Scam letter(s) from Julia Zainullina to Christian (Mexico)

Letter 1
Hello dear Stranger!
Thank you for your interest. I am 27 years old. I am from Ukraine. Kiev. As you now I am seller in cosmetic firm. I like my job very much. Now I feel I have arrange my own life. My friends advanced me applied to the Internet for finding my love. You might ask me, "why Internet? you are young and there are a lot of Ukrainian guys over there"...frankly speaking, I don't know how to explain it, but you see every time I met with somebody I realized that this man is not what I need. I was desperate, I start thinking that maybe it was me who the reason, but now I think I have understood what's the problem. Ukrainian guys are very spoiled with good attitude forward them, there are too many beautiful women in Ukraine, who are ready to share their love with them, that they stopped value it. They don't consider they have to be polite and caring with woman and might think, "o'k this girl doesn't like my attitude forward her, but there are a lot of other who will be happy if I look at them". I don't want to be just a doll for my man. I am very simple in my thoughts, love to meet people, am very trusting, have had some bad experiences but most of the time I end up meeting people who are nice, I love my work, I think it is very interesting it makes me meet a lot of different people, I think people are so different but they are the same in a lot of ways and if you have an open mind and are not critical, you can get along very well with people from different cultures. I am looking for love and understanding which will bring joy to our lives, my best friend, my lover, my companion, with whom I will be able to share all my laughs and sorrows, with whom I can confide in and also he can do the same. I want to build a relationship, where everyday will bring joy to our lives, they say pictures do not say much but I think they do, so, please, send me your picture.
I can tell you that once we can work this out, I will never let you down, love you with all my heart and make you the happiest person in this world. I am attaching a pictures of mine( hope you like them) Will be eagerly waiting your response. Take care of yourself and write back soon.
Kiss you
Letter 2
Hello dear Christian,
Thank you very much for your warm and kind letter. I was really glad to hear from you again. You know, it seems to me that we are both looking for the same. I hope you will agree completely that honesty and communication are very important. As for me, I don't want too much I just want for my life, someone with whom I have a close and honest, romantic relationship, always fresh and happy. I am very tender person if I am with the right person, to whom I "allow myself" and to open myself completely. I believe life must be lived with passion, and that applies also to love. I want a person whom I love totally, tenderly, without restraints or barriers. Christian, I feel that it is a part of my life that is missing but it is not easy to find that special man that can make me give myself completely to him. I am still hoping to meet him. Do you think that we perhaps have already met what we both are looking for? It would be a great luck indeed. And if so, I don't want to miss that chance. You seem to be a very kind and intelligent person, I would like to know much more about you, your life, your dreams and just talk about whatever you want to. You know, vacation are coming and I feel myself so lonely. Of course I have friends and my family but at the same time everyone has his own live and I want to have my close man near. I think if we like each other it would be nice to meet as soon as possible. Soon I will have one month of vacation. Maybe I will come? What do you think? I think that people of our ages can not write each other during years. We have meet and find out how we feel each other together. Create a real relationships and explore all kind of relationships which can be between two close people. I have an international passport ( I visited Poland with my friend's family, her husband from Poland) so I think I can organize my visit quickly. May I ask you a few questions which will help me to know you a little better What is the best quality of your personality? What is the most intimate experience between a man and a woman? What is there about you that most people would be surprised to know? What do you dislike the most? What is your favorite color? What are you passionate about? I want delete my profile because I think it will be honest. I want to continue my correspondence only with you and I think it is a right step. I want to be honest with you. Do you agree with me? So, dear, I will be waiting for your next letter impatiently. Hope to hear from you very soon. Christian, I am very interested in you and will be happy to continue our lettering and then to meet in person. I send pictures of me. Hope you will like. Kiss you
Letter 3
Hello, my dear Christian,
Thank you very much for your letter. Thank you for answers on my questions, here is my answers:
What is the best quality of your personality? Honesty and optimism
What is the most intimate experience between a man and a woman? The sharing of a loving smile, the warmth of a caress, the tenderness of a soft wanting kiss, love.
What is the most important thing you search for in a friend? True caring - the willingness to sacrifice on each other behalf.
What is there about you that most people would be surprised to know? That I am unhappy when I am alone.
What do you dislike the most? deception
What is your favorite color? Dark red, black, green
What are you passionate about? you and our relationships
Christian, I will be happy to continue our correspondence and meet you as soon as possible. I desire to see you just now, but I will be patient and will wait the day we meet. I know that I cannot imaging life could turn with a back and we won't find, and try this chance. Let me tell you story. Once two women were sitting and talking. Somebody knocked into the door twice. One of the woman rash to the door:
-Why are you running to open the door? - wondered one of them
-maybe it's my chance, answered another.
-Chance doesn't knock twice!
So it's mean that it's difficult to meet your fate and difficult to keep it near, but as once we received such a chance we have to be patient and careful with those feelings. As only people who can wait receiving their chances.
Christian, I want you to feel free to tell what you think and feel, as it's very important to be true and open from the very beginning. Darling, I'm sending you kisses with the cool breeze, and bright stars, always yours Alina
Letter 4

Dear Sir,
Thank you for your interest in Alina Kasparova. You can see our site We send a document about our registration and an information which includes our services and prices: Translation service:
* to translate one letter - 5$
* to translate 10 letters - 50$
* to translate 20 letters - 90$
* to translate phone conversation - free
* scan. photo - 1$
Also we propose a subscription which includes unlimited quantity of letters
* 1 month - 140$ (include pictures and phone conversations)
* 2 month - 210$ (include pictures and phone conversations) If you wish we can to arrange English or German languages courses for your lady:
* basic course:3 times a week,2 hours per day, lasting 2 month - 420$
* basic course:3 times a week,2 hours per day, lasting 1 month - 225$ Terms of payment
* if you are can not make your transfer by Internet, you can find on this site a local agent
* transfer your money via the Western Union system in USA dollars.
The address is: Western Union Ukraine, Kiev Bank Aval.
You have:
* to send your money, indicating our manager's name as a receiver (Natalia Azarenko)
* to inform us of the date of transfer, the money transfer control number (send an e-mail with information)
Hope for our future cooperation. Sincerely Yours
agency "Koncha"
Marina Konchalina
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