Scam letter(s) from Mariam Maxwell to Mario (USA)

Letter 1
Hi darling, How are you again thanks for your message, i think you'er stil at home, iunderstand how you feel by me saying that i love you, you just don't know how am very happy that i always send you message everday because i don't believe that i can meet someone like you out there and again i see that you are very honest man that am looking for , and also i understand how also feel again,is just about those ladies doing out here using another man out there, and i want ti asure that am not that kind of woman am honest and caring loving and i have pure feelin ture love for not that am teasing you, and am't hurt about what you said is when you have 100 % certain trust on me is then we can be closer more than this, and am okay about this.. And about the visa fees for renew is 145usd and i also ask them because is not too far from my house is at ikeja you can check the place on net, and i do also ask them that can you paid direct to them from usa ,they said that they don't accpect internation payment that is physical payment that is the only way they want.... and i don't know what do do about this, and to scan my passport visa my friend don't have scaning machine, and the place to scan it very far from my home is about 23mile to my house i will need to take bus, and it be dangerus by me taking my passpaort arround is only when i renew i can do all this once i renew i will just use the same time to take it to the place to scan it so that i can send it to you mail, at embassy i also ask for for ticket flight by one way trip wish is connecting flight and is 1,640usd to sky harbor in phoenix, and they also told me that they don't accpect E-ticket because the immgration officer caught someone one out here decemeber season they caught them they using fake flight and they jail them since that they have stop E-ticket if i want to come i wil also need to get my ticket her by myself.... and if you want to send me money you can send sent it to me because i can't used my passport to get money is my mum you can send it to so here is my address info
Name Sandra Maxwell
23 ige street
city ketu
zipcode 23401
state Lagos
country Nigeria and you will also send me your full info when you send me the money i mean you name and you address and the Mtcn and the tes qestion and answer, bUt i just want you to know that am't afater money okay i just want you to have 100% trust on me and we both canmake something happen once you have trsut me one, we be together because am so tried of beenig single out here and if we can be together when am with you will always be happy and rejouies together everday and night , i will be also thinking about you everday and night ,i will just be on my bed reading novel and thinking about you, and i will extend your greetins to my mum and my little sister, take good care of yourself for me
.. Your LOVE Huge & Kisses
Your Mariam
Letter 2
I understand how you feel well if you feel like this tha m means we are not match.. okay thanks bye
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