Scam letter(s) from Natalia Usova to Reiner (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Reiner. Thank for your answer, I today visited travel agency and find all about our meeting. For my coming in your country I need visa, the making of which cost $340 USD, but the visa is making only in the embassy of your country, and is located in Moscow. So I need to fly form Kazan to Moscow. This my flight Kazan-Moscow-Kazan will be cost $118 USD. If I will give all document in embassy the making of my visa will take 4 or 5 days. After my visa will be ready I need to visit embassy of your country one more time and take it and for it I need fly to Moscow one more time, and it also will be cost $118 USD. Also in travel agency I ask about the cost of tickets Moscow - Stuttgart - Moscow, and it cost $485 USD. So I ask them how much will cost all my trip to you and they answer me that it will be $1061 USD. When I hear the price, I become very upset, because the money what I save all the year is not enough. I have only $550 USD. And for my coming to you, my dear Reiner, I need $511 USD more. I very much want to be with you, because I am sure that we will be very happy together. It is very hard to belive that such thing as money can stop us to be together. I love you and I trust you very much and I am sure that you , my dear and hot loved Reiner, will help me to come to you. Because only you can help me, and I can hope only at you. If you can help me, then I will go tomorrow to Moscow and give all documents for making my visa. I love you very much and you are very dear for me and I very much afraid to lose you. When love is involved great distance shouldn't keep us apart in heart as long as we love one another hoping that one day soon we will be together. I do think about you everyday as get up, while I am at work, and when i go to bed. You will always be in my heart no matter where you are and what you are doing. True love is something that two people who really care about each other should share no matter where they maybe and how far apart they are. With impatience I wait your answer, with love yours Olenka.
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