Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Perova to David (USA)

Letter 1
Hi the my dear friend Dave!!!!! I am very pleased, that you have answered my short letter to you. It is really pleasant for me to realize, that I have interested you.And at you the desire to get acquainted with me has appeared closer. From my first letter to you, you have already understood, that my name- Ekaterina. As you already know to me 38 years, and i was born on April, 15,1968.My growth 5/8. My weight of 55 kg.On a sign on the zodiac i Aries. I the beautiful woman going on this remarkable life without its satellite. I have lived all life in Russia, I was born in the city of The city of Slobodskoj ,Kirov area It is beautiful small city And it to be glorified by mines with mineral salts. For all life I, was possible to tell, did not leave it. In the childhood I, certainly, have visited large cities of Russia. In such, as Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Samara. You sometime were in Russia? And where you in general were? What it was pleasant to you most of all and whether in general it was pleasant? It would be very interesting to me to learn about it. About my city you for certain did not hear, but I shall try to you to explain, where it is. It is located in the Kirov area, In 33 kms to northeast from the city of Kirov. Kirov is in 900 kilometers to the east from Moscow. Having looked on a card, you can learn approximately about his site. I love the city, as such, with his noise, transport, museums, streets and houses. Only because it - my City! I have left school in this city, having studied in it of 11 classes, I have decided to find in myself economic abilities. Then I have acted in the State University. And I have finished it when to me was 23 years and now I have the diploma in higher education and on a speciality book keeping and audit. After the termination of university, I with ease intended to find to myself profitable employment. But has understood, that it not so is simple. As our city is very small, work in it to find almost that is impossible. My speciality, certainly, is claimed, But only in the most best quality. To take a place of the good bookkeeper to me it is necessarily necessary to have The working experience, it is not less than five years and I have small working experience but it insufficiently what To find good work in my small city. And I worked as the Bookkeeper in trade and selling 4 years. But it insufficiently also is simply impossible, because as the young expert is considered. After all my searches, me have accepted in shop which delivers all city various electric details. In shop, under the name "Light" I work eleven years. I there to combine two posts, I work as the assistant to the bookkeeper and the manager of a hall. Certainly, I dream about something the greater, but also this work is pleasant to me. My working day lasts seven hours, And I have two days off in a week, including all state holidays and red days of a calendar. Our shop is in city centre and it is considered big enough. Tell to me more about your work in what she consists? Whether in what you are engaged is pleasant to you? In general it is interesting to me to learn more about your life. Having run it is a little forward, I have not told about what pleasant to engaged to me. When I went to school, I had the big interest to dances. At school I was one of the most active schoolgirls. I always took part in various competitions. At school of me always named the gifted child. In dances, It is possible to tell, has found itself. Besides school, I also visited employment on dances. To tell the truth, it was not so convenient, because the school of dances was in half an hour of driving from my house. I received lessons of dances within three years. I and to this day am fond of dances. Most of all I prefer dances of east countries. Now, when I still has free time, I visit fitness a hall where I can be engaged in the favourite business. I think, that at me very beautiful body and a fine figure. I always try to care of the appearance. In it I am am helped by sports and my employment by dances. Tell to me about you are fond of what? What do you do during free time from work? Whether you love sports? What kind you prefer sports? Sports in my life take very significant place, in dances I find everything, That it is necessary for me. And in the winter I very much like to go for a drive both on skates, and on a ski. My grandmother lives near to city and she already very old and my grandfather is chained to a bed. They in a youth the grandmother together with the grandfather have worked all life on the basis of rest "Sail". Now they already certainly for a long time on pension and at them there the apartment where they live. Earlier I every winter carried out together with them. There I had a rest and very cheerfully spent time. Now I very seldom am at them. If only at me free day will drop out and I can lead it on a beach. Last time I saw them in the last summer. Very much I hope, that I can shortly see them. I too not frequently see parents. Till 24 years I lived together with them but after I have found work with which help I can rent the apartment. Parents live in own house. In our city many so-called private sectors where people both rich and poor live. Rich buy up there the grounds and build there cottages, and poor patch holes on the houses and hope, That will sometime give the comfortable apartments. Many private sectors have already demolished And on their place have constructed inhabited multi-storey houses. And my parents too hope, that sometime to them too will give an apartment. Though in this house I have grown and have lived very much the most part of the life. Our house very old and when at me the opportunity to rent the apartment has appeared, I have suggested parents to move together with me. But they were categorically against. They have constructed this house own hands and have enclosed in him all life. Our house is on surburb of city and consequently I cannot frequently visit them. But we try even once a week to meet behind a lunch table in our house. Tell to me more about your family. Where and how your parents live? All this is very interesting to me. Probably, you interested with that fact, that I have addressed to the Internet to get acquainted with the man. I even would tell to not get acquainted, and to find the partner for the life. It is my first experience of acquaintance. And I very much would like to make friends with you. Certainly, I had attitudes with the man And we together with my husband have lived 10 years but his tricks and action in last year have not been born for me And I frequently left from a house and it beat me. I certainly understood it was to Afghanistan when there was a war, It saw blood and the lost friends much. It was terrible war then Soviet Union still was And were Communism at us in the country, and it is senseless war last 10 years. And this conflict and was solved than and armies have been deduced 1989 from Afghanistan. We all over again lived is happy but when it started to drink alcoholic drinks and he had sincere failures And it tried to fill the spiritual wounds ***** and it frequently very much saws alcoholic drinks And it has resulted it in a deep precipice and it has lost the control over self. I all tried to help it And I many times drove it to the doctor and to experts under the coding of alcoholic drinks treated it from alcohol And I and could not convince and help to get out it to it from this deep precipice And it has badly terminated in this life and I now the widow and I do not have second half in this life And a man's shoulder. I very much hope that you will understand me and with me the destiny has acted is severe. It would be very interesting to me to know, why you have decided to address to the Internet? What do you search? I hope, that you understand, that serious attitudes are necessary for me only. I to be engaged would not begin it simply if searched simply flirtation or usual dialogue. I already enough the adult and serious person. I the purposeful adult woman who achieved all in the life itself. And I always achieved everything that wanted. Now in my life there has come such moment when the assistant Is necessary for me oppress. The person on whom I can always rely to whom I shall trust, love and care. I think myself very good mistress on the house. I want to create family, And for this purpose for me is necessary such the man which can understand and help me in all. And to not drink very much frequently and only in a measure and on great holidays, I understand it and agree about these that the person should to weaken the organism after working week And it even is recommended by doctors, it is useful. Whether as to me you are interesting to know was married? Whether you have children? And in general as you concern to children? At me it is no time not children but I very much love them. As to Yana I have any harmful habits. As a whole I the vigorous and purposeful person. I very much would want to learn you closer. I hope, in fast to see your letter. Would like to see more than your photos. Whenever possible I shall send you own. It is interesting to me to know, how you look, as your voice, easier speaking sounds, I very much want, that we with you have made friends. I with impatience shall wait for your answer. I hope, that you will not leave my questions without attention.
Your new friend, Ekaterina.
Letter 2
Hi Dave!!!!! I am very glad to see your letter.
It is pleasant for me to know,that you have decided to continue ours with you dialogue. I am glad to read everything, that you have written to me Dave. I unfortunately do not live in Baltimore and as I have understood from your letter that my structure is created in this city. Washing a structure the worker in the Internet of cafe has made. I a little that understand in a computer and I it have asked to help to me to make a structure on Yahoo. I wish to find the man for serious attitudes in the USA. To me my girlfriend has advised to find the friend. And now it lives in England one year, and is very happy. And it also on the Internet has found the husband. I hope that you understand me. And your attention in letters is necessary for me. Who is interesting to me it for the woman on your photos? It is interesting to me to read each word written by you. It is very curious to me to learn about your life, That you like, than you are engaged. I was really glad to see your letter. I would like to know as your affairs? How your mood? Tell to me about weather. At us now very much variable weather. At us now warm weather, and a snow the weight has thawn. This weather it is unlike winter. And I so would like a snow. I would like to tell to you, that not always I can understand that you write Dave. There are some phrases, which sense to me be not clear. And I wanted to tell, that I write to you. I studied the English language at school within nine years. The ambassador my knowledge have gone deep at university where I have passed a rate of business English. Now I even like to write and read your letters. And now when I write to you in English mine mistakes in words are emphasized by a red line And I correct these silly mistakes at once. Thus, I raise the knowledge. And consequently I would like to ask you, whether well you understand me? Simply Russian very complex. And sometimes to transfer the offer from Russian to the English language it happens difficultly as It is possible to not transfer all sense concealed by Russian. I hope, my English language not so bad, and you understand everything, what I write? I think, That I well know language, as in ****, and the written form. I at once would like to warn you, that I cannot write to you every day, or answer at once your letter. All the matter is that I have no own computer, and I should use the Internet of cafe. Certainly, It is not so convenient for me, but other output at me is not present. Though one plus is - it is near to an apartment where I live. But I shall be very glad, to see your letters every day. It is very interesting to me to read everything, that you write to me. Tell to me, that you like, that you prefer in cinema, theatre or books. To that you most of all give preference? I very much like to read, but I not always have on it time. I give preference to science fiction, everything, As to it, cannot simply pass by me. It so carries away me, that I can be without a break night in the other world, Behind reading of the next book. At cinema I prefer thrillers, or psychological dramas. I love those films which leave for spectators an opportunity to finish thinking after viewing. That is in own way to write the end of this or that film. Certainly, I like to look a cheerful comedy from which it is possible to relax simply and with all the heart to laugh. From comedies I certainly most of all prefer our Russian films. Though for viewing films at me too almost does not remain to time. In my city there are some theatres. One of which, I try to visit even once a month. It is theatre of Russian drama. I very much like performances that pass in it. Last performance which to me managed to be seen, has made on me huge impression. Performance under the name "Players", it is difficult for me to transfer now all his essence, But performance was really worth for viewing. How frequently you are at a cinema or theatre? You prefer what films? Whether you love theatre? Tell, what you managed to see last time? Also it is very interesting to me to know about your culinary preferences. I simply adore to prepare, let at me not always suffices for this time, But I am always glad to prepare for something new and very tasty. My culinary abilities have got to me from the grandmother. Mum, certainly, is able to prepare, But very much does not like to stand at a plate. And as I carried out greater time at the grandmother, she And has learned me to these culinary miracles. Certainly, I tried dishes of various kitchen, But most of all I like Russian kitchen. Also I like to prepare for dishes of the European kitchen because she has much in common with Russian. Sometimes I with girlfriends go to the Chinese small restaurant, but only because girlfriends from him without mind. I concern to this kitchen negatively. What you it think of all? You prefer what kitchen most of all? Whether there is at you a favourite dish? If yes, tell to me about it, it will be interesting to me to know it. I do not have so-called favourite dish, but most of all I like to prepare for sweets both various cakes And expenditure. If my day off begins with good mood, I shall necessarily prepare for something tasty to indulge myself. Whether you are able to prepare? What you most of all practised? It is still very interesting to me to know when your birthday? Whether you celebrate this day And whether this holiday in general is pleasant to you? Tell about holidays which most of all it is pleasant to you And as you like them to carry out. My birthday on April, 15. I do not love this day. As well as a holiday. For me this day always very sadly passes. For some reason this day at me always the bad mood And always would be desirable to cry. And this day I become even more senior for one year and I And so already adult woman. And when I start to reflect on the life and to recollect that I think myself not the happy person and I so saw for the 38 years a little and now I only have reflected as me longer to live. I cannot find to myself here the present romantic the man which can make me happy in this life. At us in Russia all men are adhered to alcoholic drinks and I do not want to be mistaken more in it And me of already sufficient one such case in my life. I as well as all many women in Russia were mistaken in this severe life. And with me it is severe my destiny has acted. And I want to make up in the stayed life that did not suffice me for this time and that my year went much more slowly. I do not like to call visitors and in general as - or to mark this birthday. I try to lead it as usual day in my life. Whether as it is interesting to me to know there are at you Any favourite things or colors? I cannot precisely name the favourite color, but I can precisely tell, That I prefer all light tone. Though more often I color does not play so important role, For example at a choice of clothes. The most important that I liked this or that thing. Forgive, but it is time to me to run home, already too late, And tomorrow it is necessary to rise early as parents promised to come to me on a visit me And I still need to prepare for something for tomorrow. I with huge impatience shall wait for your letter write Dave.
And answers to mine modest questions, with best regards Ekaterina.
Letter 3
Hi the my dear friend Dave!!!!! Thanks for your good letter, was very pleasant to receive from you one more letter. I with the great pleasure read it. In it there were such things which to me were very interesting for learning. And in general I always with the big interest read everything, that you write to me. I am glad that you not drink alcohol, and at you there beautiful Russian girlfriends but if I am fair would not like if your girlfriends wrote to me the letter. I wish to communicate directly only with you and I do not want that someone got into our attitudes. I wish to understand your letters and to read only your ideas and I think that it important in our attitudes now. I wish to learn you better in electronic letters. Today in the street it is very cloudy, that would not be desirable to leave a house at all. Such gloomy weather always causes in me inflow long also melancholy. I like to wake up of beams of the sun more. Dave tell to me how has passed your day, what new has taken place in your life? I'm fine, yesterday all the day long has devoted to the house. First it has decided to be cleaned, And stayed time has spent for viewing of old photos. I very much like to look photos of the childhood though them it was kept very little. I have three huge albums where all of them and were placed. Whether your children's photos were kept? If yes, It would be very interesting to me to look at it. Before dream I have decided to arrange to myself small evening walk. Near to a house there is a small park, and very brisk, there children, but more often the in love pairs always walk. I like to walk before dream, the drink of fresh air never will prevent. And dream after walk becomes more pleasant And more strong. And what you like to do before dream? I wanted to tell, that is very glad to development of our attitudes. I like to tell to you about the life. During our dialogue I have understood, that you very interesting person and your life are filled with energy. It would be very interesting to me to know your opinion on me. Certainly, I understand, that it is very difficult to understand the person through letters. And how difficultly to transfer all feelings and emotions through simple letters. But I want to tell, that I always write to you in all sincerity, nothing hiding. From you I wait for the same. In fact our attitudes only begin, and I would not like, That in them the lie or misunderstanding has appeared. I idle time, and the trustful person and was very easy to offend me. But I think, you not that person who can cause me a pain. It is interesting to me to know, how you concern to women, what you wait from attitudes or what you search in them? Whether there is at you any ideal of the woman? Whether you believe in love, in its existence and in its magic force. I think, That it is the biggest gift, which God has presented people. Happiness to live a life, full feelings And emotions, instead of to burn its precious time. I want to create strong family, I want to meet the person who will understand and support me in all. It would be interesting to me to know how you understand a word love and what sense you invest in him? To love people is the biggest happiness that is given to mankind. Love as if a sweet fruit, which taste of pleasure it is infinite. The love is necessary for all and always. Than for you the pledge of long and successful attitudes is? I cannot unequivocally answer this question, but one I can tell precisely. I invest the big sense in trust. For me it means much. I do not bear lie, and always I speak only the truth. I do not want, that at our attitudes when or there was a deceit. I want to tell to you also about the interests and hobbies. As I wrote to you earlier, I seriously am fond of east dances. Since the childhood I went to school of arts where studied to dance. With in the meantime at me good and kind associations are connected many. There I for the first time have learned to dance and have left on the big professional stage, There there were my first teachers, the first suits whom I sewed the hands and the first love. But then when I have acted in university, I had to search for work. And by then our dancing collective has broken up, because the teacher of us has left. And since I had to leave professional works. Now I pay attention to dances as soon as at me free minute will appear. Dances in my life replace to me almost everything, it both sports, and favourite business. Also I very much am fond of reading, very much I love books about science fiction. Having read some from them, my outlook on life in many respects has exchanged. The last couple of years Kundera, Pavic, Peres-Reverte my favourite books. And as a cycle of novels about Barayre Lois Budzholied. In due time (by a youth)I have become engrossed in reading Pikulem, Konetsky, Sanin. Never was fond of female novels. And to detectives, I concern rather easy. As my interest is involved with some glossy magazines. Such as « the Caravan of histories », "Travel", "Bookkeeper" In them always print fascinating and vital histories of known people, And as various historic facts, news of culture, business and a fashion. And I seriously am fond of a fashion, I buy and I read such magazines as Cosmopolitan, Elle, Vogue. In them I like to find unusual and very beautiful sketches of clothes, and then on them I sew clothes or I knit threads to myself different jackets and a jumper. To buy is very dearly, And I always like to look beautifully and fashionably dressed. How you concern to a fashion? To fashionable clothes? What role is played with a fashion in your life? I can tell, that my clothes are more likely conservative and close to classics. I love the sea, I love the river Kama, and now I send you a photo when I spent time on a beach of the river Vyatka. I also still love the nature and travel. Very much to like me the French cinema. And also the films which have been removed in Hollywood. My the most favourite are « the Wedding alarm », "Titanic","Gladiator", « Code Davinchi ». You like to listen to what music, if like to listen in general? I about myself can tell, that without music I cannot present the life at all. It is possible to tell I go on a life with music. I can not present as it is possible to live and to not love music. I think she takes a significant place in a life of any person. I like to wake up under cheerful and invigorating music, And to fall asleep under slow and weakening compositions. I cannot name the certain style or a direction in music to which would prefer. I love music of all styles and directions. All depends on mood and from conditions. To last time I listen(Skorpions, ABBA, Queen, DDT, the Aquarium) Is some Russian groups and they can be not familiar to you. To religion I concern very validly. I and my family, orthodox Christians. I respect truly religious people, irrespective of creed, but I do not love fanatics And those who tries to impose the religious sights. I love black coffee without sugar, cakes cakes and chocolate... In any quantity and ice-cream in a plenty. Dave tell to me about the preferences in meal. What do you like? You prefer what kitchen? You are able and whether you like to prepare? I simply adore to prepare, but only when it brings to me pleasure. On kitchen I simply adore to experiment. To prepare for something brand new and very tasty. Especially at me various sweets both different batches and pies turn out. Perhaps, sometime you will manage to try it. Certainly, sometimes I like to visit restaurants when it would be desirable to relax, have a meal tasty meal and to listen to good music. To tell the truth, now I shall not recollect, when last time I managed to drop in and visit there with whom or. Sometimes I like to sit with girlfriends in any lovely cafe behind a cup is fresh the welded coffee And nothing forcing conversation. Tell to me more about in what you like to be engaged during free time from work. It will be very interesting to me to learn about it. And now I would like to say goodbye, I ask you answer me mine modest questions, it will be very interesting to me to learn about you more. With impatience I shall wait for your letter Dave.
Yours faithfully your friend Ekaterina.
Letter 4

Hi the my dear friend Dave!!!!! It is madly happy, that again I see your letter. It is pleasant, that you do not pay no attention to questions which so interest me in your life. Really it is very interesting to me to know all about your life. I like how you write to me. It is interesting to me to read each word. I am glad, that at you all is good. Thanks you for so beautiful photo of you, I enjoyed it a photo and I understand that you good and kind the man. In my life too all takes its normal course. At least, there is nothing to complain. On work too all is rather quite good. To tell the truth, very long day which has tired me today was. But with it there's nothing to be done, In fact there is a work and the responsibility. I can tell about myself, that I very responsible person. How there passes your work? Tell to me more about it, whether in what she consists, Pleasant to you in what you are engaged? Today I have woken up it is possible to tell in wonderful mood in which I am both now. And whenever possible I try to infect with him of other people. In fact someone should bring pleasure in this world. All the day long reflected on, whether I can see today your letter. And after work at once it was directed and to the Internet of cafe and was rather glad to see, That you do not pay no attention to me. All the day long thought that to you new to tell from the life, But now ideas are confused, and it would be desirable you to tell so much. I want to ask at once you that you, not hesitating, asked everything, that you interests. I with pleasure always answer your questions. Dave even it is very pleasant for me to realize, that you are interested in me. There can be I look slightly naive, but such what is and I can not present, that can force to change me. I want, that you perceived me such, what I actually, present. I always speak you only the truth as I want that our attitudes were under construction on trust and the same I wait from you. I think, that in the woman there should be a particle of naivety, in fact from it tenderness is born. In general the union of the man and the woman is born from the union of force and mind, kindness, care and tenderness. I like how we are similar and are not similar against each other because I think, that the fortress And durability of attitudes consists in it and. People should supplement each other. That is in you and that so does not suffice me, you give me,and I do the same in turn. I think, that if people are similar, through any time him it becomes boring. In fact it is not interesting to live with the person similar to you in all. I like how we learn each other. We gradually learn each other, we open secrets, we share secret And we become gradually more close to each other. Gradually attitudes grow, and can be, When be they will develop in something the greater, than simply friendship… As I trust you Dave, I am ready to tell to you all secrets, that at is at me on heart. I hope, that you also with me will be frank. I want to speak with you about all. For example, about ****** attitudes. I think, that it is important in attitudes between the man and the woman. I think, we adult people Dave, and I think, that it is necessary for us to know about each other all. How you concern to ***? It plays what role of your life. I think, that in attitudes there should be a harmony, And it means, that there should be all. What for you is more important? I think, that it is very important. It is especially important to consider needs of both parties. I am right? I think, that you interested with my last novels. I can tell, that them was a little, but each of them has brought during my life, both a particle of pleasure, and a pain. I had some novels, but all of them have not crowned success. For itself also has decided, That else simply has not met that person who on the present can love and appreciate me. The my dear friend Dave I very much want to know as your full name and a surname, I want to know as she sounds with my name. Tell to me, whether you are engaged in sports, fitness? I yes! A free minute I try to run in a training hall or on aerobics, well and besides I have my favourite dances. I shall not tell, that I seriously am fond of sports. No, on the contrary, I do all in a measure and whenever possible. That it is always good to look, feel and be in a tone. And what role in your life is played with sports? As you, probably, on are heard at us in Russia very beautiful nature. There are also huge areas of woods and fields where we quite often leave together with my friends, To lead the days off or holiday. There, on the nature it is possible to combine pleasant with useful. To have a rest and during too time to go in for sports. That, as a matter of fact, I also do. We always usually leave city for some days and we come off on full. My favourite season is a summer, and my favourite color, is green yellow, Color of plants both red color and all warm tone. Summer - a wonderful season which to not be compared to anything the rest. When it is possible to bathe and sunbathe, float by boats and to fish. When around flowers, berries, mushrooms and the everything else grow. And I, certainly, understand, that in all there are minuses and pluss, and each season there are features, But it is pleasant to me - SUMMER more! And what favourite season at you? And how you have a rest with friends? It will be very interesting to me to learn about you and about your friends and as you spend time! I never would think, that in the Internet it is possible to meet such remarkable person as you. Also that to me will be so interestingly, and that I shall be so is keen on you. I feel, That you too are keen and that to you it as it is interesting, as well as to me and that I do not leave your ideas. I like to think of you. I like that peak of our attitudes that forces to experience them all body and reason. Sometimes I even feel the child because such minutes it would not be desirable to think of anything and anything to do, And simply to be given to the dreams. Somebody would tell to me, even couple of months back, That I shall get acquainted with such remarkable the man, as you, moreover by means of the Internet. That I for anything in it have not believed and would tell, that it simply is not possible also all this not about me. But you see, how the destiny itself has disposed and has placed the points. I have got acquainted with you to that it is very glad, I hope, what you too are glad?! I am sure Dave, that never could betray the person or make something in this sort. But very much I am afraid, that will sometime betray me. I frequently above it thought And have come to that never could forgive treachery. I, certainly, see a difference between physiology and feelings, But I adhere to that opinion, that if the person even in ideas supposes it to make it in a life it is possible. While during this period of my lonely life when I became the widow and till this moment there was no that men with whom I could connect the life. For this reason I have decided to find love by means of the Internet because under letters, Probably, to study soul of the person, and to understand all his essence. I have managed to understand, to what the person aspires in this life and that wants. Forgive, but it is time to me to go. It was pleasant for me to read your letter, I hope, you will not force me to wait for a long time for the following opportunity to learn you. As it will be very interesting to me to know your ideas concerning my letter.
I with impatience shall wait for your following letter.
With best regards Ekaterina.
Letter 5
Good afternoon the my dear friend Dave!!!!! I am very glad to receive your letter and at once I write to you the answer. I very much miss and I want to forget about work and all affairs and to think only of you. At us it is now very cold, and all these days goes a snowfall, and snows the monthly norm has already dropped out. I am grateful to you for your compliment, my beauty natural, at us in city all girls such beautiful, and it in the nature of things. How at you an affair? Whether you miss about me Dave? I want to tell and my city. My city as you already know refers to Slobodskoj. Our city is based in 1599 and is city of regional submission. I already spoke you, that it not the big small town. It is located in the Kirov area, In 33 kms to northeast from the city of Kirov. Kirov is in 900 kilometers to the east from Moscow. From the end of 18 centuries Slobodskoj - a strong point of a trading way from Arkhangelsk to Vyatka. The part of the goods, including furs and leather, settled in Slobodskoj, that has led to to occurrence here a leather - fur craft. In the beginning of 19 centuries the city becomes significant shopping center due to export of bread, a leather, furs and flax. In the beginning of 20 centuries on volume of industrial output Slobodskoj won first place in area, was the exporter of leather of production, *****, matches. Yes city very beautiful, though also small. Beside the river proceeds. We with friends like to be on the nature, to bathe and sunbathe on coast of the river in the summer. We even have favourite places on the nature where we go only. Dave I want to ask your number phone, very much I want to hear, your voice. I heard, that is possible to call from the main telegraph in our city, in any country. Probably, it rather dearly costs, but I shall try to descend And learn there tomorrow full details and then all I shall write to you, my dear. And when to you shall call we though on hardly hardly we become more close to each other. It is very a pity to me, that I do not have home telephone number and even cellular. And I cannot talk to you directly from a house. My parents too do not have phone. As I already wrote to you, they live in a private sector, In the house and there a telephone line never was and hardly once she there will be. I understand, that we live in very poor country and becomes very sad because, That we are deprived even the most primitive means of dialogue, things, in my opinion, the first necessity. It would be wonderful, if at me phone was, we could communicate though every day. To hear each other and to tell all news. But it is necessary to dream of it only. But I do not get tired to hope, that we, not looking on anything, We can talk in the near future with each other and hear our voices. You want it? And if "yes", I ask you write to me the phone number and I shall call to you from telegraph and I hope that I shall hear your voice. Dear Dave, you to whom from familiar told that about ours with you acquaintance? I also want to ask the main request for me. Dave you have cleaned the structure with Yahoo? I hope you of me will understand correctly, I do not want that who that has still written you the letter. Yours letters became the main sense of my life, and I would not like you to lose because of what that of the woman With easy character and easy behaviour. I concern to your letters is serious also your ideas like me. You clever the man and at you kind heart and soul. I have shared the impressions and happiness with the close girlfriend and parents. My girlfriend, her name is Nadezhda, transfers you greetings from Russia And is very glad to ours with you to close and good acquaintance. She is very happy, that I have changed the outlooks on life when became the widow one year ago, And all that occurs in a life bad, results in the best and good changes in a life. I think myself the optimist in a life. And now I am very glad that have found to myself simply remarkable the man. And that I have really changed outlooks on life it really the truth and she meant that I never understood how people can get acquainted and communicate on the Internet. And I think that the our meeting in letters is not casual also I think it destiny. I always thought, that on the Internet abnormal people which cannot get acquainted with real people in shop, on a party, In the street get acquainted only. Well, in a word, in a usual, real life. And now I realize, that it so is wonderful, that such chance to meet you was presented me And that you have written to me and now we together. Dave you my gift of destiny. And on at the person you will not get acquainted with the man from other country, it simply is not real in my city. I am very glad that there is on the ground such way of acquaintance on the Internet, And in letters it is possible to open completely the soul and heart, it is very fine. I have told to parents about our acquaintance, and they even were surprised a little, That I communicate with the person from other country and completely not close. Him was so interestingly, they so for a long time asked me on you, and about us with you. That I have not much become puzzled at all and some questions was not ready to answer at all. They have asked me, whether serious at us with you of the attitude? If to speak fairly I have answered, that and even very serious. And mine parents always wanted that I was happy in a life, but this happiness yet has not passed to me. But I do not suffer I believe also hope, that I shall be happy doubly And me the God will award for mine sufferings in mine with sulfur, a former life. I at all do not know, can, early I draw any conclusions and acts, but I want to set to you one and very important question. Whether serious at us with you of the attitude Dave????? I very much wait for your answer! I the adult person and I see and I feel you. At me even to you such deep related feeling as though I am familiar with you one thousand years. I see, that between us something the greater, Than simply friendship and dialogue. I do not want to be afraid and hesitate of that I feel and I speak you always only the truth about myself. I want to see the same from you my dear Dave! On these dots I want to finish the today's letter. I very much wait your answer and I want to learn somewhat quicker everything, that you will write to me.
Good-bye, my dear. I embrace and wait.
Yours it is sincere Ekaterina.
Letter 6
Greetings my loved Dave!!!!! Whether I do not know has the right I you so to name, but I so would like it. I am very glad, that me understand also your letter, for me, as a drink of fresh air, as new big page in my life. You have changed me and all my life. I do not know, that to me now to do, But I at all do not present the life now without you. I went to telegraph and have learned that I can call to you. But unfortunately they are sonorous do not accept only I can call to you. At present for me it is financial unprofitable. I shall call as soon as at me will be money. Ok? And yours letters now became the main sense of my life, They are very necessary for me and roads to me. I all this long time for me only also thought of you, and dreamed. I very much hastened to write today this letter to you from all heart, May the soul simply sings for pleasure that you are at me and May the life began on to sparkle many And it is more beautiful from your letters. I know for sure, that you my future and my unique the man to which I trust the destiny, the heart and soul. But I very much ask you to write to me if you in something doubt or is not confident. I do not want to deceive neither you, nor. I need to know precisely, that ours with you of the attitude, It is very serious also our feelings are mutual. I am afraid while, to say any big words, to name everything, That between us occurs love or something another. But I am sure in one precisely, That all this not simply sympathy or friendship, it something much greater both deep and gentle! Dave I do not know, how you, but I am simply happy and I live the happiness. I understand, that for all this word in which all some letters, mean differently. For someone it is good work, for someone children, for someone it to be rich, For someone another to lay at night under stars and to dream. It is not possible to unit And tell all this, that all this - happiness. For each person it very individually, And everyone solves it for itself, that actually for him and there is a happiness. I cannot speak about others, but about myself I can precisely tell, that I shall go from mind with the happiness. I can not is, neither drink, nor work. I fly on clouds of the happiness. Every night I fall asleep with the happiness. And each new day having plunged into the even greater happiness! And my happiness is you Dave! Yes, I realize, that constantly I leave in dreamland and I get out therefrom for work, for dialogue with friends And on shopping, but you everywhere with me, in my ideas. I also realize, that we live on the different ends of our planet, that me at all does not frighten, In spite of the fact that I never went in other countries. Also that at me many the minuses and lacks, That many material problems (the account in the Swiss bank with my first million euro for the present is not open) (it is a joke). But I the romantic woman and during too time I really look at things, And I precisely know, as far as you are important for me in my life And consequently all these problems leave far far on the second plan. When to me it is sad also me can offend men, I always speak the favourite joke: My ideal of the man - Mailz Forkosigan from a cycle of novels about Barrayare Lois Budgolyd. Because it incredibly clever, kind, courageous, without tower, witty, cheerful, optimistical, Ingenious, charming, fair, generous, romantic, gallant and paranoid in good sense. And the most important because it never will deceive trust and will not betray. And on that it the humpbacked dwarf with the curved body and growth meter forty, me to spit. For me it is necessary in this life serious present the man, as you. Though I also understand, That in our modern world already many women manage and men. But about myself I want to tell, That the weak woman who requires your support, in your strong and firm hand. I very much want, that we always were together, were together and have created the present harmony in world around. Also have simply made each other happy. Why that now I have recollected these lines which I very much want that you have seen also all have understood. To tell the truth, I do not know, how all this will look in translation into your language, But I very much want, that you have understood all,that I wanted you to tell Dave!!! I thought, that the main thing
In a pursuit of destiny-
Work above itself: Above all lacks,
Which are visible,
Above nasty inclinations,
Which are given, The magic valve,
Iron a wall
There should be advantages,
Brought up by me. Once I so thought by a youth of years.
It seemed, this main thing, and appeared - is not present.
From all well-wishers nobody has explained,
That the main thing that somebody so loved you: With all lacks,
Tears and attacks,
Scandals and shifts,
And propensity to lie, Including their depths,
Including their riddles,
Unknown secrets
Your big soul. Dave write to me, please, that you about all it think, it will be very interesting to me to know! My fellow workers very curious people and all time are interested, Where it I all time so hurry to escape on earlier from work. While I do not want to speak them anything, that at me, in my life you have appeared. I want, that you were only for me. And for all others remained a riddle, the answer On which him only still should be learned sometime. Well and now I want to say goodbye to you. Today at me difficult enough and sated day was. I shall go home, on earlier I shall lie to have a rest, and you again will be in my dreams and near to me. Do not fall asleep without me, move and leave to me a place, I shall be near to you!!!
So long Dave! Up to a meeting in dreams, my loved Dave!
Yours Ekaterina.
Letter 7
Greetings the my dear friend Dave!!!!! My long-awaited, my loved and sweet! How you, my dear? To me without you here awfully bad and sometimes even tears slide themselves from separation from you, From my mad burning desire to be together for ever. I am glad to learn from you the information that between us 8 hours a difference. I yesterday have not sustained. At home has been simply intolerable to sit one, and I have gone to the parents. I him have told all, about us, and how I want to change cardinally In further the life together with you.With my beloved. Certainly, all over again they have reacted to your occurrence in my life the big surprise. But the most complex was to explain to them all that I feel and I want in the life. I always easily found common language with parents, and now I could not give them to understand, That it is very important for me. In any case they wish me only good luck. And it is not important in what is shown. In this case they are glad, that I have met the man which on advantage could estimate me. I have told everything, that I know about you and they are pleased with the person with whom I have decided to connect the life. And that that I should leave them for the sake of the favourite person And for the sake of own happiness they I realize. As well as always daughters always approach with the fathers, And in my family, the daddy though it at me and already enough adult and in years it at me the best more, And it very wise it as anybody understands another and supports me. I always listened to it and followed his advice. And now it as has not disregarded all my experiences and firmly ordered to follow me to desires of the heart And never to overlook about reason. Certainly as well as all parents they are anxious about me, but understand that I deserve happiness and that now at me the excellent opportunity to make you and happy has appeared. And consequently I want to tell to you, that I not one and at me always am And there will be a supportof my favourite parents where I was. I never complained of lack of attention on the part of men, but before fell in love only Platonically. Now in my life there is you, and nothing can be compared to that feeling which, I test now. I feel a shiver in knees, hands are shaked, when I see your letters. Me as if covers with a love raincoat Dave. And the most important, nothing can prevent development of ours with you of attitudes! Any man on light cannot be compared to you my dear! And only you my ideal and are not necessary for me any more who,except for you. You are not similar to anybody from my former life. I simply adore you. You the remarkable interlocutor, the close and kind person. I am madly glad and happy, That I have got acquainted with you, and that you have chosen me. I simply burn down from mad love to you my dear Dave. I all time think and I dream of us, my love. I present, that near to me every night, every minute. And where I have gone you beside, you are close also we can do everything, that we shall want. Yesterday even dream has dreamed me, that you and I sit at night somewhere about fine big lake, burns a fire, And you embrace me. And all was bound: fire of a fire and fire of desire, both love, and passion, both caress, And jealousy. I have woken up with awful feeling, that you can have other woman. I understand, that it certainly the big nonsense which has occurred to me, but I very much was upset. When I have received your letter, my mood has risen, but in soul there was not a good deposit. Loved write to me, calm me, that at you more anybody is not present. T hat I the unique woman in your life with whom you correspond. I shall wait very much!!! I cannot look at one of men which go, are about or work together with me Dave. You borrow all my ideas only about you. You know, sometimes I feel lonely, and it reduces me from mind. In fact the matter is that I know, That you are in my life and that we are dear each other and that all will be good. But that most of all me disturbs is that I cannot feel it when it so does not suffice me. I would like to feel you. I want to love you not only heart, but also hands. I want to feel your smell and to know that you beside. It can sounds and is banal, But I need to feel every day itself necessary and loved. Certainly, I understand, that now it is impossible And that every night we fall asleep with you in one bed which bedsheet was stretched on one thousand kilometers. But I all the same feel your heat and I hear your breath. Sometimes I am visited with very sad ideas that I never can see you, but I there and then drive them away from myself And I try to think about something pleasant, for example, of you and how we with you shall live. You know, I at once want to tell to you that you did not think of me, That I reflect as the naive romantic girl though it can and so, but I perfectly present, And how many efforts is necessary to apply how we should begin our joint life on this. But I shall make everything that a life have not allowed our attitudes will weaken. I shall apply all efforts to create strong family. Now it is difficult for me to argue on It because the most important is to be together, and the everything else will learn also the most important to trust in It and to want. The desire very strong thing and with his presence is possible to achieve only. I, was possible to tell, is overflown with him and I know, that you too wish only one - to be together. And now we with you should apply all force to achieve our purpose. And it means to make everything, to be together. I frequently and thought above it much and now would like to know your opinion in this occasion. Dave it is very important for me to know your opinion. In fact we should do all together And even to try to discuss all developed situations. Sometimes I overlook that I write because I speak all this with such enthusiasm that seems to me as if we talk. Now I need to wait only your letter And to learn about what you you think. We necessarily should find an output and to make it it is necessary To be as soon as possible because I do not have forces more in separation from you. Sometimes going along the street, Boiling people, all inside me burns, and it would be desirable to shout in all voice, and I shout, but nobody hears me. Everyone crowd and go on the affairs. And up to me anybody does not have an affair and you so is far, That too cannot hear my call for help. And so now I want, that you heard it and have helped me. In fact you the unique person who can make me happy in this new life begun with a new sheet for me. I love you Dave. I is very glad that my life changes in the best party about feelings to you and very much I hope, That you will not force me to wait for a long time for your letter and, that you understand, all that I now suffer.
I tender kiss you Dave. With love, yours Ekaterina.
Letter 8
Hi loved Dave!!!!! I as if anew was born, when have seen your letter. You know how many pleasures to me delivers that as you write to me. My love I certainly can arrive to you and me here there is already nothing work too does not hold. And that you for me now can make the biggest for our meeting to help me with money to arrive to you. And it will be simple to me to find difficultly money for arrival to you your country and I all earn 220 dollars a month And I will not be confident that this money to suffice to arrive to you. But I think that I can get a job when I shall be in your city and I can thank somehow you for helped to me. And in our country Russia everyone solve only money I had a good friend which now lives in England and it did a soya the visa here in the city of Slobodskoj and all other documents. And only then it has gone to Moscow in embassies of the USA, and there has simply registered the visa. And I think that it is the best and fast variant as to me to make all necessary documents to arrive to the USA. You with me agree? I certainly shall learn how to make too here in Agency all documents and with pleasure I shall write to you. But me as you understand your help and it now for me and for you the most important will be necessary. OK? So it is pleasant for me to realize, that you are and that at you all is good. I am simply happy to feel myself as the beloved. I am glad, that my feelings are mutual, And I can feel you on distance. It is pleasant to me sometimes, having woken up to reflect that, You do during that moment and of what you think. In your words and offers I learn and I read as though the ideas. That we think equally and we want same. I feel, that we related souls. I am very happy, that have met you. As I want and I dream of appearing now in your embraces. I would nestle on your ******, and my breath concerned your neck. In fact it is not too difficult. Certainly, it is easier to dream of it, having plunged into the small world both to live there And to feel itself as the happiest. But if in serious to think, what we need to make to be together? And as it is wonderful to be in my small world where there is only you and I. Where I can feel you where you to me smile, and there is nobody and where nothing prevents us. And nobody can prevent us. And the most important, that is the world only ours where there is absolutely nobody where It is not necessary to think where it is possible to plunge simply each other and to overlook about all on light. And to force all world to stop and live only for the sake of us. I want to feel your breath, Carrying out a hand on your body, I want to see your eyes when you will speak me everything about what It was necessary so for a long time to be silent. In fact you understand how difficultly to express all ideas On a sheet of a paper. And even if I now could see now you and look in your clear eyes, I, probably, could not find all those necessary words. In fact it is very difficult. Also can even be not thought up yet those words with which it would be possible to express all my feelings and emotions. In my head it is so much ideas, that I cannot simply write to you everything, that so it would be desirable to tell, Looking in your eyes. I would like to forget all shame and pride, and to rush on a meeting of the love. I simply do not learn myself. I was not such earlier. It seemed to me earlier, that I am floating on current And I rotate together with other people in this complex vital circulation. And was, but now all has changed. I have forced this world to rotate around of us with you. I want to live with you, I want to wake up and see you. To observe your dream and to think that dreams you. I want to fall asleep with you and to feel your strong hand when you will embrace me. I want to speak with you when it would not be desirable to sleep. I want to enjoy with you a decline, To meet a dawn and much many other things. I want to do everything if only you were a number And let all world will wait. Certainly, I understand, that it is not possible and necessary to look at things really. But sometimes so it would be desirable to forget about all. It would be desirable to think, That all so is simple, that stars can be touched. Also that is possible to touch you, and simply to fall asleep And see sweet dreams, being under your soft wings, with which you cover me to protect from all illnesses. We are created the friend for the friend, and I with confidence can tell, that you my second half. It is not simple words, I in the life many times burnt that threw words on a wind. But I already for a long time not the child also think that I speak and now I simply follow the desires. I want, that we simply lived and liked each other.On the one hand in it there is nothing complex, And with another there is a huge set of so-called complexities. But I shall not admit, that between us ever there were barrier. And I shall make everything that we have reached our purpose. Now I with confidence can tell, that I want to throw all and to be near to you. This unique my desire. I am ready to all and on all only to be near to my favourite person,with you Dave! I for a long time thought of all it and I realize, that you never will leave the country. There too much holds you, first of all it is your work, position. For a long time reflecting above it, I have made the decision that I shall go up to the end and in this case it that I am ready to leave the last life and to begin her together with you and there where you. And I am ready to leave the country only because of love to you my loved. I want to arrive to you. I cannot live apart from you more. I want to overcome that distance that divides us with you. And I am ready to go on everything that nothing has cut us. I want to be a single whole. And I know, that it is possible, we need to want it very strongly only. Write to me the ideas, make me more strongly, To help me to overcome up to the end all my fears though I already am afraid of nothing when You a number of me nothing can stop. You beside and I are happy. So do me happy, in fact all in our handsand to us is dependently all. And I need to search now for a way which I can arrive to you. And for me it is the now most important. I completely hope for you and on your support. I shall try to get tomorrow all information interesting me and necessarily all I shall inform to you. I with great impatience shall wait for your letter. It is important for me to know your ideas and feelings. I want to listen and hear you. You all this, that are necessary for me. You my life, my love and pleasure. I shall make everything that you also were happy, as well as I.I love you all heart and we should be together and to be happy.
For ever yours Ekaterina.
Letter 9
Greetings my love Dave!!!!! I can tell only one - I am madly happy to feel again force of that string that connects us.Both this the most important and worth, that is now in my life. So it is pleasant to read your words and to realize as far as I is happy, when I can know that you do and how you. Whether in fact I need to know constantly where you are also all at you well.I constantly need to realize, that at you all is good. In fact now I am excited only with you.I worry about you and I want only one - that at us all was good. With the big interest I read that occurs in your head and in your heart. My love I read your websites and I understand that it difficultly to make the visa and to arrive to the USA, but in agency where I now am going to do the visa. In Embassy in Moscow good communications to me will make all quickly for the shortest term. And in Our country Russia all can be bought for money. Recently I can not think about anything except for our meeting because for me now is a unique purpose to which i i aspire,putting all forces. But me to not do without in any way your help.I need in you and I am glad to know, That you never will leave me and will always help me, in fact differently and cannot be. That day when we shall meet, it will be the day filled with huge splash of emotions. Our love will be free and can make everything, everything, but only for the blessing to us to a two.We in its authority,now fine and more and more attracting. Any more there will be no disappointment, there will be no pain. There is only I and you and more than anybody on all white light. Two hearts which are beaten together, ready to merge in the uniform heart filled with love. Now there is nothing more important us with you and that day when we at last can be together and be betraid to our feelings. There is nothing more important that happiness, that we shall find, when we can be together.There is no more grief and there should not be no doubts. It seems to me, that our love shines all world in the mornings and does not cover a veil in the evening.All this we. You know, I cannot sometimes fall asleep, because ideas do not give me rest, I cannot get rid of them, even when do not remain forces to think about you. You always in my ideas that I did not do also each second second I I think of you.Love,Dave I very much worry for you. I want, that you shared with me everything, that to you occurs.Because I want, that you have understood,how it is important for me to know about you all. You the most remarkable person who to me could be met in my life.I am indefinitely grateful to you that you have brought pleasure during my life. I want to tell, that you have made me happy, you have returned to me confidence of and of the future.You the remarkable person.You the best! I love you!!!!!! Both to anybody and I shall allow to take away to nothing you from me. I shall not allow anybody and to anything us to separate. And I am sure, that you think as. I can continue to speak it eternally, but, unfortunately, Our time is not eternal also we should be in time still much in this life lovely I is ready to any tests if only to be near to you. Travel to you will be the most wonderful thing in my life. We can find each other. I you will be sure the excellent husband. And most of all I am sure in that. That all will be good, because and should be. I perfectly present that expects me in the future that is necessary to start to study in me to live anew, to search for work, friends, but I am ready to all this. I am ready to go even on the greater if only to be confident,that the ending of that will cost,of what I personally do not doubt. I realize, that I shall miss on the parents, and they too will be, but they are glad, that I have made such decision. They know,how it is hard to live in Russia, and that here I cannot be rather happy. Now I want to tell that I have learned concerning my crossing. Yesterday I on earlier have left work to go in agency on the tourism, taking place nearby to my house. There all have clearly explained to me. I need to do new documents and to make out the visa in your country. But all this not difficultly also will not borrow time. Since tomorrow's day I plan to engage in it. I need the passport for travel abroad, on his manufacturing will leave about seven days after payment. His cost of 100 dollars.As I will need to issue the visa to do the visa of the bride or guest, on it there will leave a lot of time. I need the tourist visa, as against the visa of the bride she costs 65 dollars. And on its manufacturing there will leave too seven days. As in my city there is only a branch of the Moscow firm after all will be paid, I should go to Moscow to take away all documents necessary for me. In general, documents which will be necessary for me are a passport for travel abroad, The visa and a social package of documents which includes various medical information. The total sum which is necessary for that what to issue the passport for travel abroad, The visa of the tourist, medical information and trips to Moscow 450 dollars. I have learned in bank in what way better to send money and it have told, That the most safe and fast translation system of money from one country in another is the Western Union. He has told, this system is convenient that you do not need to know addresses of bank where it is also translation some minutes are carried out all. And as it is not necessary to have any bank account.I not when did not have bank account. Love only needs to be sent you money for mine name Ekaterina Perova and i without problems can receive your money at any office of the Western Union. As it is very safe translation system of money and only I can receive them. For that that would receive money to me it is necessary to know your name and a surname,a home address,and MTCN(Money Transfer Control Number). About the help of it I can receive your money. I am very grateful to bank that they have given me such full information. I know, that you think of me and it warms not only my soul, but also a body. Sometimes my dreams of me frighten. But it not fear. It even is pleasant I dream of you in the afternoon, I dream of you at night. You always in my ideas. I love you! I love the dreams and I like to think of the moments when we shall be together. When we shall be together. I cannot simply wait that day when we can embody all our dreams in a reality.
I with impatience shall wait for your letter Dave.
About love your loved Ekaterina.
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