Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda Saveleva to Henry (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello my dear . I want to congratulate you with the coming New Year and wish you all the best in New 2007 Year, all happiness, pleasures and blessings only for you! Have a great holiday and take a good care of yourself, I am going to miss you very much, as Internet-Cafe will be closed from tomorrow till third of January so this is my last letter to you in this year, but as soon as I can I will write you again. I am going to have nice time with my friends, they have big house in the countryside and we will take a rest and maybe even will go to ski, I like it and wait with impatience. I will think about you, my prince, and I hope you will do the same. All my thoughts of you and warm kisses. Happy New Year!!!!!!! Yours Nadezhda
Letter 2
I am very glad to receive your letter. It is very pleasant for me. Today I thought of you all day long, I do not know what happened with me. It seems to me that I start to have some feelings for you, but I cannot explain them yet. You are so very nice man and probably you are suitable for me. Communicate with you is a big pleasure for me. I ask you to send me new photos. I want to tell you more about myself. I like listen to popular music of russian and foreign singers. From cinema I like comedies. My favourite flowers - orchids, my favourite colour light-blue. Now I want to tell you about my city. As I already said it is small city. The population is about 29000 people. Probably you can find my city on the map of Russia. I shall help you with it, my city is only in 10 km from city Kirov. I hope it will help you to find my city Novovyatsk. I think that name of my city came from the name of the river as our city is situated on coast of river Vyatka. When I have free time I like take a walk in the city. I like to go shopping. Or go in the cafe to drink a cup of tea or coffee. It is a pity that I am doing it only alone. It would be wonderful if we will arrange such walk with you oneday. What do you think of it? Henry, what types of food do you prefer? I like vegetables, fruits, the sea foods and meat but rarely. I used to cook only russian dishes. But someday I want to try and find out recipes of the different countries of the world. I want to cook something tasty for you. What you would want? I hope I did not tire you. I will finish my letter here. I will wait for your fast reply with impatience! I send you my kiss by air Henry!!!! Yours faithfully Nadezhda!!!
Letter 3
Hello my new friend Henry!!!!!! Thanks for the letter. For me very important that you write me. I search for the man, with who I could spend all life. I would like that you find out about me more. My name is Nadezhda. I am 29 years. Mine height is 173 centimeters, weight is 52 kgs. I was born and has raised in small Russian city Novoviatsk. I am very lonely. I do not have parents. They died. I have only brother, he has physical inability. His age is 24. I shall tell you about it later. My daddy worked in police and family of his friend co-worker raised me since 12 years. I studied in school of militia in Cheboksary since 18 years. I studied for 5 years. After that I came back to my native city and began to work in local branch of Police. In a department of statistics. If that will be interesting to you I shall tell in what consists the specificity of my job. Now I live in a hostel, it has been given to me from my job. I do not smoke, and do not drink alcohol. I believe that it is pledge of youth, beauty and health. I hope that you agree with me. I shall help you to learn me. If something will be not clear for you, tell me about it please. Your letters will help me to study your language, so it will be better. What concerns my city. It is small but very beautiful. Here there are many parks and avenues. I like my city. I like to walk on its streets, visit museums. In our city we have theatres, museums, building of culture. The population of my city approximately 29 thousand people. Here there are some factories. I am very lonely, And I would like to find the man, with who I will feel good, Who will love and respect me and my opinion. In turn I will care of him, give him tenderness and love, tenderness and - warm... I feel so sad each evening come back in a cold empty flat. In the evenings, when I do not like to go anywhere I sit in front of the TV, and I look movies and TV-programms. I am home girl. I am very independent, because since children's years I did and made all by myself. In life I got used overcome all by myself. No one did not helped me and with all difficulties and troubles I coped independently. My dear friend, I like to sew and knit, I listen both classical and modern music. I like nature, I am in delight of beauty of stars, brightness of the sun. I do not like noisy discos, my dream is when on street cold winter to sit near the fireplace with the man, who I love and loves me. In such case will be possible to drink a bottle of red wine though do not drink. I have to be responsible, honour and devoted. I have some principles and I foloow them. I will never smoke cigarettes or take any drugs, because it will be reflected on the health of my future children. I want and I can be gentle and devoted mother. My friend, I hope you have not tired to read my letter? Simply I wanted to tell you a little about me and mylife. Please write me if you want to continue our acquaintance. I want to know more about you. About your habits, friends, place where you live. Sweety, I wish you Merry, Happy and Joyous Christmas, let it be nice holiday for you!!! I will wait very much! Sincerely, yours Nadezhda!!!!!!
Letter 4

Hi my dear Henry! I am very pleased receive your letter!!! How are you? I think of you all the time! Your letters become necessary for me. It is so pity that we are so far apart and we can not talk face to face. I very much miss you when I do not receive letter from you. Henry, I want to tell you what is my usual day at the job. In the morning I am standing up at 6.30AM. Then take a care of myself, go in shower. Then I have a breakfast and drink a cup of coffee or tea. 7.30AM I am going on job. I have my work and visitors till the lunch time. Basic quantity of the people who sit in prison were taken for robberies and larceny. Some go on crimes to get the money. Now in Russia is very difficult situation. Many people have not real job. But I do not protect them, I think that all people should earn money by their own work. I very much like psychology. In second half of the day I am doing fastening of knowledges, such as fighting, shooting or studying the legal laws. It is obligatory employment. One time per three months I should have a test at my work. Very soon I shall have such tests. If i can I shall make photos for you. OK? I come back home in the six o'clock. Then I cook a supper for myself. Usually it is light. Vegetable salad or fruit cocktail. I do not eat after seven o'clock in the evening. Then I watch TV and go to sleep. Sometimes I meet my girlfriends and we go in city but not often. I want to send you a photo. On this pic you will see me with with my girlfriends. It is a pity that I see them not often. It is because they all are married and have their own families. In some days one of my girlfriends will have a Birthday and I will go to congratulate her, today I went to buy a gift for her. My dear Henry I shall finish my letter here. With big impatience I will wait for your answer. I miss you!!! Kiss you!!!!! Yours Nadezhda!!!!!
Letter 5
Hi my dear Henry!!!! How are you?? I MISSSSSSSSS YOU MY DEAR!!! I hope that you are fine! How passed your day? Tell me! Thanks for your letter, which I have received. It was a big pleasure for me read it! Today my girlfriend Natasha have a Birthday. We with my girlfriends visited her at her home. We laughed so much and joked, because all had a great mood. I looked around and was so glad for myself - I have such remarkable girlfriends! Natasha made a beautiful table and we ate a little and then we gave our gifts to Natasha! She was very delighted with my gift, because she did not have such toy yet in her collection. :) I am so glad, that I did please her. But sometimes I am sad for some reasons Henry. I want to be with you Henry. I think of you ever more these days. You constantly are in my ideas. I can't forget about you even for a minute. We also watched a video, we have seen beautiful film, which the called "You've got a letter". I very much liked this film! Did you watched it, my dear? This story about beautiful love between man and woman.. My impression from this film is that there is similar story of acquaintance through the Internet! Just as we! I hope that our correspondence will be finished same as in that film, and we shall be happy Henry. My lovely, I hope that you do think of me as I do Henry. I look forward to your reply. kiss you! Your girl Nadezhda!!!
Letter 6
Hi my dear Henry!!!!! Thank you for your answer, I was waited for it. So how are you today? I am great and I had a very nice day. I have to admit that I have told about you some of my co-workers, they were so surprised and wishes us good luck. They think that Internet is very unsual way to get acquainted, but I think it is better than to get acquainted on the street, what do you think? When I wrote you first time, I did not know what to expect. Now I see that you are good, kind and open person and I seriously like you. I have got tired to be alone in my life, I really want, and need to have a nice person who want to love and be loved, who will be always with me. I know that it is only words now, but tomorrow all may happen. I want to say that all that I write you goes from my heart, I do not know why, but I am thinking about you each day, and I like it! Sometimes it is really difficult for me to explain everything that I want to say and express my feelings, because my English is not perfect, but I try to fill all my thoughts in the words, and I hope that you feel it when you read my letters. I want send you another photo of me and my co-workers with this letter. I hope you will like it. It was taken last year. It was competition to the anniversary of the State Control System. On that competition we have got the first place in choral singing. I have a good voice and like to sing. I\When or if I will meet you in person I can show it or we can go in karaoke bar. DO you like to sing? On this photo there are a lot of people, but I shall help you to find me. You will see me in the first line, I am staying the second from the right side. I hope you can see me. It is not very qualitative photo, but you can find me. I want to thank you for entering in my life. Now you are big pleasure for me. If you have any questions to me do not hesitate to ask them as I will answer with the pleasure. I am glad that you to find the description of my name. You think it approaches to me? Hopefully you will write me very soon, I am waiting for your letters. I kiss and hug you! Yours Nadezhda!
Letter 7
Hi my dear Henry! How are you my prince? I am very well. I hope that you are fine too. Big thanks for your letter. I like you. I want say that you are very interesting person. I have missed you my Henry!!!!! Today I had remarkable day. My job was alright and I have a good mood. I am all shine because I have found you. Today after job I walked in the city with my friend. We went shopping. I have found for beautiful dress for myself. I thinkyou would you like it. Then we have decided go in the theatre. There was a performance named "Number 13". It is very interesting comedy. All action of performance happened in Great Britain, in London. The main working persons were: premier of Great Britain Tony Bleir, his spouse, his a personal secretary and many other characters. In this performance there were stages of love and passion, jealousy and tears. It was very interesting for me so I liked this performance! My dear it is very pity that I cannot visit theatre or cinema with you. Probably in your city there are a lot of interesting places where we can go. Please tell me how you spend your days! It will be very interesting to me find out about it. Also I want see your new photos. With impatience I will be waiting for your reply!!! I kiss you! Sincerely yours Nadezhda!
Letter 8
Hello my lovely Henry!!!!! How are you? I was missing you! I attentively read your letter and now I am very much waiting for our meeting. I want to love you, and want to see a fire in your eyes and to feel heat of your palms. Honesty, reliability, fidelity - these traits are necessary to me but I could not find them in the today's men, but I still want to be happy. I thought that men will not be able to attract me but you have destroyed all, and I want that you teach me to live on the right way. You are like a beam of light in dark space for me. Love is the warmest, the most beautiful feeling. And when this feeling is mutual it named happiness. If you have favourite person there is nothing worst than do not have anybody to say about it. My lovely, you are the one and I do not want anybody else! I think all people live only for the sake of love, and I have met you, my love, my destiny. Certainly in the past I to have hobbies. But such with me in first. Dear I want with you to be honour. Before as I have met you to me wrote one the man. I to tell to him about myself in the several letters. And then he began to ask me **** a photo. I to say that any more I do not want to have with him that common and that he is perverted. In turn he has said that will not give me quietly to live. I very much love you!!! Only your Nadezhda.
Letter 9
Hi my love Henry!!! Thank for the perfect letter. I love your letters, because they are filled by love and I feel that you care about me me. It makes me happy. I am very proud that I have such person as you in my life. But now, my love, I am also very very sad, that we are not together, we are so far apart from each other, it kills me! I would like to have your strong arms around me as I want be with my man, my hero and my future husband to be, it is you. I would like to spend a lot of time together, in your company. We can go in the cinema or just stay at home watchinge TV. To go for a walk in the park, to have fun and laugh, and in the evening fall asleep in your gentle embraces. Wake you up in the morning by gentle kiss and look on your smiling face. My love Henry!!! I want see you soon my darling... My prince, I am so sad and I am almost cry that we are not together, it is so hard to be so far from you, I cannot understand how could I live without you these long years, it seems really impossible now. I cannot lose you, my sweet. Thanks I to receive your letter in Russian. I to understand all. Now I will finish, but I shall dream about you. Sweet kiss and love for you. Yours for ever Nadezhda
Letter 10
Hello my lovely Henry. Sorry, I did not write you, I have really hard time, it was funeral of my brother and I felt awfully. I am so lonely and I do not have anyone here, I am so upset and I cannot fight with this feeling of loneliness. But I remember that now I have you in my life and it gives me more forces to live. I am very angry on doctors, probably it not their fault, but I think that they could save my loved brother, probably I am not right, but I am bothered of irresponsibility of the medical workers already. Some times I came in hospital and saw that he looked badly, I asked them why they look after him so bad.. I understand that partly it and my fault, because I could not employ the good professional doctors or transfer him in the best clinic, if I would be rich I has made all for him! I would look after him by myself with big pleasure, but I should work to pay bills for myself and him. I am so sad, my dear, thanks for your support, it very much helps me, my love. You are very dear to me and I want to be with you, now nothing held me here, as you are the one in the world for me and I miss you my sweet. I have friends, but they can not replace beloved man, which always will be with me, in joyful and difficult minutes. I am very grateful to all my friends that they also support me and came on funerals. Now I will better go home and take some medicines to calm down and then I will go to sleep. Honey, I cannot imagine my future, how will I live without him?! I will wait for your letter, my darling. Take care and stay safe for me please. Yours always Nadezhda
Letter 11
Hi my beloved Henry!!!!! I am very glad read your letter, I have missed you!! I think of you and about our relations all days long. My dear I want to tell you my feelings. I thought about my feelings to you a lot. I thought of you. I love you Henry!!!!!!! I was thinking about it and understood that I can not live without you! You have won my heart! This never happened with me. I have this type of feeling for the first time. Today on my job I had a difficult day. I had a lot of work. I came home very tired. At first I took a shower and then relax on bed a little watching TV. After that I cooked my dinner. Today I cooked stewed fish with vegetables. Also I decided to make a cleaning of my home. I washed floors, wiped dust etc. I am making a cleaning at home some times per one week. I like cleanliness and order in my house and in all. Cleaning at home made feel tired. But I have decided do not lay down to sleep and go in the internet-cafe to look if there is a letter from you waiting for me. I was very glad to see that you wrote me. I am wait this moment to read something from you all day long. I would be very glad and happy to have a mail from you each day! I am waiting for your reply very soon my prince. I love you! kiss you! Your girl Nadezhda.
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