Scam Letter(s) from Elena Volkova to Gerrie (South Africa)

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Letter 1

I want to write to you the letter because I find you the interesting person. I like To communicate with people. And I want to know more about you and in this letter I want to tell to you about myself. My name is Elena. I'm from Russia city " Saint Petersburg ". Im 24 years old. I was studied in America California State University, San Jose. And finished him 5 years ago. Now Im live in Russia. My father has been given birth in America, and my mum Russian. We together live in Russia, my father left America 10 years ago. Now my parents live in the other city, in the city of Moscow. I have the sister which lives with me and she now studies at university. I have the aunt which also lives now with me. I am glad to that that I studied in America and it allows me to work now in good advertising agency. I the independent girl. But I lonely. I have no boyfriend now. I had serious relationship earlier and it last 2 years. But my former the man left me because he leaved for other city and we not to see any more with him. And now I want to have serious relationship. But I do not think to hurry up. I think that we can be friends, can more, after time. I the interesting girl. I cheerful, kind, joyful. I the optimist. I like to go in for sports. Im runing in the mornings also go to a training hall. I have no harmful habits, I do not smoke a cigarette. And I can drink only on holidays. Many friends which surround me can name of me amusing, but thus I serious. I like to listen to music and to look last examples of films as many people like. I visit clubs, but I do not do it frequently because I have free time from work only in weekend. I love walks and I love nature rest. I like to travel. But I was not in many countries, I was only in America. I want to have the happy future as many people want and I want to have family. I do not think of that to have now children. For me the main thing to find serious the man. I want that you have written to me more about yourself. What do you want to have from our dialogue? I shall wait for your story about myself. I shall wait for your letter

Letter 2

Hello my dear Gerrie
I am glad to receive from you the letter my dear Gerrie. I think of you much. And I think that will be good ideas to meet each other. And I think that we shall happily spend time and we shall have a lot of entertainment. I want that all was good. My uncle wants to help to arrive to me to you. I have no enough money be capable to arrive to you. I spoke you about that that my uncle lives in your country. And he can send money to you that you could send them to me and then I shall arrive to you. My uncle cannot send me money at once. Because he has money only on the account and cannot remove it now, because to be in travel. But he can send money to your account and then you can remove it from the account and send them to me. And we have an opportunity to be together very fast. I need in the information of your bank account. I think that you can send me it in following letter.
Yours Elena



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