Scam letter(s) from Olga Malyutina to Mats (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hello dear MR.
I am glad to read your letter. I am happy to read it. Today at me the day off and in the evening I have reached a computer to write to you.
It was very interesting to learn that you heard that group which I to you spoke. I also heard this song she it is pleasant to me.
In any country there are minuses and pluss. I know about other countries a little. But I think that Russia not the most bad country. In it it is possible to live.
Though and it is difficult. It is necessary to work much to live adequately. Though I think that everywhere is necessary to work much. I am glad that you have solved the problem with sports. We with you spoke earlier about that a little to call. I have your number. It is a pity that now I do not have phone on which it is possible to call.
Having read it I thought much. We communicate also I much do not want that it was useless. I think that we have reached already some contact.
Now we should develop it. I have one problem which me excites. I should pay for the Internet now 92 $. To speak with you it is necessary still
From 20 up to 50 $. To call to you it is really expensive. I understand that it is the necessary step for development of relations. But I have no many money all time to do it.
I hope you you understand that I do not want to leave in debts. Whether I want will ask you are ready to care of me and to help me. If yes then we can pass to the following step.
It is necessary to me now about 130 $. To do it. You can care of me? You will help me to bring in this money and at me there were no problems?
Probably I hurry also we know a little each other. I want to be fair that you knew that now occurs actually.
If you want to create with me relations you will want to help me and we shall develop our relations. I want that you have thought of it. I shall wait your answer. That you think of it. With love yours Olga
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