Romance scam letter(s) from Natalia Filkina to Adrian (UK)
Letter 1

Hello my dear Adrian,
Today in the morning i have checked my email box and got your letter and i am really pleased that you want to start correspondence with me.
I want you to know how i found udate. I am new to internet dating and from the begining did not believe in the idea, but one friend of mine, from work have been dating with a guy from your country and they are going to meet there in a couple of weeks. And i decided to try too :-)) So i made a profile and go online search and like your photo and sent you a message. As i promised here is some information about me and i want you to tell me something about you too, i think it'll help to learn each other.
As you already know from my profile, i am single, never married and don't have a kids, but thought to have them in the future. My full name Nataliya Filkina, i am Christian, don't have any brothers and sisters and i am 25 y.o.
My birthday - August,15th, 1980 and my astrological sight - Leo. I can say that i tall girl, my height 5'8'' and weight 130 pounds. All my life i lived in a small town Ozersk.
The closest big city to my town is Chelyabinsk.
Tell me where you live? I have graduated economical college in Chelyabinsk 3 years ago and now i am working in small company. I am manager and sell refrigerators. 1 year ago i was modeling and i included several pictures, hope you'll like. Later i will send you my usual pictures, i just bought a digital camera. I live alone and rent an apartment here. At this moment i'm quite satisfied with the job and i can support myself without parents help, but of course i want to find a better job in the future. My parents live near by me and we always spending time on weekends together. I had a couple of serious relationships in my life, but i haven't found a man of my dreams yet. So now i am single. Some friends of mine say I am a perfectionist, but I don't think you should decide on spending your life with somebody when you are not completely sure about it. I am very romantic and the men I met were mostly rather rude and were sometimes hurting my feelings without even guessing about it. But i still believe in love and these are not just words. I believe i can find my Only One; the one i will trust and love no matter what he does or says or thinks. But i am not young and i also think that just sitting and waiting is simply stupid. So I decided to try online dating. What else shall I tell you about myself? I do not have any specific hobbies; so in my spare time I usually read, meet friends (when it is summer, we always try to spend some time in the nature); help parents with some work on weekends, maybe cook something nice for them or my friends I want you to know that age difference not important for me, i think it's not a problem is two part love, understand and respect each other. I really hope to hear from you soon, i want you to know that i am really intrested and want to continue. I will tell you more about me, what i like and dislike,hobbies, dreams, desiers, thoughts etc as soon as i will get an answer from you and maybe i have already tired you a little bit with such a long letter, but I was really excited to receive a letter from you, thank you very much. Ok, i am looking forward to your next letter, Sincerely yours, Nataliya
Letter 2

Hi again my dear Adrian,
So good to have a letter from you so fast! How are you?
I am doing ok, working and start thinking that i have somebody so far away from here. I think you want to know more about me i am going to give you more info about me. As i told you before I adore cooking and i consider that i'm a very good cook.I like to eat seafood, vegetables salads, chicken, fruits of course. I like to drink mineral water, green tea, sometimes coffee with milk and apple juce. My favourite color is blue and favourite flowers - roses. I like pets, especially dogs When i was a little kid i had a dog and parrot.
In my spare time i like to read books - modern and classic. I like to watching movies on DVD, but of course to prefer to watch them in movie theatres, because of high quality and sound. I adore Russian and of course American movies - romantic comedies, drammas and actions. The last one i saw: 9 Rota with Fedor Bondarchuk, but i am sure you have not seen it. From American, my favourite: Terminal, Troy, 80 days around the world. I hate horros movies. I like to listen music - RNB,JAZZ,POP, ROCK, MTV.
Adore sing songs in karaoke bars, like to dance and fond of sport - gym, running and aerobics.
On summer i spent my spare time with my close friends - outdoos,BBQ, swimming. On winter - ski and ice skating.
I traveled in Russia, have been in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Sochi on Black Sea but never been abroad and maybe oneday i will take a trip abroad.
I want to get married, like 90% of woman, not just because a woman should want to get married. I do not want to tolerate somebody who is always half-drunk, curses 5 times in a minute and thinks i should pray every day to be considered "a married woman", respected by society.
I don't want all that. I only want love and understanding.
Loyalty, trust and honesty are also important. So-Ithought - if it is that bad here, how's that over there?
I don't have a computer at home, i can check my email from work or internet club. So if you will not get a letter from me on next day please don't worry i just busy at work and don't have time to write. But i'll try my best to write you everyday.
I'm Looking forward to hear from you soon.Sending you new pictures, i took it yesterday on digi cam and hope you'll like. Thinking of you, Nataliya
Letter 3

Hello dear Adrian,
How are you? How is your life there? Thanks for the letters.
Seams that winter coming here, the Weather is cold here and we will had a snow this week but i have wonderful feeling that i have you in my life and it's warm me inside.
Almost everyday i checking my email box and waiting to hear from you, i think it's great to have somebody, you can think of when you go to work, when you sit at work or at home, when you go shopping, when you walk in park.
You know, I started thinking that if we go further, earlier or later we shall decide to meet. Because - like i already said - you have to spend with person quite alot of time in an everyday life - if you want it to be a relationship; a serious relationship. Especially when you want a family.
And I want a family. I want you to know that I'm not looking for rich guy, i'm looking for loving, intelligent and attentive man, so i do not mind if my soulmate are not rich. I'm not rich girl too, i can say poor or middle class, my parents both hardworking people and we have enough for living, paying bills, food etc and we are happy.
I don't know, maybe I am just running too far and too fast, but it's just been a logical continuation of my thought of our relations and meeting in reality will be our step.
What I look for in a relationship, I already said. I've been serious from the begining and always tell you the truth.
I have never been in your country, but i would be so happy to visit you someday.
And i want you to know that i can relocate to another country for living if i will find out that i falling in love. Of course i'll be missing my parents and friends. I think tomorrow i will try to talk with my mom and dad about our correspondence, they asking me everyday about my life and i have to tell them that i have found you. I really hope that this letter not scare you, i am not pushing on you, i just want to know how serious you're in intentions to me.
Darling, it's not that I'm saying : Go marry me right now! :-)) ...I am not sure yet myself ..))
But let's just decide what we want from all that, okay?
I want to try to build a relationship, what do you want?
Please, be as honest as possible with me. ...even if you want us to be just friends.
I like clarity in everything, but I can not insist on anything at all.
I don't know why I started feeling kind of special for you but if you tell me you're serious too, you'll make me happy!
Nataliya Filkina
p.s. My adderess: 456783, Bazhova st. 13-47, Ozersk, Chelyabinskaya oblast, Russia
Letter 4

Hi my dear Adrian,
Thank you for your warm as always letters, i am doing ok and i always happy to hear from you. Every time I get letters from you my heart starts beating faster and - I don't even always realise it - but I have a smile when I open and read a letter from you. It seems to me that we have lots in common from the point of view of future ..
I mean we both ared family-oriented, loyal and supportive.
It's not only my feeling and intuition, it is something that I can see in you quite clearly and realistically.
I often think of you and me as "us". I even imagine us togather... You know, different situations: walking, talking, laughing )) I find myself thinking of us as a couple. ..
To tell you the truth I even told my mom and dad about you and me, and you know what? I thought they would be sceptical, but they said something like : "well, if you feel this is something serious, just go ahead and do what your heart tells you." But how can I tell for my heart?
I'm here and you're there. Maybe it's just my fantasie and not more. You're both real and virtual...I want to see you in real life, I want to see your face, your eyes, see how you smile and hear how you speak. I felt I want to take a vacation, get on a plane and fly to you !! ) No, really, what do you think if I take a vacation from work in January or February and fly to you?
Well I have to finish my letter now. I'm looking forward to hear from you.
Many Kisses and Hugs,
Your Nataliya
Letter 5

Hello honey!
I want to wish you MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!
Today it is most wonderful day in the year.
This Christmas we meet very far away from each other, but i hope next Christmas and all other holidays we will meet only together.
Million Kisses
Yours Nataliya
Letter 6

Hi honey,
Thanks for the letter. I've got web camera from one friend of mine and took a video clip at work, so you can see that you talking with a real person, hope you'll like my video.
I'm very pleased that you want to see me, i am sure it'll be romantic and wonderful meeting. I think it is better then millions of e-mails, right?
I am sure this meeting will help us to learn each other and take a right decision about future and maybe we will be a good couple. It'll be better if i will visit you there because i want to see your life there, i want you to show me your area, relatives and friends, learn your calture because oneday if we will fall in love i will stay there for living with you.
I have some news regarding my trip. First, I have talked with my boss about vacation and i can get 2 weeks off from the begining of January till the middle of February and i'll be happy to spend it with you if you don't mind.
Yesterday i met a friend who going to see her boyfriend in to the UK, she just approved visa and going to fly there 29th this month and she recommended me one travel agent and today i had a phone conversation with a manager about trip details.
They offered me the same travel package, which includes: International passport, tourist visa, medical insurance and of course round-trip tickets. Price of the package depends of airfare class, i chose economic class and it'll cost me 950 US dollars for everything from Chelyabinsk International airport to London.
They guarantie that visa will be approved, but here is one big problem - it's too expensive for me, you know my salary only 8 000 rubles a month, it's around 250 dollars and i just get paid.
Can you help me with the rest expencess?
Paperwork usually takes from 1 to 3 week, but I don't know exactly now, because of Christmas and New Year holidays. But i will try to check and maybe i can travel in a week and we will spend together your vacation. What do you think?
Honey i want you to know that I'm thinking of you all the time and seems that I know you for a long time, I'm serious and I know that we can be happy together. let me know what do you think.I have to go home now. Thanks for the pictures i liked them alot.
I Kiss you,
Always Yours,
p.s. almost all pictures i sent you took my mom for me at their appartment
Letter 7

Hi Adrian my sweetheart,
I am very happy to get an answer from you today and thanks for the video, really nice and funny:-)I'm sure that we will be excellent couple. I feel that I'm falling in love and all i know I have never such a feelings before to a man who are so far away. I am so excited and happy and can't wait to tell this good news to my parents. I know that i will not be dissapointed. Thanks for the understanding my financial situation honey. I will need 700 dollars from you and the rest 250 i will pay them myself. Also i will try to ask agency to make plans faster but don't promise. As for the arrangments.
I have called to bank and asked there how to wire money to Russia safe and fast: Western Union, it's easy and you just need to know my full name, city and country and send cash from any local offices with western union on my full name: Nataliya Filkina,
city: Chelyabinsk, country: Russia
and as soon as you will send money email me 2 things:
1.Your full name, how you wrote it in western union blank 2. Money transfer control number I will start making arrangments as soon as i will get the money.
I can't wait to be with you, i will make you happy. I am really excited.I so want to kiss you and hug you in real life.
I have so much love and warmth to share and i want to share it with you. Take care.Love, Yours Nataliya
Letter 8

Hi Adrian,
You not offended me, but i am upset that you think that i am trying to do something bad and talking about western union, like a main fraud in Russia. If you think this way i don't want to continue.
My dad and couple friends of mine used western union several times, they sent and received funds from Ukraine and other contries. I called to travel agency and aksed them about direct payment, but they working only with russian clients. As for the tickets. I can not approve my visa if i will not buy the whole package here.
(visa,round-trip tickets, insurance and other paperwork) For example if tickets will be bought in UK from other travel agent or from other name (you) UK Consulate will have a records, where tickets have been bought, also they must be sure that i have money for the trip, property, job and other things and can afford trip myself, also they must be sure that i do not have a sponsors (relatives, friends) abrorad and i will come to Russia after spending time in UK and will not stay there for living or illegaly to work or live with you because i will travel like a tourist.
I can not obtain another now. It means that everything (tickets, visa... ) must be bought only here. it's very important!!!!
I included scanned copy of my russian passport, so you can see that i am not a fraud. If you think that western union take a big commission, you can send me little less money, but anyway western union the most fast and safe way, either other systems or post mail. I still hope we will meet and spend a wonderful time together if you want to continue.
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