Scam letter(s) from Natalia Usova to Ken (USA)

Letter 1
Good afternoon my friend Ken!!!
Have good day!
Many thanks for a picture, it has very much liked me, now I know you to face.
I am very grateful, that you have written to me on my e-mail address, I am glad that my structure has interested you.
I did not know earlier that it is possible to get acquainted by means of a computer on the Internet, my girlfriend has advised me this way.
When I was registered on a site of dating, I all over again have studied structures of many users and have decided to send you the message. As your structure has seemed to me more interesting.
Ken I hope, you have time to send me some messages, that we could is better study each other.
I shall tell a little about me directly: to me of 29 years, my full name Marina.
I was not married, I live in an apartment of my parents together with them.
8 years ago I have finished college on a speciality the medical sister. Since then I work on a speciality, in a military part, I look that regarding ai soldiers if who needs I hurted render medical aid. I do not serve regarding I simply there I work.
By the way, I send you the picture, In park at roundabouts, and the second picture has been made at home at the girlfriend.
At leisure I try to spend time for the nature, I love productive leisure. I like to travel and visit various places, but my work does not allow me to do it often. I have many friends, we sometimes together waste time, we play billiards, tennis and volleyball, sometimes with girlfriends we are engaged aerobics. We skate also skis in the winter.
Also I wish to see your pictures. I shall wait for them. Please, ask things which are interesting to you about me.
I wish to learn some information concerning you: What you love entertainment?
You go in for sports? You like to observe what sports meets?
How you can describe the character? What qualities in women like you more?
Whether you have the wife?
In following letters, I shall try to tell to you about myself in more detail.
I shall wait for your letters of e-mail.
I wish successful day and successes. Your friend Marina
Letter 2
Hello Ken !!!!!!!!!!!
! I am very glad to receive from you the mutual message.
you have not sent a picture, please make it. I shall wait a picture from you.
Ken You send by e-mail the information for me, and it is very pleasant to me.
You loved a picture me? What can you tell about my pictures?
In this letter Ken I shall send you other pictures me. In the first picture I am
represented at home and on the second I was photographed in oioinaeiia? I hope they to you will like.
Ken I think, that you read my structure and could see there,
That I wish to find that serious attitudes get acquainted
With the good person in the serious purposes. I wish to tell
To you it is a little about my character, I think, that I very romantic person.
I like to communicate with people, I like to listen to people,
I think that I the good interlocutor.
I love when in me good mood. I sincerely yours concern people in whom
There are such qualities as fidelity and honesty, loyalty and magnanimity.
I trust enamoured, and I believe, that the love should be pure and mutual.
I very jealous person. I adore, when me congratulate,
I am ready to listen to it long. Ken For me it is necessary,
It around of me was cleanliness and the order, I
I am often borrowed in clearing, also I like to prepare for me food, various tasty things.
I like to be prepared for new dishes which I never prepared,
It is pleasant to be prepared for dishes from other national kitchen.
It is very pleasant to have to me romantic attitudes between the person and the woman,
But all - the probable dream of women to get acquainted with good the person
And to have with it the beautiful novel.
But often such attitudes have ended without results.
If it is fair to tell, I had no serious attitudes with men.
I had no ****** contact to men. You will possibly not trust, but it so.
It would be desirable for me to find such person.
I think, that for the woman the main priorities in a
The life is career or other success, both strong families
And the favourite person. Tell please, you dream to
Meet such woman in a life Ken , that I ask,
You could discuss such frank thing with the person
Whom do you know in some days? But it is interesting to me, that nobleness you.
I have briefly written to you my prospects for a life if it will be interesting to you,
We can discuss these themes in more detail in following letters.
I shall wait for your e-mail.
I wish successful day and successes. Your Marina
Letter 3
Good day Ken!!!!!!!!!!.
I am glad to receive again your message, every day we study each other, it is very good, I like to read your e-mail.
Last days I missed, did not know than to borrow, now after I have got acquainted with you, your letters me as a solar beam.
Ken, thanks, that you have written to me some answers to my questions. Yours e-mail which you send me, helps me to understand what you the person.
Thanks for your fine photos they have very much liked me.My surname refers to Vasileva
Ken I send you other picture. This picture has been made at my work. I think to you, my picture loved? Tell to me in more detail about your family. In you it is many relatives? You maintain what relations with them? How often you are going to meet them? In my family very closed attitudes. I already informed, that I live with mum and the daddy. We live in to an apartment convenient for us where there are three rooms and kitchen, a balcony and a bathroom, a toilet. I have a room. I the only child in parents.
My father call Vladimir, 53 years and it serves it in a military part. In the same place where I work. We work in one part. On a rank it the lieutenant. It orders about a platoon.
My mum is called Anya, to it with 49 years. At present it does not work. It is engaged in work on the house.
We love each other, very often we leave in city to all family, and we have any entertainments, last time played billiards.
In the summer we have a rest at Coast, we fish. During a winter time interval we go to skate and on skis. This good time for me! In a private life I have emptiness. Last attitudes in me were in the past by a year. It were no serious attitudes. We did not kiss at all. We did not love each other and had various interests, therefore we have left.
I do not like men which live in our city, the majority of them does not wish to work, and wish to take alcohol. Are glad to spend on drink last money. Therefore I wish to find the man from other city. Because of the developed situation I have addressed to a site of acquaintances. Here I can probably find the person who will love and understand me. For me not important financial situation and work which it owns, the main thing that it was not the drunkard and appreciated the wife. I have defined in structure, that I search for the man of advanced age because I think, he is the person who lived, many years are, which already has experience also studied to estimate women and to address with them. I shall be be ready to give me all without others to such person and me.
Think, that the main advantage of the woman - fidelity and skill.
I want that my family was happy, without quarrels and conflicts.
On it I shall finish the letter.
Ken, write to me the ideas in occasion of my ideas, that it is pleasant to you, and that is not present.
I wait for your messages. Yours Marina
Letter 4

Dear Ken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks that you have answered my letter.
It is very pleasant to me to receive from you letters.
This week I had a new theme for discussion, and these new ideas have very much excited me.
I do not know as you Ken, but for me.
It is very important, as we exchange electronic letters.
They - new emotions in my silent heart. For me it is not usual, to get acquainted with the person by e-mail as we live for thousand kilometers from each other.
I already probably informed you, that I live in average area of Russia, in the city of Volzhsk. In our city one of greater rivers of Russia, Volga proceeds. My city is near to the city of Kazan, Cheboksary.
I very much regret it far from you, in another way it was not necessary for us a lot of e-mail to learn each other.
Ken I think we could meet, speak, spend some time together and rather well learn each other.
I think for us it there will be not a fast way. But I hope, that it will not be a problem for us if we shall decide to make it in the future.
I already travelled across Russia as the tourist. Therefore Ken, you should not have excitement of it, there is a distance between us.
I such woman, that if I shall love the person for a meeting with it, I shall do the utmost to arrive to it.
I not I worry about it, and even I have devoted feelings, have acquainted with the person on the other hand.
For me it is very interesting feelings - to learn the person with other culture, reflecti
on, traditions.
It is One of things - which involves me in you. It is probable, if our attitudes will be strong and you Ken, you can learn mysterious Russian the woman.
I hope, what for you it is interesting to learn and check love to such woman?
That you cannot resist to mine during long time female magic If happen so that we shall be the person to the person. On it I finish my message to you Ken.
I wish you successes Ken. I wait for your messages. Your girlfriend Marina. Thanks for your fine photos they have very much liked me
Letter 5
Good afternoon my dear Ken!!!!!!!!!!!
I have read through yours e-mail, it was interesting to me to study your opinion, that I spoke in last message. Ken Our exchange of opinions is interesting to me, and I think, that now I can make some opinion on your character. If you not against we could communicate a little by phone. I would like to speak with you, to hear your voice. You can leave to me the phone number?
Lovely my city is below Cheboksary more close to Kazan. I think that it is too small city therefore there our city is not defined. My sweet I write to you at home. And I send them from the girlfriend close. As I do not have house of phone and consequently I send letters through the Internet at my girlfriend.The darling I received your photos of thanks for them you on them very nice Ken, I send you a new picture. This photo has been made in completely not for a long time. I specially went to a photo agency to make a picture. I hope, that this is a picture, very much it is pleasant to you. How you Ken, I also would like to see more than your pictures. Dear, I would like to learn, how you like to spend a free time. I very cheerful person also consider various entertainments for myself and my friends. I like to these to be engaged, because the life becomes more cheerful also it delivers pleasure to associates.
It can be various things: Dances, cinema, the parties or entertainments on the nature.
But if to speak sincerely in last their entertainments give time, I have less than pleasure. I often dream since romantic evening with the favourite person, it can be a supper of the house at candles or simply walk. I think, that in it there is a lot of charm. You the romantic person Ken.
You have such ideas as at me? You love convenient evenings with family? hind of one table.
It very conveniently and conveniently for me. I like to gather with my relatives that on to communicate, be in the company, we share the ideas and ideas on a life. And how you like to spend a holiday?
You love a cosiness and rest? Tell to me please about it Ken. Ken, excuse me for an immodest question: whether there is at you now a woman?
I think, that you the good person if you had a woman, you would not began me to write.
What your private life now, please tell about it.
Probably you have to me any frank questions? I shall try to answer them.
Write to me in more detail about feelings and desires, to me to like to read, when you speak about you directly, I am ready to listen about it.
I wait for your messages. I wish successful day and successes in all!!
My embraces. Your love Marina
Letter 6
Good afternoon my penalty Ken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!I think it with All of you well!!
It was pleasant to to read through quickly through for me yours the message and thanks For your words. I send you other picture, it is probable to those pictures Which you already saw, you used. I hope, that this picture will be Give again to you good emotions.
In this picture I am presented at home with the girlfriend Ii mum was ill today a little, at it something with heart and it has still caught a cold a little. I very much experience for it.
By the way, road Ken, you love what foodstuffs more? That you prefer; sweets, meat, a fish? Inform me it Ken. I in a condition to consult not badly concerning kitchen, my mum cared of it many years back. You can be convinced of it, in due time. I am easy My sweet I it is glad to your photos - they very much please me Make various salads, soups, and also various dishes from a fish. In a greater degree I prefer a fish, and also to me very much to similar fruit; kivi, bananas, water-melons, apples, pineapples and a melon. Ken Today for a supper I shall prepare for the Chinese hen and vegetative salad. Possibly you Ken, love the tasty foodstuffs.
We have a proverb; " the way to heart of the man - lays through its stomach! "
I have been many times convinced of it when observed of my father. Therefore Ken, I shall reach to your heart about the help of my culinary abilities. It is a joke!!!
Now I continue kitchen. I hope, that my daddy will be pleased. I shall wait for your messages!
My kisses. I wish successful day. Your love Marina
Letter 7
Good afternoon my friend Ken!!!!!!!!!!
I am very glad to see your e-mail.
Today I send you a new picture, on it I am represented such sad, it me was photographed by my girlfriend.
The darling of thanks for your fine photos. I very much wish to arrive to you. I was in the USA never earlier. I saw your photos and your fine daughter - it remarkable very much. I am glad that you such careful children.
Ken It is very pleasant to me to learn, that you support idea to meet and also wish, that I saw and spent with you together time. I think, that in our subsequent messages we can discuss more detailed our meeting and establish time and a place for this purpose. I wish to tell to you road, that it is very pleasant, for the woman who is assured, that on a planet there is a person who waits for it, also as well as it wishes to embrace it and to kiss. Such idea influences women of opinions and behaviour.
Therefore thanks Ken, that you have allowed me to feel it.
Also what you have ideas and imagination about that day when you will meet me?
Inform me, liked it. Dear, in me is much from ideas, as we can to spend together our time. Also I shall go for you a few unexpectedness and I think, that you will be pleased to it. I should inform you Ken, about some ideas in the following letter. But you should know, it when you will be in my hands it Not fast, you can leave my embraces. I now shall not write about those things which I shall make with you, but you will be remember during long time it!!!
Now I finish the letter. I shall wait for your messages. My gentle kisses!
Successful day. Yours love Marina
Letter 8
Hi mine dear Ken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
! Have good day! I am glad, that my messages pleasant for you. How you feel yourself , dear? I - ok.
My sweet thanks for your fine photos again today all of them are remarkable and you on them are especially beautiful. Yes by the way transfer huge greetings from me to your fine daughter Randi. I a little excited, and yesterday I hardly fell asleep. I was grasped with an idea about to our meeting. For me and I have this joyful event from it much emotions. Such as excitement both the big impatience and expectation of this day . You have brought the whole sea of emotions in my life Ken, and it is difficult for me with it to consult, but I can tell, that it pleasantly and gave me new push and the purpose for life. I think, lovely, that it is necessary for us to arrange our meeting so that there were no difficulties and inconveniences in our affairs. I can arrange on my work, that to have some days free for me. Ken, and your work will be to allow you to make it? Probably you have the intense schedule with the work also you should be absent. Then we can meet more close from you or even I could arrive to you on some days. For me there is no problem to make longer travel. If such way more convenient for you and my arrival to not create inconvenience for you Ken, let's choose this plan. It for me even it is more good, because I can see as you live , your friends, you can show me the city and various, , that you can loved for you, a place. And if for you it is necessary to visit the work. My work not so important also can manage without me, therefore I do not worry about the affairs. Inform me dear, the opinions! If it is a good way for you too I shall make preparations for travel. My kisses and embraces. Yours love Marina I send yours one more remarkable photo where I rise on the lift. It is a photo it has been made when I visited to Moscow the girlfriend
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