Scam letter(s) from Ludmila to Ken (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello, my darling Ken!!!
I have been waiting so much for your letter, you can't imagine, Ken. I think that may be now we resolute our destiny. May be I am a little bit naive, but I always try to be very optimistic and I believe in good, in good changes in future.
You know, Ken, I am a very romantic girl. I try to build relations on mutual confidence. I think that any serious relations can be built without human confidence or on deceit. Really, Ken, I think that without confidence it isn't possible to built love. Do you agree with me? I think that you think in the same way, don't you?
And, Ken, for making confidence between two people it's necessary to know more about each other. How do you think? That's why in every my letter I try to tell you more about myself. I feel that you are interested in it (I just hope), and that's why I describe my life with great enthusiasm.
Me too, Ken, I hope that you will tell me more about yourself. Nobody can learn about a person more than himself or herself.
So I continue to give you more information about me and my life.
I live in my apartment alone. I live in a very beautiful area and there is a very beautiful park next to my house. There I adore going for a walk and sometimes I run there in the morning. Yes, I try to be in good shape, and that's why I do shaping. I just adore going to the cinema! I think it's much better than watch films at home in utter solitude. Don't you think so&? Do you like to go to the cinema? Also I just adore go to barbeque with my friends to the forest. I think that nature is the best place for having a rest with friends. We have one favorite place near the lake in the forest. It's so beautiful, and nobody knows about it, that's why it's very calm there. And what about you? Do you go to the nature with your friends?
You know, Ken, in my life friends have a very great significance. They often helped me in different situations. I appreciate them a lot.
Some years ago I tried to find my parents. I went to maternity house where I was born and I wanted to know something about my parents. But there I was told awful news. Fifteen years ago there was a fire and all the documents were burn in the fire. I learnt that now there is no possibility to find my parents... I was awfully destroyed, really disappointed...
But I decided to create my own family and to make my family the happiest in the world!!!
Unfortunately I have to finish my letter...
I hope to learn more about you in next letter, please tell me more!!!
I wait for your letter with great impatience.
Kisses, Ludmila.
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