Scam letter(s) from Sharon James to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
Dearest Micheal,
I thank u for this mail.I am so much glad and excited.I know i will be comming to u soon.I will print out the first page and take it to the Airport.I know it will surely work cos u can never decieve me..............I love and miss u so much.
Ur Darling,
Sharon Murray
Letter 2
Dearest Micheal,
Hope u know money Gram .If u dont know u can ask a neigbhour.I wont want u to use the UPS,Fedex and DHL,I just want the transfer to be either western union or money Gram cos they are secured,fast and easy......And if its sent in US Dollars it can be converted here in nigeria.So i want u to use the money gram to transfer the money okay .so that i will be able to do my vaccination okay ....................bye for now and i miss u so much.
Love u,
Sharon Murray
Letter 3
Dearest Micheal,
So u finaly sent the money via western union and how did this work?..U know my vaccination is $350 and u told me u were also sending me travelling money.Sweetheart,U said u sent the money but u didnt give me what i can use to identify........Like ur address,Full Name ,Ur Zipcode City and The money tansfer control number(MTCN) thats whay i meant.U only gave me the question and answer.I know u will be able to explain this later for me in ur next mail cos i know u will be busy by now ......Sweety,I know u just tried this maybe it will work out and when he gets the money for me then i can tell u it worked out and u can send the remaining .I love u and cant wait to be with u soon.extend my greetings to ur grand children and children and hope to hear from u soon .Bye for now..........MY LOVE FOR U IS GREAT AND UNDYING.
Ur Love,
Sharon Murray
Letter 4

honey this is the bank address and will be online this night to chat with you.have anice time and take very good care of your self.try and send the money so that i can get things done as soon posible.bye for now

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