Letter(s) from Svetlana Kazarinova to Kevin (USA)

Letter 1

Hi dear Kevin!!!
I am very glad to your letter!!!! I'm fine. I very much missed on you!! You always are in my ideas. Here so it is lonely, but your letters give me warmly. I do not know that to me to tell now. Emotions and feelings overflow my heart. It is a pity to me that we not together. But your letters gave me hope that at us all can turn out and we probably can soon meet. I liked your idea about that we could meet you in England, namely in London. This city seems to me very mysterious and unusual, I never thought that at me the opportunity will ever see his eyes. It seems to me, that will be very good, if we can go there together with you and we shall lead there the vacation. I think that after our meeting our feelings only become stronger and deeper. I think that it is impossible to know the person completely before you do not meet it personally. I therefore very much want will meet you to speak about all and to learn each other further. We shall walk much with you on streets of city, we shall go on quay, we shall visit museums and parks. It will be very good us together. I very strongly would want it. When you want to go to London. The matter is that from January, 1 till January, 14 at our school there will be vacation and I shall have free days. I think, that it would be a fine New Year's vacation!!!!! How you think? You agree with me?
I know that you have told that you can help me with my arrival. I very much am grateful to you. I never thought that I in my life meet the man similar to you. You very much like me. It is pleasant to me that you write, as you think also that as you feel about many things. I very much would want to meet you to learn you even better. I think that if I only could then already would be near to you now. But it only the dream which I hope once becomes a reality. You know that I live in Kazan. My full home address: Russia, Republic Tatarstan, the city of Kazan, Street of Gagarin 88, an apartment 11, the postal index 420039. Here we have airport, whether but I do not know there are here flights to England. I think that to me will be better to fly from Moscow. I think it more reliably. I shall be glad to stop at you and to remain with you. I know that I shall be in safety near to you, at least I so feel. I find you very serious the man. I think that our meeting will enable us to learn each other better and to become even more close to each other. I also know that except for tickets I should receive the visa that have the right to arrive to England and to remain for what that time there near to you. I think, that it will be very easy for me to receive the visa to arrive on a vacation to England. To me will give the short-term visa, and it is possible, that she to not be necessary for me at all. In fact I shall arrive there only for some days. I promise you, that tomorrow I shall necessarily go in agency and all I learn very in detail. You have very much interested me in the offer and I very much would like to lead with you the days off in London. It is confident, that it will be fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lovely, certainly I remember that you write down a disk which is devoted to me. It is very pleasant for me, because any man never gave me so much pleasures and happiness, you how many give me!!!! It seems to me, that the finest output will be, if you can result a disk with yourself to London and we shall listen together to music. I think, that this song will be fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And then I shall take a disk with myself and it will remind me of those fine days and nights which we have lead with you together. I think, that it is remarkable idea. I see that you very serious the man. You know that first of all I searched in the man that it was serious and reliable. I searched for serious attitudes for all life. I searched for kindness and understanding. I searched for the good interlocutor and the friend. I searched for love. I think that I have found all this when I have met you. I very seriously concern to you and to our attitudes. I find much in common here at us. I want stability and reliability in attitudes. I want to have unique the man near to me. I want to have his caress, care, love and his feelings. I want to be happy and to make happy this person. It so simply I want to be happy as well as each person in this world. I so want to nestle now on your strong shoulders and to feel your warm embraces. I want that you have placed your hands around of me and have kissed me gently. When I think of it then my head starts is turned, my heart is strongly beaten also excitement it seems such big that I am ready to blow up. I only want to be happy I want to build long and serious attitudes with you. I think that for all life. I am happy that I have met you. I wish you fine day!!!!
I very much miss on you!!!!!!!
I hope that soon we shall together!!!!!!!
With the best regards for ever your Svetlana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yours Milashka (this word designates lovely and beautiful). You like such my name?

Letter 2

My loved husband Kevin!!!!!!!!
I am very glad to your letter!!! I so like to receive your letters, it does my day fine and I feel happy. Many thanks for your new photos. This work of art and they have very much liked me. It seemed to me, that I actually feel your kisses on the cheek. It so is pleasant and is sweet!!!! I with huge impatience wait, that all this happened actually. Our hearts and our lives will be for ever incorporated. I now feel such big excitement and the responsibility. I know that it will be possible the most serious step in my life. I shall leave here my parents and friends. But in exchange I shall receive much more. I shall receive you near to me, your love and your feelings. I am very happy now and with impatience I wait for our meeting.
It is wonderful, that your passport also will be ready. Certainly, it is a pity, that we cannot note new year together, but I am glad, that we sometime shall be together. I agree that we shall meet you in the spring. You correctly remember that I will have vacation and I can meet you at this time. It so is healthy!!! Also we can meet you when we shall want. I think, that my colleagues can understand me and with pleasure will release on a meeting to you. I can fulfil him later those hours which they will replace me. I shall try to earn as much as possible money that we with you trip was unforgettable and I in all could help you financial.
It is very insulting, that this Hour at me is not present own means to pay the visa and the passport. I am very strongly grateful to you that you want to help me with it. I very much to you am grateful and very happy, because this your act characterizes you as very good and kind person for whom I can always expect!!!!!!!!! I am glad, that I can make the visa which will be valid within 6 months. It is confident, that for this time we can meet you. In your country I see all services much more cheaply. In our country all very strongly overestimate, because consider, that only very rich people abroad go. It is confident, that very much many my familiar will be surprised, when learn, that I have gone to have a rest to London. But I shall necessarily speak all of them, that it you could present me such happiness and such fairy tale!!!!!!
Dear today I went to one of banks of my city. I asked in bank as it is possible to transfer money from abroad. To me have advised to make it through Western Union. Such branch is in many banks of my city. Dear if there where do you live in banks there is branch Western Union then you can easily transfer me of money. My data will be necessary for this purpose for you:
These data will be necessary for you to transfer me of money. I went to bank which refers to "VNESHTORGBANK".
The full address of bank: Russia, Republic Tatarstan, the city of Kazan, street Yamasheva, the house 93, the postal index 420133, phone: 7173095.
To me have explained in bank that it will be necessary for me to receive your remittance. I should show my passport, I should specify your full name, your full home address, the sum of translation and control number from 10 numbers. Then I can receive your remittance. In bank to me have told that remittance will borrow about 15-20 minutes. Dear as to me have told it the easiest and fast way to transfer money from abroad. To me have told that it is very reliable system Western Union which many years all over the world work. I Hope that you can use it. Dear I am very grateful to you for your help. Once I hope that my parents also can thank you. I still want you to ask, that if you have an opportunity to transfer me of money within the next several days, I shall be very grateful to you for it. I want to start to receive my visa. I want to be confident that my visa will be ready to the that moment when we shall decide to meet you!!!!!!!!!! I love you!!!!!!!!! I very much miss on you!!!! The you can faster transfer me of money, the faster to me will start to make out my visa and all necessary documents and that more likely we shall be together.
You have surprised me with that at you very strong snow storm and the airport is closed. I hope, that such weather to be prolonged not so for a long time and all to be adjusted. At the expert also in the street it became cold and freezing. It is snowing!!!! We with my guys all study and study. The head already hurts in me from all those examinations which to me to have to check every day. But I am calmed always with an idea that is fast my life to change and we can be with you together!!!
I shall necessarily think of you on the night of new year, I shall give you the air kisses and to speak that I very strongly love you.
For me the most important to be near to you then I shall be happy. I very much miss, does not pass hour that I did not think of you though we so it is far. But it does my feelings to you only by stronger. I love you and I with impatience wait for our meeting!!!!! I wish you fine day!!!!!!
With the best regards for ever your wife Svetlana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Letter 3

Hi my dear Kevin!!!
I am very glad to your letter! It is always pleasant for me to read your fine letters. I liked your new photos. They very beautiful and me even it became a little sad, that I now not near to you in ours with you A room and it not I do your photos. To me began so sadly and melancholy because I very strongly love you and very strongly I want to be near to you.
It is a pity to me that I have not met you earlier. We could be already together long years and like each other. Unfortunately we have not met each other earlier. But soon we shall meet and we shall be together!!! We shall be together always. We shall walk on streets of your city or streets of London together holding hands each other. It will be very much great!!! I would like to wake up in our bed near to you and to allow to you my kisses in the morning!! I hope that our meeting will take place soon!!! I with impatience wait day of our meeting!!! Dear I hope that things will go right for us and we shall together soon!!! We have decided to meet you in London. Both of us want to be together, to make happy each other and to connect our lives. I very much want to arrive to you to be together with you for ever. You know I never hid from you my feelings. You very much like me. I feel that you which man I always searched for that. Therefore today I have engaged in studying of that how to receive to me the visa, as this most important now. That I managed to learn. I went to one of agencies of my city. I talked to the employee of agency about that as to me to receive the visa and as it is better to make all. The employee of agency has told that I should collect documents and information on me and my parents. I should attribute all necessary documents and information in agency. Also I should conclude the contract with agency and to pay work of agency and cost of the visa. The employee has told that the visa costs about 200 $, the embassy of England takes consular gathering about 30 $, also the agency takes about 50 $ for work on registration of the visa. Also it will be necessary for me to do the passport for travel abroad. It costs 150 $. The passport for travel abroad I shall make out about 3 weeks. In total I was necessary about 430 $. The employee has told that when I shall bring all necessary documents and as I shall pay the necessary sum then all my documents will be sent to Moscow. There in embassy of England will consider my documents. Approximately in 3 weeks all documents will be ready also I can easy go on a meeting with you. I am very strongly glad to this because my dreams can come true and we shall lead together a New Year's vacation and I should not give up the work. We can be in London some weeks, how many we shall wish, because the visa will be valid within 6 months. I very strongly was delighted to this, but at the same time and very strongly was upset, because I understand, that I can not meet and visit with you London. It so is a pity and so is insulting, that between us there is a financial question and money become a determinant of ours with you of happiness. I thought, that the visa will cost not more dearly 100 $/Unfortunately at me there are no material means to pay all charges connected with official registration of papers. I do not know where to me to take this money. I here can hope only for your help. You know I live not richly. To us with parents of that money that we earn suffices to pay only payments for an apartment and to buy necessary food stuffs. Therefore unfortunately I do not have kept own means. I hope that you as the man will take on myself charges of my arrival to you. Now you have all the necessary information to plan my arrival to you to London and to make of the decision. I hope that you feel well. I very much love you and I miss on you!!! It seems to me that I well know you and I know about you absolutely all. I certainly understand that it not so. I would be very glad if you have told to me that from your life about what I yet do not know that. I think that if we have decided be together we with you we can speak with each other about all things. In any case it will be interesting to me to read all that you will write. You can write to me that that you want to tell to me. I with impatience wait for our meeting!!! To me it is very lonely here without you. My parents and friends near to me, but it is not enough. For me the biggest happiness it to be near to you, to love you, to care of you. I did not know love about that day as I have met you. You have presented me your love, you have made so my heart began to beat. I do not know that I did if you were not in my life. The life here is very usual, to me is lonely also a life is similar only to existence. My life IT YOU!!!! I want to be with you and to divide with you my life!!!!! I want to make you happy. I hope that soon we shall together. I wish you fine day!!!!!
I with impatience shall wait your following letter!!!!
With love your Svetlana!!!!!!