Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Sibagatullina to FranAois (France)

Letter 1
Hi, Francois!
I didnt think, that you will answer so quickly. How are you?
I am perfect, but I have a lot of jobs, therefore I could not answer to you earlier, but usually I try find free time to look, that continues my email.
It's perfect, you have found, that free time has answered.
Large, that you are open for our communication. Well... My names Kate.
Me 28 years.
I live in Fargo, US. I work in educational area.
I work at the children's centre Fargo.
Francois if it will be interesting to you to learn more about my job.
That I'll write you about my work in my following letters. OK
What about you? What area by yours job? What your hobbies?
Also I want inform you Francois that I'm in USA almost 1 year. If that is exacter 11 months.
In USA I have arrived under the exchange program of education.
I work with children. In USA I have arrived from Europe.
I worked 5 years in England. City of London. In educational area also.
Me very much like my job. I like children.
I wait for answer.
Kate. P.S. I transfer you pic.
Letter 2
Hello Francois!
I to not receive the answer from you and to the free time have decided to write about myself.
If to you not pleasantly my dialogue, you can write to me. I shall understand all.
Tu peux ecrire en francais. Je peux parler et comprendre la langue francaise, mais il est tres mauvais d'ecrire. Si tu ne pas comprendre, que je t'ecrire tu tu peux utiliser le programme informatique, pour la traduction de mes lettres.
I want to write to you not much about the biography. I hope to you it will be interesting.
My mother and father live in Russia. Im one in family, havent brothers or sisters.
I was born in Russia. It's city Nizhni Novgorod. In 2000 years in Russia, I have finished
The Nizhni Novgorod State University. Faculty Children's Psychology and Pedagogics.
After ending university me have offered training in Europe, England. I then have agreed to work in England. It there was an every prospect see the world for me. Also to change my life. Now I'm very happy.
After job in England Im very well have studied English language. Then I have decided that should work in the English countries. It's wide experience for me. Also it's very interesting. After ending training in London.
Me have offered job in USA. I have accepted it. Now I live in Fargo City.
Hmmm, that is concerning me, allow me to think …, I like arts, which I used visiting Some exhibitions...
Music always will force me to feel good, and the reading weakens.
As to sports competitions I had usage to visit gymnastics, when I have free time.
I want to find my love and stability in my personal life. Francois if you feel what is it probably for us.
Then let's start our correspondence. I want know what you search in the relations and woman?
Please write me more information about you directly. That I could learn what type you the man.
I'm sure that we'll to have good email. OK. I expect your answer. Have a good day.
Your new friend from us, Kate.
Letter 3
Hello Francois.
It was good receive the letter from you. And I hope, that my answer will find you in good spirit. Thanks for division of your information with me so easy.
As Im open also. It was wonderful know more about you.
" The lord of rings " I looked only cinema: (
I to not have MSN on the working computer. I have not enough of free time to communicate on MSN.
If I had opportunity it would be very perfect.
Whether I shall live in Europe or in the USA. In Russia I to live unequivocally not I shall.
Russia is not pleasant to me. It is my native land, but I to not want to live there. It can bad?
I check my email at my job. As a house I have no computer.
Usually during day I have an opportunity to use the computer. How at you Francois?
Also in the future I hope that we an exchange of telephone numbers each other. To hear a vote of each of us.
But at first we should find out each other little bit more. As I consider that telephone conversation it there will be more serious contact to the man. Therefore I should find out you more better. Before give you my telephone number.
If I'll be convinced that at you good intentions. And you will answer my questions. Then I'll give you my telephone.
I hope what is it not bad for you. OK... You should understand me. As it only question of small time.
I very much like new acquaintances. The people in America are very much open and have distinction from the people in Europe.
American people are very affable. I am very glad. I really enjoy time of residing in America. I work in a very friendly atmosphere.
And my colleagues on job very good people. I work with children as the orphans. They were thrown by the parents.
Age of children which are in ours children's center from 3 till 6 years.
I very much like my job as I like to help the people. Especially to children, becose they deserve only best.
Children which have no the own parents have the large difficulties in this age.
Its very pleasant that I have my parents. Both of them are alive and are healthy. I one in family.
I have no neither brothers or sisters. Therefore I the most liked child in family. Our relations with my parents were always based on support and good advice.
I very much miss on my parents as didnt see them almost 1 year. I had with my parents also telephone negotiation. And I know that at them very well.
I am grateful to my parents. I had very happy childhood. And consequently I give heat care and love to these small children.
Its very interesting to me find out about your job. Francois you like it? Whether is your job the main thing for you Francois? Its pleasant that you are interested in me.
As to private life... I cant speak, its what is it ideal. Well you know... In such large City, I feel really lonely sometimes...,
I like my Job, and it gives me an opportunity to feel necessary to whom or.
I have some questions for you. I hope that you will not mind. Francois how long there were your last relations?
If you feel not conveniently, you can not answer. OK
Its very interesting know, how you have begin to search for your partner on Internet?
Whether there was at you an experience on dating in Internet? OK
I think that enough questions on today. I'll be pleased to see your letter again.
I was glad to tell you a little about myself. I hope that you can understand my letter well.
Its good to spend time.
Take care Kate.
Letter 4

Hi Francois!
I did not write to you as at me was a lot of work. I very much like of children and with them was very interesting to me, but for this purpose a lot of time is necessary.
I was glad receive your letter. Mad morning in city
Is like always. 40 minutes in a fuse. Received your letter, and it has forced me to smile.
I slept well, I feel a lot of energy. Now children sleep they are tired.
Becose we played much today and were very active.
I have free time to answer your letter. Francois how you feel yourselves? What your news now?
You know I is very glad that we has such nice conversation. I am very glad to receive the answers to my questions. Also I am glad to find out more about you. I thank you for the answers.
I can I shall speak by with you to phone in French.
I want to continue the story a little about myself. I hope to you it will be interesting to find out it.
My job provides me with habitation. It is 1 room in Metropolitan area. This small place, but is very cosy here.
I live one in a room. As for a two here there is not enough of place. I try that my habitation was cosy.
To me to like to decorate or to change an interior of a room. Francois what concerning your habitation?
How often you change decorating an apartment? Whether you like it to do?
I already informed you that I work in America 11 months. The holiday 1 month will be speed at me.
If our correspondence will proceed. And you will have kind interest me.
Im sincerely hope that we could carry out some time of my holiday together.
What you think concerning it? It is very important for me. Please
remember Im not seek the partner for 1 night in bed. I dont have necessity for it.
I search only for sincere friend. I hope that you can become my good friend. Probably its more...
I sincerely hope that you have good day. Also that you have a minute to read my letter.
I have continued story a little about myself. I hope also that you inform by the facts of your life. OK.
Write me, when you have chance. Its - real pleasure for me to communicate by such easy way.
Thanks. Kate
Letter 5
HEY Francois, wow thanks for writing back I think your a great guy also.
How are you? Whats your news today?
Do you have any special plans? I have chance write you and inform you more about me.
Francois you know, that the charge of day among children can be an entertainment and very interesting. I observe children, with which I work, and I see, how they are open and are pleased to a miracle and the life gives to each good thing by him. I am struck thought they so precisely see border between bad and good. Even they have no any parents, and their life are various for them always so Happy, when something a good case to them. They seem, forget rather All is bad. I see, that their eyes - shinning, and all is bad forgotten. They only DO NOT TRY, they really escape from the tragedies and they never want to remember concerning it. You know, It seems it receiving grown-up we forget, that happiness can simply fall from the sky in at any moment our life. Instead of it we constantly mean as the severe life can be, and sometimes it - is frightened us so much that with we Only can not see simple miracles of life. Francois you agree? I believe this even most improbable, improbable, fantastic things could happen with Us in any place, in any time: tomorrow, this morning, in weekend, the next week - nobody knows when! And I only try not, forget rather it and I always we hold this feeling in my soul. What about you? Do you believe in miracles?
The main thing is to see it in time, dont miss it.
The miracles sometimes are in simple things of life,
You only should be ready. As to me, I expect a miracle in mine
Life. Francois you know, receiving the grown-up I try to look at the world, where I live
Wider. I began to understand that " rich and beautiful " not obligatory
Means " a kind, liking and caring ". I accept an opportunity that the man
Who will make me happy, will not remind the movie star or gladiator :).
He can remind the usual man with usual life, but Im sure
That he will have the large heart. True beauty - always inside. Its in actions and thougts of the man, not in its automobile or private residence or him
It - what I think concerning, I only wanted allow you to know.
I would be pleased to read your ideas concerning all it important for you. Im really like our conversation. I would be happy receive your letter each day.
And if you are too engaged to answer or write much, please you only give me a pair of lines, that alright. OK. So that's it while. I wish, that you had pleasant day and hope receive news from you is faster. Best, Kate
Letter 6
Hello my dear Francois!
I am so happy that I have your answer to every my letter! I think of you every day, all nights, every moment!!! I can't live without your letter, I need your letters every day! Maybe it's too early to talk about it but I am already talking! I really need her letters every day! With every letter we know more and more about each other. And I like you more and more! Now you are the important part of my lonely life! I have dream as well as all women. I want to have loving husband that he understood and loved me. I think, that at all women of dream identical. I am so proud of myself that I have so wonderful man! It is YOU!!! Today at job the boy has drawn for me a picture. It was so superb. When he to me to give this picture to me it began a pity. Name of child Mike. it is child to me like, he clever, cheerful. At me on eyes tears have appeared. In his picture were drawn house and woman with man. Here to not suffice each child parental caress and attention. Dream of each child to have the parents and house. If I could To take these all children home and to bring up them, it would be very good. It would be pleasant for children, but it is not real. It is necessary to adult people to think of it. Some families take children to themselves home on education. Not all children to get into families, it certainly is a pity, but anything with it to not make. I have to go home today early. I miss you very much so, please, write me as soon as possible. Always yours and only yours Kisses, Kate.
Letter 7
Hello my darling, my wonderful Francois!!!
I have usual day today. I think of you more and more. When I go in Work I each time hope to find your new letter. And I am very glad, when I see, that you have written to me. Now it is time after my work so i can relax a little. Now i am again free off work so i can do anything i want! I need it very much because after a long day i want to talk to you, i mean though to write you my letter. It's very good for me to receive your letters! Everytime i feel mysefl happy when i get your letter! How are you there? How is your work? I want to tell you a lot. I don't know but i have a lot of feeling and thoughts to you! But now i just tell you that i am very excited of you! It is very wonderful that i have YOU!!! I told it already but i want to tell it again and again. IT IS WONDERFUL THAT I HAVE YOU!!! Yesterday and today i have a good days with a lot of work! I think it is usual for you. I know that you have a lot of work every day so you can understand me. I am slightly upset today because of my children. Now at us many pupils begin to be sick of an influenza. It is very bad. Children become now weaker and more often are sick, because go in for sports a little. I constantly advise all my pupils more time to carry spend on fresh air and to play various improving games. Francois, now i would better go. I promise you to write you a long letter tomorrow!!! So i will write you later a lot and now i want to tell you for your future: HAVE A GOOD DAY AND SWEET DREAMS FOR YOUR NIGHT!!
Kisses and hugs, Truly yours. Kate. P.S. Thank for photo and animation :)
Letter 8
Hello my dear Francois!!!
I was very glad when i received your letter! How are you there? I miss you very much! Do you feel the same to me? It would be very great to know that you feel the same and you think of me the same! Please, tell me. I would like to know it. Today I thought as though it was good to sit somewhere at cosy restaurant and to have romantic supper at candles. What you think of it? By the way you the romantic person? I hope that you think of me during your funny time because i think of you when i am sad and when i am happy. By the way as you know i become very happy when i can see your letter in my mailbox. I on work with hope to find your letter there! And every time i become happy when i can see it here!!!! Francois, i want to tell you again that i am very proud of you and our relationship! I appreciate our relations!!! I would better go. I hope to hear from you soon and to see your letter in my mailbox! With all my feeling s to you, Kisses and hugs. Yours Kate. P.S. Certainly we could meet sometime each other.
Presently there is nothing unreal. I am right?
Somebody from us could visit each other.
Letter 9
Hello my dear Francois!!!
How are you there? I miss you very much! I feel you are almost near me. I want to know all your desires, all your dreams, all your thoughts and feelings! Of course you have a lot of them but maybe you can tell me, please! It would be very good for us to know thoughts of each other! How how was your day? How is your day today?
You the best the man!!! I feel as my feelings become stronger to you every day. I would better go now, but i hope to hear from you soon today or tomorrow!
Excuse me for such short letter. Miss you very much!
Kisses and hugs,
Kate. P.S. You not against to receive from me a photo in bikini?
Thanks for congratulation. Day a birth I marked houses.
To me there came my friends to congratulate me.
My parents call me and to wish happy birthday.
Letter 10
Hello my darling Francois!
How are you there? I miss you very much! How are you doing?
I hope everything is fine there! Recently I have felt, that I become more senior and life goes away. I feel, that there comes the following stage of my life when heart demands love, families. Am I foolish? I want to have who will be close someone for me the most close person. I do not want, that my life passed further colorlessness and is ordinary. I want something new, fine. I want to change my life. You means much more to me than just a guy I speak to. I want to ask you about photos you have. Can you send me all your photos? I want to print some of your photos and to place them in mine wallet. It would be great to feel you are near me! So please, send all of your photos, ok? I will wait forward for them! And you can be near me every moment!! It is so great! I have a lot of feeling about you.
I wait your answers!!!
Kate. P.S. I have decided write to you phone number. You can call to me.
I shall wait from you for bell. My phone number (+1)-701-347-2161 code USA +1

Letter 11
Hello my love Francois!!!
I to feel like very well. I was fine to have a rest at the girlfriend per day birth. I to buy to it a dress. It very much to like it and she to go in it all evening. She was simply beautiful. It was very cheerful, but I all to think of you, my love. To dream of us. On my person there was a smile, but it only for my girlfriend. My soul was filled grief. I all to think of you and may not present myself without you. I to leave about a holiday very much early as I am very strong to get tired. I shall wait your letter. I love you.
Yours Kate. P.S. My phone not always to accept call from other states.
I to not understand why? My parents it is very bad dial to me.
Letter 12
Hello my dear Francois.
How are you? The hope you is perfect. I only am perfect.
Today I have very remarkable news. I'm boundless is glad to this.
I want inform my news with you my dear Francois.
Today in morning I have received on my email the letter from Russia.
My best girlfriend from Russia has written the letter me. Her name is Olga.
She studied together with me at university. Later she has remained to work in Russia.
And I have left for Europe. My girlfriend Olga lives in city Nizhni Novgorod.
I already informed you about this city.
I had often with my girlfriend Olga correspondence by an e-mail.
My girlfriend Olga has informed me perfect news. She has found the love.
Wedding also will be speed at them. As we were the best girlfriends at university,
She has invited me to her wedding. I should be the girlfriend the bride.
I'm very happy for her. I shout for pleasure. When I write you this letter.
I sincerely hope that you can completely understand me.
Also earlier I already informed you Francois that I work in America already almost 1 year.
I now can receive 1 month of holiday. I'm going to visit Russia during my holiday.
It can will be very good that I to visit my parents. Also at me the time will arrive on wedding
My best girlfriend Olga. I think what is it there will be best for her a gift from me.
We very long time did not see. While I have not informed her the answer. I should ask my boss that
He has given me holiday. Francois you the first man whom I inform this news.
I think that you will be glad for me also. I sincerely hope for it.
Also I'm very glad that at us with you very well. That I have found you in my life.
Francois what do you think about it? You are glad what our correspondence passes in the good relations?
You feel it? Celebratory mood! You can feel it?:)
By the way, I also have perfect news to you. I already told to you rather my girlfriend Jenny.
She spoke you large hi. OK. Francois I want to ask you. How you concern to an ****** photo?
Jenny made some pictures of my body. I want that you looked it.
What do you think concerning my new photos? Load them on yahoo. It's a lot of them.
Francois only I ask you, to not show my new photos whom. As it only for you Francois.

Should run and Its a pity again, that my letter - is not so long.
Take Care and have good day Francois! Yours, Kate
Letter 13
Hi my dear love Francois!
I to inform you, that today in 4:35pm I to take fly from Fargo for Moscow.
Then by train I shall arrive home to of parent to Nizhni Novgorod.
I very much to worry, as I 6 years was not in Russia.
Me ideas to overflow about my native land, meetings with friends to school.
For me all this is very disturbing.
It is pity to me, that I not can I shall congratulate to you on Christmas tomorrow as I shall be in road.
I to congratulate you earlier and to wish you all good.
I to wish you happy birthday my love Francois.
When I shall arrive home I shall write to you the letter or to call my love Francois.
On work I yesterday to work last day. My boss to grant leave to me during one month.
My parents are very glad, that we shall meet each other.
I shall buy today warm clothes as in Russia it is cold and in streets a snow.
Do not worry I to you I shall write from Russia and I shall wait from you for message.
I and to kiss love of you.
Your love Kate. P.S. I to send you a card with Christmas. It is very similar to the nature of Russia.
Letter 14
Hello my honey Francois!!!
Is glad to write to you the letter. Today I have arrived in Moscow. The trip was tiresome for me. Im fly. After landing from a train I took a taxi. Went almost 2 hours up to hotel "Sheremetjevo". This hotel to be near my airport. From which I'll take off to you my dear Francois. I hope that you have received yesterday my letter. As it is very important for us. I had some rest in hotel. Then I have gone up to the airport. To receive the ticket on my plane. I have paid them in Nizhni Novgorod. I needed only to take away them. Now I have my ticket on hands. Very well. Also now I want to inform you of very important my letter. When I received my air ticket. The manager also Informed me the very important information. For 1 hour prior to mine start to you my Francois I should pass customs examination. I should show my luggage, visa, passport. It is all OK. I knew these rules for my flight to you. But also the manager has informed me. To pass customs house for flight in Europe from Russia. It is necessary to me to have at itself some sum of money. It should be for the sum Not less than 1500 euro. It is rules has established yours government. To stop illegal immigration. I can not challenge it. Presence of this sum of money on mine credit card also is supposed. But to my huge anger I have of a cash of money only 70 euro. This money I took for contingencies. Also purchase of some meal. Also on mine credit card is present almost 560 euro.
I have not enough for the necessary sum of money 940 euro. I understand what is it small sum. This my salary at job in America for 1.5 week. But right now I have not enough this money. I sincerely thought that all will be good. It should not be bad. I got the air ticket up to you for 629 euro. I at all do not pity about it. Also I did not want to ask you money to my air ticket. As I knew that I can get its. But I did not know rather The law against illegal emigrants. I do not know as me now to act. At me on hands to be the air ticket. However I can not pass customs examination. What that nonsense. Why it happened with me. And right now.:- ( I sincerely hope that you read this my letter. I ask you read it very well. I try completely to describe to you now my condition. As still yesterday I was happy. Now what that money forces me to experience. Is very insulting. It not the sum in 10 000 euro. It is all deprive 940 euro. Real my salary for 1.5 week. My love Francois. At me a very bad condition. There are no words to describe it. My fingers has the large shiver. Why it happened with me... Well I shall now write concerning important. I ask you to understand me very well. OK I do not want to ask you concerning this sum of money. As I do not want To begin our meeting from money. But I do not have other exit concerning it. I can not take money from my parents. As I know that they have presented a good gift On wedding for Olga. My love Francois I am sincere with hope I ask you rather 940 euro. You can help me? You should understand that after arrival to you I can to return it with percents. If want. Also I shall not implore you concerning the help for me. I it shall not do. As I understand that my request is very bad. But there is no other exit. Understand me also. I shall look forward to hearing from you very urgently. Urgently write to me your decision. I am sincere hope only on you my love Francois. I ask you to write to me the letter very quickly. As up to my start there was only 3 day. We should accept the important decision. I hope that am important for you also. Write to me faster I ask you. If you will refuse me. That I owe to return my air ticket. I thus shall be loss 20 of cost of the air ticket. It is very a pity to inform you such news. But I sincerely have hope that all will be good. And you accept the correct decision. Remember I wait for your letter. I shall not leave Internet Cafe. While I do not receive your answer. OK This very large letter. I finish to write. Remember I wait for your answer,very urgent!!!
Sincerely I hope for your good decision, yours Kate. P.S. We to do planting at airport Nice (NCE).
To like me easy food. Wine I to prefer in dependence that of meal.
With meat dishes I to prefer red wine. I like champagne.
The driving on moto it is very beautiful. I very much like driving on moto, man and girl with a long hair. And to rush on avtobanu with the large speed. It so is ******.
Letter 15
Im glad to receive your fast answer Francois.
I am very grateful to you for yours understanding. I am sincerely glad that the problem does not exist.
Now I shall inform you some information. When I was in America. I sent my the parents some money help. I visited bank Western Union. They send translation of money during 15 minutes. Its very fast and its convenient. Also you should inform them my full name.
My full passport name: Last name: Ekaterina
First name: Sibagatullina
City: Niznii Novgorod
Stroiteley 15/48
Country: Russia Be not frightened my name Ekaterina. As this my name the passport. I am very grateful to you.
My love Francois I shall look forward to hearing from you. Also remember.
The bank will give you control number. It is 10 figures. You will write them to me. OK
After I'll receive your letter. I'll visit bank and to take away money.
I shall wait your answer. Is very very grateful to you. I am happy that already soon meeting in you.
Sincerely about love yours Kate (passport a name Ekaterina) P.S. Money which you to transfer me, I shall not spend them, as they are necessary for me for the customs control. After you I will be met at the airport by me to give your money to you back. You to understand me?
I to not count day of flying away.
I to not have phone in number of hotel, I shall try to you to call from the payphone.
Letter 16
Hi Francois!
I to send you a copy of my passport, the visa, the ticket. I to not understand why you to trust me.
When you will do transfer of money as to remain not enough time before flying away.
On a credit card of money can arrive during 5-10 days and consequently I can be late for number of flight.
If I to foreknow all this I to not ask you money.
I wait for your answer.
Your love Kate.
Letter 17
Hi my love Francois.
Accept from me apologies, that I could not arrive to you yesterday. It is very a pity to me: (
Last night I to hand over the ticket back in the airport, I could not write to you as Internet of cafe has been closed. I write to you only today in the morning.
I could not receive your transfer of money. I go to bank and me to give up in reception of money.
The office of the western union could not give to me of money.
In Russia very strict rules, because of it I yesterday had hysterics.
Russia very complex country and much has changed,
Affairs of transfer of money to the parents from USA to Russia at me never was problems.
The western union has not given out to me money of that I to have a time registration in the USA. For reception of money I should have a constant Russian registration (it at me to be absent).
At me on eyes, me so I was hard for them not know some tear what to do.
My parents very much to worry for me. Mother speaks me, that money you can transfer her girlfriend in Moscow, her name Natalya. my mother to call Natalya and she is ready to help me.
Today hour back I to meet it and it agrees.
She is very good and kind woman.
My love excuse me, that so it has turned out. In it I am guilty not, and the Russian laws.
In the western union to me to speak, for reception of money in Moscow, it is better to do transfer of money to the person which lives in Moscow. You can go in the western union and change a name of the receiver.
My love do transfer of money to her name (Natalya).
Full name and the address: First name: Natalya
Last name: Andreeva
Gagarin st. 45/78
City: Moscow
Country: Russia The ticket aboard the plane I shall buy and inform you number of flight and date of a start.
I shall wait for your answer. Your love Kate.
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