Romance scam letter(s) from Kristina Krestyaninova to Marc (Australia)
Letter 1

Hello !My name is Kristina. I am a little bit nervous as it is the first time I use this service. Today I saw your profile and decided to write to you. And I hope you will reply me. You knew it is seems to me that you are a right person for me. Of course I can not say it for sure, so in order to check we can write letters to each other.I am a very romantic person and I like to write letters, one can learn about another person with a help of correspondence better then in person. And then when we meet each other it will be very easy for us to communicate, as will know all my like and dislikes to that moment.Are you ready try? I am waiting...:-) My email is yf2005@yandex.ruTake care!Have a great day!Kristina
Created: 2006-06-21    Last updated: 2006-06-21    Views: 535
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