Scam letter(s) from Galina to Pascal (USA)

Letter 1
Greetings my sweet Pascal!!! I have gone to the Internet of cafe to check up my letter box. I have been admired, when have received the letter from you. I always wait Your letters. Thanks for your attention to me. I am always pleased To receive your letters. I think, that we know each other much better! Sometimes it seems to me, that we are familiar with you Already during long time. I am very pleased, that our development of attitudes goes well! I think, you estimate it also. I think, each person wants to love And to be favourite. But even as "Love", some people understand such concept on another. For one person love - when " lose a head ", it falls outside the limits Emotions and feelings. For other person it - feeling which for him is necessary. And this feeling heats soul. Who - that Speaks that in general it is impossible to explain it, it is possible to feel only. It is very interesting to me how you understand a word "love"? You trust in love from " the first sight "? As to me, it is very difficult for me to explain this feeling. I think, Love - feeling when you feel, that your fine person - yours Second half when you you wish unique good things for this person and When you estimate each moment {every instant} time with which you spend together with him. I do not agree with people which think of the favourite person As their property. The love cannot be shown as feeling Properties. I know, you think also. Each person chooses, that He wants to make, and even the fine person cannot define, that Should make. I think so. I think that loving people should speak each other only strong and warm words. When you speak it words, it is necessary for All value of this word, or otherwise a phrase " I love you ". I am always pleased, when I see an old married pair which see in everyone Each other. They hold each other softly for a hand and their eyes burn from love. I think, that one of The reason of it will be, that they always respected each other as People and always estimated words which they speak the friend for the friend. What do you think of it? I shall be very pleased to know your ideas about it. You can agree with me? I am very glad that we can to discuss with you such interesting theme. Today I went to travel agency and all have precisely learned that is necessary for me for trip to you! For this purpose I need the visa, the passport, the air ticket, the ticket on a train from my city up to Moscow, both the medical insurance. The visa and the passport costs about 378 euros. has chosen almost the cheapest air ticket, he costs 473 euros. the ticket on a train from Kirov up to Moscow there is 98 euros. and at last a medical insurance 60 euros. as I already spoke, for me it is huge money and I cannot pay for it. Understand? Now all depends only on you. All in your hands! Now I wait for your answer and your actions concerning it. What you to me tell? You can give me 1009 euros for my trip? I think that you present the man and will do the utmost. And what I want to tell concerning your trip to Russia? Yes, it would be fine if profit in my country. But I think that it not the best variant. Because here in Russia do not love people which come from other countries. They beat them and select all things. I very much worry for you and I do not want that with you have made badly. Understand? And concerning your children? I am sure that I shall like them and I think that they will accept me as native mother! I very strongly love children and to them I shall be engaged and talk on interesting themes which will be interesting to them! I assure you. And the more so my mum speaks that I need to look all over again as you live, I as think as well as she. You absolutely can not experience for if I shall come at once in your country. I really do not want that to you it was bad in Russia. I want to arrive to your country and love is pleasant to your children and you my Pascal!!! On these lines I finish the reflection! And I hope that it very strongly was pleasant to you! Write to me please as soon as possible because I really feel without your letters alone...

Up to fast, your sweet Galina!
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