Scam letter(s) from Olga Aktanaeva to Jeffrey (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Jeff!!! It was very pleasant for me to receive from you the letter as I really have become interested in you and it was interesting to me to hear your answer. I at once would like to start telling to you about myself, I shall try to tell to you all as it is possible clearly. I live in city Cheboksaryi, it is the big city and was city which it is pleasant to me and I I weather and average temperature very much do not like me am glad what to live in such city. Certainly, but to think to go there where more warmly and hot the sun as I very much like to spend time in the street when the sun. I live in an apartment practically in the center of this city together with the parents. They very remarkable people, they very much love me and I very much love them.
Very much I like to go in for sports, as I think that it is a normal way of life, and I try to give more than time for holding the body in the good form. I think that it is necessary, as it is useful, in general I respect a healthy way of life. I do not smoke and seldom I take alcoholic drinks, as I think that it rather harmful. But certainly when we gather our company the girlfriends and together spend time I can dare to drink a few fault or good ****, but only it is a little. I love such evenings together with the girlfriends as it is practically unique way to have a rest. My real representation about good rest will be to observe a sunset on the sea together and to see as it is the big disk disappears from visibility and it it not becomes visible, this simply remarkable show and I love it. Excuse me I simply such girl that I love sunsets. It seems to me, that it is very romantic. I have finished the Kazan university on a speciality the Manager. At school I had good knowledge of it and I have decided, that I will need to continue to study and think concerning my future. Now I work by the trade and it very much is pleasant to me. I think that I have rather good work by way of that she is pleasant to me as I like to work with people. I think that would like to create family with the person more provided, more morally brought up as to count that a life in Russia will not give that I want. Probably in it opinions can miss ours, but I hope that you also has in the plans to create such family and if it so to me will be very pleasant to hear it. Also it would be very interesting to me to learn more from you concerning you and your work, than you are engaged? I have many interests, like to travel as in the childhood a lot of time carried out in Russia and travelled with the parents. We carried out a lot of time together, were in the south of the country where had well a rest. But it was very much for a long time and already approximately 10 years I had not a rest as earlier. But I think that at me still in the future. I was not abroad and unfortunately did not see it, but many times saw your country on the TV and I very much like this country. Your country has more better quality and a standard of living certainly on much higher lives in Russia, and it seems to me, that this best place where people could be happy. Likely it is interesting to you why I to not find the person with whom I would like to be together at us in Russia, it rather complicated question. I want to tell that here there are good men and in general fair and kind people. But I do not want to continue the future in this country as I think that there has come time to change my life and in general all that me surrounds. I am ready to think that it will be possible to make hardly to me it, probably but if there will be such opportunity near to me there will be such person who will love me and to support when to me it becomes difficult. I hope that it really will be so.
I also very much would like to learn you better, about everything, than you are engaged and as you like to carry out the free time. What do you think concerning the Russian girl, me interestingly your opinion? My girlfriends speak me that it is very interesting idea and are glad for me that I have decided to try to find the love in other country. On your intentions how many are serious and certainly it would be very interesting to me to learn, what you think concerning family and the future, you build what plans? Also it will be very pleasant for me to inform you all that will be interesting to you. I with pleasure shall answer all your questions as you really are interesting to me and I hope that we can continue our dialogue. Tell to me about the parents, more, where they now and how frequently you see them? I hope, that have not strongly tired you with the story about myself. I with big impatience shall wait your new letter, and I hope that I shall receive very soon from you new.
Letter 2
Hello my loved Jeff!!!! It for me was very pleasant to receive your next letter. Dear Jeff, also it was very pleasant for me to speak by with you to phone and to represent that I have real dialogue, it will be fast really as I with impatience wait that day when I can strong embrace âàñm to kiss and tell that I of you I like. You even cannot imagine as I on you I miss to me so it would be desirable to meet you.
I so like to speak your name and when I recollect you to me your photo at once is recollected, you very beautiful, your person, your lips, is all to love and wait very much when all of us can see each other. My desire nevertheless is more it to meet of you and to be with you beside for me this most important in mine travel to you. I shall do all that depends on me that we could meet, I am ready to overcome this distance which divides us because I love you very my dear Jeff!!!
Letter 3
Hello my loved Jeff!!! It for me was very pleasant to receive your next letter. Dear Jeff, I also regret about that that I now not with you, I so would like it, I simply would not like, but soon we can carry out our dream.
Dear Jeff, now I have holiday and I already began to do some documents. I went to receive the reference today, I have received it, now I need to make still all other necessary documents: the ticket, visa, the passport for travel abroad and some more documents which are done simultaneously with the visa.
Dear Jeff, I also many times represented an our meeting as you meet me at the airport what at us with you happy persons, it will be fast.
Letter 4
Hello my loved Jeff!!! It for me was very pleasant to receive at once your three letters, it was very interesting to me to read them. Dear Jeff, I do not understand why you so worry because of the teeth, it at all a problem for me and at all should not be reflected in our attitudes in any way, and do not worry concerning the weight, it also is not a problem, conducting I love you such what you there is also I love you for that that you are such what is. So I do not want that you hammered such bad ideas in the head, all is fine, all is wonderful.
Dear Jeff, today I was engaged in that that invited native and close people to my holiday Birthday which will take place tomorrow that is on September, 29 as you know. It will be my last holiday which I shall mark in Russia, therefore I will need to lead it cheerfully, I shall necessarily speak you as all this has passed, I shall try to write to you tomorrow but if I shall not write to you please be not upset, well, I shall write to you necessarily next day, but nevertheless I shall try to write to you tomorrow.
I shall transfer my parents huge greetings from you, it will be very pleasant for them, I do not doubt at all. Dear Jeff, my parents are grateful to you for that that due to you their daughter became happy and it is the truth and I am very happy that I have met in the life of you, my beloved in the world, I know, that it will be unforgettable first night which we shall lead together with you alone.
I with impatience shall wait from you the next letter, with love always yours Lena.
Letter 5
Helo my loved Jeff!!! It for me was very pleasant to receive your next letter, it was very interesting to me to read it. Dear Jeff, I thank you for your congratulations, it is very pleasant for me. Now I would like to tell to you as I have lead the birthday.
It was fine day, the sun very brightly shined, there was a dry autumn weather, barrels a cool breeze, so pleasantly caressing a leather. I have risen very much early in the morning, it was 6.00 a.m. and began to prepare for a meeting of visitors. I have put into a room the order and then we with mum have started to prepare I peep. I the daddy has taken a compensatory holiday on work and all the day long helped us with mum. We have covered very big table as many visitors expected and has left so. By 5.00 p.m. visitors have started to come and finally the quantity of visitors has reached 30 person. With it there were no problems as the room was big and all easily there have gone in.
We have perfectly lead evening, beforehand have thought up various competitions and was very cheerful. There were many gifts. It was a pity that you not on this holiday, I looked at my girlfriends which were with the guys and to me was very sad in this occasion.
Dear Jeff, I still all have not received that package which you to me have sent, it is very a pity that it has not reached to me. I wait it and I shall necessarily inform you as soon as I shall receive.
Dear Jeff, I so love you, I very much wait this day when we shall meet you, I shall do all that we have met you.
Dear Jeff, as to my parents them certainly it is sad that their daughter leaves them, but they are glad for me as they see that I am happy with you and they wish me a happy life which I can find only with you my dear Jeff. write to me as there are your affairs. I with impatience shall wait from you the next letter. With love always yours Lena.
Letter 6
Hello my loved Jeff!!! It for me was very pleasant to receive at once your four letters, it was very interesting to me to read them. Dear Jeff, there are no that you, you have not caused me insult, I am not afflicted with you, you never afflicted me during all our dialogue with you, I love you. I am sorry for that that I did not write within several days, I unimportantly felt myself these days, probably I have used something in I peep poor-quality and I had temperature, today I feel much better and I at once have come to the Internet cafe as soon as was released and was glad to receive from you so much letters, I am very glad that you care of me, I do not want that you worried about me, I feel well, my mum speaks, that I so has quickly recovered because I love you and me has cured love. I think that it is right, in fact while I laid on a bed I thought only of you, I represented an our meeting, I think that it will pass very wonderfully, we shall be so a lot of time to carry spend together. Dear Jeff, I so am already happy, because I love you and you love me when we with you shall be together I shall be the happiest girl in the world and I am very glad that I have met you in the life, you mean all for me and I very much love you!!!
As to that that I have received on the birthday. My fellow workers have presented me the big color TV with the flat screen, it is very good TV, I shall leave from for my parents as in their room there is an old TV and they are very glad to look programs and cinema on the new TV. There were many bouquets of colors, also I was presented sleeping sets, perfumery, cosmetics, crystal utensils, soft toys and so any fine gifts.
As to a kitten it is the boy, its nickname - Shket, is very remarkable kitten, it very kind, tender, very much very much likes to play with me and it all time sleeps with me on my bed.
Dear Jeff, I send you photos of my parents, they were glad to receive also your photos, they are grateful to you for that that you have made their daughter happy. My parents certainly with grief release me in your country, but they know that two loving persons should be together and consequently all of them I realize. I with impatience shall wait from you the next letter. I love you, you the man of my dream, I to not get tired to repeat that I love you!!!!! Always your Lena!!!
Letter 7
Hello my loved Jeff!!! It for me was very pleasant for receiving from you at once two letters, it was very interesting to me to read them. Today to me already it is better much more, at me that we love fine state of health and fine mood that is connected to that each other. I thank you for kind words about my parents, I necessarily today shall transfer the parents your words and I know that it is pleasant to them.
Dear Jeff, I also very much love you, I every day think of you and I present our first night, yes my dear, I think of it as there will pass our first night, I think that both of us shall be happy this day and during all our further life, I believe in it because above all it there is an our love and fidelity each other. I shall be the happiest girl in the world only near to you, my dear Jeff. I am very happy that I once have chosen you on a site, you for me the man in the world and I very much you appreciate the most dear, I respect and I like. You will listen to these words yet time when I shall arrive to you, you simply tell: Has bothered! Only I joke. You it is simple so easily will not get off my caress, I of you shower with pleasant words literally, I shall speak you as I you strongly like and to hear from you the same. At us with you still all ahead. Since that moment as I have grown fond of you, I began to live really, I as though anew was born, this life I was presented by you and I am very grateful and grateful to you for it.
As to my parents you should understand them, they not in what case have no something against, they are happy for us with you, in fact they too once in the life have passed through everything because they like each other, they wish the daughter only the best and they know that I shall be happy only with you and they do not worry concerning your age as I do not worry about it, they know that I love you and consequently they are happy for me. Dear Jeff, I think that you will understand grief of my parents, in fact all this my parents, present that your daughter also will leave to live abroad, to you too will be sad, but nevertheless you wish it only good luck which she for yourselves has chosen. It only an example. So my parents are certainly sad, but they know that we with you should be together and incorrectly if we do not aspire to be together, we very much like each other and consequently we do all that we with you were together. I love you!!!
Dear Jeff when we with you shall meet that at us you a lot of time will communicate with each other, we shall find all answers to questions each other, we shall communicate much and I very much want it and very much for it I wait. Also I very much wait your next letter which you to me certainly write. Also remember that I very strongly love you!!!!!!! Always yours Lena.
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