Scam letter(s) from Elena to Pieter (South Africa)

Letter 1
hello... my name is elena... I from Russia! well... I hope, that I can hope with you for dialogue further...? I very much would want to have the foreign friend. I want to tell to you my overall objective of acquaintance! To me almost 30 years, and this idea forces me To think of creation of loving and happy family! Probably it sounds silly... To search for someone on the Internet, But it is possible and there is a chance to find the love here! I shall hope, that you will answer this message... And I shall leave for you personal e-mail: elena
Letter 2
Hi Pieter!!!!!!!!!!!
I am very glad that you answered my little letter. I was very surprised your answer, because I made up my mind to use the Internet for searching a friend for a long time. I would like to find a man who would understand me and share my sights on life. I want to tell you a little about me. I am a Russian light girl, I am 29 years old. I was born on the 7 feb, 1977. I am a Christian, I believe in Jesus and in the fate which the God prepared for every human. I live and work in city Cheboksary. I am fond of our wonderful city. There are a lot of beautiful streets and squares and other remarkable places in my city. My city was founded long time ago. The monuments of antiquity harmonize with modern architecture. In 2002 I was graduated from the Cheboksary State University. My profession is programs. But Unfortunately after university I couldn't find a job on my specialty and I had to become a salesman consultant in a shop of computers. Thanks to studying at the university I know English. But please excuse me for my mistakes. I want to muster English and I hope that you will help me in it. I have never been married and don't have children. But like every women I dream about a man who will love me. I would like to have my own house, my family. I want to see a man near me who will be support for me, which one I will trust till the end. I would like to learn more about you. What are you doing in free time?
Have you ever had a family?
Do you have children?
I hope to hear from you soon.
With best wishes… elena PS - What is scammer?
Letter 3
Hi my friend Pieter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Again I am so glad to get your letter. I am very interested in Dialogue With you, because we learn about each other more and more from our letters. It is very pleasant for me to know that I have friend with whom one I can share my dreams, but he lives far away from me. I hope that you are interested in our communication with me too. My friend Pieter I want to tell you about my family. My mother lives for 200 km from my city cheboksary in a small but very beautiful town. She works as a sales man in a shop. My father died by accident in a building. Since then my mother has still not completely got over the shock from this loss., because they loved each other very very much. Every week-end I try to visit my mother because the whole her life she helped me and took cared about me. My mother wants to see me happy. She wants me to have a hard family, good husband and beautiful children. Please dear friend Pieter write me more about you about your close people, I hope that everything is all right with them. Tell me please about your friends. Finishing my letter I hope that soon I will get your answer. Your friend…… elena I not sacammer...
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