Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda to Wayne (USA)

Letter 1

I am so happy you wrote me and I couldn't set aside this your interest. It means much for me and soon you will know why. I am sorry, but I must go immediately and I don't have time, but in order you don't loose your interested and won't be offend with me, I brought a photo and hope you will like it. I also promise you that my next letter will be very informative. I also wait the same from you.

Till soon,
Letter 2

thanks that paid attention to my profile and for appreciating my photo, it's pleasant for me... My name's Nadia, and here I'm searching of a man who wants to build a strong family where each of the partners can share emotions, feelings & thoughts. If you want to ask me about something special, do it in your next letter, OK? We know rather little about each other, so let me tell you more of myself. Now I'm divorced, and this event was not the best one in my life, you see... But I believe, partners are to have the same views & wishes as for their common future, and it's impossible to be happy with a very different person. I have no kids, but hope that one day become a mother (I guess, every woman dreams about it). I'm only 24 now, so, I have time for that :-) As for my job - it is good for women, as I work as a chef in a restaurant. I know usually men have such a job, because they think men cook better than women - so, I am proud that our clients come again & again, and most of them have favourite dishes here... I was born & live now in a village, it's called Beloye. We have clear air & beautiful nature here. What about the place where you live? By the way, I love pets! I've got a nice little dog, you can see it on a photo. And do you have a pet at home? Well, it seems, I've told you everything important as for me, will be happy to receive your answer. ...One more thing: I might not answer to you immediately, as don't know English, & it takes some time to write with the help of interpreter, you see. But hope, it won't prevent us from getting know each other better...

Bye, waiting,
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