Scam letter(s) from Lisa Marson to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
hello honey
hope you are diong great just i am also faring honey,i have read the mail and i really understand you so much. dear this is the birth cert and and i promise to send you the passport copy so you can feel free in i said like i wanted to finish with the visa before i send that to you but as you have said i will send it to you when i scan it so please be expecting that from me and i also want us to move forward as you said. so honey i am online earl and it seems you are not email me when you recive this mail.have a nice time and take every good care of your self. Dinag
Letter 2
Honey how are you doing and hope all is well with you? Well this is the pictures dear it unfortunate that some of the pictures were not clear and this is what i got when they got the film developed. Well it because I was not use to the camera but any way this is also much and I hope you will be very happy to see it. With some I was in pool and other wearing a morning jacket and other with my brother as well that is a picture was took before you send the camera. The one with my mum was not in but I guess it also got spoiled and also the one at my working place was also not among. Honey let me know when you received this picture. And please when you are crossing the road you should be careful because I know you will go to the bank with happiness...LoL
Well I will be living and cant wait to chat with you today. Honey sorry I was not able to call you yesterday but I was because I did not get chance when helping mum in the house but I promise to call today ok. I cant wait to hear your voice too. Bye for now I love you and will forever be yours. Sweet dream and good morning..
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