Letter(s) from Snezhana Samoylova to S. S. (UK)

Letter 1

Hi dear!

Thank you very much for your letter! I am so glad to get it and your letter confirmed my thoughts that you are serious towards us. For me it is very important as I don't want my heart to be broken once again..

You are right dear.. We are far from each other, but I am sure that our feelings will help us to overcome all the difficulties and hardships in life. But only if you have feelings to me. How can I help you, dear?

I have not had much time to write you and I made a lot to stay in contact with you. But yesterday I had long conversation with my mother. She said that she doesn't let me to pay for the translation of our correspondence anymore as we have lack of money and family our budget is very tight. Mother said that if you are really interested in me, you will help our relationship and will pay for the following letters taking in account that I paid for the previous ones. I though that I could write you in Russian but I have no computer at home and.. well, I type with the turtle speed.. I don't know what to do as my parents are the most important people on Earth for me and I don't want to make them upset. I hope you understand me.. What shall we do?

With a hope...


Letter 2


I am glad that I was not mistaking when I thought you were a gentleman. No, really, I am glad that you want so share translation fees with me and that we will continue our correspondence until personal meeting. XXXX I think often about you and I want to deepen our relationship. I am open and honest with you and I want to share all my dreams and emotions with you.

I just hope, my dear that you will be serious with me.. I have never done this before but I was told that I can get your help via Western Union or MoneyGram. I am not sure what MoneyGram is but I heard that Western Union can make money transfer from you to me so I can pay for the translation of our letters.

the name of receiver SNEJANA SAMOYLOVA
the address Kurchatova, 19
zip code 91000
country UKRAINE

I know only a couple of words in English and it is my biggest dream to start learning it.. So I pay 5 USD for translation of a single letter. Also I pay 3 USD if I print off your photo and I pay 2 USD to send a photo to you. Also I know that if we would like to have a phone call with you, translator will help us to understand each other. Also I know that my translation agency offers unlimited service which costs 220 USD for one month and 350 USD for two month.

Of course i would like to keep our correspondence until our meeting (which I hope will be soon) so of course only you are in charge to decide how much to send.

Well, I am not sure if I am able to answer your next letter so I will wait for your help and letters.

With hope again..


Letter 3

My dear. I am missing your letters.. I have borrowed some money to write this letter to you.. And I still wait for your help.. Is it really the end, and I will never hear from you again?.. I hope you will be serious about me and will not let me down, my darling..


Letter 4

Dear Mr. S.,

Your correspondent Miss Snejana Samoylova uses the service of our company. She is totally satisfied with the quality of our service but she has informed us about her difficult financial situation. Now she cannot pay for the translation and if you would like to continue correspondence with her you can help her with it by paying for the translation. We are eager to make everything for your future successful communication!

BOFL (Bureau of Foreign Languages) is a full-service translation agency in Ukraine. We offer interpreting services for corporate clients and individuals. All services are offered by a team that consists of experienced translators, proofreaders, and quality assurance managers with a solid professional background. Founded in 2001 as a Ukrainian company, we have provided services to a number of Russian, Ukrainian, European, English and American individuals and corporations.

You are welcome to contact us and we will be glad to inform you about the conditions of our collaboration.

Konstantin Reisman