Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Stepanova to Conrad (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Conrad!!!! When I have said that it will be nice to hear from you at my e-mail address I had no idea how it would really be pleasant to get a letter. And not from somebody - from a man who lives kilometers away, but has a desire to make friends with me or even to start a relationship. I am a new person to Internet - the thing is that we don't have that many people in Ukraine and particularly in Kharkiv who use Internet. At first I was very suspicious about searching for a real life partner over the net. But I think that it is hard to find true love in a bar or nightclub. Also you have to be ready to commit yourself to another person and it is really good that you can make your goals clear over the Internet as to what you are looking for. I think it is a great way to meet people. As for the age of the person I want to meet- I don’t care. It may seem surprising and unbelievable. I'd like to find a nice men with a good heart to share my life with him and create a strong and everlasting relationship between us based on love and respect. Age is only numbers, they don’t mean anything. I’m not a teenager and naive that’s why I know what kind of goals most of young men are following. I never started a relationship just for having short-term fun. People who do it deprive themselves of the opportunity to experience this magical feeling-LOVE. Love is a miracle invisible for others. I want to find honest, decent man with serious intentions, someone that believes in love and is in love with love. Someone willing to take risks and dares to move on with me. Someone willing to bloom by my side. A man that will care for me and look after me as I will for him. Someone that I can trust and believe in with any doubt what so ever. And I don’t care how old he will be. I just believe that men who’re older are more experienced and have more steady life principles and values. Actually I am not really used to write letters, but will try to tell at least something about myself and my life so you will have an idea with whom you are talking to and will highly appreciate if you will tell me the same about you. Thank you for the photo You are certainly an extremely attractive man. I must admit that is what struck me first. But what I am also interested to know is what lies under your outward handsome look. What is the real man that lives in your heart and soul? Perhaps in time, you will trust me enough to tell me. But for now, to start I will share with you a little about myself. I want to tell you about some of things I like to do. I love to travel, to go camping to go back packing, to visit museums and to go to concerts and bars with life music. I love to go for drives in the country to visit cities and to swim in lakes and rivers. I would not expect you to share the same interests and another part of being in love is finding those things that you like and prefer to do together. So, what else about me...I don't even know what to say - I am an ordinary girl who has dreams and hopes. I have lived in Kharkiv for my whole life. Have studied in school and have ended courses in agricultural university to be a veterinary. I am working at a private veterinary and I just love pets - especially I love cats - I have three of my own at my house. I live with my Mom and I also have an older brother who is married and lives separately. My Dad had a cancer and have died when he was 36 years old. I was in high school then. My Mom have been heart broken, we have overcame the pain, but I still remember my Dad - he was the best one in this world. I want my future kids to have such Dad. Please tell me about your hobbies, interests; what helps you to distract, to relax after work. As for me in my leisure time I enjoy a wide variety of things. The cinema, sporting activities, photography and spending time with family and friends. I love to take care of home flowers and love to spend time outdoors( camping, biking, backpacking). I like going to the gym for some exercise, preferably 3 to 4 times a week. Unfortunately my work schedule doesn't always allow this and I really miss it when I can not go. Exercising gives me some time alone to think about life and things as well as get my exercise. I love to go for walks around the many trails that are nearby, as wells as walks by some lakes. I enjoy camping and getting away from the world of technology that I am a part of everyday. Sometimes you just have to get away! Talk to you soon. Hope that my letter will be a start of a nice relationship...
Olga or Deer lady( as my Grandma called me when i was little).
Letter 2
I was really happy to get such a soon reply from you dear Conrad! Also I am thankful to you that you have wrote me about yourself - I had no idea that I am communicating with such an outstanding person. Thank you very much for the pictures but unfortunately I didn't manage to see them because the places where the pics were supposed to be were empty:-) We have communicated with each other only several times, but I feel like I have know you for quite a while. And it is really nice that having some boundaries (language, territory, age, social life) we like each other and think that this communication can lead us to something terrific!!!! Don't understand me incorrect - those boundaries doesn't mean a lot to me. I have always wanted my man to be older then I am as i think that a man is a head of a family and he has to be wise to make decisions and direct family into love, friendship and happiness. As for the language and territory - we are separated by them now, but if we will decide to be one whole - one family - we will find ways to overcome them. I am not speaking English, but I am studying to do so. I have to translate my letters, but I am willing to do so for us. Concerning social life - yes, we have different cultures and lives, but when people are in love nothing matters to them...I am sure you will agree about that. So if you are also not afraid and straight in your decision to communicate with such lady as me - make this decision now, as i don't want to suffer from a relationship that will be continuing but will lead into nothing. I want a family and think that we will know each other better I will be sure if I want to have this family with you, but so far I am admiring you... As for some of my values, I am a soft-spoken person that appreciates a home full of love, respect, kindness and understanding for all. I don’t believe in quarreling, shouting, yelling, swearing, spanking children or hitting in any way. Even thought I am a weak woman I am very strong and protective of my family against anyone who may try to hurt us in any way. At the same time, I am very gentle, loving, kind and tender to my loved ones. I love peace and harmony in my home. I am very desirous of having a complete family that loves each other and wants to be together and share the love and warmth that everyone desires and deserves. I always try to treat other people as I would like to be treated. I also believe that a mutual understanding and acceptance of each other’s strengths and weaknesses, with a firm commitment to always listen to each other, while always trying to understand each other, always supporting each other, and always being a help-meet to each other, including always doing the very best for each other is the essence of a great and lasting relationship. Do you agree? I hope that we are looking in the same direction and will become close in a nearest future... Talk to you soon,
Olga. P.S. Sending more of my pictures - the one is from a girls party at my friend's house and another one is one of my beloved - I just love purple color and I love to have things that are purple. I have read in one article that when person likes purple a lot - he/she is ready for starting a family - I guess it is right:-)
Letter 3
Nice to get your reply so soon:) I don't have much time to write now. I would love to communicate with you more privately and will be waiting for your response at my e-mail:
Letter 4
"Never give up" - it is the motto of my life... Dear Conrad, I am impressed that you have wrote to me such warm letter and have expressed yourself and your thoughts about my ideas and dreams and also about my worries....I guess that you are sure that we are on the same path - why do I think so - in other way you would have never wrote to me again:-) Unfortunately I haven't received the photos yet but I don't lose the hope:-) Actually the appearance doesn't matter to me, I just want to know how this intelligent man who's creeping into my thoughts more and more with every day looks like. My dear, It is very strange, but you have such an agreeable inspiration for me. After reading your letters I feel you so close, so affectionate, that I think of you very often every day and I constantly have this wish to hold you in my arms. For sure there is a lot of chemistry between us, and that's a very good indication. I dream about me putting my head on your shoulder and sleep without worrying about anything. I want us to melt in each other and form a beautiful loving couple. My intentions toward you are very serious. I want to be your best friend, your lover, your soul mate, your only woman. I am hoping with all my heart that our correspondence will lead to our meeting and that will be the beginning of a great love affair between us. That we will have the life of joy and happiness and coziness in our home. That our love will be the one that others are measured against. We will be the couple with a love so great that others will be jealous and wish they had what we have. Anyway, how is your life, how is your work? I am doing just fine. Have had a hard day at work - we have had a lot of pets today at the veterinary. One dog had a real bad wound - dogs have got in the fight as the owner have explained and one have been hurt...I really love pets and don't lie to see them suffer. I am also against those people who are leaving animals on the streets - most of the dogs and cats are not used to the wild life - they are home pets...I feel so sorry for them...If I have had an opportunity I would have made an orphanage for left animals - we don't have such place at my city and the question with homeless animals is realized once in half of the year - military just shoots them all. I thin that it is cruel and awful. Oh, I am sorry for expressing my opinion - probably my monologue have made you seek... What other things I would want to have in my life - like every girl I want to have happy house, husband and kids. I want to have a house full of laughter and family that is friendly with each other and love and care for each other - just like my parents family before my Dad have passed away. I am eager to forgive and understand everything whatever my beloved man will do - as my aim is to have all the mentioned above... Sending you the best wishes,
Olga. P.S. Sending you one picture that have been taken when I was in high school - we have been in Moscow with my uncle and aunt.
Letter 5
My dearest Conrad ! My heart is pumping up when I am reading your letters and when I hear the sweet words that you are addressing to me...I love everything about what you say and tell me - I like traits of your character and like how you think and what you say about life. I have started thinking about life from another corner - I am thinking how my life would been with a man like you, I feel I can't leave without your letters . You have also become an important part of my soul and life. My thoughts are only about you. You are always in my mind, hopes and dreams. Thank you for appreciating me so high. I feel the same. I feel our happiness is very close to us and soon all the world will be at our feet. I like every word from your letters - I read them with great pleasure - when I read them I see that there are still man who have tender souls and have nice feelings for women - not only *** or money are interesting to them, but feelings - love and care - are two things that i will ask form you if you will wish to become my soul partner. I already want to see your city, the place where you live - it should be very nice (I think:-)) I want to meet your relatives and friends, I want to see what you like to wear and get to know what you like to eat...I want to know as much as possible about you - I want to become a part of you and be so related with you so I can feel your every move, your very thought - I don't know what is going on with me, but you are becoming the sense of my life... I don't know what to do or to say - you are in my dreams, you are in my life, you are in my heart and mind - may be I am starting to fall in love with you?... Kiss you,
Your Deer lady.
Letter 6
I say gold digger.
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