Scam letter(s) from Juliana to Robert (USA)

Letter 1
Hi, Nice to meet you on LoveAccess. My name is Yuliana, and I am here for you. I like you very much, and who knows, may be you are that only man, whom I am looking for so long. Let's meet first and then we'll see what can we do together, and if we really are two parts of one soul. I believe in a fairy tales, and I want to make my life like a fairy tale, but you know, in all of them there is prince and princess, king and queen, and I am alone. I don't think that any fairy tale can have a happy end if there only one hero... So, I need my king to be with me. And you know, may be we'll have not easy way till we'll be the happiest couple in the world, but I am ready for everything... I want to build my Kingdom, my happy family. And I am ready to fight for you, if you are really my soulmate, my king... :) So, let's know each other better... I want to know you more. Tell me please, who are you, angel or devil? Do you want me to be a nice little cat or may be you will like me more as a panther :) Ask me any question you are interested in, I'll be happy to answer them all. Let's start our long way to our happy future :)Let's create our own fairy tale, and then let's make it real:)
Write me please, I am waiting... Your sweet Yuliana
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