Scam letter(s) from Victoria Laveshka to Charles (UK)

Letter 1

Dear Sir. allow us to inform you that Vika used our firm as the access to the Internet and our translator. Unfortunately, she can't reply to your letter because her account is over. If you're interested in the girl, we can send you information about our service and payment. We hope for our future cooperation. Sincerely Yours
Principal "Consensus"
Raisa Shevchenko
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Name: Tatyana Kusankova
Age: 26
Name: Valeria Smolina
Age: 29
Name: Joy Joni
Age: 29
Name: Tatyana Egoshina
Age: 29
Name: Janet Esther
Age: 24
Name: Ludmila Konstantinova
Age: 28
Name: Margaret Oforiwaa
Age: 33
Name: Justina Badio
Age: 32
Name: Elena Hueanu
Age: 35
Name: Irina Tkachenko
Age: 28
Name: Claire
Age: 34
Name: Oksana
Age: 24
Name: Sabrina Jean
Age: 45
Name: Julia
Age: 30
Name: Grace Owusua
Age: 31