciding steps to creation of any relations and I hope, that you agree with me. I think, that will be not correct, if I shall take the most part of the initiative in our relations, as I the modest woman, and I also need your decision, your opinion and your support. I still never had to build the relations through the Internet, it is my first experience and I could not know, that me can expect and that I can achieve. But now I with confidence can tell you, that I at all do not regret about this decision and I am grateful to the God that i have found you. All this time I was in terrible loneliness and I have already lost all hope, hope to find male of my dream. But all has changed, when the God has heard my prays and helped me to find you, this is my happiness and I thank for the life that I still continue to live in this world, that the God has not left me without his attention and has given me chance to start new happy life. I also do not want to come back to the last life, I want to begin new life from the beginning, I would like to live the rest of my life with loved male, to create with him happy life and to forget about all problems and griefs. I think and I hope, that you will agree with me, that now our time has come, time, when we should accept deciding steps to our happy life. We already enough plenty of time were lonely and now we have chance to change all and prove to ourself, that we can be happy, that we are worthy to love and be loved. I have already enough suffered from lonely life, and I do not want to continue to live so further, I was bothered with this loneliness, I want to love, I want to be always near to loved male and I hope, that it is all can become a reality. I do not expect from life any miracles, money are not necessary for me, riches are not necessary for me, I as well as all lonely women, only want one, it is to be happy to be loved, to be always near to male which I shall love with all my heart and I hope very much, that you can help me with it to. I know and I understand, that for several our letters, these words are too frank. But I too long waited for this moment, when I can open all myself and let you know, that is created in my heart and my soul. I do not understand, what occurs to me when I sit for a computer and I start to write you the letter. When I write you letter, around me all ceases to exist, I can not supervise myself, my heart starts to beat much faster, it is as sweet dream. With each written letter to you, I feel big positive energy, I feel as we all become closer and closer to each other. It is possible, that this is it, this is beginning of our feelings and our desires, tit is possible, that it is result which we searched so long and to what we so aspire. I want to tell you, that only due to your letters I can write all this, due to all your sweet words in me there is fine feeling, as "LOVE"! I could not write all this and in me there would not be all these sweet and beautiful feelings, if you would not give me such hope. In your letters I feel all positive energy, high temperature, but the most important, I feel you, I feel each written your word, it gives me a lot of happiness and it is all remains in my heart and with each your letter, my heart is filled by happiness and love. And consequently, when I start to write you the answer, I do not control myself, my heart writes you. Not to everyone male given the opportunity to write so beautifully letters, think and express the ideas through . But you it managed to be made, you managed to transfer through the letter all, that could be in your heart, and I could feel it, I could feel you, your gentle touch, as if it all occurs to me in a reality. Now it is the most important for me - to feel in your letters tenderness and caress, to feel your support, and the most important - to feel you. I think, that we should not stop on achieved, and I think, that it would be even better, if you could give me the home address and I could write you letters on your home address. As I already wrote you in the first letter, that I have difficulties with a computer, that I have not an opportunity to write you letters through a computer always, and it would be good, if I still could keep up our correspondence through letters using your home address. What do you think about it? I hope, that you will support my opinion as it can strengthen ours relation even more strongly. I also would like to give you my home address, that you also could write me letters on my home address. It will be very pleasant for me to come home and to receive your letter on my home address. Country: RUSSIA. City:St.Petersburg Street:Svetlanovskiy pr. But I want you to warn, that you in the future did not have to me any questions, concerning sending letters, on my home address. To write letters on my home address is not so convenient, as it seems. In the first, letters will go very long, and there is an every prospect, that the letter will be stolen, At us in Russia it is possible to expect. I do not want, that your letters, were stolen or readen by other people. I can not forgive it to myself and it will be affliction for me. But if it will reach me it will be very pleasant for me to read it. Well I would like to finish the letter on it and with the big desire I shall wait for your answer soon . I hope, that this letter has delivered to you weight of pleasure and I hope, that you understand my serious intentions.
Always yours and only yours Natalya.

Letter 5

Hi angel David!!!
I do not know, what happening with me, I do not know how to explain it in a word.
I each day think of you, with big desire I wait for an opportunity to finish work and to sit down a computer and to start to check the mail, to read your sweet and beautiful letters. I become not controlled, I hardly can supervise myself and my feelings. Colleagues on work speak me, that I have very strongly changed, I began another, they speak, that I became not similar to former woman Natalya. I have changed, I have got prettier, I began a thicket to smile, I began to be pleased lifes, I began to plan on future and my heart is ready to burst with happiness. I do not know and I do not understand how this all could happen with me, for so short term, I could change myself and my life. As soon as you have appeared in my life all has very much changed, all became such beautiful and happy, what even these changes in me have noticed that circle of people which surrounds me. My mum even speaks me, that I have very much changed and became completely not similar to her former daughter, that I became even more beautiful, than in the last life. And I want to tell you, that all what happened to me, happened only due to you, and I would not like, that this fine feeling ever came to an end. I know, that now it is difficult to assume, that can expect us in the future but if the god will help us to be together I would like that you promised me that you will never offend me that you will never treat me with and that never will hurt me. So as my sister already had in the life bitter experience, when her former man, which she is very strong loved and trusted, very severely beat my sister, did not give her happiness, which he promised. My sister constantly told me terrible histories about how with her badly addressed her former male and on this example, I would not like, that with me there was a similar history. I would not like to test this nightmare which has happened to my sister and if we with you shall decide to be together I should be sure that with you I shall be in full safety and that you will love me always such what I am. As I feel, that so can not proceed further and I should tell you the truth. I do not know how to tell you about it, but I hope, that you will understand me and will think well, before you will write me answer. I at all did not expect, that all can turn out so, I was not ready to this and now I am very happy. I thought, that so happens only at cinema, that in life all on much more difficult and that such never happens, but as appeared, I was mistaken and now I do not know how to tell you about it. Last night, when I was at home, I watched TV and there I have seen very interesting romantic cinema which has very much mentioned me up to depth of soul. It is possible, that you also had to see this cinema and I think, that you will not need to tell full details of this film. Unfortunately I do not remember the name of this film, but I am sure, that you looked it, it is all known film. It was beautiful history of the man and the woman, a history how they meet each other in the Internet and they started to develop their relations. They at all did not know each other, but the Internet has helped them to find the love and to be happy together. But for that they could be happy together, they had to overcome set of difficulties which met for their way. But belief in and in the love, have helped them to achieve, they have met and were very happy together. I want to tell you, that this film became the reason of that I want to tell you now, I all night could not fall asleep, because I thought of you and about our relations. And I have understood, that in our real life as at cinema, can there will be a miracle and this miracle is the LOVE! Yes, yes, yes, I want to tell you, that you correctly have understood me, and I am going to tell you, that I LOVE YOU!!! Now I feel very strong excitement when I write you these words, and I do not know, I shall wait for what answer from you. But I want to tell you that you always knew and remembered it, that before to tell you about it, I long time thought and reflected on all consequences which will arise in our relations and when I have drawn the conclusions from our relations, I have understood, that you are the man of my dream, I have understood, that I never can meet such man as you, you are unique such and another are not necessary for me. I have understood, that this is big happiness for me, that I could meet you on the Internet and after all your letters, I have understood, that you are the man, which I waited all these long years, for creation of the happiness and joint love. I long time did not dare to tell you about it because i was afraid, that you will not want to accept my love and will think of me poorly. I doubted and afraid your response, but today when I have sat down at computer and have read your answer to my last letter I have understood that that time when I should tell you the truth about the strong love has come, that at me it is not necessary to be silent forces, and I for a long time wanted to tell you about it , about what I feel in the heart. I want to tell you, that you are the first and last man which could give me love through the letters. I at all did not expect, that such possible, but in your letters and your words I could feel your strong need for me, your love, and I want to tell you, that I love you also. I have felt this love to you, from first your letters, and every day and with each new your letter, my love to you grew. And now that solving long-awaited moment when I with confidence can tell has come, I love you!!! I love you and on this happy moment I am compelled to finish the letter as my time when I should finish all work has come and come back home. But I hope, that it not strongly afflicts you, as in this letter I have expressed the love and I hope, that I could transfer all heat, caress and love through this letter and I with big desire will wait for your answer and your love.
Always yours and only yours Natalya.

Letter 6

Greetings my sweet angel David!!!
Today I managed to finish earlier the work, and I at once have sat down at computer to receive your mail and to read your letters. i'm not sure about moving but I believe that everything is possible.. I am happy to know, that we now have mutual feelings, I am happy to know, that you have not left my love without the attention, and that you have answered me with reciprocity. I could not assume at all, that the Internet is capable to help people to build the love, but it appeared the truth, and I am happy, that the Internet helped me to find the love, to find you!!! With each new your letter, my love to you become stronger, also I do not present my future without you any more. Ideas about you do not leave me, I constantly think only about you, I present ours happy joint life with you. I have never feel such strong love to somebody, you are the first male which has given me this real love. I speak you, that I very strongly love you, also I want, that you always knew, that you have won my heart and my trust. Now I only your woman, now you have the woman, who very strongly loves you and each day dreams of you. Now we have that we so long and persistently searched, we have what we so long went, we have that we so strongly wanted, we have our sweet and beautiful love to each other. I have found sense of my life, I love you and I miss you my love David. I think, that time for more serious decision in our life has come, and that time when we very well should think and make more deciding step to our happiness, to our love, and, most important, has now come, we should make deciding step to each other and we should make a serious choice, that for us it is more important, love or something else. In this letter I seriously am going to talk about it to you. Has passed enough plenty of time from the first moment of our acquaintance, for this time, we could make much, that very much me pleases. From the beginning of our correspondence, we even could not imagine, that our relation can become so much serious. We with you two different persons also live in the different countries and we even could not present in the last life, that sometime we shall meet each other. But lonely life, hope for our happy future, search of the happiness, search of the second half and our dreams, all this became the reason of our meeting and it is destiny, that we have met each other on the Internet. We have achieved and could give each other that so did not suffice us in our life of what so also we strongly dreamed, it is love!!! The God has made so, that the love is the most important part in life male both women, and the love is one of the important feelings in the person. It to us managed to be made, we could transfer through our letters all feelings and from this create our happy love. I think and I hope, that you with me will agree, that we should not stop on achieved, that we should continue to struggle for the happiness, and, the most important, we should struggle for the love and that all this has not lost for us value, that our love every day could be increased till the big sizes, and for this purpose it is necessary to meet each other in the person. Now it is the main question in development of our relations, and our love and our happy future will depend of it. We should make with you the decision, as to us to continue to live further as to continue to write letters through the Internet not so enough as for strengthening our feelings and our love, we should meet each other in the person. As only in a reality possible to estimate all feelings to each other and only in a reality possible to understand, how strong our love to each other. I want to tell you, that I have already made for myself the decision, I want to meet you in a reality, I want to give you all love and tenderness. Now, when my love to you is strong, and when I hardly can overcome that time which shares us, I need in you, I need in your real love and I insist on that. you on thought and have made for myself the decision on our meeting. You only present, what happiness for you and for me if we now were together would be. I each day would give you the love, with me it would be very good you, you would be the happiest male all over the world. I would take care about you , everyone lived day together, would be for us paradise. I think, that that time, when already letters are not capable to transfer all feelings and all love has now come, and that time when we with you should think and solve as us to continue to build our relation and our love as us to be together as us to meet each other in the person has come. I believe, I believe in our love, I trust you and I trust you myself, I trust, that all should turn out and we can be together. If we have mutual love as only our love will help us to be together, it will result us in happy life of which we so long dreamed. I am very happy, that we could reach a high level of relations, that we have found the happiness, that we have found the love, that we managed to find each other. I love you, I always shall love only one you, I have understood, that in this life I can not meet another male, you are and will be unique my beloved and only with you I can find the happiness. I am ready to everything, I am ready to die for the sake of you and for the sake of our love and if we shall not be together then I really shall die of loneliness and strong love to you. I hope, that it never happen and we shall overcome all difficulties and happily we shall live together, and I with hope shall expect soon our meeting. Now all depends of you only, how many you are ready to our meeting, how many your love to me is strong? Now I would like to finish this letter and with the big desire I shall wait for your answer. Also I do hope that you know deep within your heart that having you by my side is a gift more precious than gold. You are such a valuable part of my life. You understand me when no one else can. You give me the hope to go on. And most important of all - you believe in me.
Ok, I must go my dear, I will miss you, I LOVE YOU and I want to be with you for ever.
Your and only your lovely love, Natalya.

Letter 7

Hello my dear love David!!!
I am happy, I am very happy, that you have written to me, my happiness does not have borders. I have absolutely lost hope that I ever can receive letter from you but when I have seen your letter to my happiness there was no limit. I want to tell you BIG thanks, that you give me a lot of happiness, still to nobody was possible to give me so much pleasure, you are unique male which is necessary for me, you are unique for the sake of which I want to live and enjoy lifes. You are unique male at me and only for the sake of you, I am ready to overcome any difficulties which can arise on my vital way. To me still never was so poorly, when I had no opportunity to write you, and I was absolutely lonely without you and your sweet letters. I felt emptiness in the heart, I felt loneliness, I have very much missed you, I was lonely so much, that was ready to die, but ideas about you have not allowed me to make it and I continued to struggle again to write and read your sweet letters, to be near to you. From the moment of my last letter, has passed a lot of time, but I want to tell you, that I did not cease to think of you, for this big time interval, my feelings to you only became stronger. I had enough time to be defined in the feelings to you, I had time to think of you and to draw conclusions on ours of relations and I has understood, that in this life I can not find male better than you, I have understood that you that male which are necessary for me, also I have understood, that only with you I can be happy. New time for our relations has come, all that was in the past, let remain in the past, I want to begin all from the beginning, but already on more high level, i want to proceed to relation, to what we so long also that we aspire so strongly we wait, this creation of stronger relations, love and joint happy life. Believe me, I am already tired from this lonely life, I am already tired there to be alone, I already adult woman and I need in love, me very much does not suffice male gentle embrace, I do not have not enough all in what I need from male, I need in real relations and real feelings, the mutual love and family happiness is necessary for me. When I was small, I did not understand, that life in loneliness is bad, but now I have grown also lonely life of me does not arrange, I already want to create the happy family, with loved male and the soon it will take place, the better it will be. I do not want to hurry time, but life sets me thinking of the future, I do not want to spend precious time for nothing, I want to have family for the sake of which I shall live. All my friends and girlfriends have already the families, only I have remained lonely, I live with hope, that sometime in the fast future I can create the family and to be happy, I hope, that the god will help me with this problem. I still never was such lonely and to me still never was so poorly, only the one pleasure in this life is you!!! I do not cease to think of you, you became a part of my life, you could win my heart with such ease, that else nobody managed to make, you the first male which has forced me to suffer and beleive in love. At readings your sweet letters, I go in sweet and romantic dream, I forget about time, for me all ceases to exist around, I present us together and we are happy. I hardly overcome these strong feelings because to me difficultly to be alone, having feelings of love to you, it is necessary for me, that you were with me. But we far apart and only our letters help us to overcome that time which divides us and only letters help us to struggle with loneliness and only letters fill in our hearts pleasure and love. But every day you start to understand, that our letters can not keep our feelings and love on a high level. And to not lose all to what we so aimed and that we had time to make in ours relations we need to do deciding steps, to realization of our desires and dreams. I think, that you guess, that I have in view of and you can undertake deciding steps to this as through letters it is impossible to transfer all most important, difficultly to explain all feelings and love and only the reality can help us. I understand, that now it is difficult to comprehend all that I have written as it needs time, but I think, that we had enough time for meditation and definitions in the feelings and now the important point in our life has come to make the worthy decision and to make deciding steps with the happiness. In life there is a set of difficulties and fears, but it should not become a barrier and it is necessary to be more courageous in all. The boldness in the acts and trust to the favourite person always was justified with the actions and only bad that person who in the life never risked. The god has given us only one life and in this life it is necessary to have time to make all that can help to live this life in love and happiness that then was what to recollect and tell about it to the children. Also now that time for the sake of which it is necessary to risk, for the sake of the love, in the blessing of the happiness which so did not suffice all these long years has now come. That time has come to find out on what you are ready, that time has come to check up itself and the feelings and if now it will not be done, other such opportunity can not be. Only you can change your life to the best, if you will not help to itself with yourself, then nobody can help you, only one deciding step and all your life can appear paradise. I love you, only you, I love and I can not without you, you are necessary for me, believe me, you are necessary for me as the sun and water, you are necessary for me as air and meal, you are necessary for me and without you I do not present the to life. I miss on you, David! I very strongly miss you, David! Each day seems to me by eternity because you are not near to me, beloved. I can't unthink of you, because I love you, David! You're far, you live by own life, I live by mine and I don't know what is in your ideas, and I don't know what is in your feelings! My heart are sinking in the collected tenderness and love! My reason is overflowed by ideas on you, David! I sleep and I see you in my dreams! I very very strongly miss you and this is why I want to be with you as soon as possible... I want to be with you, beloved, that I could give back you my love, that I could give back you my tenderness! I live by you, I live for you! All world has finished own existence for me since in my life you have appeared! You're my world, David! You're sense of my life! You're my life, David!!! I'm not mad, just I love you and I want to be with you, David!!! I want to have much many happy days, when we can be together, when we can speak with each other looking in eyes each other, when we can sit on any bench and admire the night sky, each year to look as from the sky the stars fall in August and to think of desires! I want quiet, beautiful, romantic life, in which there is a place only for our love! I love you, David!!! If you want same, give me to know it, beloved, and then I shall find out how we can make desirable by a reality! But irrespective of your answer you should know and always remember that I love you, David, I love you by all heart, all soul!
I hope up to soon, David...
Always yours and only your love Natalya.

Letter 8

Hi my David!
I never was so is happy
It is all due to you
I as though fly in heavens.
Nothing it is necessary except for you and your letters.
I think suddenly you has not written me or suddenly you not receive my letter.
But when I see that all is normal, I with pleasure and with good mood to write you the answer.
I yesterday think of our relations and about our feelings.
I already become attached to you and I not know, that make when I not see your letters.
I always think of you.
I begin more distract at work.
I nothing can make with myself.
I think that for that time that we with you are write each other letters, we to get used to each other.
I think that we are necessary each other.
I constantly think of you, you has occupied a place in my heart.
At work my girlfriends speak that I am in love.
I think that we should meet, we should see each other, look in eyes, because through the Internet the emotions are lost and difficultly understand each other.
We became frank with you and I think that you want learn about my sexual experience.
In Russia all men dream only to drag you in bed, but I do not want it, I do not want be given the first passer that he has taken pleasure.
Love - it something more than it give the man to learn happiness in this life, and men represent it only as sex.
I think that it incorrectly and I hope that you with me agree.
I want have sex only with favorite by the man.
I shall to be given to him completely both body and soul.
We together learn all depths pleasures.
Our passion will be poured out for limits peoples love and we shall be enjoy each other all life up to last moment of our existence.
Today we with my girlfriend go walk on city to make some purchases.
I again thought only of you and waited for that moment, when I shall read your letter.
I feel what our hearts are beaten in one rhythm, you feel it?
In the free time from my work I sleep a more I go in the Internet cafe to write to you If it is a good weather, I go for a walk in park and eat ice-cream.
I also go in a cinema to watch a film I also have a rest at home I erase the clothes and prepare something tasty
I would like to prepare such dish for you, after which you will want to love me and we shall be engaged it all night!!!
A little it is a shame to me to speak about it but as I already wrote, we should be sincere with each other I think that you agree with me
To me it is boring here without you very much, as would be cool, to appear with you, to be now near to you and to nestle on you
On it I finish this letter and I shall wait for your answer
with impatience
Yours Natalya!!!!!

Letter 9

my love
I really don't know how express everything what in my heart
I'm so want us together so I cannot wait any more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my love and you do you want the same?????????????
if you ready to move on the next level of our relations I'm ready too!!
I will take a vacation on my work and go to the travel agency to find out everything what we will need to be together..
what do you think???
I think that is the great idea!!!!!!!
I see that you cannot wait any more!!
and I can't too so let's do it!!
my love I'll find out everything tomorrow ok???
and my love I have idea what do you think about chat through Email that is I write to you a letter and you answer to me immediately like chat but only through Email I can tell you everything because I believe that you will have some questions..
so my love please tell me when you will be ON line ok????
I'm so want that our waiting will be over soon!!
so let's do it!!
together we are strong!!!!!
love you so much my dearest David!!!
your Natalya

Letter 10

Hi my love David
I have much from to tell to you!!!!!
I have learned everything what we require for our happiness and than we should be together!!!!!
I have received your letter, and I am very much excited.
Your words have touched my soul,
You - with me always
And I do not know how to live without you..
I am happy, that you of us together.
Because I cannot hold it in me, more I need in you, and I need in you right now!!!!!!
It will be a huge step in our lives!
We shall meet and we shall spend our time together. We shall carry out together New year. What do you think of it???
It reminds sweet dream.
My love I believe, that we shall be the happiest pair in the world..
You trust in it???
I know, that it - so!!!!!!!
I have the important news. I have learned about my travel and have found the following information.
I should do the visa, the passport and insurance to trip to you. There is a travel agency which will help to solve all problems. It borrows week.
After that I can fly to you!
Unfortunately there are also bad news. Cost of services of travel agency isexpensive. it cost approximately 490 $ for the visa and the passport, 490 $ for insurance
Now I am in a firm situation, I do not know that to To make. Unfortunately I can pay only 490 $..
It - huge quantity for me. My love I has concluded the contract with tourist agency, I have given a part of money, and the second part to me have told that I should pay after will my documents are ready.
I have asked my family and relatives. They cannot help also. I do not know, who can help to arrive to me to you.
I shall try to borrow from friends
Or to find the second work
As I need in you!!
And if I shall not be with you
I do not want to think of it even..
I shall try, think over something

Letter 11

My love David
My love I is very happy to hear it!
I any more did not know what to make and where to find this money,
To arrive to you my love!!!!!
My love I know one way it is the Western Union.
My mum once sent money to someone to Brazil.
And this money have reached very quickly. Therefore my mum has advised it to me.
I shall give you my address, but I cannot give you my phone number,
Because I have no phone of a house and my mobile phone has been stolen recently!!!
My love I shall give you all necessary information!
Full name: Petrova Natalya
Country: Russia
Svetlanovskiy pr.
St. Petersburg city, Russia

It is my full address and I shall wait for your letter my love!!!
I love you

Letter 12

My love David
My love now I am in the Internet of cafe, I recently have come after work!!!
And now I in the Internet of cafe also want to write to you letters online!! You want it???
My love we too sometimes have winter a storm in Russia, and I know, that is then very difficult
To leave on street because it is a lot of a snow!!!
My love, I know, that you not the good author (smile), but
I think, that you very good lover!!
You are able to give to women pleasure!!?? And consequently
I want to arrive as soon as possible to you
And to kiss you, my love!!!!!!!!!!!
IF you now want to write to me I shall wait for your
I love you

Letter 13

My love David
My love, I is very glad to receive your letter!!!
I waited for your letter, my love!!! I am very happy, that you can
To love me day and night, but my love, I cannot wait, when it happen!!
My love I very much and very much wait for this day!!! My love when you have told that you can
To help me I already very much was delighted to this and I already began to collect things a few,
To arrive to you, my love!!!!
My love, I know, that at you WINTER!! I saw it on the TV,
My love, I want to tell to you, that at us is now warm, it is +2!!
It is very warm for our winter, and I do not know, that the nature with us makes!!
My love all this is very strange, what you think??
My love, I shall wait for your letter very soon!!!!
By the way speaking, my love, I shall send you my photos...
I love you

Letter 14

My love David
My love I is happy to receive your letter!!
My love, my mum all time asks me when I shall arrive to you, my love.
And I do not know what to answer, because I do not know what to tell to my mum!!
My love, what I should tell to my mum?? When you will help me to arrive to you???
I love you