Scam letter(s) from Elena Elhovikova to Dave (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Dave!
How are you doing? I think that at you all well! (you probably in reflection who it writes to you she is Elena). I am very glad to receive your letter Dave.
Dave for me it is sincere pleasure, that you have written to me Dave.
Forgive me for a delay to you of the answer Dave. I hope that it has not given you inconveniences. Dave for you it is not surprising to receive the letter from me? The answer Dave it so? Dave I have decided to find to myself the good person through Internet.
I have written to you on yours profile on To me advised to use it my girlfriend Anna. She as well has told Timothy on this site of search of friends.
To me my girlfriend Anna has advised to make it.
She has found to herself the guy through internet. He is the young man from Canada. Anna and Timothy live happily, I see it. And I was solved on that to find to myself the guy through internet. You can ask me why I could not find to myself the guy in the city.? I seriously shall answer you that it has thrown me. It has exchanged me for the friends, it spent time with them much. It was not pleasant to me. I not against man's friendship but when she seriously prevents relations, I think that it poorly. As you think Dave. As it of saws a lot of alcohol, it too to not like me. I do not like, when people drink much.
It harms to relations. I understand, when drink on holidays but when almost each day it for me is not clear. Dave but you and guess as many people drink in Russia. I have no harmful habits. I when did not drink and did not smoke. I prefer to drink fault. And only on holidays. I like to drink white fault.
Dave they like me more.
Dave I want to retell to you words of my girlfriend Anna, she speaks, that men from Australia, Canada and USA absolutely in another way concern to girls.
They respect and appreciate the women, for them the woman not the housewife she for them that the best friend. They ennoble the women.
Dave This opinion of my girlfriend Anna and I with it completely agree.
They has found the second half in Canada. Dave I think, as I in this world manage to find the half. For me has no value where lives, what his social status (that is me the size of his purse), his age, for me the main thing that it lovedme and respected and certainly that it to me was nice. I have decided to write to you Dave. I have chosen your country because it seems to me, that people there speak in English. Dave I know English. It seems to me, that my knowledge of the English language will suffice for dialogue with you Dave.
Well Dave with your permission I shall tell to you about myself.
To me of 30 years. I was born Februar, 4 1975. Dave inform me exact date of your birth?
My growth of 175 centimeters, weight of 58 kg. At me light hair, eyes brown.
I on a nationality Russian.. Dave I the christian, I believe in the god!!!
In opinion of my relatives and friends, I the sociable, kind, ambitious,
goodhearted, intellectual girl. Dave I have no what guys at present.
Dave I want to tell about my city in which I live. I live in Kazan. It to the north of Moscow. Dave approximately about 200-300 kilometers. We live in the city Moscow time. GMT + 03:00. I love city in which I live. At us many beautiful streets.
As my city in to go to the oldest and big cities in Russia. We in Russia have excursion which " the Gold Ring of Russia " refers to. The program of this excursion includes also my city. It very big also is many beautiful places and sights. As you can heard, we in city have big gate which refer to " Spaskye a gate ". These are very big and beautiful gate. Somehow I can send you a photo of it. When there comes night they shine from different directions and it is very beautiful.
In the evenings a lot of youth there gathers and they walk there. As it is possible to see many tourists and people which have arrived to look our city.
I live in an apartment which I take off. Dave in our city there is a city beach,
in the summer people go there to bathe.
But it is already very cold also a beach does not work. It will be fast at us winter and it is very cold. As at this time at us switch off all of a fountain in city. Because it can be very dangerous. In Russia summer begins. This season most of all to like me, it is possible to sunbathe, bathe in the summer. I like when sing birds in the summer, I like to listen to trills of nightingales. Summer at us warm, and winter cold.
Dave And what to like you a season? Dave But I was not born in this city. I have arrived court to study. I have ended the Kazan State University.
I studied at history-philological faculty. I studied there the English language. Before I studied English at school. Dave I think, that we shall understand each other in letters.
After the termination of university I was arranged with the guide in a local museum. I have worked there 3 years. This work too liked me but I there strongly got tired, you see there constantly it was necessary to be on legs.
To carry out excursions. And there paid less than, I receive now.
Now I work as the seller of children's clothes. Two years ago I have got acquainted with very good girl. Her name is Nina. She has a small department at us in big supermarket "Gorizont." And she has suggested me to work as the seller in her small shop. To me very much to like here to work. Because I very much love children and too I want to become mum sometime. To me to have to communicate with young mums. And I even can sometimes advise them. So it is good to me to become when I can help the person even not the big business.
Dave As I want to tell that I use services internet-cafe. I have no computer of a house. On work I have computer, only we do not have access in internet.
Dave I think that it not a problem for me. You see I want to find to myself the good guy. I come in cafe in the basic ambassador of my work.
I have written such big letter I and did not think that I can write about myself so much. I think that you soon to me write.
Dave Write to me about the family. What your family by quantity the person?
Tell to me about your city, the country. How you live. I when not was abroad to me interestingly know about your country all.
I shall say goodbye to you, I wait with impatience of the letter from you Dave.
Dave I put my photo I think it to you to like. Send me more than the photos.
See you soon With the big care Your new Russian friend Elena Bye bye!!!!!!!!
P.S Forgive if what not so with my English language. Dave I think, that I make mistakes if it so Dave you to me, please, write
Letter 2

Hi my friend Dave!
I am very glad to receive the letter from you. I like to be ordered with you.
Through correspondence we learn teach other. Dave you with me agree?
Correspondence enables us to learn the person. Internet gives us such opportunity.. Dave I think that it very well that we are copied with each other. Through letters I start to know you better my dear. Dave. You can be asked a question and why I have chosen you? You can think why someone another,
but I at once want to tell you that you have seemed to me attractive.. Dave I am simple the direct person and I speak on a straight line. Also I very modest girl..
Dave if the guy likes me I can not to start talking with it. (if it occurs in the street), and through letters it to do easier.. Dave I can write I to the person who has liked me and if it he will not answer me means to it is not interesting. And if it will write to me the answer then we can get acquainted with it closer as it occurs at us. Dave.
I am very grateful to my girlfriend Anna and to its friend Timothy. They have persuaded me to take advantage internet. You see Anna and Timothy have got acquainted through internet I to you. Dave I to you about it told earlier..
Dave as you think at us something can turn out further?. Dave write to me that you think on it the account.
Both again and again we should better learn each other. Do you agree with me Dave?
To me very like to communicate with you. Dave, and I want to tell to you about my family.
Dave I have mum and daddy. They live in a village Soviet. This village is not far from Vladimir. (about 70 kilometers). For me borrows about 1 hour to reach them.
I try to visit their each days off. As I wrote to you earlier. Now at us it will be cold and fast winter.
I sometimes should go to help them with their manor.
I at parents the only child but when I was small and me was approximately 4 years.
My mum was pregnant and at her should be born the child. It was the boy.
But that that went not and she had the dead child: (It has very strongly affected mine the daddy and mum.
And they any more did not want that with them there was once again such misfortune.
But I always wanted to have the native brother and the sister. To me it was always lonely.
Dave mum and daddy live in a small small house. They have small site of the ground.
On it they raise a potato, vegetables, fruiters. Still mum with daddy has 5 hens, 1 ****, 2 pigs and the cow. Dave Sometimes, it is usual in days off, I go to visit the parents, to help them on a facilities. To me to like to be in native places. In the summer when I arrive to parents, we go to a wood to collect mushrooms and berries. In a wood very pure air and there it is very pleasant to walk. My mum any more does not work, she many years worked for this village.
And then when she already is very strongly tired she left on pension.
Now she only works as the housewife and looks behind their small house when the daddy on work.
Mine the daddy works as the driver of a tractor. Sometimes he helps to repair rural technics.
Now very few people live in village. Everyone want in city to study and work there.
The rural technics very old and mine daddy very much frequently helps to repair it.
Dave Mum and daddy have got acquainted, when studied in institute.
They met two years and have then got married. In one year I was born. My parents live together 30 years.
They are very happy and like each other. I think, as I shall live also is happy. I have told them about that that I have advantage of services internet to find to itself second half. Parents have approved my act. Dave you see they want that I lived am happy.
As I have already written to you I have no native sisters and brothers, but I have girlfriend Anna. Dave I want to tell you that she to me as the sister. Dave we are familiar with it already for a long time. Dave we with Anna as sisters, we understand each other with a floor of a word.
I should inform you that Anna works as the teacher, she drops a history of Russia. She simply the hero that has gone to work on a speciality. You see as you know Dave in Russia small wages at teachers, but they are nervous much.
Dave now she gives time to me ever less. Dave I understand her at it now is Timothy. As I already wrote to you they have got acquainted through internet.
Anna and Timothy now are in Kazan. I see as they are happy together. They have arrived to Kazan together. First Anna has visited Timothy in Canada. Timothy has invited her to itself. Clearly only after both of them have understood that they like the friend other Anna told to me as they there spent time - I envied it a little. Then Anna has told Timothy, that she would likes to introduce it to the parents and they arrived to Russia. Dave I think, as our meeting will take place. What you think on this occasion Dave?
Dave At you the question can arise, and than I am engaged in free time from work? I spend it with Anna and Timothy. We together walk in park, we go to cafe.
Dave to me to like, that Timothy understands that we as the sister and we can not be the friend without the friend and it invites me with them to take a walk.
Dave it would be inconvenient for me to be imposed to walk with them. I would sit at home one Dave to my pleasure I do not sit at home one. At me not time to go in for sports. I work much and after work I would like to have a rest, take a walk with the girlfriend. Dave I very much like to prepare and it it has estimated Timothy. Dave me has praised. Anna and Timothy are happy and like each other.
I spoke you that I when there was no outside Russia I think, that when be I there I shall visit you see it so romantical:.
Today very interesting case at me on work was. There has come young mum and the little boy.
I very much love small children. They stood and chose clothes for him.
Mum has told to him that he has chosen that that to him to like.
When he has tried on the new clothes. he has asked me " to him it approaches ":)
I have smiled and have told to him that it very well that he has chosen it.
And they at once have bought it.
I was glad that mum allows the son to buy that that to him to like.
I too shall always do so if I will have children.
What you think on this occasion Dave? Dave and you love children.
Dear Dave it's time to me to finish the letter to you and now i gotta gone.
I think that we shall be more and more and to correspond with each other more. Dave you will write to me more about you, well and I in turn promise that I shall write about me to you. I think that my questions will seem for you simple and that we shall understand each other.
Inform me more about the friends Me and my friends Anna and Timothy asked to betray you greetings.
Letter 3

Hello Dave! How your affairs? I'm fine.
Thank that you answer on my letters. Dave I think that it well that we with you are copied. To me very much to like to read your fine letters. Dave I the truth very much am glad that you write me Anna speaks that I began to look happy. I speak m to it that that similar, and she speaks me that after I have found in internet you Dave I very much have changed. It seems to me, that she simply thought out to support me. But also Timothy speaks the same as though they have agreed. But the main thing, that we with you on former write each other. Dear Dave we learn more about each other. It was pleasant for me to study stories in your letters, about yours to family and about that, where do you live. Dave it seems to me, that we approach through letters. As I already wrote, Dave we should tell in each letter each other about ourselves as much as possible. Dave I think to you it will be interesting to learn it.
Today I want to tell to you Dave about that what to me to like music what I prefer to look cinema and so forth. Dave I shall begin the story with that what to me to like music.
Dave I listen to different music, I do not adhere the certain direction in music. Dave if the song to like me that I of her I shall listen. Dave I can listen both pop and other directions. Dave on a secret I shall tell to you that to like me pop slightly more.
I listen as Russian executors and foreign.
Dave From Russian music to like me " Hands in Upwards ", " Ivanyshki international ", "Arrows("pointers"), VIA "Cream" in general those who constantly are on the Russian platform. Dave you when be, heard about these musicians? You heard what Russian music? From foreign executors to like me "ATB", " " Elton John " and so on. In general to like me modern music.
Dave You prefer what music? It would be interesting to me to know about it.
Dave please inform me well?
As to cinema Dave to me to like to look fantastic, romantic films. Dave as to me to like to look comedies. To put it briefly, I like all well removed films (I do not like to look films of horrors). From last pictures which I looked, I liked "The day after tomorrow", ***** dances 2 ", "VANHELSING".
Unfortunately, I have not looked "Troy" to me have told, that it too interesting cinema. Dave and you looked these films if yes that you about them think.
Dave it will be interesting to me to read your opinion on them.
Most of all I liked film "The day after tomorrow". Dave I think that you of it looked? In this film the love of the father to the son is shown. I think that father for the son will go though to fire though in water. Also to me has liked that that friends have not stopped and have gone together with it. Dave when I looked, at me tears were *******. Also in this film it is told, that can take place with our planet. Dave you think such in the truth probably? To me liked, as the plot of this film was developed. Contrary to accident new relations of the young man with the girl arose. It only once again to me has proved, that the love does not have barrier. Dave I was intense, all two hours while there was a film. I think this picture really outstanding. This opinion Dave. And what you think on this account?
From a fantasy to like me film "VANHELSING". It is an interesting history.
But the fantasy is a fantasy to me even there is nothing to tell you Dave.
As I like to read books. Dave recently I read verses of the Russian writers more. Such as Pushkin, Esenin, Mayakovskiy and so on.
But I was in huge admiration from reading it, order S. King ' Dark Tower ', in my opinion, it - very interesting book, where Main hero Roland - the purposeful person, it goes in the purpose, in a Dark tower, and I love quality Roland - purposefulness! I Consider, that this of the important qualities of any person. I hope That you agree with me, really, Dave If to speak about the foodstuffs?
I like, fried his potato at me perfectly is fried by mum. As I love various soups. Dave especially I love a chicTimothy and a pizza. Dave you love a chicTimothy?
I as love various fruit and vegetables: tomatoes, bananas, oranges, and many other things.
Dave You like to prepare? It very much to like me. My relatives and friends speak, that I am going not bad.
Concerning sports Dave I go in for sports, I go to water aerobics, I am engaged in this kind of sports, I the fan, instead of the professional.
Earlier with me Anna was engaged, but then she has stopped. She you see leaved to Timothy on a visit and has stayed there, about two months. Dave as to me to like to look aerobics and as not strange man's basketball. Dave you love basketball?
I like to do walks on a ski in the winter. Dave you love snow?
We in city have springboard for skiers. This kind of sports refers to jumps from a springboard if to me does not change memory. But when I was there last time,
it was broTimothy. It to be on other surburb of city, and I there am not frequently.
Dave You like to dance. To me to like to dance, I think when we shall meet we shall dance together. Dave that you suspect this occasion?
Concerning mine hobby. I like to knit. Dave me my mum has learned this, and mum the grandmother. Dave Anna has asked me to connect ÜÅÏßÐÅÌÌØÅ gloves Timothy. She wants to give it a gift. And now in free time from work I knit woolen gloves for my friend. Dave yes it is valid Timothy for me now the friend as well as Anna. Dave I think, that I and you shall connect, that be. Dave you want it?
To me to like to drive the automobile. I have handed over on rights but auto for me only dream. It costs very dearly for me. Dave you like to drive the automobile? We investigate each other as mechanics studies the engine of the automobile. You would like me to study the engine as mechanics?!!! J For me our correspondence Dave is important. I want that we knew each other well. That we did not do mistakes as it happens. The knowledge only can save from mistakes dear Dave us each other as it is possible better. You with me agree Dave? My parents worry for me, but I speak them that you the good person. They wish our relations of good continuation and that we could live happily.
We could get family, children to love each other, but remember Dave we should know better each other.
Well that there is e-mail. Dave we can learn teach other as it is possible better. I am right Dave?
My dear Dave I would like to speak with you!!!!! I want to hear you a pleasant voice Dave. Yes it seems to me, that at you a pleasant voice.
Dave I want to hear as you will speak with me. As you suspect this account Dave. It is good idea. Dave you want to hear my voice? But I have no phone more precisely it those people at which I have no take off an apartment in which I live.
Whether I thought I can call from my work. Dave but to us do not allow to call on the personal purposes even in city let alone abroad.
Dave I thought, and if you call me for work, but I can have big problems.
Dave, and I would not like to have problems on work. My girlfriend Anna too has no phone on an apartment, she too removes her and lives there with Timothy.
I think, that you understand me Dave.
To me to not be trusted, that I can write such big letter. Dave I with the big work at school wrote compositions, and here I without any efforts have written to you such letter. Dear Dave I shall finish the letter.
I wait from you for your story: what to like you music, what films you like to look, about there what hobby at you????? I ask to answer all questions given by me to you Dave.
Also you are sent the regards by my parents and friends Anna and Timothy.
I wait for the answer from you Dave. Write to me soon.
Yours Elena!
P.S. Dave I have not thought at all I can cause you by the phone only a bit later. For this purpose it is necessary to me small savings. I shall receive wage, a payment and I shall call to you. Well Dave!!!!!!!!
Letter 4

Hi dear Dave.
Today before that to go for work I has gone to library to take the book.
I only wanted to esteem at myself on work.
But when I have come to library I saw there ***** man.
I could not look at it because everywhere there were children.
I wanted to leave already but he began to stick to my girlfriend which there works already very much for a long time.
I have lifted a hand on her. But I could not suffer it. I have approached to him and have pushed him.
I did not know that I can make it. Because I even cannot offend the fly.
But simply I thought that it not fairly and wanted to help.
When I have pushed the man he have fallen and have bruised. I did not know that I have so much forces.
But there has then come militia and I have told to me that very brave girl.
I hope that for this person it will be a lesson. How you think I has correctly made?
That I can help the person and I shall not throw it in a trouble. Dave with itself till now in a shock. I today did not have mood but when I have seen your letter in the monitor of the computer, it became very good me. I have understood, that I still am necessary for someone in this world. Dave thank, that you write me. I see, that we are interesting each other us more and more correspondence tightens. Dave me pleases, that I have such loving friend as you!!!!!!:
I see, that you the good person and the friend for me. Dave with each letter you all become closer and closer to me. I see, that you understand me as the friend. You trust me for me this main thing. You see people should understand each other. On it all relations in the world are under construction. You with me agree Dave? I trust you as, the good friend trusts the good friend. Also I see, that you are mutual Dave.
All people should understand each other. All people the GOD unites. Dave I believe in the god. I believe in Jesus. As I am a Christian woman. I like to go to church. In Russia each Sunday it is not accepted to go in church. But I go in church on holiday. I believe, that the god helps people. His help - all for People. In the Russian churches do not sing songs, in us, people pray. But the pray of priests resembles a song a little. Prays they asking at sirs of the help for them. But in any measure asked Similar to a song - the request for the god.
Asked probably to ask Health for relatives, rest oppress for has died. Also in orthodox churches People place candles. Nevertheless it - is a lot of distinctions between the conformist Church and the Catholic. We have no places in church. People when ask cost On legs. Greed - a sin. And to sin it it is impossible. Envy this also a sin, but to Russian people this feeling to not remove from soul. In communism the Neighbour informed concerning the neighbour, and it placed in prison.
My girlfriends on work ask to send the regards to my new friend. Dave I do it immediately. They ask me to tell about your country, about your culture.
Dave tell to me about your culture more.
Dave Send to me your full home address and your full name.
I shall send you the. Dave can, I to you shall want to send the letter or you to me. Our correspondence through e-mail can stop on some time. It can happen, if I in time not works for services internet cafe. But I think, such will not take place. But nevertheless even if such to happen that I could send you the letter or a card.
Dave I want to warn you that you did not think to send me gifts mail. Dear Dave it does not mean, that I shall not want to accept them, simply at us in the country mail can not reach the addressee. It is very a shame for our mail,
but the facts remain the facts. Though also workers of mail declare, that thefts can not be it lie. To appear, that Timothy sent Anna a gift, but she has not received it. You have thefts on mail? I think, that we shall communicate through internet you see the god sees, that we like to write each other and it will not admit the termination of our dialogue.
Dave You with me agree?
To send mail gifts to Russia dangerously!!!!!!! I think, that you have understood it Dave. Can steal in the firm and tell, what not that did not come. It simply a shame for Russian mail.
But I to you of ladies my full address just in case.
My full name: Elena Elhovikova.
I live:
Russian Federation,
republic Tatarstan,
Naberejnaya street 10-118.
I think, that you will write down my address on a paper. Dave you can not be sure that can happen to your computer. Dave please promise me that you will make it!!!!
I with impatience wait for that time when I shall hear you a voice my dear Dave.
For me this day will be as if a holiday. Dave I wait for this day, and you???
My friends send the regards to you!!! I think Dave it already for you habitually???
Dave Can we sometime we shall meet all together!!!!!
I wait for the answer from you Dave with the big impatience.
Your sincere friend Elena.
Letter 5

Hi dear Dave.
I have received your message. For me pleasure to receive a mail from you. On my person there is a smile when I read your letters. Dave your letters became the important part of my life. I can not, not having read the letter from you.
Today in the street bad weather though now in Russia summer, goes the present rain, blows a wind. In the street it is cold and it is wet. Dave only your letters warm to me soul. In the street bad weather - at me bad mood.
Only your letters can cheer up me. Dave now I do not present the life without your letters for me. Your words warm to me soul.
Dave I am grateful to those who have made possible so to communicate to people as we with you. Dave I am grateful to the god, that I ours of you that who am necessary for me.
At us today rains, but they will soon be finished and again there will be a sun.
Dave as I already wrote you summer my favourite season. In the summer I will have holiday on work and I can visit my parents. I do not know when it will be exact, but I can take holiday as I shall want. Dave and you have holiday?
In the summer we go to campaigns. We are going to make the next campaign with my friends Anna and Timothy. Around of Kazan there are woods. The river proceeds,
there are good places for rest. These places are filled with romanticism. I think,
that you know, that in Russia beautiful woods. Dave you have woods? In the Russian wood various trees Russian birches, aspens, lindens, oaks and many other plants grow is a pine.
I as like to have a rest at my parents. All of us together go to a wood to have a rest. When I arrive parents do a shish kebab. Dave you love a shish kebab?
We do not remain to spend the night in a wood when I arrive to parents. They do not want, how many I did not persuade them, they do not agree. We come in a wood, in my native edges where I have grown. There proceeds small ÏÅÂÉÞ.
Daddy fishes, Dave you like to fish? And we with mum are going us is. We eat various salads, fruit. A table in a wood not and we lay a fabric on the ground and to turn out as a table. We speak about life with parents much. Mum always speaks, when a daughter you will make me the grandmother. She very much loves children, as well as I. I, probably, in it. We speak at all much do not notice,
how flies by time and then we go lady. Dave you would see, what there romantic places.
Dear Dave inform please as you spend the vacation. It will be interesting to me.
Dave My girlfriends from work ask all time on you. I speak them that you very good person. I want to tell you that some envy me, that I have found to myself such person as you Dave through internet. But I think that it is small envy and she not bad you see we are friends of them. Whether they as ask me you send me something by mail. I speak them that was not present. Dave you remember my last letter to you. You should not send me by mail. Dave for you should serve as a lesson mistake Timothy when it has sent Anna a gift by mail from Canada. It has sent it a bouquet of colors and a beautiful ringlet from gold. That has not reached. Timothy was very much indignant when has learned that his gift has not reached Anna it wanted to bring an action the application,
but Anna of it has dissuaded therefore the court all the same will not find a parcel, and consequence can be prolonged eternity Dear Dave do not send me by mail anything well? I do not want that at us it has turned out just as at Timothy and Anna.
Timothy and Anna want that we arrived to them on a visit if to us with you Dave all will be good. They it is soon left Russia. They will go to native places Timothy. They are happy also the same wish us. They see that at us with you Dave something turns out. They wish, that we were together and that, I have faster seen you on your native land and that we lived also happily as Timothy and Anna.
I want to speak To you, Dave, that I shall think of you more and more, possible,
About my arrival to you Dave, I feel, that our relations - it is more Than friendship, really Dave??? I feel it my heart and soul,
Because I can not without your e-mails now. Well, Dave, on it I The termination of my message to you as usually with greetings from Timothy and Anna.
I think of you Dave!!!!!
My warmth kisses!!!
Letter 6

Hello dear of arches Dave!!!!!!
For me pleasure to receive letters from you. For me it is interesting to read your messages to me. Dave I can not without your letters, your letters became a part of my life. Dave I think, that you as well as I feel it!!!???
Dave when I can not. I can not lead day without your letters. I with impatience wait for the message on you my dear Dave. When I sit on work I think, when I can read messages from you. I can not suffer and I, my dear Dave, I leave from work in, internet-cafe, not for a long time, to look e-mail about you Dave. Your letters for me as the medicine which has been written out by the doctor. Dave I all over again wait all day of the letter I do not find to myself a place, I am nervous, and after that when I see your letter to me at me is cheered up, it becomes good me. Dave I shall find out Anna when she corresponded with Timothy. She behaved as I now. Dave it speaks me about much. Dave, and you wait for my letters? You have arisen in my life as an angel assisting to me. Dear Dave you brighten up my life by the letters.
For me not the greater pleasure than to read lines of your letter Dave.
Dave trust me, that I speak these words with sincerity and is frank. Only I can tell you such words per today Dave. At me you are not closer than the person, than Dave.
Dave I have come to a conclusion, that my feelings to you the friendship is more than simply. Dave I have fallen in love you Dave. It seems to me,
that we are worthy each other. Dave, and you that on it think? I think of us much, whether about our relations can be, so I love you. I when did not test such feeling as to you. I even spoke the former guy, that I love it. But now I know, that it was not so. Dave it to me was simply nice, and to you I test unfamiliar to me yes it feeling. My heart becomes transfixed, when I read your letters. Dave I consulted on girlfriend Anna, she to me have told that you did not love the former guy, and feeling which you test to Dave it is love.
She speaks, that as at it was with Timothy.
I see from your letters Dave, that we are not indifferent each other.
Dave It was prompt feeling for me. Suddenly I thought, that it simply friendship, but with each letter, Dave, you tightened me. Dave you have simply caught me in the networks. I can not without you as the hunting dog without a hunt, as a bird without the sky, as mother without the child. I want to cry out for the whole world I LOVE YOU Dave!!!!!!!!!
On this ground I test the biggest feeling to you my dear Dave.
I thanked the god that it has helped to find each other. You see the god sees aspiration of people to find the happiness, and it helps them. Dave I asked the God that it has helped me to find my happiness on this ground, and it has helped me to find you mine Dave.
I am very grateful to it for it my dear Dave. I dreamt, as you meet me at you in the country at the airport. Dave you strong embrace me, press to a pile of a ******. Dear Dave you speak me, that you to whom me will not give on this ground. Then we already live together one family you Dave and I. It can the God, has sent me this dream, it can sees, that we are created the friend for the friend, and it wants, that we loved each other all life. Dave I think it prophetic dream. Only I now know precisely, that you mine the man.
The one who is necessary for me, you mine forever road Dave. Me pleases, that soon we can, sees each other and to create family. How you think Dave it well?
I called mine to parents and told him about you, is more true about us. My mum and daddy, are very glad that, we can have such warm relations. Mum is glad,
that I have found the one who is necessary for me. They to hope, that we shall be happy together. Daddy speaks, what I have made a correct choice, and what I was not mistaTimothy? I have answered it, that the mistake can not be. That I am sure in Dave on all of 100 percents. They are very happy for us my dear Dave. They wish good luck us happiness.
Mum of me has asked, where we shall live? I have answered it, that at you my dear Dave. She spoke, that it will be difficult to live in other country,
but I have answered it, that it for me not a problem, that I behind loved shall go though on edge of light. She spoke me, that will miss me, I have answered,
that I shall miss too. But we you see shall come to my parents road Dave????
My mum has understood, that in Russia now to live senselessly. In Russia there are no normal conditions for life. Also that at you on the native land to us will live better. You with me agree my dear Dave????
The answer to me, please, on this question dear Dave!!!!!!!!!
They send to us the CONGRATULATIONS, and they wish me to you Dave, and to our future family to live happily, mutual love and happiness!!!!! My and your friends Anna and Timothy join them. They wish good luck us happiness and pure and mutual love. They hope, that we shall be together as they and when we shall not be separated even for one minute. My love Dave in too on it very much I hope. WE SHALL BE TOGETHER ON ALWAYS.
I want to live the rests of the life only with you Dave. More nobody is necessary for me.
My eternal love Dave at me is one question for you. It is unpleasant to me to set it, but I should know it my love Dave.
You correspond with other girls???????????????????
For me it is important mine Dave. I do not want you with anybody more to divide. I have found the man for me and I do not want, that you at me were stolen by other girl. My dear Dave. I do not want to search any more for whom, for me is not necessary except for you more who. My dear Dave speak me, whether write you to anothers the girl????????????
I write only to you at me no more other men. Dave I simply would not time to write to several men. Yes it also it is not necessary to me my dear Dave at me there are you road Dave!!!!!!!!!
If we shall be together without me my fellow workers will grieve. They speak,
that him it will be boring without me. Aunt Masha has told, that she will miss very strongly. Because she loves me as the native daughter. But I think,
that I shall write to them letters from you. And we shall communicate, we together with you shall come on a visit to us to Russia.
I can not wait, when I shall see you my love Dave. I very much miss you my love Dave.
I shall learn Dave as me to do, documents to arrive to you. I shall do it in the near future. I know from the friends that I should do the foreign passport and the visa. I hope, that you as well as about impatience wait for our meeting.
It so my love Dave????????????????? It is very important for me, that we have found each other my love Dave. you my love whatever was.
I wait for your e-mail with the big impatience. I send you my love Dave 100000000 kisses from me. Write to me faster, I wait for the answer from you.
Letter 7

Hello my dear and the beloved dave. How are you my dear dave? How your work? I'm fine dave. I with such impatience waited for your letter dave.
I can not live without your letters. dave to me very much to like to write to you. My loved dave, I very much like to read your letters. It was very pleasant for me to read your pleasant words in my address. Your words of heat they are very pleasant!!!!!! I love you dave!!!!!!!!!! You a part of my life now. I constantly think of you my dear dave. I each second think of our meeting, about us dave. You an inseparable part of my life now dave. I do not present myself life without you dave. I speak about it very seriously dear dave. so I now can not without you and your messages. I very strongly love you dave. Now I know true feeling of love. dave I have understood him only with you. Dear dave now I can assure you, that I when did not test such feeling, only you have woTimothy in my heart an insuperable inclination to yourselves dave. I thought earlier, that I love the person, and it appears,
it were only sympathies the present love at me only with you mine dave. I very much love you dave. We shall soon together!!!!!
I today asked Anna about my trip to you. She has told me, that she tried to find familiar, but at her has failed, they were not on work and the house too them was not. Dear dave she has told, that I did not worry, she to me will arrange all, and learns that is necessary to me for trip to you my dear dave. I can not wait that moment when I shall see you the eyes and when I shall tell to you in eyes, that I love you. Our meeting is held, that it would do not cost to me dear dave.
Because I now can not live without you and minute. For me time which has been carried out without you, now simply senselessly is lost. I want to admire on you dave each minute of time. Dear dave I on work read the book with verses.
I liked one poem on love. I in general like to read verses on love, to you to like to read verses on love? I have decided to write him to you I think,
that you will not be against dave.
I in eyes of yours to sink - it Is possible?
You see in eyes of yours to sink - happiness!
I shall come and shall tell - Hi!
I love you very much - Difficultly?
There is no not difficultly it, and it is difficult.
It is very difficult to love - you Believe?
I shall come to breakage abrupt I shall fall - To catch you will have time?
Well, and if I shall leave - you will Write?
Only without you it is difficult for me!
I want to be with you - Hear?
Neither minute, nor month, and long Very long, all life - you Understand?
Means together always - you Want?
I am afraid of the answer - Know?
You answer me, but only eyes.
You answer me with eyes - you Like?
If yes, to you I promise,
That that happy you will be.
If is not present, you I beg Do not reproach the sight, it is not necessary,
Do not pull behind itself in a whirlpool,
But me you slightly remember...
I shall love you - it Is possible?
Even if it is impossible... I shall Be!
And always I shall come to the aid,
If it will be difficult for you!
I think to you to like this verse. he has very much liked me dave. I can tell you dave, that this verse from pure soul and only for you from me. It seems to me, that this verse about us. This my reference to you dave. You imagine, that I him read it to you, I read and I address to you. dave I very much love you. To me who is not necessary any more on this white light.
dave I again have for some reason recollected that woman from cafe. I thought much,
why she so has told? It was interesting to me. Can is depend? As you think dave. Envy of that that she could not in youth, as well as I to find the love on this blue planet. And she had to marry whom is. dave, and she can is not married that could not find the love and marry the one whom does not love,
she has not wanted. dave life is a severe piece. And now she to be angry for the whole world, she searches guilty in other people. She thinks, that someone another is guilty. Dear dave she now is angry for the whole world. dave I already met such people, it was the elderly woman. I would like to tell to you this history dave. It has taTimothy place about 1 year back. We with Anna walked on park, in Vladimir. And to us there was this old woman. Anna was dressed in short skirts. dave this old woman did not like Holguin clothes, and she began to speak us any mucks. Loved dave she named us with Anna bad words such as "**********". Dear dave we with Anna were simply in a shock. She spoke that when she was young, such as we was not, and that present youth very bad.
What is the addicts, prostitutes and so on. My dear m we tried to overpersuade her,
and she shouted at all park, people looked at us dave to us with Anna it was very unpleasant. But the woman on a sight of the same age has then approached and has told this old woman that she has calmed down. She has told her such words: " You simply envy to look, that our youth lives happily, and you had to live in youth difficultly, let they are pleased lifes, do not prevent them to live on this planet. You have lead the youth in famine, working on factories,
helping parents. Us, such as you much, but what for to speak such words of our youth?? They our future ". That malicious old woman was developed something,
has murmured to the old woman who for us has interceded and left. We the defender has approached to us dear dave and the beginnings to calm us. You see we very much were upset my love dave. we with Anna have asked this I shall welcome the woman to explain to us, that she has told. Dear dave she has explained us the words. She has told, that to that old woman envies to look at that as the present youth lives. There were, that they about one age, and they have passed through post-war horrors which 1941-1945 years occured after Great Domestic War. You see not only in war it was hard to live to people of Russia,
but also after war famine was, dear dave it was very terrible to listen to it to us with Anna that was created on our native land from lips of the one who saw it. We have stayed with grandmother Zina about one and a half hours. We with Anna now name grandmother Zina that I shall welcome the woman which for us has interceded.
Dear dave grandmother Zina appeared very good person. We with Anna then frequently visited her, and now sometimes we come. She speaks, that is very glad, when we come to her on a visit. You see she lives one. her husband has died, and children lives somewhere in the other city, they come to her, but not so frequently as it would be desirable her. Dear dave we with Anna come and we help grandmother Zina. Dear dave we went to grandmother Zina recently,
went I, Anna and Timothy. Grandmother Zina was glad for Anna, that she has found the love and has wished me the same. I spoke her about you. Dear dave she wishs good luck us happiness and that we were together. But we with Anna any more do not recollect this case which has taTimothy place with us in park. I not so do not like, when me offend, it is possible to tell, I of it hate!!!!! Dear and dave you can promise loved to me, what you never will tell me of a bad word???? My parents and friends very much experience for me. But I speak them,
that you very good person, and that you never will offend me, you see we with you dave like each other. You see it so my love dave??????????? My love dave I very much miss and I grieve without you. Loved dave I wait when we shall see each other. dave to me very much a hunt of it and I can not wait that moment of an our meeting my love dave!!!!!!!!!!!! But I precisely know, what she will take place, it so dave????!!!!!!!!! My love dave I constantly think only of you. I can not fall asleep at night, I think of us,
how we shall meet as it will take place. Dear dave I ask the God that he helped us to meet, that he preserved our love dave. I VERY MUCH LOVE YOU MY LOVE dave. I can not live without you dave. I think, that my feelings to you are mutual, and that it not only mine to you love, it and your love to me. I feel your heat though also we far apart. But I know now, that the love does not have limit. That for love there is no distance.
I wait for your answer to me.
Write to me faster, I shall wait for the letter from you my love dave Let the God stores you.
I very much love you.
Forever yours Elena
Letter 8

Greetings my love Dave!!!!
My love I'm fine. Dave today I went to the transport company, Anna and Timothy were with me. Dave dear I knew mine about trip to you my love Dave. I can inform you, that all is good, friends Anna have told me, that they will make to me documents. My love Dave it means that soon, already very soon I can see you my love Dave. It so pleases me, that I today all day smile to people, at me very good mood because I can see the biggest love on all white light is you Dave.
To me have told, that I in the beginning should make documents (the visa,
the passport for travel abroad, documents concerning insurance of health), and already later I can order tickets. I do not know, Dave to whom so carried as me. I soon can see you my love. We soon can execute all our dreams together.
That that thought when dreamed about each other at sleepless night, about that that we together can make the friend for the friend. Dear Dave I am very glad, that my love has found you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think, that we can lead a lot of time together. I think, that we dear Dave shall lead all time which at us will be in our disposal. But if you want I can leave from you as soon as you will tell me.
Dear, loved I need in your help!!!!! To me it is necessary 500 $ to make documents for arrival to you. Dear Dave send to me 500 $ that I could legalize papers. Then I shall give money faster, the faster I can see you,
my love Dave. Simply documents will be ready in 15 days after feedback of money. I am helped it by friends Anna - Dima and Oleg. I think, whether there will be at me still such opportunity to see you my love Dave.
All quotations in the American dollars.
The visa costs about 400 $ but it will be necessary to me still money suddenly expenses. I should pass medical survey to make the passport and it some more expenses I think just to me will suffice about 100 $ and it together with the visa will cost 500 $. Dear Dave send to me this money by Tuesday or Wednesday. That I could spend payment of the documents on Wednesday. If you can,
you send to me them today, to me will more quietly that I can is courageous to go and pay my documents.
Dear Dave Timothy to me has told, that you should know some information on me send me money.
Dear Dave I think that you have not overlooked, that Elhovikova Elena - this is my name and a surname.
My dear and Dave when you to me will send loved 500 $, I should know number which to you will give in your bank that I could receive the money sent by you for me on my documents. My love Dave you should send me this number by e-mail. My love Dave without this number I can not receive your help for me. ?? love Dave I constantly think you. My love Dave I have no such money. My love Dave I only hope for you. Dear Dave I hope, that your love to me same hot as mine to you and that we soon shall see each other. I have no more assistants on this white light. Well I have parents, but they too have no such money, and at Anna precisely are not present. I spoke with parents,
I have told them, that we soon shall together, they constantly ask about you.
They want to make sure that you good, but I constantly speak them that Dave my love and that he is the bettest in this world. Mum and daddy have wished good luck on happiness. They speak, that they like my choice. You very much like me Dave, I love you.
I think, that we soon shall together, and we shall be happy. My girlfriends on work too are very glad for me, that I all the same have found the one whom it is necessary to me. Dear Dave they speak, that happiness on the first place,
and everything else then. I spoke with the director of library, she dear woman.
She has told me, that too is glad for me and that I at any moment can address to her with holiday. She has told me, that it not a problem. I have thanked her.
Dear Dave it means, that all for our meeting with you.
Last time I think only of you my love Dave. I very much I wait for our meeting Dave. only you to me should help my love Dave.
You will show me the native land. You will show me, where do you live, you will show me all. My love I believe, it will be very good time. I very much want to see you.
Anna and Timothy trust, that we shall be together, they speak, that we are created the friend for the friend.
They wish good luck us happiness and successes in all our undertakings.
Loved Dave we shall be together???? I very much want it and I believe, that we shall be together with you.
Dave I LOVE YOU!!!!!!
Letter 9

hello my dear Dave!!!! I am very glad to receive the letter today from you!
Please do not worry about my relation to you. I still love you and I want to be with you! You should not apologize for a mistake which have made. You are careful the man and I think that when we shall meet I shall kiss and embrace you many time!!:) ow are you today my love? How is your mood? What are you doing now?:) I shall call to you today and I hope that you will be glad to hear my voice today!!:) I have set of ideas and I am the happy girl because very soon we I can meet you!! As soon as you will send money I shall go by train to Moscow to give this money to embassy. It is my information that you could send money through Money Gram.
MY FULL NAME: ELENA ELHOVIKOVA MY FULL ADRESS:Russian Federation, republic Tatarstan, Kazan, Naberejnaya street 10-118.
I shall wait the information from you! Today you should wait for my bell! I hope to hear your voice!
Hope to hear your voice very soon my love!!!!!!!
i love you mu honey!!!
Yours forever Elena
Letter 10

my dear Dave I should tell to you that I am very glad that we have the general trust between us. I have given money for registration of the visa and to me have told that I can receive the ready visa in embassy next week! I want to tell to you that I will be very glad that very soon my dream is carried out also we can be together!!!!! I want that we always trusted each other and never lied. I am very fair and truthful girl. I want to tell that my parents as be glad for me that very soon we can together!!! Whether My dear Dave I want ask you we can to visit my close friends Timothy and Anna?? They have told to me that plan to come back from cruise to Canada very soon and then they plan to organize wedding.
There there will be a set of close friends and familiar! They want that we were their witnesses on wedding!!! I have told that I shall allow him the answer later when we shall meet and we shall solve this question together with you!
I understand that we should have telephone conversation but right now it very difficultly make because I tried to make it some times and all telephone lines have been overloaded. I think that we can communicate through email still.
My dear today I went to the airport and learned about purchase of the air ticket!
They have told that I can will reserve the ticket it about 1300USD. I shall be glad if we can meet next week but we should solve as a question on purchase of the ticket. You can send me this money through Western Union? I shall wait for your fast reply!!!
yours forever Elena
Letter 11

Hello my dear Dave! I write you from nearest Internet-cafe in Moscow.How are you my love? I very miss you!!! I hope that you profit home from your work today.
First I want to say that you wrote me on this email. You must not write on my old box. Regrettably I have lost the password to its old emai. NOW YOU MUST ANSWER ONLY ON THIS MY NEW EMAIL. For sending the money : My Dave you must send the money my personal traffic manager to airways. I give you given that you has sent 1300$ through Western Union:
You must send the money my personal manager to airways. When you will send the money you must write me MTCN-number ON THIS EMAIL. When I get receive this number I shall give her this information and then she will arrange the ticket for me. I think that she will be able to cash in MONDAY and then when my traffic manager will arrange the ticket I shall give you get *** information of my flight! I wait the fast answer from you my expensive Dave! Please give me information very soon. Remember answer only on this my new email! I love you Dave!!!
Yoursš Elena
Letter 12

hi my LOVE!!!
How are you?š I very pleased that you has written me letter today!! I want to say that yesterday I went in telegraph to ring to you but regrettably I have not been able to do the bell :( I did several attempts to ring to you but this turned out to be much in a complicated way for me. I hope that you was not distressed on me and hope you are fine my honey! I wrote you in past letter that me must ring from embassy. The Employee embassy has said me that I must pay 3500$ to fly off from Russia. He has explained me that in Russia exists the law of the obligatory payment for people which fly from Russia. I must pay these money before January 15. My dear I do not know that I shall do.......:(š :(
I said him that I not have such money. I hope only on your help and presently I hope you!!! PLEAASEEEEEEEEE MY LOVE!!!!!!!!! I ask LAST SINGLE REQUEST beside you THAT YOU SEND ME THESE MONEY! I hope that you will not be distressed and I much want that our meeting took place VERY SOON!!!!!! PLEASE send these money I pay them in embassy that they did not disturb me and that I had no no problems and in 2 days I shall fly to you!!!!!!!!! I MUCH WORRY And WORRY SO YOU MUST HELP ME And SEND ME THESE MONEY MUCH SOON!!! HOPE YOU WILL be MY WAKE HUSBAND And I shall BE able to HAVE a CHILD. If I not ÚÁÐÌÁÞÕ these money I shall not be able to have a right to live with you and have an ÄÅÔÅÊ SO YOU MUST SEND the MONEY And I To YOU 15 JANUARY! I LOVE YOU!! HELP ME PLEASE it is my last single request!! kiss you my Dave!!
Letter 13

my love Dave I am much distressed presently I hope that you will help me to solve my problem!!! Presently I am in Frankfurt! I rang to you from aeroport 1 hour ago. Now I have found nearest Internet-cafe and write you letter! Has Occurred very sad event! During transplantation from the other plane in aeroport I was a subject to hold up of the robber and he has stolen my purse with money which you sent! I want that you has sent me 2850$ that I have been able to restore my arrival to you! Regrettably police body has not been able to caught the robber and I have reported that in a certain time me inform about my robbery. I certain that police body must find that criminal!!! But presently I have no no money and I want that you has sent me 2850$. Today I shall wait your letter and when I receive information I shall go in nearest point Western Union and then I shall ring to you! Presently I must go in hotel to take the number on one night. I shall go in Internet-cafe tomorrow morning and I shall wait your letter!!! My love I much worry and I much long for on you! I love you so much and I can not wait to meet you!! Help me please
yours lovely Elena
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