Romance scam letter(s) from Elena Stepanova to Al (USA)
Letter 1
Hi Al! Have good day! I am glad, that you have written to me the message. I liked yours profile, we have with you much in common. I hope, that you have time to send me some messages that we could it is better to find out each other. You likely are surprised, that I write to you from Russia. I live in an average part of Russia, in city Kazan. But if we shall decide to meet, I hope, that it not will be a problem for us because I have made a little travel to other countries. I was in the several countries of Europe; for example Turkey, Italy, Germany. I made these travel as the tourist. Therefore, you should not have excitement be relative that we not beside. I such woman, that if I shall like the person for a meeting I shall reach even on the moon. Besides in our days is not a problem to make such travel. I not I worry about it and I have necessary feelings to get acquainted and it is possible to have relations with the person of other state. It is very interesting - other culture, thinking, traditions. For me this new - probably and you can learn, that such the russian woman. You also ask concerning other address in my profile; first I specified in a profile the country, but then a computer of service acquaintances did not accept my profile and informed, that I tried o enter the information once again. I did it still few times, but it again asked me to do new attempt. Then I did experiment and specified in a profile, that I from other country and my profile at once was it is accepted. I think, that it or a mistake with programs of a computer or this the service of acquaintances works not with each country. I shall tell a little about myself; my age 26 years old. Friends name me Plumeria. I hope you be not afflicted, if I shall not speak you a real name? I think, that in the woman there should be a secret to intrigue the man. I promise, that in one of the following messages I shall tell to you a name. Now it will be pleasant for me, if you will name me Plumeria. I was not married and I live in an apartment of my parents. Some years, after the ending of training I work as a florist in shop. I the seller(by the way, Plumeria it is a beautiful flower. Therefore friends have started so to name me when I began to work). To me like productive leisure, periodically go in for sports for maintenance of a body. I like to travel and be in different places, but my work does not allow me to do it frequently. I have many friends, We sometimes together spend time, play billiards and tennis, we have Other entertainment. I send you the picture that you knew my person. Also I want to ask you to send me some pictures of you. Please Ask things interesting you about me and inform me some information on you: what you love an entertainment? What your character? What You love qualities in women? Whether You had the wife? I shall answer on your questions and to inform you it is more about itself in following e-mail! I shall be wait for your messages. My email-address is Your new
friend Plumeria
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