Romance scam letter(s) from Anastasia Podoplelova to Kevin (USA)
Letter 1

Hi my friend Kevin. I am glad that you have answered to me my small letter. I never before did not correspond with anybody from other countries and in general it is my first experience ñorrespondences through the internet.
To me have advised agency of acquaintances. I have concluded with them the contract and they have placed mine Structure on a site.
It is very pleasant for me to know that it has liked you also you has answered me.
Now presently when are widely advanced high the technologies, much speak and write about acquaintances through the Internet. I too have decided to try to search for the happiness in the Internet. I understand that you are more senior than me, but it will not be a handicap for us.
I think the main thing in the person his soul because even in 80 years it is possible To be young soul. And we can become good friends, and it is possible We will have long attitudes. You with me agree? A kiss.
I want to tell you about and about volume where I live. I live in city Kirov. To me 27 years and I work the doctor in ours to hospital. Our city is in republic of Kirov. It is northern republic by ours the countries. Summer at us warm and sometimes even hot. But unfortunately winter at us cold. But we already have got used because the people which are born in north they are very habitual to sharp changes of weather. I was born and has grown in this city. My parents have arrived to this city before as I have appeared on light. Earlier they lived in city Ufa, but they have moved in Samara because to the daddy have offered favourable work and he did not begin to refuse. My father works the engineer on one from the enterprises of a heavy industry of our city. My mother simple the teacher. I have not wanted to be neither teacher nor engineer and consequently when I have ended school began to study at medical university and now I work the doctor. I was born on november 2, 1977 Year. It is very interesting to me to correspond with you. Me is very interesting to learn about you and about your image of life. I hope you to me will write also it will be speed. I shall tell to you more about myself in the following letters.Nam Nastya
Letter 2

Hello my dear!
Forgive that I so a long time did not write to you, simply me have sent on Improvement of professional skill to Moscow. My dear I very much missed on you and me It was sad without you. My lovely write to me if you want that ours Relations have renewed also we became closer. I search only serious relations and what games. My lovely I shall wait from you the letter.
Yours Nastya
Letter 3

Hi my new friend. It was pleasant very much to me that you have written to me the answer-back letter. Kevin I simply went on general meeting of doctors, we answered questions,
There it was not so interesting. Simply it occurs always, because doctors Should not forget that, from that that studied at university. It simply the test.
I live far from Moscow and my travel was paid by me.It is very interesting to me to learn more about you and your country. In general it is interesting That we with you are copied because I for the first time communicate with the man from another countries. I hope what to you as interestingly to correspond with me? To me are interesting to learn wrote to someone else except for me before? And still you now with by somebody except for me correspond? It is interesting to me because to me always did not carry with the men. I do not know why but they always threw me when learned me on - better. I think that all business in that that at us the man much and frequently drink vodka. On mine it is a common problem of Russia. For this reason I has addressed to the agency. I know that at you there is no such problem and man concern to the women more validly than at us in the country. As I have told you I write you from Internet - cafe,which gives agency of acquaintances.
It is usual library in which,
except for the books still some computers stand. Unfortunately I do not have own computer because I can not afford it to buy. I work the doctor and it as you know a trade which is paid from the budget of the country. And for the country it is difficult to pay work of the doctors, because as explains our government the budget Russia tests deficiency. It is interesting to me to learn what from you hospitals and as financing hospitals is arranged. It is simply my professional interest. Not looking on that that we have some problems to me mine all the same is pleasant work. Because I in childhood dreamed to treat the people. I the doctor - anaesthesiologist and my duty is that I should support viability human organism when it without consciousness. And consequently frequently in my hands is life of the patient. Certainly it on would be much easier if our hospital was is better equipped on - better. But it is not present again because of bad financing. But we already have got used to this and we do all that probably with that that we have. I work in various time basically certainly as day, but once per three days I work as night in night change.
Sometimes there are very difficult days when much hardly patients. Per such days very strongly get tired. My mum very much experiences for me because she loves me. She always brought up me and spoke me what not looking on anything it is necessary to help the people. I completely with her agree. I want to know what relations at you with native to you by the people? Whether there are at you brothers and sister, how frequently you with them meet? I have older brother to him 30 years and at him there is a family. He married two years back and the year back at them was born the son his have named Pasha. He such interesting.
When my brother come with the wife and small son to us home I always am glad because I very much love of children. And you love children? Besides it is interesting as you will spend the free time and whom you work? It is very a pity, but I should finish the letter. I hope that you will answer to me soon and will answer my questions. With impatience to see your letters your friend in cold Russia Nastya
Letter 4

Greetings my dear.
I am happy to write to you. My lovely forgive that I so for a long time did not answer you.
I had small problems. My grandmother is very strongly sick also I Was at her in village. I was simply was not capable to think well. I very much like The grandmother also I appreciate all that that she for me has made. I hoped and asked The god that to her he became better also has heard me. Now, after course of treatment she Feels like much better. I am very happy and now when I write to you,
I understand that you are expensive to me. You always understand me and support!
Forgive for my short letter, but I need to go. Write to me please. Nastya
Letter 5

Hi my friend Kevin. I am glad that you have written to me more than usually. Today I come in the Internet-centre and I see the letter from you it very much pleases.
You set not a little questions, I think that you are interested by me and you want more to learn about me. It is the truth? I think that it so. You are interested what at me hobbie, I can tell that at me concrete hobbie is not present. But not looking on it at me is some enthusiasmes. Basically it is the books and billiards. Understand I read not all the book in succession is not present I love to read only fentezy because me very much it is pleasant this genre. I began to read already for a long time Tolkien " The Lord of the Rings ". You read this book. She very much is pleasant to me. I looked cinema at our cinema and it was pleasant very much to me. I think that this film could be removed only when the computers and more advanced technologies have appeared. I think that you agree with by me? I want to learn from you what music to you it is pleasant? It is pleasant to me various styles and directions,
but last time is pleasant to me style New Ege because it induces on reflections and I love to listen to this music before dream. It is such groups as Enya,
Enigma and many others. Except for this music me to like also popular American and English music. We have radio most popular Radio in Russia is radio Europe +.
I constantly listen to it radio. You heard about them? Probably is not present,
but it the most popular radio in Russia. Probably you reflect what for I in general began to correspond with you? I can tell only one. Understand me I can not find in Russia of the man which loved me and respected. As one wise man " has told when we live we are in search, in search that who can go with you on vital ways, because to one to go very much and very much Difficultly. " I think what you agree with me? And if is concrete, that I search in the man this that that he was kind and careful. Probably it only children's dream, but I count that you such. For me the purpose in life it to find of the man which can cares of me and about ours with him children. I shall apply to this all efforts to what I am possible and there will be always with this man a leg in a leg that to help and to support him. Recently happened so I was on funeral the classmate.
Business in that that he recently has died of that that he used drugs and he has died of the too many use. he was the excellent friend, he always came to me to the aid when it was bad. he was the successful businessman. But unfortunately he has given in to drugs and unfortunately there is no him more with us. I very much regret about i, and consequently I categorically against drugs. I understand that to you very much It is difficult to understand that I write, but you forgive me I use by the interpreter and consequently Probably there are mistakes in translation. I studied English at university and I can speak fluently. Í to write in English at me there is no time In the Internet of cafe.
For this reason I use by the interpreter, it is fast and it is simple. I I wait for your letters and I can tell that they became for me more than simply e-mail It on much more(much greater). Yours faithfully Nastya.
Letter 6

Hi my friend Kevin. I am glad again to see your letter in the letter box. To i can not write to a regret to you each day because it is necessary much to work in hospital. I worked in night change and consequently I since morning long slept.
At us today good solar weather and consequently mood simply perfect. With mornings I went in a sports hall. I love to be engaged in sports because I count that it is useful for health. From kinds of sports I prefer gymnastics and swim.
I love to float. In the summer on the river and winter in pool. I love to watch myself and I love when I look beautiful. And for this purpose I apply not small efforts. Many our people are not engaged in sports. They speak that they on it do not have time. But I count that for sports always it is possible to find time. I daily attend sports hall and pool. I was accustomed to sports in childhood. The father always spoke me that it is necessary for me and I completely agree with him especially now. I remember that time when I studied at university. It were the cheerful times. Certainly to study was difficultly, but after study was always cheerful. At us was cheerful the company and we each day off went in various clubs and bars. This tradition has remained till now and when we meet that we are going in any bar and we recollect our student's time.
Many from us already have left and work in other cities. But majority still in our city. When I studied in university we studied set of sciences, but basically it is natural sciences. We 6 years studied so much in time it is required to receive maximum education and to become the doctor. I love different kinds of the foodstuffs. But basically that that I can prepare. I love to prepare food because it very much interestingly. Especially when prepare that that new. My favourite dish it Golubzi. I love them. You know that such Golubzi. This meat cut wrapped up in a sheet cabbage. You sometime ate Golubzi? Still you are interesting what food to me love? how the food in your city is various? You are able to prepare itself? I still want to ask you to write to me your telephone number and code of city. Simply I want to hear yours vote and I think that you probably too not against to hear my vote. I can not to give you my telephone number because I live in an apartment in which is not present the telephone. And the neighbours do not allow me to use their telephone. I shall call to you from telegraph. I wait for your letters yours Nastya
Letter 7

Hi my dear friend Kevin. I recently begin to understand that get used to your letters and they become for me large than simply letters. I always with impatience I wait for your letters. I shall learn a lot of interesting about you, about your country and about your work. For me they became the important part of my life. I hope that you so treat to my letters. I have written to you that I live not with my parents. I live in an one-room apartment in several quarters from my parents.
But I almost each day I go to them and I visit them, I shall learn as at them businesses as at them health. When I have moved on a new apartment, the neighbours concerned to me unfriendly. And now many too concern to me not so well. But is and the good people. They frequently come in the visitors and ask of advice. I always than can I help them and they answer me by gratitude.
I want to tell you, that if you want with me to meet, I would be not against it,
because I begin to get used to your letters. I see in you the correct man, which is not capable on silly acts. I to learn that can is necessary for my arrival to you.
But if you against it also do not see in it of necessity, please inform me about it,
I shall understand all correctly. But for this purpose we owe on better learn each other,
you with me agree. My dear understand me correctly, I have concluded the contract About agency and all documents for my travel they will make out.
It is one of items of the contract. I have taken from them e-mail:
And a name meneger:Vinokurova Nadya. They will give all necessary information.
If at us with you all will turn out also we shall find in the friend the friend understanding,
I shall be very glad to ours with you to meeting, and you how think of it?
I believe in the god because at my work frequently have to address to it.
But it only behind moral support because when see that the people die on your hands, all the same can not is quiet to look at it. Therefore I some times in month find time to go in church. I the orthodox christian. But for me there is no division on racial attribute on religious belief. I count that in all races and in anyone people is both good and bad people. In hospital to me to have to collide with the people of the different peoples and different creed, but I do not do among them of distinction. For me all people identical. I gave an oath Gippokrat and therefore I help all people not looking on anything. And as I treat to them in life. Unfortunately not all people count as I and consequently in the world occur any collisions and terrorist acts.
As well as at us in Moscow and others cities of Russia it has resulted in multiple human victims. At present I very much suffer because of hurricane "Katrina" and "Rita". It is hurt to me to see all these wrecks, many people have simply lost Houses and to them not where to live. It is a lot of victims, and especially it is a pity to me of children Which have lost the parents, for them this very big to mountain.
My dear all this is very terrible also to me very much would would be desirable, that such never Has not repeated. I hope that any more will not be what acts of terrorism,
Because it is angry. But I am sure that people will think again and will make so that us doctors was not necessary to rescue from death of the people. Because only doctors and those who directly has suffered completely understand size of all tragedies. Fortunately now all is quiet and not it is a lot of work at the doctors. But each day there are failures, unfortunate the cases after which are necessary us is amplified to work to rescue life to victims all these failures.
But to happiness while who has not died also to our brigade it is possible to carry out the work it is good. I can give you the address that you knew where I live precisely. But I ask you do not send me by mail that. To me it not it is necessary. I understand that you have such desire, but I the modest girl and consequently Simply I can not accept your gifts. You write to me more warm and kind better words and for me it will be by the best support in life. My address Krasnoarmeiskaia st. 31, apt. 504
City Kirov.
Nam Nastya
Letter 8

Hi my favourite Kevin. A thank to you for your kind and warm words Support. It was much easier to me on to experience death of the patient when I have read Your letter. To me there came my brother with the son Pasha. I very much was to this Is glad. It has taken an interest about you and as at you of business and asked me that I have transferred To you hi. His son such interesting it already goes and speaks much. Yesterday we Went to go for a walk on city. I love city and me always is pleasant to go for a walk in Solar warm weather. We went for a walk on streets of our city. I very much love our parkways ï Green. I have told to the parents about ours with you to correspondence. The mum has told what not Approves it, but also begins to me to not interfere. The father simply has kept silent. I know That they are concerned by it because do not know you as I know.
I has written in The end of the letter that I love you. I want to tell that it is the truth. I not at once have understood, But when has read last your letter,
I have understood that I love you. You can will count that it can not be, but believe me it The truth.On it I shall be To finish the letter to you. I wait for the answers from you on all my reflections. I love You yours Nastya
Letter 9

Hi my love Kevin. What all the same is pleasure to receive from you the letter. Only it is not a pity that I can write to you each day. It occurs not on my fault and because I or work or the Internet - cafe on holiday close. Believe me that I, if I had such opportunity, would write to you daily and large the letters. But unfortunately it not so. You speak that at you much the doctor - anaesthesiologist receives not bad on yours money. If it is honour to me sometimes it becomes very a pity that I was born in Russia. There is no I love the native land. but that that is now it simply nightmare. Imagine to us yesterday have given wages, but it is simply ridiculous. I has received 84 dollars and it for last months. That is us have given money for May.
You imagine as the doctors should work when the state does not estimate their work as they that deserve. At such moments there is no what a desire to work.
Many from mine the colleagues in our hospital are engaged in illegal business.
But I can not go on the bargain with conscience. One doctor with which I work has told me that is favourable business, but it unlawful. I have refused when has learned about what he spoke. I am in charge of various soothing substances in hospital and it has offered that I sold to their young teenagers which use drugs, but can not to itself to allow dear drugs. I have refused because I can not by it be engaged, because I can not sell drugs and by that push to death young the people. I love children and they to me always bring pleasure not looking on that that they at all mine. I do not have children but I always wanted them to have and I hope that mine the dreams will be carried out and I will have children. And can be at us? I think that present family, and in general relation between two people should be based on trust and goods the relation to each other. You agree with me? At our life when do not know that there will be tomorrow I not I can tell that with me will be through two or five years. But as it will seems it is monotonous and boring life. On work from houses and from work home. Certainly it is a shame, but I ask you if you can I shall change my life to you I am simply grateful also when I shall not forget it. I love you and I want to carry out the rest of the life with you. But I we still even did not meet you by the person to the person and we do not know as our relations will be to develop further. And consequently I can not hope for that that you can to change in my life though something. But that that we with you are copied also I can to write to the man from other country and from other continent it very much has changed mine the life because I is in love in the man with which we did not see in alive to time. I think that we all the same should meet, but I do not know when it will take place. My dear Kevin my brother call Kostya and I shall necessarily transfer it the best regards from you. My father against because it does not know you how I know.
You very lovely, kind and gentle and I are sure that you never will cause to me a pain. I would be simply happy to see you at myself, but but unfortunately I cannot.
Understand me correctly,
You are very expensive to me also I would be simply happy to be with you together, but in my family there is a tradition On which it is necessary all over again to the girl to visit the house beloved and to get acquainted with his close relatives and Only after that it is possible to invite to itself in the house. Understand my parents very traditional and they will understand me not Correctly if you will arrive to me. I do not want them to afflict and I do not want to make him a pain. I think that you too You wish my family only the best and you will understand me. If I have arrived to you I would be happy and my soul simply would not know borders of pleasure. I would try to search for work and Would help you at home on a facilities. When you would come after work, for you on a table always would wait Hot supper and I with pleasure would do to you weakening massage. When I look at your photos,
That I want to touch your gentle lips and to feel a passionate kiss. I want to be only yours,
Because you which that person I searched. I very much would want to speak with you, even by phone,
But I of him have no house. The trunk call costs for me very dearly, but I shall apply all efforts that To cause you by phone from telegraph. If you can send me funds on a bell I shall do it at once as soon as I shall receive funds. My lovely to me who is not necessary except for you and I think that I have found Second half in you. It would be very pleasant for me if you could send me funds on travel to you. It would be the most remarkable gift per day a birth. I would be simply happy to lead this day with you. I could take holiday and arrive to you. At us day a birth mark precisely as well as at you. And I hope that I can meet the day a birth at you!
Because of that that I am very tired and I need in rest. Please do not take offence and write to me them again, I shall be To answer you them. Now I shall go home and I shall take part a hot bath. You always in my ideas also were not any Day when I would not think of you. You for me are more than simply favourite person, you sense of my life.
If I have told what that big words, forgive, I write that that I feel heart and soul. My lovely I shall be To stop and I hope that you will soon write to me. Whole. Such small letter has turned out, I think that you will write to me on it the answer. There can be I something not that has written that could you or offend or to offend, but it simply my opinion on our relations. I love you. Yours Nastya
Letter 10

Good afternoon dear Kevin Sawyer.
We can help Nastya to travel to you. Unfortunately we have no Such opportunity to legalize all necessary papers for you. If You want For that Nastya could arrive to you and we could give you full The information and to specify full cost of travel, it is necessary for us To know your full name, the full address and the nearest city in which is the airport.
Yours faithfully Vinokurova Nadya
Letter 11

Greetings my dear Kevin.
I am happy to write to you and it was very pleasant for me to read your letter. My dear I love you and it is very pleasant for me that you write to me warm words!!!
My dear I do not accuse you in anything and that that you have not correctly understood agency,
In it there is no problem, I love you and I know that you wanted only good!!!
I today have received funds and have paid completely for the contract. My lovely I Wanted to buy a fur coat for mum but unfortunately at me has not sufficed Funds. I shall try to save up or borrow from the girlfriends that To buy a fur coat for mum. My lovely do not worry about it, I shall try to make All that in my forces to present her per day a birth a fur coat. At Her day a birth on December, 7. And I shall try make all that I can.
My lovely Kevin it is very pleasant for me that you prepare for me for the house. M you are happy that You want to decorate an apartment and has bought furniture for this case. For me it very much Important!!! Today on work I have told to colleagues about that that I leave to you And they have wished me of good luck with you! It was very pleasant for me...
My dear Kevin now I shall go to continue home to knit for you Sweater. I wanted to make to you a surprise, but I cannot hide it any more.
My lovely Kevin I have bought very soft and easy a thread and began to knit for You a sweater. It will be matte, warm and beautiful. I hope That it is pleasant to you and will be on the size. I love you and tomorrow I shall write more.
Yours Nastya
Letter 12

Greetings my lovely.
It is pleasant for me to receive from you the letter. My dear Kevin I was madly It is happy when has read it up to the end. My lovely you want that I have arrived to you? Please write to agency, they will give to you all The information on the account of my travel also can tell exact cost.
My lovely how are you? I'm fine, only I miss on you and I want to be With you. But I cannot imagine that moment at all when it will take place?
My lovely you know that I receive very small salary and on this I cannot pay my travel completely. You will help me? If you Could help, I was grateful to you and it would be very good to me on soul.
Recently I cannot simply fall asleep, therefore I constantly think that You can get acquainted with someone else and will simply overlook about me.
I hope that it will not take place also we shall be together! If I lived not far From you I simply could not pass by such charmingly and strong Men as you. I would start conversation and have got acquainted with you, because You very effective and kind. My lovely why you never speak to me, how You would want to lead the first day, after my arrival? I would like to look Your sights and to try your kitchen. My lovely you would like That I have prepared you something from Russian kitchen? I think that you would be not against And it would be pleasant to you. I madly want to be near to you, because my heart Belongs to you and to whom to another. I want to be yours and to kiss only Your lips to feel only your embraces... And to love only you. Know my lovely,
If you will not want to be with me because I cannot pay travel and I can not meet you on a planet the Earth always is heart which To be in Russia and loves you. My dear write to me please more likely.
I need in your answer. If you can help me it is more what barrier Cannot prevent our happiness and I shall necessarily make all that you were It is happy. In fact when that person to whom you have given the heart and soul is happy Too will be happy and in family harmony and love will always reign.
I very much would want to have the child, and would be especial to me if he was from you.
Because I want that he was similar to you, as in you only those qualities,
Which are in the present to the man... You careful also will always support in a difficult situation,
You strong also can always solve a problem, what complex she would not be,
You are able to look after beautifully the woman and in you there is a passion which inflames In due course all is stronger, instead of dies away... You the best and you are necessary for me. I am grateful to the God For that that he has presented me such happiness, after acquaintance to you, I have understood, that I I can not live without you any more. Anybody and never was so is kind to me, nobody showed It is so much care and tenderness under the attitude to me. As I am now happy, please Do not break my heart and do not allow to go out to my dream due to which I live and I am glad.
I know that you will apply all efforts to that that we were together, in fact only one barrier On our way which needs to overcome and to be not receded. We can overcome all,
Because the love will help to break all walls and at the end of this long way of us the happiness waits only!
My lovely I know that you after perusal of this letter can think up something.
I know that you can find funds and send them to me, because you very clever, confident and All problems for you only time. I know that you can everything because I have grown fond The purposeful person which achieves the that it would do not cost to it.
I know that already in the following letter, you to me can tell when we shall be together...
I know that you already now imagine first our romantic supper and the first appointment...
You probably will invite me in cosy restaurant in which there will be muffled light And candles will stand on a table... My lovely I love you and it is now very good to me.
I am sure that there was not enough time up to our meeting and it will be soon necessary for me To take long holiday that I could arrive to you. To me it will give At any time, because I already for a long time work and did not take holiday already long time.
Forgive me my lovely, but unfortunately I cannot arrive to you during these 2 weeks because I the fellow worker was ill also I promised to substitute her.
I hope that you not affliction and you will understand me. I can travel to you only When my girlfriend will recover. I am very much afflicted because of it, but all the same I know That I was fast I can with you! In fact I am right? My lovely I shall finish the letter.
I wait from you for the answer. I love you.
Yours Nastya!
P.S. My dear I it has been simply shocked with your letter, I am very grateful To you for such congratulation. I would be happy to lead the birthday With you! You always in my heart and today I shall drink a glass of champagne for you
Letter 13

Good afternoon dear Kevin Sawyer.
We have received your letter and completely we understand your request.
Our agency to prepare for necessary documents for travel abroad.
Start Nastya will be made from Moscow. Moscow Nastya can reach By train cost 50 $ or by the plane cost 127 $. If you have questions We shall be glad to you to answer them.
The manager Vinokurova Nadya
Letter 14

Greetings my loved Kevin.
I am happy to read your letter. It is very pleasant for me that you have understood Me also has not pushed away from itself. You very kind and gentle the man.
I am jealous you because such person as you are difficult a little To find and I is grateful to the god that we have got acquainted with you. My loved Thanks you for warm and gentle words, I very much wanted to speak with you By phone also I shall call you at once as soon as I can pay negotiations.
Your letters give to me of forces, they are filled with love and a heat. I shall simply Is happy to hear your voice and to speak with you on a straight line, instead of through e-mail.
My dear I there was all road after your letter yesterday, and thought as you can help me.
My dear I went home faster for that what to have time to look my loved Film, also has gone in the short way. I for a long time there did not go and having turned in a court yard,
I have seen a signboard (the Western Union \ Remittances worldwide)
It became very interesting to me that this such. I have gone and had conversation with the person Which makes out papers. My dear as it to me has told that it is safe Remittance. After you will send funds I can lift them in 5 minutes.
And for this purpose all it is necessary to know simply your full address, your full name And a confidential code (MTCN). And for that that you could send funds to me to you enough to know Mine the full address, and my full name. name: Anastasia
last name: Nam
Mayakovskogo street 25, apt. 73
City Kirov.
Russia My dear you and itself can learn it in more detail in branch of bank.
My lovely Kevin,
I think that you can help me. A kiss. Very much it is not convenient for me. When at me Opportunity I will be necessary I shall return to you funds. Only not object to me,
Because you too have monetary problems and I do not want that you spent also for me.
I love you and be very grateful to the God that we can together. Such men as You very big rarity in Russia. Many stick to me and want that I was with them,
But I love you and never I shall make to you a bit too. In your hands and I know my heart That at you it will be very warm my heart also will be in reliable hands.
My dear I today visited parents and we long talked to my mum About ours with you attitudes. Mum understands all and thinks that if it is love,
Stands up for her to struggle up to the end. She has told to me a history as they have got acquainted with my father...
My father Yura on a speciality was the expert On digging and oil units. he has stopped Moscow technical University. In the same place in Moscow he has got acquainted with my future mum, they Studied on the same rate, but mum, is more younger than my father and on this Has finished university later. My future father has left on the North and worked there During 3 years. After three years after the termination of university,
They meet each other in Kirov and long time met. The distance did not begin For them a handicap. They till now are happy also my mum hopes that at us too all will develop Very well. She sends the regards to you and wishes well-being. Whether has asked we can Then to arrive to Russia that could will get acquainted closer? I am happy that I can to travel To you. I want to see and understand even not much about your culture and your way of life.
My dear I shall be simply happy to be near to you and to feel your gentle embraces.
Write to me more likely. I love you Kevin.
Yours Nastya
Letter 15

Hello my dear Kevin!
I am happy to write to you again. My loved forgive me for the late answer.
I was very sick, I had high temperature and I have lead all these Days of a house, not rising from bed. Today I feel better and when I have come In Internet - cafe also has seen your letter, to me it became much better. My lovely I am happy that you of me have not overlooked to read to me your letter pleasantly also. I store all Your letters because they are dear for me and in them I feel your heat and love.
My dear tell to me as at you state of health, how your relatives?
I today went to the girlfriend and she too was glad to my recovery.
I very much missed on you and you always were in my ideas, I very much experienced Because you are expensive to me and I wanted to descend and write to you the letter, but at me There were no forces to rise from a bed and to go in cafe. I hope that you will understand me Also you will forgive. I love you and for me would be the big happiness to meet you.
I would like to touch you and to feel your gentle embraces,
Sweet kiss... When at last we can meet? I would be happy To arrive to you as soon as possible. I went for work and my fellow workers take holiday Since December, 20 and I have been a little upset, because if they will take holiday, to me Holiday any more will not give. My dear tell to me please, whether you can help To me to pay cost of documents and the ticket till december 5. If you can To me to help, I could take holiday and arrive to you and if I shall not take Holiday this month it will be necessary for me to wait for that time while mine Colleagues will not come to work and only after that to me can grant a leave.
I cannot wait so for a long time, because my feelings very strong to you and I I do not want to build the attitude only on letters. I hope that you agree with me.
We all the same need to meet completely to understand we approach each other whether or not.
I hope that at us all will be good and we will have happy family. To me would be It is very pleasant to meet with you Christmas and to be with you together. I hope that you You understand me and you will make utmost. Well and if at you to fail To help me to pay cost of travel I shall not long because I love you Also for time is ready to wait so much, how many it is necessary! I miss on you and you always in my heart,
Every day I dreamed of how there will be our meeting and it gave to me of forces.
Your love is necessary for me and I cannot simply present the life without You. You became sense of my life and I want to be only yours! To me who is not necessary Except for you! In you I see that person whom searched already for a long time and I hope that I was not mistaken in a choice and you never will cause to me a pain and will not break my heart!
My heart belongs to you and to whom to another! I love you and I hope that you You test to me the same feelings! We are familiar not so much, but for me you became most The person close to me. You always understood me and supported, for me you are more Than simply love, you sense of my life. I love you and I hope that soon we can You to meet and I can prove to you the love. My dear I regret to hear about that that you is sick also your leg poorly.
Necessarily address to the doctor that he has examined your wound. My lovely I I did not see any letter in which could see a confidential code.
My lovely please write to me again. I hope you know that mine Full name Anastasia, surname Podoplelova. My maiden name Nam. But for That that I could receive funds, you should send on my surname Which is specified in passport Podoplelova. I hope that you will soon answer me.
You the loveliest person in my life. Whole.
Yours Nastya.
P.S. My dear it is my new e-mail:
I do not use any more old. I wait from you the answer
Letter 16

Good afternoon dear Kevin Sawyer.
We are pleased, that you have addressed for the help in our travel agency.
Our agency has the license and the legal name "Solnyshko".
We attach it to the letter.
Also will be pleased to help you.
We are in the market of tourist services within 1 years.
We have the license for granting of services.
We help to prepare for all necessary documents for registration of the visa and all documents which are necessary for trip abroad.
We can reserve hotel in Moscow.
In our discounts of agency before the season of holiday on all air tickets in any item of the world works.
These discounts will work up to 1 of november.
Our help for industrial documents for foreign departure includes:
1) Manufacture of the visa - 7 working days (510$US)
15 working days (440$US)
30 working days (350$US)
Reception of tourist visas in our agency is provided only at registration of a full package deal by our company:
booking and payment of hotel,
registration of the medical insurance, except for England and Switzerland where visa support is guaranteed at booking hotel.
Registration of the visa requires medical examination. This requirement of the American Government.
It - the duty of the client to give the medical information in ours agencies.
2) Manufacture of the passport for travel abroad cost (70$US).
3) Insurance upon the client for term of action of the visa. Its cost will be (140$US)
4) The order of air tickets.
5) The order hotel reservations. Cost of one day of residing with a full feed costs (25$US - 70$US)
The hotel is necessary that Nastya could wait the flight in number, because We want that to our clients was convenient and comfortable.
Dear Kevin Sawyer the ticket from Moscow up to Usa, Illinois expenses :
- The way there - will cost back airlane KLM $ 897 (hot tiket)
- The way there - will cost back airlane AEROFLOT $ 1097
Our agency will give the detailed information on preparation of a package of documents, will assist in filling questionnaires, will lead the consultations necessary for successful reception of required visas.
Representatives of our agency will collect and will legalize all necessary papers, will deliver them in a consular department of embassy and will take away together with the ready visa.
Our agency renders the necessary help and will accompany with you in case of need carrying out of interview in consulate.
If reception of the visa under the decision of a consular department will need additional documents or the information the visa department of our agency will operatively inform you on it.
If you agree with conditions and requirements we shall be glad to cooperate with you. If you can help Nastya That for this purpose to you is necessary to take advantage of services "WesternUnion" or "MoneyGram". You should make Remittance on Nastya that she could conclude with us the contract. At once as Nastya will receive Funds, she can pay cost of the contract on registration of a full package of documents, a copy of the contract We shall send to you on e-mail.
If you have become interested in our services. Our agency will be - pleased to you to help.
The manager Alena Ratnikova
Letter 17

Greetings my dear Kevin.
I am happy to read your letter and it was pleasant for me to learn that you heard mine The message. I am glad to know that you liked my voice. My lovely I shall be To cause you today, approximately during same time. I love you and very much I miss on you. My dear I with pleasure would want you to help To decorate your house. My lovely this millet was magnificent. To me very much Pleasantly that you attentive also have guessed my favourite color. You are right I I love pink color... I love you and I would like to nestle on you and to be in Your embraces. I want to feel your gentle hands on the shoulders... I want That you kissed me and were gentle with me. My dear the Christmas is fast And I would like to meet it with you together! Tell you would like that I Has arrived to you for Christmas? You can help to arrive to me to you? I I love you and I hope that we today can speak by phone. I I love you and I suffer because of that sting in your leg a little. My dear Necessarily consult with the doctor. I am happy that it heals, but nevertheless I worry about you! I went to parents and had with them pleasant conversation.
They are happy for me and have wished us to be good pair. I am glad that you You do not overlook about them and it is pleasant for me that you are interested in their health. You Simply well done With my grandmother all in the full order, she is good itself Feels and is awake. My lovely I always think of you and you for ever in My heart. I love you and I hope that we today can talk with You by phone. Kiss you!
Yours Nastya
Letter 18

Good afternoon dear Kevin Sawyer.
We have received your letter and we shall give you full answers.
Full cost of travel including the visa, the passport, the visa, a return ticket, medical insurance and a hotel accommodation in Moscow is equal 1667.00 $.
We do not include charges on road in Moscow and travel on the city of Moscow.
We take for the work of 20 % from cost of travel which is equal 334 $.
All documents will be ready during 7 working days after the conclusion of the contract and payment of a full package deal. If you are ready to help Katya you should make a remittance having taken advantage of services of bank in which there is branch " WesternUnion " or "MoneyGram" in quantity 2001 $. After Katya she will receive funds can pay cost of the contract and during 7 working days we shall prepare all necessary documents for travel.If you have still what or questions we shall be glad to answer you them.
The manager
Letter 19

Greetings my favourite Kevin.
I am happy to see your letter but when I have read through it, I was a little in confusion... My darling I have gone to the airport and after I have explained them that that you cannot look the information on my travel. They apologized and have told that there there was a failure. Here the correct information: Number of booking: SDC9WU, (Enter number of booking and a surname). My dear I can speak now with you in yahoo. I wait for you there!
Yours Nastya
Letter 20

Hello my dear Kevin.
I am glad to see your letter, but I have not understood that that you have told.
My lovely probably you wrote to agency, instead of me? My dear I like You also I shall soon cause you on cell phone. My lovely you want that I deceived Agency also did all? You want that I broke conditions of the contract,
So I shall break also the law? My lovely I know that it costs dearly, but In fact due to them I have got acquainted with you. It is very pleasant for me to receive From you letters and to know that I am dear to you. I love you, but I do not want to go against The law and against agency because I read the contract and one of items is That I should do all documents with their help. If you will refuse me,
I shall not condemn you, in fact each person has the right of a choice. But know on a planet The Earth is heart, Which loves you and always waits...
With love yours Nastya
Letter 21

Good afternoon dear Kevin Sawyer.
Kevin Or to receive the ticket from you.
We have with her the contract and we can not break it.
We informed Nastya on your letter and she has been very much upset also affliction. We understand that to you difficultly to pay our services and we you we do not hurry. We hope for your understanding.
The manager Alena Ratnikova
Letter 22

My dear Kevin I was happy to see your letter. Forgive me mine Lovely but I cannot cause you today. I shall call to you tomorrow Approximately at 11:00 Moscow time. At you will be approximately 3:00 nights.
My lovely forgive me but I cannot find funds to pay this bell. I Hoped that my girlfriend can lend to me, but at her now the same is not present Funds. My dear I tomorrow shall receive money which you to me have sent and at once I shall call you. OK? My lovely unfortunately I do not have your full address.
Write to me it please once again that I tomorrow could receive funds. And If you can speak in on-line that I would be simply happy. Mine yahoo ID nastya_alone Whether write to me please you can speak with me. I now shall go Home also I shall come to Internet - cafe approximately through one hour and I shall wait from you the letter. I love you.
Yours Nastya
Letter 23

Good afternoon dear Kevin Sawyer.
We have received âàit the letter and all are glad that in the full order.
We are glad that you are ready to cooperate with us and for Nastya it The big happiness. After Nastya will receive funds, she can pay Cost of all documents and we shall conclude the contract on registration of the visa.
We shall send to you a copy of the contract on e-mail. If you have any questions We shall be glad to answer them.
The manager Alena Ratnikova
Letter 24

Hi my love Kevin.
I am glad to receive your letter.
I have told about us to my girl-friends, they are very glad that I have found happiness. Certainly they will miss me as much as my mom will. I think that we are already so very close to each other as a husband and a wife, but, unfortunately, separated with the long distance. But despite the fact , we should continue to love each other and to trust each other. Do you agree with me?
I can't help this loven, it sings inside me like a bird in the spring sky. I think it's a destiny. It can be dangerous, but I'm crazy in loving you. Your letters are filled with such a warmth and care that sometimes tears of happiness drop out from my eyes.
I think " My God, thank you for your help in granting me my dedicated,
my sole man, and I hope that he and I shall merge and we shall be happy. " I dream of our meeting and of our walkings together, plaited hand in hand,
of our courtings each other and of our making love. I LOVE YOU, YOU'RE IN MY HEART AND IN MY MIND FOREVER. I dream of your carrying me on your arms, embracing me, kissing and spoiling my gentle body.
I don't wish those were pure dreams, and only God knows if they will come true.
My dear I today went for work and has written the application for that that holiday is necessary for me.
To me will give it from December, 15 till January, 20. I love you and for me The big happiness to arrive to you is fast. My dear I was delighted with your voice. Forgive me if you sometimes Something did not understand, I am simple very much worried and for me it was Happiness. My dear I soon again shall cause you.
I hope to see your letter soon.
Yours Nastya
Letter 25

Greetings my dear Kevin.
I am happy to see your letter and it is very pleasant for me that you help me.
My lovely I has received funds and now shall go to agency to pay cost All necessary documents for travel. I am happy also I do not know as To describe that feeling which now in me!!! My lovely I shall soon cause you by phone Also I hope that we can speak. My dear I love you and never I shall cause to you Pain. You are dear to me and I am happy that I have such person as you. I shall go to To parents also I shall inform to them about that that I soon depart to you. My lovely I has gone in Agency also I shall pay cost of the contract. I shall call you at once after I shall pay a full package deal.
Yours Nastya
Letter 26

My dear Kevin I am happy to see your letter.
My lovely forgive me for that that I have not written to you yesterday,
simply I worked in two changes. I want to be released before December,
15 because all documents which will be necessary for travel are ready on December,
7 and I have asked on work that to me gave holiday since December, 8,
but for this purpose I need to work more. I love you and I want to arrive to you more likely. My dear I went to agency and to me have told that they have reserved to me the ticket for December, 10, on this I shall go to Moscow 1 day prior to a start to you. I shall go to Moscow on December, 8 and I shall be there on December, 9 early in the morning. My dear I so it is happy because I can arrive to you on December, 11!!! I love you and this news to me is very pleasant. My mum not against it and she asked to transfer you the best regards,
good health and happiness! I am very glad to this and as soon as I shall see you I I would like to present you a sweater which for you to knit. Thanks that you have told about the breast so it will be easier to me to knit him up to the end.
My dear it is pleasant for me that you care of that that I felt like comfortably at you at home both send the regards Nick and tell that I am grateful to him for that that he helps you. My lovely at me on work all is good. There are no operations,
now comes a lot of injured because of easy traumas. I am happy that there are no more death and people do not get in failure. It is always hard for me to look at it.
My dear I not so want to recollect the work because there it is a lot of a pain and experience and it becomes hard for me on soul. I am happy to see a photo which you have sent me. At you very good friends. Send the regards to them and tell to mum that I shall be happy with her to get acquainted. My dear at me to you one request...
It is possible the first day when I shall arrive I shall be only with you, I want to tell that would be pleasant for me if us this day who did not disturb. I want to get used a little to change of conditions and a new climate and to have a rest from road, and next day it would be pleasant for me to get acquainted with your friends and relatives. ÎÊ? My lovely today Saturday and I work in a night shift so I cannot write to you in the evening. I hope you of me you will forgive for it... I love you.
Yours Nastya
Letter 27

Greetings my dear Kevin.
I am happy to see your letter. My lovely forgive me for the late answer.
I love you and I do not want that you were upset and experienced. My dear I spoke you that to me is necessary to work more to arrive to you more likely.
My lovely today already on December, 5, in 6 days I shall be with you!!! I very much happy And it will be very pleasant for me to arrive to you and to be in your gentle embraces.
I want to kiss you... I LOVE YOU!!! My dear I today caused you By phone, but you have not taken a tube. I shall call to you today again. I want to hear Your voice and I am grateful to you for that that you have helped me to pay travel.
My lovely Kevin I am very happy and for me great pleasure that you You prepare for my arrival, but I ask you that you were more cautious and not Has received a trauma. Please do not move furniture one because you can To damage itself. I very much worry for you and I do not want that it was hurt you!
My lovely I love you and I want to write to you more, but I need to go for work.
My dear I shall cause you today. Kiss you.
Yours Nastya
Letter 28

Hi my dear Kevin, how are you today???
My dear Kevin I am now very happy and already today I start to collect Bags for travel to you. Soon very soon we shall together and for me This big happiness! I love you and it will be pleasant for me to decorate together with you The house. For me it is a great honor to take part in it. My dear thanks for the help,
I shall necessarily take advantage of your advice. I never thought that in the plane very loudly The engine works and all is audible in interior. I shall take advantage of your advice.
My dear Kevin I saw group about which you to me spoke, but unfortunately I could not hear that they sing, because in Internet - cafe at a computer are not present Columns or headphones and on this I could see only. Very much it was pleasant to me. They very ridiculous And I think that it will be a remarkable concert. I with pleasure shall go on it.
My lovely I wanted you to tell that already the day after tomorrow I shall go to Moscow and I shall arrive late at night.
It is not convenient for me for you to speak but I have no funds which I could spend in Moscow.
To me have told that there very expensive taxi and the bus of me will take only to the central ware market,
And me some quarters will be necessary to reach hotel. I shall be there at night somewhere in 2.
My lovely I do not want to be to you a problem but if you can send me of a few funds that I could reach hotel and buy there the foodstuffs I would be very happy.
I understand that you this month have spent many funds and if you cannot send me That I shall not take offence. I simply shall go on foot up to hotel because does not go public at night Transport. I love you and I know that you too feel to me! My dear Kevin My mum has transferred you a gift, but I shall not speak yet that this such. I shall make to you a surprise!
I hope that it very much is pleasant to you. I have almost stopped to knit a sweater and remained it is not enough.
I shall give you it at once as soon as I shall arrive to you. I love you!!!!
Today its good day and the sun is shining bright outside.
Especially on such a day, I wish would wake up together with my husband and lover.
I imagine that I whisper? Good morning! In my sweet darling ears.
My sweet-heart reach out for my hand and move very close to my body.
I can still feel the scent from our passionate night. I put my arms around his body.
Hi presses his sensual lips against mine and whisper that he loves me.
I tell him that I love him too and that he is the most fantastic and beautiful man in this world.
Later I will make healthy breakfast and tea for two.
I bring the tray from the kitchen into our sleeping room with juice, tea, jam, etc.,
He smiles to me and tell me that I am the most wonderful woman in this world.
I feel so happy inside, as I (just as he) like to be reminded again and again that I am his best girlfriends, loyal wife and most sexy and hot lover in bed.
We always put much attention to each others well - being.
After breakfast, hi gives me so much joy and good feelings.
Our love is so romantic and beautiful, the only thing I can not live without.
We really understand how to please each other and make the other person very happy.
All the time, we are extremely close together, after a while our bodies become like one.
Your soft hands always in mine, your sensual lips belong to me only,
your eyes will be the mirror of our eternal love.
I am an incurable romantic. Actually love is the only thing that matter in life.
I know about love and erotic. I am sad when you are sad, I can not smile without you,
I am only happy when you are happy.
I have only one wish. That you, my sweet darling will be the man in my dream.
I cannot wait when we will be together!!!
Yours Kate
Letter 29

Hi my perfect and wonderful Kevin!!!
I am again glad to see your letter. Each your letter brings warmth in my heart.
Thanks you for understanding. I am happy also I love you. I shall receive funds And in Moscow it will be easier to me to move. Soon we shall together!
I dream of that day when it will be not the letter and our long-awaited meeting.
Today it is not magnificent weather in the street. Weather is not very warm and sunny.
In such perfect day best to be in the street and to go for a walk on fresh air.
It is so pleasant.
I know probably I am too romantic and I love a nature very much.
Yesterday I dreamed of us walking in the park. When I think of you, my favourite man,
I become so happy and it is pleasant and joyfully on heart, that for me it would be desirable to fly with happiness.
I understand that I can not live without you, without your words, without your embraces and kisses.
For this that I searched all my life.
You probably are intended to me by destiny. I should connect life only with you my lovely.
I am happy that you are mine. I value it very much. I do not want to lose you never. You are my sense of life.
Without you I have nothing to live in this world. I always dreamed about such man as you,
such understanding and fond man.
I want that we will be with each other.
I shall wait your letter soon. I hope to receive it and to be delighted to your answer.
A lot of kisses to my sweet,
Your always love Kate
Letter 30

Good afternoon my loved Kevin!!!
I am happy to write to you! My dear I love you Also I want to be with you and to feel your gentle embraces!!!
Thanks you for funds. I shall receive them tomorrow.
My dear if you today can speak with me In on-line I shall be very happy. I shall be today in yahoo approximately at 23:00 Moscow time. I love you and I hope that we can have Conversation. Kiss you!
Only yours Nastya
Letter 31

Good afternoon Kevin Sawyer.
We have received your message and we give To you the information. Nastya yesterday has left to Moscow and for tomorrow At her the ticket aboard the plane is reserved. The necessary data:
Number of booking: LZ7QCU, Number of flight: KL904, Number of flight: KL611 You can look details of flight also here (enter number of booking and a surname)
We were glad to cooperate with you. We wish you of good luck!
The manager Alena Ratnikova
Letter 32

Hello my dear Kevin.
Forgive me that I to you so for a long time did not write.
At me the whole heap of emotions and impressions!!!!
On Thursday in the evening I have arrived to Moscow and this city of me have simply fascinated!!!
I never was in Moscow and certainly have there and then lost the way.
But anyhow to 22:40 o'clock in the evening I have arrived to hotel and have lodged there.
I am very tired and have not gone anywhere.
Today I have paid for tickets and at me now the ticket to you on on December, 10 up to Chicago!!!
You are glad???? I am happy that soon I can to see you!!!
I could not write yesterday to you because to me have told that I can write to you from hotel where I live.
But when in the evening I have come to write you to me informed that I should pay 15 dollars.
It besides that I should pay the Internet at leaving!!!
I was in a shock and did not begin to use it. I today have found the Internet of cafe and for 5 dollars I write to you this letter.
I did not want to break your heart and did not want you to offend!!!
I for you have unpleasant news.
I at all do not know as you it to tell.
Simply today so wonderfully began day, and it seemed to me what even the sun smiles to me.
After I have taken away tickets I have gone to the airport beforehand to learn about full details of this trip.
In an infromation desk I have taken the booklet about that how to fly to the tourist to THE USA.
In this booklet it was colourfully described as how to do and how correctly to fill in all documents.
Examples were resulted and I was interested with one line:
" How many cash you are going to take with yourselves directly to THE USA? " I have gone to learn that this paragraph means.
To me informed, that there is such criterion as the minimal sum which is necessary for entrance to your country.
To me have told, that if the family from four people goes that the minimal sum,
From which this family will let in your country, it - 8000 dollars.
That is it necessary 2000 dollars on the person.
It is necessary that the person lived on any money in your country.
This - 2000 dollars, now is necessary for me, that I could move to THE USA.
I cannot explain, that I arrive to you, and at you I shall live.
I actually go under the tourist visa and on customs service I should have cash.
My dear our government experiences for the Russian citizens and I should have funds for That that I could buy the foodstuffs and remove hotel. I understand that it is the silly law,
But because of him I cannot arrive to you. I spoke that a meal to you, but to me have told That can take place anything you like and you can not meet me. Simply it is necessary for The governments that they were sure that with me all will be good.
My lovely this money are not necessary for me and I shall give them to you at once as I shall see you.
I shall not spend any dollar and I shall return to you all funds.
As soon as I shall be at the airport I shall give you 2000 dollars. My lovely understand me, I love you And now I simply do not know that to me to do! I very much suffer also to me sadly. The world became black-and-white And paints to return only when I shall see you. Now I simply do not know what to do...
I very much want to be with you because I love you, but now I in desperate position.
It is inconvenient for me to ask you again money, but I do not see other way that we could meet.
At me such sensation that to us needed to be made a half-step that we have met, but these of a half-step The whole precipice. I love you and it will be very pleasant for me to arrive to you and to be with you!
I shall give this money to you as soon as I shall arrive directly to a hall of the airport.
If you will send me of money that on Saturday I shall depart to you and in some hours we can already meet.
And also to forget all alarms and excitements!!!
I shall wait from you the letter tonight.
I hope, that have not strongly broken you.
I love you!!!
With love Nastya
Letter 33

My dear Kevin I am happy to see from you the letter and it is pleasant for me to see your words Supports I love you and for me the big happiness that I have found you!!!! Kiss you!
My dear you are not necessary for me 2000 US $, they are necessary that I have shown them on customs house.
You understand, we have law which does not allow to take off to the Russian citizen from Russia In the USA not having a living wage. My lovely this money are necessary that I could buy The foodstuffs and to remove hotel. I explained them that I go to you and that you will give me habitation and the foodstuffs,
But they have told that do not presume to take off without it. My dear the government has fear For citizens also can take place anything you like. Probably at you the machine will break or you cannot simply meet Me, on this they experience. My lovely I love you and if you can help me, I shall not spend Any dollar and as soon as I shall arrive to the airport I I shall give you of money and I shall give a sweater.
Understand my start already tomorrow at 16:05 and it is necessary for me to be in time aboard the plane. If I shall give back ticket to me will give much It is less than it costs also I do not want to cancel flight. I love you and I want to arrive to you more likely and still I do not have funds that To remove hotel, I should release a hotel accommodation tomorrow. I hope that you will understand me and will make utmost.
I love you and I wait from you for the answer.
Only yours Nastya
Letter 34

Greetings my dear Kevin.
I am happy to see your letter and it is very pleasant for me that you have not given up to me.
My loved I shall return to you all funds as soon as I shall come to you.
I shall not spend any dollar, I need to show only them at customs house.
You correctly have understood me also I shall return to you funds as soon as I shall see you.
My lovely I cannot write the big letter, because now very much Late and I should go in hotel. I hope that you will understand me and You will forgive. I very much love you and It is grateful to the god for that that we have got acquainted with you, you sense of my life and I Always I think of you. Tomorrow in the morning I shall go in bank and I shall receive funds, and then I shall go internet-cafe and I shall inform to you. I love you. Kiss you.
Your Nastya
Letter 35

Hi, my love!
I at all do not know from what to begin the letter, is simple much that Has taken place for this time while I did not write to you...
Fairly, I simply am afraid of that you have very strongly taken offence at me for that that I did not write to you.
All this time while from me was letters I ceased to think of you,
Every minute, every second, I only also thought of you, my dear!
Believe and try me to understand, simply humanly understand, I could not write to you,
As all this time I laid in hospital.
As that I came back late from work, this day I have received the salary Also it has turned out so, that I went in a court yard, there it was very dark, and a corner have left three guys,
One of them started to pull me a bag, I resisted, but it was It is useless, any one of these guys has struck me on a head something heavy...
I do not remember, that was farther, I have woken up in hospital and as appeared later,
Just this day my neigbour has left with a dog to walk, and she has seen me and has caused first aid.
Doctors to me have told, that at me a brain concussion and all this time I laid in hospital.
You know, I very much experienced, that you have taken offence at me.
I many times asked of the sanction that me have released in Internet - cafe,
But they to me have told, that it is impossible, as my condition very heavy.
My dear, I only also thought of you, about us, about ours with you to correspondence, me very much did not suffice Your letters which I always waited with the big pleasure.
You know, I even asked mum that she has written to you the letter,
But she does not understand a computer, and she has told, that it will be better,
If I shall write to you itself as soon as I shall recover.
Me today have written out also I yet there was no house, I at once have gone to Internet - cafe to read your letters which me so did not suffice.
You know, I now understand on how many you to me is expensive, and as far as you are necessary for me!
I very much ask you do not take offence at me and be not angry, and simply understand.
I shall wait from you for letters.
Write to me as your affairs and how your affairs?
Yours Nastya!
At me has changed e-mail a write to me please
Letter 36

Greetings my dear Kevin.
I am happy that I can to write to you. My lovely forgive me for that that me Is not present now near to you! I love you and I hope that you will understand me...
My dear all was wonderful, I have received funds and at once have gone in The airport, I have shown on customs house funds which you to me have sent. My dear I already should take off to you but when examined my luggage, me HAVE DETAINED! My lovely remember I to you I spoke about a gift which Mum has transferred for you? My lovely I wanted that you were happy and Wanted that it was a surprise. My mum has transferred me the icon and when At check of me have stopped I was in a shock. My dear me have named The criminal also have accused of smuggling. My dear Kevin me have detained For the whole day in the chamber. I very much there have frozen also to me did not allow The foodstuffs. You understand, my mum wanted to give for us a gift, and All has turned out very badly. To me have told that will judge me also I was in Shock, I cried much... To me have told that there there will be a court, but it is possible To pay the penalty and I has agreed. I have given 700 us $ from that money which I Should show on customs house. My dear I hope that you not against It. I have handed over tickets and I can take off to you in 3 days, but at me was not present Funds to show on customs house before a start to you. I have sent an icon Home by mail to mum. My dear I now need in 700 dollars that To take off to you. I shall give you all and I shall use the best efforts to find At you in the country work and to return to you funds. My dear at me is 1300 dollars but to take off to you to me 2000 dollars are necessary. I I hope that you will understand me also I can call today to you, approximately in 20:00 Moscow time, I hope that you will be at home. I like You also I believe in our love!
Yours Nastya
Letter 37

Greetings my dear Kevin.
I am happy to write to you again. Ìíãå it was very pleasant to speak with you in yahoo. My darling I love you and ñåãíîäíÿ I went in the airport and have reserved the ticket. Here data which will be necessary that you could look my travel but that I could arrive to you under this ticket, I should buy tomorrow them, differently my booking will be cancelled. Here data Number of booking: S154FE, Number of flight: KL904, you can look Details of flight also here (enter number of booking and a surname). My dear I hope that I can redeem tomorrow the ticket and take off to you on December, 17th. I very much love you and to me it is pleasant that you do not leave me! I send you a copy of the letter which I have written yesterday. Why that they come back to me back... Probably your mail box has broken... But I hope that you will receive this letter and all will be good. I love you!!!
Yours Nastya. Copy of the letter: Greetings my dear Kevin.
I am happy to write to you. My dear forgive me for that that I so long did not write to you. My dear I love you and I am happy that you have not turned away from me and help me. I love you and the God sees that I very much suffer here. I absolutely alone and at me was not present what help and support in this city. I try to spend as small as possible funds... My dear I to you called many time for these days but why that you do not take a tube. I shall call to you today at 23:00 Moscow time and I hope that we can speak with you in yahoo approximately at 24:00 Moscow time. My dear I love you and which you will send funds to me I shall return to you at once as soon as I shall see you. My dear I require in 800 dollars to show at customs these funds. I shall not spend any dollar, I shall bring all to you. My dear I till now experience because of that that has occured at customs and that that have arrested me and have declared me the criminal. I cry much and now I do not know that to me to do, I can buy the ticket for December, 17th and arrive to you, but I require funds and still I wish to ask you, it is possible for me to take a few funds that I could remove hotel and buy the foodstuffs? The hotel on surburb costs approximately 45 dollars day and I today shall go there and I shall remove for one night. If you will allow me, I would like to live in it till that time while I shall not arrive to you. I understand that it very difficultly for you to find funds and I I promise that I shall use the best efforts to return to you them. I love you and never in a life I wished to cause you a pain. I hope that you will forgive me. I now experience also you always in my heart, I love you and I think of you always. You and I never shall forgive sense of my life to myself if because of me you will lose the house... My dear I cannot long use the Internet because it dearly costs. I hope that you will meet me in yahoo today. I love you and I send you a kiss. Forgive me for everything, I cannot I cannot live without you!!! You are dear to me and I dream of that that we soon were together! Kiss you. Your Nastya
Letter 38

Greetings my dear Kevin.
I do not understand why you not do not answer me? What did that happen? My dear I start to experience and to me became sad!!! My darling I love you and I hope that you will answer me! My dear Kevin, you have received my letter? I went to the airport and me a distance correct data. I send them to you again: Number of booking: SDC9WU, (Enter number of booking and a surname). I love you and I wait from you for the answer..
Yours Nastya
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