Letter(s) from Juliet Thomas to Larry (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Larry,

How are you doing,good to read from you again and that is highly appreciated ,you giving time out of your very busy time to let the ball of our friendship to keep rolling.

Larry what a wonderful and pleasant answer you gave in response to my questions and i must confess that you sound so very realistic with your answers and infact this answer you gave to my question gave me a great insigth of who you are exactly for you to have thougth in that way.

Larry am very sorry if i have given you the impression that my work is very very very more important to me than any other thing,i want you to know that am not a career woman who doesn;t have time for herself or her family,i am a family orientiated lady who brings family issue first before any other thing and i want you to know that this conversation of ours means so much to me cos am seriously looking forward to where this would lead us to cos am very much begining to enjoy every thing am learning about you and this is giving me great excitments.

My Dear,about the hotels issue have gone thru the list of hotels from the site you gave me and from my point of viewing i realise that all the hotels shown are very wonderful and the only difference i see there is their prices difference and i can see that the blue bay is the cheapest ,so i would prefer we go for that.

Larry i don't seems to understand what you meant by me not being able to come,what exactly is the excuses given by your travel agent,i believ with my british passport i can come down to the states without any visa and also oan go to so many countries without visa ,anyway pls give me the name of your airport,i will get in touch with my own agent and ask more if any problem would come up in my coming to you cos i can't afford to miss this trip with you cos this would give us great chance to get to know more about eachother and also know if chemistry exist between us and this is the more reason why am working hard to round up all my left out program so i can have eniough time to spend with you

Larry if i may ask you






bye for now

hope to read from you soonest

Letter 2

Hey Larry,

So nice and interesting to read from you again.Good we are able to move on with our conversation which am looking forward to seeing where this leads us to .

Larry thanks for inviting me to come over with you on vacation ,that is nice and kind of you,well i want you to know that i have putten behind my past cos if one doesn't forget about his or her bad past,such person can not move on in life cos life is all about ups and down.

Larry,if you know my coming with you on the vacation won't bring any incoveience on yourside,then no problem.This would give us the chance to get to know eachother much more better and get to spend time together cos i believe spending time together would enable us get to know eachother better.

bye for now

hope to read from you soonest.

Letter 3

Hey Larry,

So nice and interesting to read from you again.Good we are able to move on with our conversation which am looking forward to seeing where this leads us to .

Larry thanks for inviting me to come over with you on vacation ,that is nice and kind of you,well i want you to know that i have putten behind my past cos if one doesn't forget about his or her bad past,such person can not move on in life cos life is all about ups and down.

Larry,if you know my coming with you on the vacation won't bring any incoveience on yourside,then no problem.This would give us the chance to get to know eachother much more better and get to spend time together cos i believe spending time together would enable us get to know eachother better.

bye for now

hope to read from you soonest.

Letter 4

Hello Larry,

How are you doing today,hope cool and great,sorry not to have gotten back to you untill now /I and the secretary of our orphanage home have been busy going here and there to get in touch with those guest we intend inviting to our forth coming fund rasing program for the renovation of our orphanage home.I was the one who intitated that idea cos i get to realise that the expenses for the renovation would be too much for us to bear alone and we just have to ensure the best is given to the kids most especially the handicap kids.

Larry thanks for your update on our trips and this project of the fund raising am working on at the moment is the last project i would be excuting before our trips ,so i have submiited my request for 6 months vacation and i was given condition to ensure this project is excuted if i truly want the 6 month vacation to be granted.

Know that all this am doing is for the benefit of you and i so we could have enough time to spend together.

How's work and everything over there.

My favourite color is blue

my favorute flower is rose

i don't smoke

i don't drink

what turns me off easily is people lieing and dishonesty from people

I love playing great roles in saving humanities on earth

i love kids so much

I hope all these answer your question

if i may ask you

if you were given the chance to change anything from your past,what would that be?

what is the greatest moment of your life your life you are looking forward to seeing someday

bye for now

hope to read from you soonest

Letter 5

Hey Larry,

I got your email address at last .So nice to read from you again.

I told you i lost all emails during when my computer crashed down.

Anyway let's keep on getting to know eachother better.

Descsribe yourself in five words for me .

bye for now

Letter 6

Hey Larry,

So Nice to read from you again after a short silence,I was worried wondering what could have been the cause why i haven't hear from you but thank Goid you wrote back at last.

Larry i read and understood all you wrote and what a very nice answer you gave to my question .

Larry you are rigth that you and i spending time together is the only way we could get to know eachother better cos i believe marriage is an institution and in tht institution marriage belongs,nobody is a graduate,meaning nobody is perfect and for that principle to be manifested,both couples have to spend time together so as to learn how to tolerate eachother's character very well cos we are all born with different character and spending time together would enable get to know if chemistry exist between both and have made up my mind to go anywhere on earth for my search for true love cos that was why i joined the site so i could expand my search for true love. .

about mine in five words

#1 Honest- No body can truly be honest with anyone before him or herself, I am honest with myself and all others in my life, and it is something I must have in return, once the lies begin they never end.
#2 Loyal- Even in the most casual of relationships I am loyal to a fault. i always know that if ever there is someone they can count on for emotional support it is generally me, and I never turn my back on someone I love or care about.
#3 Romantic -I am truly a romantic at heart allthough in this day and age, it seems that romance has become something plastic. I am a very devoted lady to anybody that I love, and it has been a long time since I have been able to be truly romantic in the ways that I desire cos i believe sex is very vital in relationship cos it can never build a relationship rather it makes it stronger.
#4 Intelligent- i have lived a life that has been able to teach me many things! Many people call me a diamond in the rough, that given the right person and place there are no limits to what I can achieve. With the right partner, far above the sky is the limit!!!!
#5 Sensitive- I truly am very sensitive to all those around me, I can feel joy and sadness in everyone I come into contact with. If ever I can help someone who is feeling blue, or share a moment of true joy with someone then I am there and I give of myself completely. I have been hurt many times in life, and I truly despise seeing pain in other people.



bye for now

Letter 7

How're you doing ?hope cool.Great to read your e mails again.Your prompt replies makes the spirit of friendship dwells in me for real.

Good to read about your greatest achievement so far in life and i pray may your achievements in life contiune to grow .

About mine,firstly, I suppose my academic achievements aren't bad, got a decent job .

Secondly i'll say it's great achievement being 29 years of age and i thank GOD for keeping me alive in good health up till this very moment cos many are not opportuned to get to this age of mine before they gave up the ghost but here i am today still alive with good things of life,good job,i get whatever i wanted anytime anyday. i think this a great achievment on it's own .

Moreso i see one of my greatest acheivement on earth to be the number of people have been opportuned in my life to bring happiness into there life cos i love to see happiness and laugther on people's face .I think this's all i can refer to my greatest achievement in life so far and i pray there should'nt be a limit to be my achievements in life

About my dreams, One of my greatest dream that has'nt come to reality is getting the rigth man cos it is the wish of every woman that loves peace, joy and happiness to get married to the rigth man and not the wrong person cos it takes two to tango, someone that will forever love me,that will be close to me like my parent,and that will appreciate me being his wife. Furthermore one of my dreams in life is to make far above the sky to be my limit.To always be in a postion to bring an end to any existing or forthcomming wars and also be in a position to always bring happiness into people's life.


bye for now
hope to read from you again.

Letter 8

Good to get in touch with you again after we lost contact .As i told you earlier my computer got crashed so i lost many infos of mine .

Larry i would still very much get to know you as am really enjoying getting to know you and i would like to know where this friendship of ours leads to cos at times love that begins as friendship is the sweetest.

Write me back to let me know you get my email .

Juliet from myforeignbride

Letter 9

hello ,
i was very deligthed when i read your mails and correctly you get the email ads and it is very nice to hear from you .So, i will like to introduce myself. my name is juliet , originally from poland .My father and mum are both late.We are two, i and my elder brother who's now in control of my father's company in poland.I left my fathers land years ago to run away from my past.
I live in paddington,london .I am single and haven't marry once. My hobbies are reading,watching movies, listening to soft musics, long driving, swiming and travelling.I hate delay, that is slugglishness and procrastinating, I hate lies. I love some one who is trustworthy .I love nature and sometimes I wish I owened a house in the country not far from a city.You wake up to fresh mountain air,gaze the green senery,see green veges growing in your little garden and so much more.
i wish we both have a wonderful and pleasant journey of friendship that has no end.
i will like to hear from you ,get to know you better, your hobbies and what you do for living, i will like to see any of your pics in your next mails one of my pics is on my profile.
I want you to know that am here for something very serious and not any head games cos life is very short to be wasted,so pls always be honest and transparent with me
hope to read from you soonest
bye for now

Letter 10

Hey Larry,

So nice to read your response so promptly and that is very appreciated .

I read and understood your response you gave to my question about how life has been treating you without bthe rigth woman and i must confess to you that life has been treating you quite fair and unfair ,anyway i believe that is one of those things that makes life more complex and unpredictable.

About mine,life has been a total place of hell for me without the rigth man cos it's great thing to have someone one could confide in,someone that will give in return true love,someone that will be there to share with one the ups and downs of ones life cos it takes two to tango in life and moreso it's a great thing to love and be loved.
Infact i must confess life without the rigth man in my life has been like a car without wheels ,how do you think it would get to it's destination in life ,it can't cos i so much believe one having the whole wide world at ones feet without having the rigth person as a partner in ones life is nothing to me cos true love is more precious and priceless than anything other material thing on earth.
However,i have the strong believe that i shall surely find the rigth in my life oneday cos am born to make it in life and surely i shall win.


bye for now

hope to read from you soonest again

Letter 11

hello ,
Glad to read your mail again. i really appreciate that alot.
i felt touched when i read your mail about your past love life,well i believe that is one of those things in life cos life is all about up and down.

If you could recollect i once told you i left my father's land cos i wanted to run away from my past,my past i meant was mainly my past and last relationship which was nothing to write home about, it all happened that i and my ex boyfriend were both in love for years and that was in poland.
We met shorthly i got admission to the university
It was during our relationship my parent died in an auto accident which my elder brother took over the company with the aim of me joining him in control of the company after my graduation from the universtiy cos i was already in 3 hundred level remaining a year to graduate.

During our courthship i never had any negative things in mind towards our relationship cos am a kind of person that do things openminded with whoever am dealing with to the extent that i had turned down many men's offer who wanted my hand in marriage cos of my so called boyfriend.
There was a day i went to his house without informing him and i did so cos of the negative attitude had been noticing in him, getting to his house, his door was locked, i entered with a spare key of his which is always with me,getting to his room i met him on bed with another girl.After all that, i forgave him when he came to apologies cos am kind of person that easily forgive and forget things cos i believe relationship is all about for better and for worse,later after some months he did some thing which brooke the back of our relationship.

He travelled to germany with all the money in our joint account which i had the largest contribution , and you would'nt believe it was all the allowances my brother did remitte to my account monthly out of the total profit of our father company i did transfered to our joint account which my ex b f travelled with all my share money in the joint account, not that the money was painful to me but the must painful thing was that i so much trusted and loved him that i never believe he could do such a thing cos of money and how i wish he knew how much i loved him but he took all he did to me to be the priority.

Shorthly after he did that i was in need of some money for my final project in school which my brother had already paid all the money i would be needing for my project into my account in advance which i later transfered them all to the joint account b4 my ex travelled to germany,so i could'nt go back to him cos he would be wondering what happened to all the money in my account,later he got to know all that was hiding to him how my ex b f betrayed and duped me.
He felt embittered and said all sort of words to me that ,was that how i would be managing our father's company by the time i join him,spend money lavishly cos up till now he never believe my ex b f duped me cos he knew i could never decensed so low to that extent of putting all money in a joint account with my ex,but then i was badly in love that i did everything to make i and my ex b f became one but to no avail i was paid with eveil.

Later after 4month of being lonely without giving any man the chance to come into my life.i came across an australian man called Mr Williams on internet,we began friendship
which after some time we both fell in love thenwe decided to lessen the distance between us cos i believe relationship needs closeness for it to grow more wider.

I made up my mind on that so i decided to travel to australia,the whole travel expense then was 2,305$ which i took responsibilites of the whole thing myself cos i so much believe in committment which i did that to show great sign of committment to our relationship.He was the one who came to pick me at the airport.he took me to so many places and showed me many places.It was all fun.
On the third day he went to his office to sumbit some docunment which he said he would be back in two hours time and then have had it in mind that i will make him feel like a real man when he returns cos we haven't made love together,after he left out some minutes later a someone knocked at the door ,i went to open to open the door to find out it was a woman at the door.
I asked who she was asking after,she replied that she ougth to be the one asking me such question,she further explained that she is Mrs Willams,she said she was meant to be out of town on official assigmnet which after 5 months her official assigment was postponed so she had to come back home to her husband and the little boy is their son meanwhile the asshole
Mr williams lied to me he was a divorcee,could you imagine.I never altered any words ,what i did next was went inside striagth away to pack my belongining and fly back to poland on the nearest fligth.
After three days he wrote me pleading to me that he never meant to hurt me the way he did,that he never knew his wife would be back so soon.

Furthermore you wouldn't believe that after all that i went thru i never gave any man chance for good 9 months, i never gave chance to be loved and love for good nine months cos my heart was badly wounded,it was later i decided to came down to the UK,to take control of our father's orphanage home in wales and i thank GOD life has been going smoothly for me and my past has been wiping away from my memory gradaully.This just my second year in the uk and i thank GOD have been coping with the life style here,despite i don't have any intimate friends here.

If i may ask you,what is your greatest achievements and dreams in life
bye for now
hope to read from you later

Letter 12

hello larry,

Sorry i was out of town for some day .I got all your emails and i laughed when i read your emails asking why i didn't write you and meanwhile i do come online to MFB,well what happened was that i registered the site as an suto login to my computer and once my computer is on ,it would should an automatic login to the site that have logged in and during the time i was out of town ,my cousins were around and they were the one using my computer and once they on my computer to use ,the auto login would activate itself to the site.Anyway have not been on the site myself .I would deactive the auto login now .

I just arrived last nigth and i was so tired that i could write you.

Larry i had to round up all my duties on time so i could have much time to spend with you .

Now am free and i have 4 months free time so you can see enoufgh time for us together.

So tell me what your plans are and give me the name of your airport and city so i go make enquires on fligth details and if you want to do the booking from your ends let me know so i send you my british photopage passport cos i know you would need my details

Hope to read from you soonest