Scam Letter(s) from Olga Loskudiva to Darryn (New Zealand)

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Letter 1

Hello and greetings Darryn. I want to speak with you more about me. To me of 27 years. It is a little about my general characteristics. I to weigh 54-56 kg. My growth approximately 171 cm. I work as the teacher of figure for children of younger age, I show children how correctly to draw. Concerning my life I live with mine mum, the daddy and the younger sister. We live in republic Marij-El, Sernur. Our city settles down approximately 800 km on Northeast from Moscow.
I live, and I work here. My life here had the sizes. I gave the structure in internet with I not to want to concern with the man from Russia, which they not to respect the woman and not to know as let's him evade. I concerned the person from Russia then he has deceived me, and I heard that he has other girl. I am significant suffering, but subsequently all is good. Most of all in a life I do not love treachery of the favourite person. Probably it that I had in the last trouble with it. A question - which I loved one man in the past, but he has deceived my dreams. And when I have learned about it, could not arrive in myself very long time. After that I for a long time could not trust men. I have told to you about this case because I want to trust you to all secrets, and I hope, that you will not have secrets from me, you see only so we can be very good friends who have no secrets from each other.
I would characterize style of my life according to one offer: " do not wish the person whom you do not wish yourselves.. " Such value of a life to me very much to similar, and I would like, that all people on a planet lived precisely as.
I have passed to inform you, that I never was for the husband, and that I never had children. I hope, that you understand, my letters because I am not absolutely well capable to write in English though I completely understand it, and I can speak. To speak, in English, I have learned at school then I studied at university, and I had the highest estimations. I always very well wanted to speak English. I very good and sympathizing.
Inform me, that you think, about all it.
I think, for the first letter it will be enough information on me. If you want to learn more about me you can write to me on mine e-mail. I have written the first letter to you not simply so, I have written it because you very much loved me as the person. I want, learn about you in the greatest possible degree, and directly I shall tell to you about me directly. Also I think that our friendship will not lose sense, and becomes stronger every day.
It would be desirable to see your letter shortly
To be cautious.

Letter 2

Greetings my new friend Darryn. This is Maria! I am so pleased, that you have answered my letter which I have written to you. If it is fair, I did not hope at all, that such the man as you will answer me. To me the it is very pleasant for the truth from it. Now, I would like to tell about the interests and hobbies more. I like to make many things in a life. My favourite color is color of red roses. I very much similarly to these colors. I very much like to read novels of love. I like to listen to various music. For me there are no distinctions in that what music, the main thing that music was is beautiful. Classical music, it is similar Beethoven (I very similar " a lunar sonata "). From modern music that is similar to group Roxette (their song: " Failure, boom, impact "," I think of you " and also a song from film " the beautiful woman ", where plays Richard Geer and Julia Roberts). Also to me similar Celin Dion, Madonna. Group Scorpions to me also very similar. Their song of “ the Wind of change " very beautiful also has deep value. In general it is more to similar than me music of the tool, I very much like to go to theatres and to look actions and plays. I love romantic films and comedies. The film " Beautiful woman " such remarkable history. From romantic film which I also love films where there is an existing love, this love always wins. I also love films about gallantry, about residual friendship (" We were the soldier "," the Blade "," the Brotherhood of the wolf "," Gladiator "). From a comedy I love comedies where plays Jim Carry his irresistible "Mask", " Silly and still Silly ", also love film of " Criminal literary dust " and film with Al Pachino " Aroma of women ". You looked these films? I also that it is similar Robert De Niro. His films " the Driver of a taxi "," Mad bulls "," Once in America " and is considerably others. As to my sports hobbies. At a leisure I like to be engaged in sports meets. It helps me to remain in the excellent sports form. I love tennis, badminton. I like to go to unit. I am weakened there, and I receive considerably energy when I swim. Soon at us colds begin and will be fast a snow, both I shall ski. And you ski? I heard, what for this purpose it is necessary for you should enter mountains because in you not enough snow leaves or does not leave in general? I am right? I like to dance too. It gives me considerably energy too. I receive pleasure and the dream who should dance with the person I loves slow dance. I should take pleasure in this moment and will not be forgotten. We should distribute all our dreams while we danced also conversation. I also romantic and I like to travel, also I like to go in coast and to sunbathe there. I love declines and sunrises. I want to have serious relations, instead of to be Played games. I not so well speak English, but I study it. I like to read, and I love children very much, and for this reason I dreamed in the childhood to begin the teacher. When I have a free time, I like to read. I love different books: about love and about risk, sometimes I like detectives. My favourite authors - in general from the Russian Literature as to an example, Chehov, Turgenev and Tolstoy. For that do I wait from our correspondence? I - the gentle and sociable girl. I want to become loving and, to be we like. I want to receive care and attention from the person whom I love. I shall give him all my tenderness, and love. I shall admire with him and our love. I want to distribute a remarkable life with beloved and my unique thing. I would like to distribute all my private secrets with him. I search for the fair and true person, which loving me and will estimate me. I shall be about him every second when he requires me. And I would like to have deep fidelity each other both the ready arrangement, and the relation to each other I think with these conditions which we shall hold our relations and love. I want to have steady family and children. I shall be the good wife, and I shall care of my family. I think, that the family will be for me the most important thing on the Earth. I search for the person who will be my beloved, my friend, my husband, and father of my children. And I would like, that my dreams were carried out. I really dream from the future steady family. I shall be the happy woman with such family. But I should add here which I research, that children, very important and they are very dear, but, first of all my attention will be devoted to my husband as children become the adult, and, they will work independently, and the husband - a unique thing of the person with which I shall stay for the whole my life. I would like to establish on you some questions: what is - your dream, what to you to estimate most of all in your life? What to you to think the basic thing in your life? How your family and you care of your parents? And how to you to imagine your wife and your life of a marriage? To have you ever, to be included in the serious relation? You think, the husband and the wife have the certain roles in a marriage? What is some your favourite activity? You love kinds of sports meets? You frequently go to cinema, or museums? What your favourite type of music? You like to dance? What your favourite holiday? Tell to me more about city in which you live. I shall be pleased to learn more about you.. I hope, that I did not make to place many questions, and you will write down me your answers. I hope, that my letter not such big, and that you will not be tired with perusal of my letter to you. Please, send to me more photos! I research, that we only still should hear each other, but we become fast our relations, more serious and warmer with you. You very good and good person and I want to try to touch you. Sincerely. Maria

Letter 3

Greetings my good friend Darryn.
Forgive me that I so for a long time could not answer you. I had a lot of work, all these days I have been very much tired.
I liked those photos which you have sent me. It really is very beautiful, as in paradise. Your city can be named a resort :-).
I hope, I can name you the good friend. It seems to me, we are very similar to each of us, and I am valid to want serious relations with you. I to think, that in me there is a new feeling, I remember this feeling when I for the first time have been in love. When to me there were 12 years, I have fallen in love with one boy when it is investigated at school, but now when he became the man, he to drink alcoholic drinks and very perversity now. In general in the Russian drink of alcohol is what very to involve people and to this. I to not understand it. I not the supporter of use of alcohol, and in a life I that do not use it, also, as not the supporter of smoking.
I also the person who would be desirable to find sincere love, I believe, that in our big world to be the person for you and me, we are simple - to risk from our destiny and to start to hear each other. Really it is very pleasant for me to have friendship with you, I start to be pleased lives, and this pleasure is connected, which we have found each other in all this mad world.
Darryn everything, that I to want to tell you now - you the remarkable person and me very much to want to have serious relations with you. I have printed from the person who makes a choice only once and very seriously. I think, that you understand, that I want to tell. As you I should agree to lead all life with such person, I know, to that, probably, it is necessary to trust on you, I completely believe, that you and I know, that such person as you Darryn never to deceive me and be capable to estimate and respect. A deceit - the most bad symbolical attribute of the person, it at all does not decorate the person! Today on work I have gone home with the girlfriend and have paid attention on pair, the guy and the girl were happy, they have captured each other, and their people were really happy. During this moment I thought of you, about which as we should go together, and we should be happy. Those people, will look at us, and everyone should admire with us.
I very much estimate in ability of the person to love, up to the end of days. In heart I also very romantic, I very much like to observe from stars at night, sometimes I would like to fly and concern their hands. I would be, so is happy, if with me about the man which could care of me, was. Unfortunately, now I have no any anyone the man during long time.
But recently I have met the girlfriend, and she advised me to use service of acquaintances to the help of the Internet, and has chosen you from thousand other men. You can judge my appearance from a picture which I to you send, please, tell, that you think of it. I would be pleased, to hear, which you will tell about you directly. I want, learn all about you, because so we can reach mutual understanding and friendship. Tell to me about you. Tell to me please more about your family, about your way of life, about work. I very well want to study you as though you and I shall be convinced of feelings, and we become enough friend close to the friend, it will be very pleasant for us to meet and study us now and to feel each other. I think, that then our relations can become really serious and who knows, probably, for ever.
I shall wait for your prompt reply with impatience.

Letter 4

Greetings my best friend Darryn.
Thanks for the letter back and for the shown interest to me.
So it is pleasant for me from it, that you do not forget me. I think, that we become good friends. I feel, that our friendship becomes stronger every day. I am pleased, which was not mistaken in you, and I shall try to not disappoint you.
You know, during the small period of the correspondence to you has already understood, that you have begun a part with my life. Without your letter in me there is no day of pleasure within day but as I, to receive your letter, mine, the life is filled with pleasure.
I would like to tell to you about my family. My sister is called Katya, it's 18 years old. She is the student of pedagogical institute. Studies various languages, namely English, French, German. My sister very capable, her always praised at school of the teacher. I'm very much love it. I also to have the grandmother that is already essential ageing (her 84). When I was small, I frequently arrived to her in village: in a holiday, and in general at any time. I so liked to be close to them with the grandfather. My grandfather of 5 years, moderate and after that health was close to grandmothers it is considerably worsened. Again and again we arrived to her frequently and have been caused her to us directly, but she did not want to move to us, but subsequently she coordinated all. All from us so love our good-natured pardon the grandmother. My father works in law enforcement bodies, he works in FSA (Federal Security Agency), and I cannot tell about his work more precisely. My mum works as the tutor in a kindergarten. She is very much loves the work. She likes to play, bring up children. My mum very kind, sociable person. She is that person, due to which at us in the house always "light" and "water". I very much love the family!!!
I sometimes do by such children's action, I am simple very trustful, I was easy, to be deceived. For example, I never go to buy things in market. As I always should sell things to estimate, than it cost actually. Or will sell the spoiled things so I take with me directly the girlfriend.
At leisure, which I like to transfer a little to begin, to cool air or I sit, simply I sit, and I think, I dream from the future (you probably to laugh when it is read), but very thoughtful person, I belief in well, I expect from a life only well, and, however, it not always can be so.
I want also, that you have written down me about you directly, than anxiety at leisure. My friend, what feelings and intentions in you to me? I to think, that Internet which this big achievement as people from two other ends of a planet can inform with each other freely, that I have acquainted with such the person as you already because of it only I should inform in the Internet of the big gratitude. Darryn, please, tell to me to all about you how you live? Than you are occupied within all day. I to have an essential regret as I to not have phone of a house, in Russia it - the whole problem but if such opportunity will be for me, I was necessary, should call to you Darryn and communicate in understanding about your beautiful voice. I should tell to you, that when I in work or rest, I always to think of you. And still, I would like to tell about the ideas a little. Children- flowers of a life, they give us pleasure every day and bring happiness in our hearts. I think, that we should care of children, study their kindness, legality, care of a line, we should show them good moral qualities.
Concerning my dream. I dream to find the true partner in a life which will be my loving husband, father of my children with which we shall be happy. I want that my future family was in kindness and love. My fine Darryn, I have told to you about the most kept my dream, I have shared dream with you. And with each your letter it seems to me, that I have found the man of my dream and all my life. I want to admit you, that it is the man you my fine Darryn. I all time to expect the moment when I after work should receive yours the fine letter and write to you.
It gives me huge pleasure.
Your answer is necessary for me!
Sincerely yours, Maria

P.S. By the way, nearly has not overlooked. As to that book which you have read, I really do not know this the story and the author, but I think sometime I of her I shall read.

Letter 5

Happy new year my friend Darryn!!!!! I wish you all the most light and kind this 2007. Let he will bring to you a lot of happiness and smiles... Forgive me that I could not so for a long time to you to write. These holidays have taken away from me a lot of time and consequently I could not write to you. I sincerely bring the apologies. And I again now with you my friend...
I am so happy, to receive from you the letter again. When I receive your letters, for me at once to become easy and joyful on heart. I feel, that every day all of us become closer and more friend close to the friend. I am confident, that you do not forget me within one minute. I always think of you. I very much love walks by the nature. I in general very much love the nature and animals. At us now summer. And you love the nature? And what trees grow at you? At us grow: a birch, a linden, a maple, a tree of fur, a pine, a cedar and - much of another. Today we with the daddy have come in village of the grandmother. I the daddy has told to the grandmother, that I correspond with the foreigner. Then the grandmother has called me to itself and wished success in my life on it. She was pleased, that I the person who, at last, has found, it is interesting to me. It you my dear, you seem to me, very interesting person to meet to you delivers me great pleasure. In village at the grandmother we have come in a bath. Russian bath in the country is very popular in us, it - our pride. And you heard about the Russian bath? If not is present, I shall tell to you about it. A bath - such small house which is made of logs of a tree. In this house there is a room in which it is necessary for bake. Temperature in this room 80 degrees Celsey are very high approximately. It so is fine, when from such hot room to plunge into cool water.
My daddy was against acquaintance to the foreigner but when I have shown him your letters, he has told, that he was not right. He counts you good the man which deserves respect. By the way, mine the daddy sends the regards you. He it is sure, that we shall be good friends, and that we should trust each other completely because without trust there is no strong friendship. I try to not think concerning that distance which separates us, but with each your letter to me, to seem, which the distance between us decreases and becomes ever less and less.
I like to travel very much. I never was abroad before. I dream to find love and to be happy together. It has no any value for me where my love - from, the basic thing, should love, interest, meet each other and to be happy together. Not you think so? I the one woman for one man, and I have real strong belief about a marriage. Certainly, I want beautiful, but, it - simply the answer to introduction, initial to everyone. The first appeal - occurrence. But beauty, fleeting also that really a material, - in which person. I want, that the person was intellectual and strong with value of humour. I like to speak, it - is a lot of from and to want whom - with what I can conduct intellectual conversation a whole hour.
Now I shall finish the letter. Write to me, and I would like to receive your letters more often.
With impatience I wait your letter.
Tenderness, Maria

P.S. Please send to me of more photos!

Letter 6

Greetings my kitten Darryn.
I as always am expected your letter, and I am happy to that that you write to me. I think, that you not against what I to name you a kitten? My girlfriends on work speak, that I became now absent-minded, to speak it, I have fallen in love, I to not know what to answer them as I, to not understand, what to take place to me and me all time, to think of you. Darryn you now have begun really a part my life and I only to think of you, and I am valid to have to you only sensitive feelings and me very much, to want it our, relations became really very serious and strong and soon a meeting with you. My sister to ask all time about you. He to understand, that I to want, to be together with you and very, to want it as. Each time when I receive your letters, I feel more happily, than before. In your letters which I can find something, I never met in other men. You - so kind, noble, romantic, intellectual, I can remain to describe to you with a congratulation, but in letters all could not express a word, I start to be felt about you. Recently my sister has asked me if I visit in agency of a marriage, was useful to me, and I informed him about you. As I have learned you in a network, that you informed me yours. He thinks, that you - the noble and reliable person, and he informed me, that sometime I could be happy with you. I already spoke it, I have learned people in which the Internet searched, whether also this person you Darryn. Whether tell to me please fairly, probably that our feelings are reciprocity? I very much to want it was so because I very, to want to have serious relations with you my fine Darryn and to hope for it. Now I have changed in the best side, and mine heart to beat not in correct intervals. Probably I to be mad, but I to want to tell you, that you be my part a life now and I, to not present me it without you. It is very important for me to study your feelings to me, and I am simple now in alarm for this purpose!
I became similar to the mad girl, raving love. First I was afraid to admit you it, thought, that when you will hear at once these words, you will laugh at my feelings. You see, that I then did not know you so well as now. But during our dialogue I did not hold feeling inside me, and they have escaped outside. Now I am not confused to admit you it. I am in love with you, very urgently also want to leave for you in a marriage..!! I for ever yours. I hope, you, you will not break my dreams concerning you.????????????????????????????????????
With tenderness yours Maria

Love of a kitten to you...

Letter 7

Greetings my dear and lovely Darryn.
I hope, that my previous letter has not forced you an attack of confusion. You, probably, ask me, " why is so fast? " I shall hasten to answer you, that I simply could not hold in me directly these feelings more, and they have escaped outside. I simply did not know, how to you to tell about it at once, you see, then, that you would not understand me. I never checked such feelings to anyone to another. I think, that you are created especially for me, and I want to be created only for you my love. Your letters always bring high temperature and a cosiness in my heart though we and far apart, all the same I feel you as though you - with me in one room. I so want to convenient and feeling to you high temperature of your breath, I feel, which with you to me will be always warm, even in the coldest weather. I believe, that you, the man which I searched for all life. I am very lonely here without you. I hold all your letters in me directly and when me, to begin one I read them again and me to become little bit happier. Sometimes I think, and that if we would meet and have remained one even within several minutes then it would be the happiest day in my life. Interestingly, also there is any way for our meeting? I so would like, that it was possible. Tomorrow I shall go for the sake of my interest to any travel agency, and I shall ask them concerning an opportunity of travel to the New Zealand. I hope, what you not against it?
Love all age are obedient! I completely to understand your character traits, and it I make very simple for me to open my major principles also. That I am really similar, was yours three Sources of love. It - understanding, Mutual trust, honesty. It - loyalty during good times. The love is pleased, existing, it hopes during the future, and it does not make, reflect the past. It - the chronicle " to the day from " irritations, problems, compromises, small disappointments, the big victories and the Full purposes. If you have love in your soul, can be filled in it. I Pleased, that you can trust me, and you I can name me Love. I hope, that I and you we support that path.
If there is any time where you doubt concerning me or if I speak something, that you, please, inform infringements to me. I think what very simply to be fair when we speak concerning trust, and honesty. And I should emphasize, I have no any reason to doubt concerning you. Your letters have been filled so with the big soul and the basis which it forces me to feel like really well. It was long time as I felt a warm feeling of love to you.
I would like to learn all your emotions and feelings, and I shall wait for your letter with impatience!
With tenderness, Yours Maria



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