Letter(s) from Inna Ester to Alan (USA)

Letter 1

Hi there=)!
I'm interested in you.I am very serious inmy intentions to find a man whom I have been waiting for all this time. May be this man is you? ;0)
Please,write me back to the address: innaester@mail.ru

Letter 2

Hello dear friend

To begin with I want to thank you for your letter! To tell you the truth it was a kind of surprise for me, but a pleasant one ;0) I was very exited to find out that you decided to write me and I now I am so inspired that I can hardly start my letter as you must have already noticed ;-P
So, to my mind it is the right time to begin our getting acquainted closer… So, speaking about me, my name is Inna. I am 26 years old, I was born in small town Balakleya in Kharkov region on the 1st of September =))) 1978,so now your task is to define my sign =)))) Do you believe in horoscopes? I do, but frankly speaking I don’t really trust the word “horoscope”, I don’t know why but it associates only with horrors in my thoughts ;-), OK, nevermind… I was born not in a rich family, but I think I can set my family as an example, as my parents have been living together for thirty-two years and I think that it is rather rear for modern times, right?
From the early childhood I, together with my older brother Igor were brought up on the idea that family is the main thing in the world, that a wife should make the family life cozy and comfortable, should rise up children and take care of her beloved husband… And now I wish I could build the family just like my parents have. But you may wonder why I decided to find my destiny in Internet? Well, may be I am not the person who is looking for her couple next door. I believe that love has no borders and it does not really matter where are you from, but what does matter is that you have to find your soul mate the real friend. As to my mind friendship can exist without love, but no love can exist without friendship, do you agree with me? Also I think that our men that don’t value what they have and like every Lady I want to find a man who is going to treat me like a queen and little girl at the same time =)
Speaking about my work, I work in the cosmetics store. I’ve graduated from college and my specialty is sales. I really enjoy my work as being rather communicative person it gives me an opportunity to talk to a great amount of people and just like every Lady I’ve always been interested in cosmetics. I like feeling in need when I help to choose the right perfume or something like that =) And what about you? I want to learn about you as much as possible, as I am very interested in you and in our future relations as I am very serious in my intentions, hope just like you =)

Looking forward to hear from you I wish you to have a successful day and a good mood,

Sending you my kiss,

With kindest regards,

Letter 3

Hello my dear Alan.

I was very happy to hear from you again and I am very glad that you are intested in me and I do hope that we will have a good relations and we will get to know each other better. I see that we do have a lot in common and this makes me very happy and enthusiastic about us. But no one can know thier destiny and we can only guess, I hope that we will build our relations and if we are the right ones for each other we will not loose us meeting and possibility for good future, right? I am very glad to read more about you and to know you and your life better. I am really interested in you and I hope to know you first in letters and then one day in persons and maybe we are meant to be together so let become close and if we are honest and open with each other we can make our relations sincere and long lasting one! I like to read and mostly I enjoy myself reading love stories about past and great love people had at that time. When men were real gentlemans and they were ready to prove thier love to their ladies and could wait for their Lady for a long time...
I am not going to treat my man in this way and to make him waiting for me for years but I would like to be sure that it is not a play and that his interest is real and serious. Maybe story of my parents will tell you that I am romantic and this is true but also I will be happy to make some romantic evenings for my beloved one. How do you see a romantic evening for you?
I do think that communication with a such great man as you are it is real plreasure and I appreciate this a lot. I do like to communicate and I dream about studying English it is a pity that I was not paying too much attention to my studies in school but in any case it was not very good level to study and so I know very few about it. I am really sorry that my knowledges of english are not perfect but I hope it will not be a big problem for you and a reason to leave me, right? I am going to assosiation of interpreters where I got access to computer and help of translation.
I would like to explain you some things about me and my life to let you understand who I am and why I am searching for my happiness this way. But aslo you can help me with your questions and to know what you are interested to know first.
I am very anxious to hear from you soon again.

Sincerely yours,

Letter 4

Hello dear Alan!!!!

Thank you for your wonderful letter!
It is a great pleasure for me to hear from you again and I hope that it is only beginning of our story and I firmly believe that we are like real authors can write this story as we want it to be. Do you agree with me?
I see my future together with a real man and I am not searching for a special place of living because in reality it doesn't matter where to live but it matters with whom to live. I think that it is better to say that if you can live with a person and can accept all his advantages and disadvantage it is a basis to live normally with understanding and love than to say that I am searching for a man without I wouldn't be able to live. It seems to me that second case is a great passion and maybe some people are interested in this but I can say that passion comes and goes fast and it is not possible to build a strong family on it. BUT family based on human attitude and care, trust and love is a really strong one and this case can last forever. What do you think about my ideas? Do you think i am right or you have different point of view?
I would really happy to know your thoughts about it and to speak about this subject.
I like to speak and to listen others and to see whose idea is more alive in life and how to make this life pleasant and full of joy because something not pleasant can come by itself and we have not very long life to waste it being in a bad mood or only thinking about different situations we have to be ready to all of them and to try to make our life better and brighter for others so our own life will be also better and bright!
Oh, dear I wish I discuss all things in english with you but I can't do it myself and that's why i am using the help of interpreter to write you and to get your letters, really I think that it is not a big problem for us if we find each other not speaking common languages becuase being different can make our life more interesting and funny! Moreover I can't say that I don't know the language at all, I am working on it, I am doing my best to learn it as I understand how much I need it. I believe in my success as I have a very strong desire for it. i am sure that the language is possible to learn and as I consider man and woman like equals it doesn't matter who will learn first other language, right?
Well, I see that this letter is going to be too long and I am closing this with a hope to hear from you soon with great impatience.

Have a nice day,

Kissing you,
Yours Inna

Letter 5

Hello my dear one, my sunshine and my happiness!

As always I was very glad to get your letter!You always give me such a strength, such an exitement with every your letter, that it is hard do describe my feelings... I think I can compare them only with winning the jack-pot... You must be my jack-pot =)
OK, and if to tell you the truth and to think over it seriously I think I can compare them to swinging...
As it brings so extitement happiness and joy!
Have I ever told you how much I like swinging? =) You may think that I am still a little girl, may be, I am not going to argue with you... Like every little girl I have always dreamt to live in a fairy tale and to find a prince for herself... The girl grew up... and found her prince... I found you... You appeared in my life so suddenly, so out-of-order... and my life turned into a fairy tale... I have been feeling the happiest person the world over and no one has ever made me feel like that... I have never imagined how pleasant it can be when you feel warmth deep inside your sould, when you wake up in the morning and smile to the sun, realizing that this sun is also shining to you, my dear...

I believe in fate and my intuition suggests to me that you are my destiny, my man, whom I have been waiting for so long...

You know, once when I was a little girl I had a kitten... It was a nice, fluffy grey, friendy kitten presented me by by Granny and one day. He was my everything. He was my small world, as everything in my life turned round him... I loved him with all my heart, I took care of him... You know, it is very important for a little girl to learn to take care of someone... He ment so much to me and I couldn't imagine my life without him... I felt like when I loose him, I will loose everyhting, the reason to live... I needed him like the air to breathe... And one day I woke up after the midday dream, like an every child and I was told the terrible news... My kitten was lost... My world crashed down that day that minute... I have been crying for several days, my parents made an announcements trying to find my Haze, but there were no result... I walked down the streets, whispering his name, hoping that he will hear me... I even tryed to convince myself that it was just a bad dream and when I wake up, when I open my eyes, my fluffy miracle will jump up to my hands, as he always did, but he never came back...
Such an awful word... never.. I felt unlimited pain and despair, because I've realized terrible meaning of this fatal word- never...
Till that time I never ever had a chance to say sorry for the offends... I never saw the happiness in belowed eyes of my pet when I came bck home, I never hear the lovely mewing before feeding... And there is no chance to remedy something- NEVER... The only thing that I had were grief and memories, that make my heart suffer... I never had a pet ufter that, as I was afraid to loose... And I am sure that people are not right who tell that timetreats and rub off all the love and the soul in order to feel better will find another one... It is silly! It is not true! It is only a convinced thoughts! Can you imagine how awful it is when you don't have a belowed one in your life? And you will never be happy with another one and you realise it quite well, as you need anothe heart in order to love another one...

You may be surprised with everything I wrote, but it's just now I feel that I am loosing you and I am so afraid that it is possible that I have to come through all that once again... I never ment to hurt you and I am sorry if I offended you, but never the less I tryed to explaine you with this story that you mean so much to me and that I need you so much in my life, as you make my life brighter, every day when I get your letter is a holiday for me... I feel for you and I don't want to let you go, but there is one thing that make me think about it...

As you know, my English is not very good to communicate with you by my own, so I had to use the servises of translate assosiation "Admin-Translate". I don't want you to think that I am a lazy bone, of course not as I have been learning English by my own. Sure the results right now are not the best, but I am sure that I will reach my goal as I have a strong reason for it and this reason is you... So, all this time I have been using the servises of translator and every letter costed me $5... I am sorry but it is too much for me, I can't pay for our correspondence anymore... You may think that I am one of those who search for money... I am sorry that our women have such a reputation and I am sorry that due to them our women do not have a chance to find their destiny even if they are serious in their intentions... You may advice me to use the Internet cafe, I already thought about it, it will just be the same price for me as I am as bad in typing as my English is and it takes much time of Internet using and costs nearly the same price... I am so sorry to realize that it is the time to stop...as I thought it was just the beginning...

I don't want to say good bye to you, but if you decide that the best variant for us is to stop right now, I am not going to judge you, but I still; hope tha it is just the beginning, but not the end...

Anyway, if you are still interested in me, you'd better contact Admin_Translate@mail.ru to get the detailed information of payment for their servises...

I will be thinking of you and I hope to hear form you...

Sending you my sweetest kiss,

With all I feel for you,