Scam letter(s) from Oksana Akulenko to Alain (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello Alain.
I am glad that you have answered me. I want to tell a little about myself and about the purpose of the acquaintance. I think it will help us to learn better each other and will help you understand my intentions. I search for serious relations. I shall be glad if our relations will develop. I want to find good person. It is you? My name is Oksana. I am 32 years old, I was born on January, 27th. I live in Ekatirinburg, it's a beautiful city in Russia near the Ural mountins. There is a big city with long history. Population of our city is about 1 300 000 people. There a lot of interesting places in Ekaterinburg. I work as a doctor. I like my work very much. I shall necessarily tell to you about my work in following letters. Probably it is interesting to you why I search person from other country. I have some reasons. I tried to find good relations here in Russia. Several years ago I had boyfriend. Our relations developed well, we were close to a marriage. But once I saw them with another girl in bed. I think that in relations very important trust. I trusted the guy and for me it was very hurt when I know about his relations on side. After that case I began to look more soberly to men. I have seen that many men in Russia deceive the wives. Many men have bad relations to the wives, frequently beat them. Probably it is connected to the main problem of Russia. In Russia many men are subject to illness. This illness is alcohol. I simply do not want such destiny. We with my girlfriend with curiosity have decided try to find men in other country. She has got acquainted with the man from Germany. They communicated, their novel developed and after a while he has invited her to itself. They have met in real life and have understood that they cannot live the friend without the friend any more. They already whole year live together in Germany. At them remarkable family. They very well live together. Sometimes my girlfriend writes to me letters and tells about the family and life. I am very glad for the girlfriend. I have found very interesting person from America ours relations developed. But our relations could not turn out. If you want I shall tell to you about it in my following letter.
My pictures are applied. I hope you will like them.
I shall be glad if you will tell to me more about yourself and your family.
I wish you successful day.
Letter 2
I am glad to receive your letter Alain.
Thanks for congratulation. It is very pleasant.
I already spoke you that I search for serious relations. But I think at first is necessary for us to learn each other better. I think you agree with me. I want to tell to you more about my family. My daddy served in army. He was the militarian doctor, but now he is pensioner. He is 63 years old. My mum has died when to me were 8 years. I badly remember my mum. I was too young. I the only child in family. My father brought up me. I am very grateful to him for love and care which he gave me all these years. I very much love my father. Now I live together with him in a small but cosy apartment in city. I already spoke you that my work is doctor. My specialization is therapist. I very much like my work. I very much like to help other people. But in my work there is one minus. In Russia doctors receive a small payment. My payment near 250 $ in a month. But when I worked as the militarian doctor I received a payment much less. I have overlooked to tell to you that after I have finished medical university I have decided to work together with my father. First I was the militarian the doctor. It was very hard, sometimes it were necessary to work 12 hours per day. But after I have returned from America I have decided to replace a place of work. Now I work as the therapist in city hospital. I think this information will help you learn me better. I shall be glad if you will tell to me more about your work and your hobbies. What do you like to do at free time?
I wait for your answer.
Letter 3
Hello my dear friend Alain.
How are you today?
I'm OK!
Today when i decided to check my e-mail i saw your letter, this moment i understood that you become something special for me.
Thank you for your letters, i really like them. I want to tell you one thing that you should know, i decided to be honest with you at 100 because i think it's very important between two people, i hope
you think the same... One year ago i decided to find a man with whom i'll have some relationships, maybe love and if everything is OK - family, yes of course there a lot of men in my town but you know that most of them don't like work and drink a lot. So i decided to use internet for it. I heard that internet is full of cheaters, i know you heard a lot of stories too, but i strongly decided to find my "prince" and started find him in internet... I had a success! I started correspondense with one responsible man! We wrote to each other letters and one day he invited me to him! His name was Terry, he was from Texas, he was 45 years old and work as a driver of lorry. For me it was not a trip to my love, just we decided to meet each other, to talk about our relationships... So i made my paper work but ticket was to expensive for, but he said it's not problem for him and helped me with money, this fact made me strongly think that he was really wanting meet me, so i started to prepare to my flight... When i arrived airport nobody meet me, it was so strange, because he knew time of my flight, i was waiting for him about two hours and then i decided to call him, i knew his number and called him from airport. A voice of woman have answered my call, she was so upset... She was his sister, she said that Terry has got in accident on his lorry three days ago... I was shocked! I didn't know what to do... I asked this woman if i can see him in hospital but she answered that he was in mortuary... I visited his funeral ceremony... Then i went back in was after three days... Sorry it's very hard to remember this days, because after it i had a lot of problems with work, i felt myself bad after USA long time... Ok let me stop write about this event, now i think that our life is full of troubles but we should be optimists! Only confidence in good future can make
people happy in future!!! Wait for your answer.
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