Scam letter(s) from Anna Wilson to Tom (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my lovely darling man Not to Post this part
It nice hearing from you my lovely darling man...I am so happy to hear that you have gooten a Job my love,i am so happy for you my love...well i understand that you are broke because of the hospital bills my love and what you have rest is for gas for next week you go to work my love..But now i am so dumfounded and i dont know what i can do now my love.i doont want to loose my mom ,cos you know that she is all i got left now and i dont want to lose her.i want her to witness me and you ettting together so my love,so Not to Post this part i would like you to ask any of your friends to help loan you the money that you would pay back or i would probably pay back when she is ok and when i take levae back to the state...PLZ try and help me out Not to Post this part ....I love you so much much and plz say Good night and sweetdreams to your mom for me....Let me go hospital and stay with mom..i would check for your mail soon
I love you and i hope to hear from you soon..
Melanie Not to Post this part cares
Letter 2
Hello my lovely man Not to Post this part
It really so nice hearing from you my love...well i guess the snow has been keeping you indoor...My loely Not to Post this part i am so hapy that you going for a interview to get a ob again and i would be here supporting you in prayers nd i pray the offer you the Job you are looking for love...well i have not been able to get the 200 my love,i was thinkig if you would be able to help out o that my mom surgery can be conducted so that she can get well and i have told her about you and she said that she hope she can get up on her feet soon so that she can get to meet you my love......I dont want to loose her.i was her to witness me and you getting together my love,How is your mom doing my love?I miss you and plz send my greetings to her...I love you and i hope to read from you soon
Melanie Not to Post this part
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