Scam letter(s) from Svetlana to Jeff (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my friend I looked your structure. It has very much liked me. I want To correspond with you letters. I wish to inform directly on myself: My name is Svetlana. I was born in the city of Yoshkar-Ola, Russia. I here live since a birth. I was born in 1977. To me of 29 years. I have no children, but I very much I wish tohave the girl and the boy. I think, that children in live-this most Happy. I love various cultures. I like to study history, it to me Very much it is pleasant. I work as the bookkeeper in firm. Mine Work very much is pleasant to me. At leisure I like to visit Library to go to cinema, to watch TV, go in sports Hall. Most my hobby is fitness. I very much like to go in for sports, I Much I run in the mornings. I The formed woman, has left school on 4 and 5. Has then acted in University. Has finished it too well. Then I have gone to work. I studied as the bookkeeper. I know English language well enough. I think, that problems at us with dialogue will not be. I can even call To you. I hope, that our dialogue will make sense. It would be fine, If I and you could do Friendship or more than simply friendship. I search Serious attitudes, and I shall be happy To study you more close. Will be It is fine, if we can exchange some letters and photos. Write to me what your purposes and plans during the future? That you search in To the woman? Inform more on a place Where do you live. I shall look forward to hearing from You. Write back on e-mail: Ask any questions which interest you. Write to me back, and I shall inform more on me, my life. Also send my photos. Kiss from Russia, SVETA
Letter 2
Hello dear Jeff!!!
It is very pleasant for me that my letter did not remain without attention and you write to me back. Forgive, that I did not answer such long time. On my computer the virus was. I am glad that we have started to learn each other and I shall be happy if you man for me and I girl for you! I passionate young lady with watching eyes and full of vital ****** energy. In the basis of my heart I - sentimental and sensual. I want meet true love, someone especial, special to divide with him my life. If our feelings will be mutual, I shall make the future husband the happiest the man on the Earth! I shall give him all my love! I do
not know, when this fine moment will come, but I shall be happy if our relations will go forward every day and then we shall see that occurs. I hope at us there will be an interesting dialogue which can be will pass in big! I shall tell about myself, about the life, I hope, I have not tired you:-) As I wrote to you, I live in Russia, in the big country, very inconsistent and strange! In small city Yoshkar-Ola. I live modestly, in an apartment, with a modest house interior, but it does not confuse me, I do not search for the big riches! From my window very beautiful kind. Especially in the winter when all in a snow. Tell to me, please, about a place in which you live??? What beautiful places, or beautiful architecture at you is? Usually every morning I leave on to run so that my figure was in the form of! It is very important for the girl, and you look behind the figure?:-) I was never married, but as is ready to marry the correct person! I Hope the good wife but as I shall be convinced of it! My mum is very good cook, it knows that such kitchen, for sure. And consequently since the early childhood I with pleasure helped it to prepare for various dishes! It has learned me to prepare for very tasty dishes, and can be, you will feel it!!! To me it is very pleasant, that now we can communicate more close, and there is an every prospect to study each other better! I shall a little tell about the plans: Now I am engaged in registration of the tourist visa , for travel, and this will be chance to meet, With registration of the visa I was helped by firm Puteshestviya. Already on February, 6 my visa will be ready, Therefore on February, 5 I shall already leave to Moscow for reception of the visa. Also there can be right after receptions of the visa I shall fly to you! I am not assured yet of it! I would like to know you better... Tell to me please about itself! How you represent our relations? What for you the main thing in a life? I send you the some photos, I hope they will like you! As to me some photos please have send! That I could represent you is better! It will be pleasant to Me to look at you!!! kiss I shall look forward to your answer!
Yours Sveta P.S. 55 kg and 173 cm. Thank, that you have sent me pic, it very much was pleasant to me. Please, send me more your pictures. I shall send necessarily you the pictures also.
Letter 3
Hello Jeff. I can tell to you about my character, but it is a little difficult for me because it is difficult to speak about it. But I shall try. I am a very sociable and cheerful girl. I don’t like to feel like lonely. I am a trustful person therefore I try to learn people with whom I have dialogue. I like to be cheerful, and I love dialogue. The main thing in the person for me is kindness. I am kind person too. I cannot offend people. If it occurs I very much suffer because of it. I want to meet the man who similar to me. The man for whom main thing is honesty, kindness, trust, and love to life. The love to life is one of my characters. I cannot have insult for a long time on the person, I am able to forgive. But I cannot forgive such acts as treachery, and physical roughness. I am not able to tell lies, speak lie it does make a sin. I always try to be fair with people, my opinion consists in that I concern to people how I want these people concerned to me. I want to learn what do you think about it? Sveta
Letter 4

My dear and loved Jeff! As it is fine, that you again with me, you as though somewhere beside. And I feel, that it will be fast so. Today at me intense day was. I went to the relatives, to the sister of my mum, aunt Tamara. We drank tea with a tasty pie from an apple. You know, what pies are done by my aunt? You simply do not represent as it is tasty, it is simply impossible to refuse these pies. Mmmm. it is very tasty:-) And still we talked about a life, about love, I told him about you, how you are not similar to other men. We very for a long time talked to the aunt, it and did not want to release me. Then we sat with mum and too for a long time talked, that it is necessary to take with itself as it is necessary itself to a message, and about much the friend. We so for a long time talked to it, as though we for a long time did not see it. Mum tried to learn me to all, as if I am similar to the small child whom send somewhere far. And in fact it so. Simply my mum very much experiences for me, she will not see me the nearest three months. And I very much suffer and even a little with fear I wait for this fine moment. No, this fear it not awful, is fear of pleasure, fear something not experienced. And I already wait with impatience when I shall see you. And still, I wanted to ask, when and during what time it is better to you to call to not disturb you and on what phone to me it is necessary to call? I would like to hear your voice. To feel you is even closer to me. Now I would like to have wings and to fly to you. And you also have not noticed? I near to you, my dear, have sat down near you and silently I look, I try to make out features of your person and I observe, how you read this letter. I observe, how your person, his expression, a sight vary in process of perusal of these lines. How it would be desirable to guess, whether touch these words yours heart and if - yes, what you feel, you suffer now? Let not I, but my words to touch gently you, and not only my words, but also my ideas which are born to you, gently and tenderly embracing you. Feel them warmly, feel it. Let it as is possible will not leave you, my lovely longer Jeff! I very much worry, in fact on Monday since morning I shall go by the bus to the big city of Moscow for reception of the visa. And only when I in Moscow I can I shall write again to you. And now I go to prepare for a dream. You already in my dream?:-) I wait for you. Yours Sveta
Letter 5
Hello my darling Jeff!!!
Yesterday I have arrived to Moscow and it was so late therefore I could not call and write to you the letter yesterday. Today since morning I have woken up and have gone to search internet cafe. Well that it is not so far. Now I shall go to embassy to receive the visa. How I shall receive the visa either I shall write to you or I shall call ok?
Kiss Sveta
Letter 6
Hello my dear Jeff!!!
How you? Today I have received the visa and was so to it is glad. Now actually I can fly to you.
I already went to learn cost of the ticket. Also I have a problem small.
My mum was unwell, today I called to myself home and my sister has told, that are necessary money for treatment.
And I have sent western union to the sister of money. Now I simply do not have money for the ticket. Certainly it is inconvenient to me to ask yours
The help, but alas to me does not remain other output Jeff. Now I can to hope only on you.
It is necessary for me 523 dollars. Whether inform me are ready to help me more likely?
Kiss Yours Sveta.
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