Scam Letter(s) from Flora Grace Hughes to Ken (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello Ken.
Here are another pics for you, hapy new year sweethert.i ougtta be in cool enjoyments and funs.
Flora Grace
To My Sweety

Letter 2

Hi sweethert,
Hello sweetheart,
Hooo, Happy New Year to u.May your soul do more in advance, with God mercy on You,
, Here are the information that u asked for, and will used to fill the form with Western Union Money Transfer........ok?
All u need is to use my pastor's name to send that money to me as a RECEIVER ......ok? Because my pastor has DRIVING LINCENSE to claim that money out here,and also i m a stranger here , ...............ok? Here are the information of my pastor...........
Pastor Olowookere Emmanuel
Reedem Christian Church Of God
Plot #64 Lawanson Street,
Victoria Island, Lagos State,
Zip code.......+234

here, all u need to do is to fill these information with western union money transfer in any bank in US............ok?And after that......they will give you the Western Union Money Transfer CONTROL NUMBER,which is 10 digits no...........ok?Make sure you send this control no, to my e-mail address which is
When i got the control number in my mail , i will follow my pastor to the bank with that control no, for the collection of that money here............ok?
Also send the test question and answer to me,in my e-mail address for the collection of that money.....ok?Example of test question and answer used to send that money is,,,,......what color do u love best?.......Qestion.... ...Answer...........White color.......ok?
Just give western union only one question and above example, for the collection of that money here.........ok?
I love you so much in my life and i hope to join you in Michigan very soon and i assure you that i will look more precious to u when u meet me......ok?Just send that money for the foods stuff to me as you promised .....ok?
I will be expecting your transfer .in my e-mail address...............bye.
i love you so much

Tip Use for collection of money through western union money transfer in Africa
(1)Western union CONTROL NUMBER (10digits no)
(2)Test Question And Answer e.g what color do u like best.............Question? White color...........Answer

Moreover u can visit the Website for more details ..WWW.WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER .COM..........................ok?
Sweety Ken from MI, USA

Letter 3

hello sweetheart,
How are you and your health?i kept waiting for you since 3pm USest time today and i never met your singnal,WHY?..........U know i mlove you so much and i m only one in the bed looking forward to see u.....uh?
Moreover, i taught u have got to that western union money transfer?Please kindly send the bank information to me in order to go with my pastor to the bank here tomorrow,,,,,,,,ok?
Immediately i saw the MTCN No and the test question,,,,i wanna go and get more foods stuff into my room here,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ok?
I m gonna be expecting your transfer tomorrow,,,,,,,,,,,,ok? i gotta go to the church now, it is lredy8.30pm here............ok?
Join me tomorrow,,,,,,
Bye sweetheart
love from

Letter 4

Hi swethert,
How are you? I m not happy to receive your message here today,due to ur inability to assist me with my problem here.
I wanna tell u that,,,,,i m a good citizen of United State and i also the good member of Health Mobilizatio Vanguard HMVin the centre of Baltimore city in Maryland,,,,,,,,,,ok?But we are voluntary group and we are not a profit making organization, all our aims and objectives is to caring for public health and also to maintain personal Hygenic to all human kinds.
Fortunately, i was among of those members voluntared to be in Africa last year November25th, 2006 for the immmunization against polio and Measiles Campaign 2006 in africa countries
We tour Fox city in Johannesburg in which we spent almost 3wks there and also we tour Republic of Nigeria, where we are now and where polio diseases are more rampant.
We are here to eradicate all these form of diseases once we are here to protect humantarian against any deadlyy Diseases.
Sweetheart,,,,,,,,to asking money from ya, is not mean that i wanna scam u.........ok? I m also afraid scam in all my life.Surely to my God, I can;nt scam u once u are here for me in Love, Passionately,Lust and Attractions.
Ken Honey, be sure, i love ya and i need your caring hand in all my needs.I belief in my heart that u wanna help me and i assure you that u will not regret that u send money to me............ok?
Sweeety, do not let me down. I belief in God and that is why i move closer to God and that is also why my pastor here used to pray for my future here.L O O K.....i tild my pastor abot u and he told me not to face another man and also,,,i show him your pics and he was so happy to see it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,imagine that?
Sweety, just think abot me all the time,,,,,,,,,,,ok? and also, send that money to me, let me have that money,very urgent here and i will be more appreciate.
just free to send to me. I m looking forward to see ur transfer since yesterday but i could;nt saw it.,,,,,,,,,,,, L E T ME HAVE that money here,,,,,,,,,honey, i m on need of it here as i told you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ok?
Do, this very urgentlyyy.......and transfer that MTCN No inside ny e-mail, ........OK? i m yours foreever and i m gonna pay you back for better and virtues.
i m gonna rest down and after that go to the church for the last day os our prayer point starting from 1st of Jan 2007 to 3rd of Jan 2007
Please Ken, i m expecting your transfer very soon today ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ok?
i love ya
Reg. Micro Biologist Admin.(HMV)
N.wolfe Street, Bloomsberg Public Health
Baltimore City
Maryland MD

Letter 5

dear sweety
I have sent those proof to u.. I just sent those US passport, that my father forwarded to me,
I hope it will helpful in your findings............................ok?
Kindlyy send that money to me, i need it here very urgentlyyy as u know.
i m waiting to see your helpful hand in my life.
i m yours forever

Letter 6

I m online NOW....join me,,,,,,,,ok? I wait for u
Bye love

Letter 7

Hello sweethert,
i m got ur message here ,Hmmmmm, i understood it. why do u day my Electronic US passport got furry to u? Ohhhh, my God?
Ok, if that shouid be the case, i m gonna send my Official United State Black cover Passport to u. Hope that is gonna work?.........ok?
Also,,,i m gonna send my US Internationa Driving Lincense to u. I wanna send all these document to u simply because u told me that u wanna assist me in my misfortune here and u wanna see clear evidence that back me up.......hmmmm,,,,,,,,,,Very GREAT.
Though the E-Passport that i sent to u is very good one not fake,,,,ok? i must tell u real fact,,,i m a good citizen and i must respect the flag of the state in which we are all standing.......ok?
For the last time, i m gonna send the black cover US passport to u and my Driving Lincense too in order to show you more testification abot me........ok?
I love you KEN as u are able to help me out here and God wanna help u as you do ,,,,Amen.
Send my greetings to your Daughter



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