Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Dovlyatona to Christian (Mexico)

Letter 1
Good Day Christian!!!! My personal mail address is My name is Svetlana. I'm a single lady from the Eastern Part of Ukraine. I have one daughter. My girl is my joy and happiness. But I need a brave man who will love me and who doesn't think that my kid can be a problem for big love. If you are scared or not ready to connect your life with a woman who has a daughter, please be fair with me and do not give me unrealizable hopes. I saw your profile and I got interested in you. My intentions are 100 percent honourable. If you are still interested to find a lifetime partner I will join you in finding true love as a couple. I saw your profile and I felt attracted to you. I send you my photo and I will try to describe you the way I would like to start our relationship. I am a single woman who has been married, but who is looking for real love and who wishes to find that special person with whom to spend the rest of our lives together. I believe in respecting and loving my partner and would be there for him at all times. I am a strong romantic who believes in showing my emotions and affection for my partner. I want to find someone special to build a home with, to raise a family and to cherish. Hope you feel the same way. If we have the same goal, to be loved and be happy, I expect for your answer. I do not want to ask you any questions right now only wish to know if you feel the same way as I feel about you. My photo is only an image, it shows you my appearance. But I want to show you what kind of a woman I am, what kind of a person I am. If you like me I will be honoured to get your answer. Please send me your photo, tell me something about yourself. I wish you a nice day. Please send me your reply to this address Svetlana.
Letter 2
Good Day Cris!!!
Is this day good for you??? This day is very good for me!!! It is a wonderful day for sure!!! Why? I don't know why. Maybe because of your letter??? Do you think it is possible to be as happy as a little kid just because of I have got your letter today??? If you feel the same way receiving my letter, I will be sure that I'm not the only one who is so excited. Please tell me what you feel, what you expect and what you want from our correspondence. Send me your picture you must be very handsome man because your mother is from Mexico. I am waiting for it with great anticipation. This year winter and spring in the city Lugansk where I live have been so depressing for me. I was as lonely as I have never been before. In spite of I have been alone for three years, I mean it has been three years since I'm divorced (I was pregnant with my daughter when "he" left me), this year it has been a pick of my loneliness. I'm definitely in need, I'm in need of a good man, who will protect me and my lovely daughter. Yes, yes, my words are correct, I have a daughter. My daughter is Eva, she is only 2.5 years, her birthday is on the 18th of November 2003. I'm myself 28, my birthday is on the 28th of September 1977. Can you imagine my life??? Probably you can't cause of you have never been a single mother with a daughter living in Ukraine. I don't want to say that I don't like my life. I just want to make it better. I want to full fill my heart with love and devotion, I want to present my love for my man every day, I want to make love every night, I want to wake up in the morning and to see the face of my beloved, I want to kiss my husband every morning when I see him to the door, I want to raise my daughter in a real family. I want to have the future and I want to give the future for my daughter. This spring I have decided to change my life completely. Now I'm powerful, I'm energetic, I'm purposeful. The first step I have made was I found the translation firm that agreed to translate my correspondence with you (I simply don't know English at all), also I took some pictures which I would send you with every letter, I asked the translation firm to put my profile in Internet. Now I'm going to make the second step. I want to establish the connection between us. Please write me soon and don't forget that I wait for you to tell me about yourself. Let's make this autumn brighter for us both together. Let's do it... Enjoy my photo... I'm sending you one home photo. I mean I would like to show you how I look when I'm at home. Every woman tries to look glamorous and stylish but I know that every man prefers to know how his woman looks in her casual out fit first of all. Am I right?
Letter 3
Good Day Christian!!! What a wonderful day!!! Let me tell you a bit about my life and my daughter. Yesterday my daughter Eva put her arms round my neck, she kissed me and told me "My dear mother, you are so beautiful, you are the best mother in the world, you will be happy soon". I still don't know why my daughter told me those things. Probably she feels that our life will be different soon. I hope we will be together and that is why my daughter feels coming changes. My Eva is only a two-year-old girl. She is not supposed to understand what I'm trying to build with you. As usual she doesn't comment my acts, she takes everything for granted as every child does. But yesterday Eva looked at me and she seemed to be the happiest kid in the world. Eva's eyes were full of tears and she seemed to be scared to frighten off our lucky star. Eva never asks me about her biological father cause of she knows he is not a real father for her. My girl's father doesn't help us and I even don't know where he is. I work as a manager for the company that deals with the maintenance of different buildings and I earn some money. But every time I want to buy something for me I remember that Eva asked me to buy her lots of chocolates her favourite cheese in the morning. I can't say that I'm in abject poverty. But when I need to pay for our letters to be translated I leave my daughter without her favourite delicacies. Maybe someone thinks that I'm a crazy woman to have my daughter feel the lack of delicacies. But I think that I go in the right direction. Even if I pay for our letters to be translated with difficulty, even in spite of I will need to use the translation firm until I know English myself, I still see the future for us. I can hardly afford paying for translation service but it is the only one way possible to be in touch with you. Please remember that I'm a "thin reed" which needs a strong man to protect her and her little girl. Don't go away... Don't make me disappointed as my ex did. Be my one and only and let me love you because of I'm ready to fall in love...Write me... Now I'm sending you two photos from the sea side. Last year I was in Crimea. If you are at the Black Sea side or simply in the Aqua-Park you can easily find lots of professional photographers who are ready to work for you. To have a real photo session is too expensive for me, but to take two photos was affordable. My photos were taken in the swimming pool in the pension where I lived. Hope you like both photos. Do you? Svetlana.
Letter 4

Good Day Christian!!! A good day again. Thank you. Thank you for writing me. Thank you for giving me a hope that I will not be lonely anymore. Thank you for giving me a reason to think that I can be interesting, I can be beautiful for a man, I can be loved and I can love myself. Of course I can. It is not a secret that I loved before. But "he" didn't appreciate my love, "he" didn't see a woman in me, "he" didn't realize that I deserve to be treated like a real lady, "he" didn't understand that I was a mother of his child and I deserved to be respected. One day I decided to put "him" in "his" place. I still don't know where "he" found "his" place. I have heard that "he" is somewhere and "he" regrets that "he" let me go. Here in our country there are so many stereotypes. Many people think that a single mother should be morose, a man-hater, she has not like to have fun, and be someone who doesn't like the life. I'm not this way at all. I love to live, I enjoy my life even in spite of I want to change my life. I love my kid, I try to teach my girl that it is possible to see the light even if it is dark around you. My motto is "I will always be joyful whatever difficulties I have, I will always see only good even if I have only bad". As you know my name is Svetlana. I know that there is no English equivalent for my name but in English my name means "Someone who is light, bright and optimistic". I think that my name fits me perfectly. All my friends tell me that if they had such difficulties I had in my life, they would die. My mother tells me that I'm like a tender "thin reed" which everyone tries to bend, but it doesn't bend but becomes even more stronger. I know that I seem to be a strong woman who will survive in every situation. But please understand that I'm tired to be strong, I don't want to be like a mother and a father at the same time for my girl. I'm a very tender lady, I'm sweet, I'm loving, I'm passionate, but I don't have anyone to present all my love. I'm not that strong as I seem. I'm soft but I need a strong man. I'm tired to be strong because of it is not my nature but it is my duty to my daughter. Will you be my strong and brave??? Give me your answer in your next letter. Do it... I'm sending you two photos with this letter and I want to show you hot hot and passionate I can be. As you know I'm a mother but I'm a woman first of all. These two photos will show you my woman essence. I hope you like me being a real woman. Svetlana.
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