Scam letter(s) from Olga Aktanaeva to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
Dear Michael I love chatting to you I feel you clear and closer to me adn this time by time becoming more clear we were created for each other and it is obvious thanks for you found me, I'd never daare write you a note of admire first, I am a Lady brought up that way. Darling all youjr words all your letters always bring joy and smile on my face and tears small ones of happiness in my ewyews I am gently touched by your care and proud to have met you, not any other man. OK My Love I was doing my best and now I am really tired got to go to bed to sleep, Bye my Love till tomorrow, Write me, Loving you, Alyona Hovis
Letter 2
Dear Michael I am so much happy you sent the money thank you my love Now I am happy for I have all I need to pay and come to you I love you and your way describing your feeling makes me so happy I am so much excited and I want to be yours and I want you to be mine, I love you and I want to be with you, I am dreaming you to be giving me your love and care. I am all heart of love and care, my wishes are coinciding with yours. We are created long ago to meet right this time and there's no place on Earth we could meet but here and there, and now where else. Loving you, Alyona
Letter 3
Dear Michael my Love I am so happy to get so many letters again from you, yes I also feel Alyona Hovis sounds so nice and so high and I want to be by your side and ehar you by my side so much so soon and so deep feel love. I am intriguied to see you have a surprise for me, Thank you my Love I even don't know what it can be but OK< I will be impatiently waiting, the biggest surprise will be to meet you my Love and may George Bush meeting me too. Smile. Darling thanks for million sites and description of the place where my new home is, thank you Now I know all about it. Alyona
Letter 4

Thanks my Love for I-net cards, pleased I am, and thanks for care of me I couldn't go out yesterday, all day was raining and low pressure I have bad health all time wanted to sleep so I was sleeping all day yesterday. U see my Love There are things in life that are inevitable. I'm powerless to control them. The Sun will rise and set, the tide will come in and go out, the seasons will change, the birds will fly South for the winter and return in the spring, and the caterpillar will transform itself into a beautiful butterfly. Somehow, I feel reassured by this because many other things in life are so transient - so momentary. Darling, from the moment we met, I knew that our friendship is developing into long lasting and precious relations, just as I am sure that the caterpillar will one day become a beautiful butterfly. Dearest, I believe that our love is blessed by God. It is a union of two spirits destined for everlasting happiness. Thus, you have truly become the star of my life which brings me light in this dark world, and warmth when I need it. You offer me the promise of renewal, the joy of living, the peace of mind that comes from sharing and caring, and that shoulder to lean on in times of stress. You are my Swallow from Capistrano - my precious butterfly, and I will cherish you and love you forever. This week I am going to Kiev so 2 days I won't be here in my town but Hope will have a chance to write you my Love from there. Yes my Love the earliest I can fly I think will be after 5th. But today I am not sure yet. I love you and can't also wait for any weeks more, Alyona Hovis
Letter 5
My Love Michael I am flying in heavens from the interesting feeling of Love the magic one the Blessed I feel to be loving you and I can't believe it is still existing on the Earth and thank you for loving me. When I see your photos again and again and read your words I feel blessed, thanks for compliments for flame of fire burning through your letters and giving me the certain energy that covers all my boduy and pierce me through...I feel the magic dove flying over me and it must be a sign of Love sent from you from hevaens. I have no future without you any more and I will come to you for three months if you wish. Loving you, Alyona Hovis
Letter 6
My Prince I am so happy to get your letters and today was at the Travel Agency they asked me to give them more precisely. PITTSBURG or maybe PITTSBURGH... Maybe these are two diferent cities, tell me my love, I don't wnat to fly to another state and get atstray there my Beloved. Darling I feeyour care and that's great Darling of sure parents adn friends are important to me but life goes on and I want to have my own family and if you live there and desevre me I will be there if you ever let me down I'll fly out to Ukraine to my parents as they will never do that, I rely on you and don't thiunk you ever can let me down you love me too much to be bad so I love you too, thank you darling, your Alyona Hovis
Letter 7
OK My Love Michael, I see, becasue sometimes you wrote the word Pittsburgh without "h" at the end and with One letter "t" so I relied on you and the Travel Agent didn't find any, but after we found the International Pittsburgh airport and now I am safe and sound and totally feel I will be met by you my love, tomorrow I am leaving for Kiev and will write less but any way rememeber my love, I will be happiest lady in the world I am sure you'll never let me down and this dream will come true I will love and will be loved this will happen namely to me and no other lady, I am so happy. I am sure you are reliable and faithful and never let me down, OK forget my love. Darling I am happy to knwo yuor family more you described more, thanks. Love is love and really never changes if this is true one. I am also getting addicted to you and wish to emet you in person as to write only is not enough for me any more, Loving you, anda sending you night kisses, Alyona Hovis
Letter 8
My Love Michael today I am busy all day could hardly get to Kiev and find the way to get to I-net so I want to write you even in short but say that I love you and I want to be with you and tomorrow have an appointment I will fight for you and me, for us together to make us happy, my LOVE. I am a little nervous for tomorrow, but that's OK I will go and fight my love for you and me to meet, I am sure I will win but somewhere in the depth of my sub conscience I feel it'll be really hard, my Love I also feel angels flying over my head and maybe above yours, I am dreaming to be by your side and I will be happy when we meet, I am already happy now but I am twice and million folder timers happy will be when we meet, my LOVE. Good night my Sweetheart, you'll be in my dreams, you are my LOVE, Your Alyona Hovis
Letter 9
Darling your server sent me my letter back. Did you get it or not? Dear Michael my Love I am so much excited fort today all is over and I have had this difficult test on being courageous to endure the appointment in the Embassy it was really difficult and I thought it would last for all eternity but I didn't fail it and I hope I could pass this test I was holding my head raised and it was hard but pleasant to talk to an official and feel I can speak and can assure that I am a common tourist and can go and then be back. Of sure my Love I feel we will have A Chance to marry and be happy there, My Love I am going to search for the airport in advance as I have hours before the train takes me home for the next time in Kiev I won't lose time for search of airport and will go and check if the ticket is OK and ordered and flight to be namely to your Pittsburgh my LOVE, Loving you, Alyona Hovis
Letter 10
My Dear Michael, my Love, thanks my Love for million letters you wrote me and I am so much touched, but darling I couldn't be in chat yesterday as last night I was in the train, how could I chat then? OK I am back home now and need some rest in the evening I will write you more, but My Love thanks for the support, thanks for care, I hope your address will work well, Darling awful news you told me of, No I didn't hear it but I didn't hear news for 3 days I am in the road no way to see TV but I don't worry, I love you and it matters to me for you care of me, I hope you were far from that accident and you are safe and sound my LOVE. I feel great when you speak of family values I love you for that too, you are so nice, thanks for all small letters you wrote, I feel so much cared, my Love I think the Visa processes passed OK, I was at the airport and checked all is OK< the only one thing appeared to be unexpected. I didn't know it can be the way it is. When I came to the airport I came to the clerk to learn all of the flights to Pittsburgh She was so polite to help me know everything I needed, she also informed me not to forget that that according to the law (after the terrorist actions of the 11th of September) all foreign citizens must have some money to show it at the Ukrainian customs to be let out of Ukraine & let in the USA I asked what is the minimum sum and was said that the minimum is $1000 US. Darling, I know that this news is awful, don't be upset please, I'll not spend it of course, as it's just a formality so I'll give you it back in the airport on my arrival. Dear Michael, could u send me please this money. Please remember I won't spend a piece of it and give it to you back, as I need it only to declare at the Customs, no payments. I am looking forward to meet you. Your Alyona Hovis.

Letter 11
Dear Michael My Love tonight I am not able to chat I feel still worn out after trip to Kiev and back 12 hours nearly, by train, I want to meet you and do my best to make it happen, my love this week end I am not sure I can talk to you, but I think I'll try to find this coming week to find the day to talk to you, my LOVE, My Darling thanks for care, I do believe in you and me and will never let you go, Darling thanks for support, I knew you'd never let me die even in black times, thanks my Love I really will need this money only to declare in the declaration and give it to you back straight in Pittsburgh airport, my Beloved. Darling I want to ask you what to do if I ordered the ticket on the 10th of February, is it too early? I thought to make it ASAP, but you say now I need to make it on the 14th, tell me what to do, my LOVE, Darling I love you so much but unfortunately I can't help to add money to the 1000$, you see why...because to go to Kiev I spent 50$ for my way and trip and all expenses, so the next time I will need 50$ more to go to Kiev to stay there and eat food, so my LOVE. But I think I will safe till 100$ for any unexpected circumstances, maybe I will need more food maybe taxi not to be late, anything better more than less, you know my wages not high so 100$ is nearly one month wages, so I really need your help, but don't worry my Love I will give this money back to you right at the airport, I am praying God lead us meet together and be blessed for all our lives, Loving you, Alyonushka Hovis
Letter 12
My Love Michael I am so much touched, today after long days of rain 2 days raining it all got frozen I was afraid to fall moving to work and back and now moving to I-net cafe I was afraid to fall something terrible happening here, but it doesn't matter for could outside inside I feel your love and care, thanks my darling for your care, thanks for you have a chance to help me to get the money for the Customs, much more thanks for your care for you will send 200$ extra it is really honorable step from your side, you take care of me and even over care for me, Darling that is ok if you can get money on the 31st I'll be taking the ticket namely on the 10th and will be with you asap, the earlier the better. My Love I want to write you BIG LETTERS I LOVE YOU TOO, but I have no different type of letters only these kind, My Love I am begging you not to write with small type, you are writing for the second time, it is hard for me for my eyes to read I have to tense my eye sight so much...
Letter 13
Dear Michael my Love I am going to share my feelings with you, your words give me pleasure and love, care and respect, My Love I will be happy to come to you on the 10th or 11th and then celebrate St. Valentine's Day together, it is specially holiday for all Loving people, we are not an exception, thanks to God. I pray and God will answer me and you and I am also sure we won't rteewat each other bad way, I lvoe you so much, Alyonushka
Letter 14
Darling your next letter impressed me to say I love you more and more, MY Love I am making my plans for the 10th and will be happy to be with you then. I'm proud of you and happy to haev met you. We'll be a great family loving each other unconditionally truly deeply. I will love your cat like I love you no matter my love, I do care of you and want to be with you. We will do altogether if we can shopping rest anything I love you and wnat to be with you, Forever yours, Alyona Hovis
Letter 15
My Love Michael I am so happy to say You are my LOVE and all your million letters are pleasant for me to see, my darling the type 12 is OK, 14 is big already harad to readn and you once wrote 10 or smaller it was terrible to read too, but happy medium is a good deal. My Love I am going to send you a photo some more and jhope you love me there too, darling I am impatiently waiting for we can talk but more than that I am waiting for us to emet and kiss and talk to kiss and talk to talk and kiss, but I feel we won't have toime to talk at all, flash of energy and and passiona and **** will explode and over cover us both my LOVE. For me my family is also important and yours now too. I love you and need you so much, I love surprises and like chocolate and want you to be my man forever and we'll hiukle and travel together forever, Love you and can't imagine any more any day without you, I will go to see Salt Lakes I heard of them, want to see now. Thanks for support my Love without you, my trip to Kiev would be not so successful, I am praying all to go through and we will meet, my Beloved.
Loving you, Alyona
Letter 16
My Love U sent me invitation to chat and I came in but you are not writie me back, Why? It is happenening for the 3rd time, when I ask you to chat that's OK when you ask me to chat YOU don't write me anything I am so sad, My heart is pumping too I want to be with you to live to work to rest to go to bed to wake up to have shower together to take a bath and altogehter. I thank you for my heart is pounding too, I love you and love the way you are inside and outside. Thanks for care of my parents I will be happy to have their blessing and will be happy you accompany me home to Ukraine. I love you my man and no matter what is waiting for us I already now feel it's perfect future, Loving you, Alyona Hovis
Letter 17
Darling I am in chat again you wrote million words, I am here writing you, I see you are not on line, sorry Alyona
Letter 18
MY Love I am sad we can't chat but at least I get your letters, No My Love your type is still small, please make it a little ******, at the very beginning it was OK. my heart is singing a tune when I see your letters and so sorry we can't chat. Where are you now??? Loving you, Alyona Hovis
Letter 19
MY Love Michael I am so happy to read your passionate words, I wnat to kiss and hug you and be kissed and hugged by you. I feel spring will come earlier in our hearts much earlier than a season of winter, feelings passion, **** and care this is boiling in our blood and I feel so much excited day by day our time to emet is coming closer and closer. Thanks for all your care for compliments you said about my photos. U see my Love the tattoo is the temporary one so it'll vanish in some time, don't worry. There's some sign, not sure my Love. Days are running faster and faster. The rest days run so fast and slow. Darling I will be very happy to cross our bodies and hearts and make most passionate love I ever had. Will you write me more tomorrow my love, if new photos are, please send me some, Loving you, totally Alyonushka Hovis
Letter 20
My Love I realize ou love me so much thanks for the money you sent and for the money you will send, I don't know what kind of words better to use to say THANK YOU for support for care for extra support as I feel so nice you are my LOVER My beloved my supportewr carer and so much. My Love my flight is on the 10th as I asked them first and as I told you first time I am so much happy to have you my beloved. Thanks my love for the phones and all info about you, I will keep it tight my Beloved. Here is my schedule: Trip segment: Kiev (IEV) -> Pittsburgh (PIT)
Airline: Delta Air Lines Flight: DL89
Depart: 10 February 2007, 12:25, Borispol Arpt
Arrive: 10 February 2007, 15:50, John F Kennedy Intl
Airline: Delta Air Lines Flight: DL5516
Depart: 10 February 2007, 17:00, John F Kennedy Intl
Arrive: 10 February 2007, 18:45, Logan Intl Arpt
Airline: JetBlue Airways Flight: B61297
Depart: 10 February 2007, 19:30, Logan Intl Arpt
Arrive: 10 February 2007, 21:15, Pittsburgh Intl Arpt
Travel time: 15 h. 50 m. Loving you, Alyona Hovis
Letter 21
Darling I love you so much, and no matter for tattoo is temporary but my love is eternal always, for you my love, all for you , you are my Beloved. Darling I am sure we'll have wonderful moments to tazke pohotos to remember forever. My Darling my mind and my heart and my soul are striving for you to be crossed with yours, Darling my heart is yours and I feel unconditionally loving you, totally and forever, Loving you, Alyona Hovis
Letter 22
THANK YOU FOR LOVING ME... My Love can you write a little ****** letters? 14 it must be,,, Kiss
Letter 23
Dear Michael my Love today I am so happy to see your letters again and I wnat to say THANKS for all your care and love and day by day we are coming closer to each other thanks for the numbers OK I will check and rememeber OONLY correct ones. Darling don't worry to write and send letter or any official one, you know why, we have a week ahead and we'll meet but letter may come later and maybe even not to come, so it is not to main issue, you simply take care of your health and keep your love and care for me, OK. But if ypou insist on it, OK my love write and send it, maybe it reaches in time, or simply the best way SEND IT TO KIEV AIRPORT on my name to wait for me, the best Variant nothing will happen to it and it'll take easier and faster to feliever letter there, OK. We have woonderful weather today Sunny COLD Frosty and so nice mood I have had, Loving you, Alyonushka Hovis
Letter 24
My Love I will be really happy for this year I have met my Valentine and spend this special LOVE DAT together with you my LOVE. Loving you, Alyonushka Hovis
Letter 25
Dear Michael my Love thanks for the money you sent, I trusted and trust you and never doubted, and I hope you trust me but if your Customs requires my passport and other papers I will send you with pleasure, I want you to trust me totally. You are so nice and romantic man I am your flower you are my bee, every flower needs a bee to be pollened and happy and cared of, Darling you are my gardener who will take care of me and will be happy to havae your care and support so close and so nice way my Beloved. I am praying and I am sure all will be OK, I will be really happy to emet you in your airport. I am longing at last to kiss you to hug you to feel special atmosphere and love that you'll be radiating around, and if you even have black glasses on, I'll notice your eyes radiating impatience and love, no worries. I love you and I can't find new and new words to amaze you, but all is about my LOVE to you, eternal and unconditional, Your Alyona
Letter 26
Thanks m,y Love I am the Lady of care and will ever be happy to be by your side and never let you go, I want you to be my Angel of Care I will be yours. My heart belongs to you my care is all for you, thanks for the letter I'll print it out and offer any place it is required. I love you so much I need you so much I want you so much, Loving you, Alyona Hovis
Letter 27
My Love thanks for care I am so happy this all words in letters are for me, thank you my Love thanks for you are proud of me, thanks for you trust me, thanks for you care of me, thanks for you are loving and touching man I can't believe I am not sleeping yet I am in life and it is blessing my LOVE I can't wait till the day to meet comes, my Love the problem I can't talk to yuo today tomorrow and week ends is that my friend got Influenza aned you see I am not willing to get sick and then miss my Plane so better I don't go to ehr plkace not to catch cold I will wait without talking to you for nopw but I will be healthy... Do you think you can bear a week more and then meet me my LOVE? Youa remy Saviour to protect me my Knight to take care of me, My Bee who will pollen me, you are my Love and Beloeved forever. Thanks for care my Love I will use your advice of speech with Customs where we meet and where I am so happy my Love to have you caring of me. Thanks for care of the 14th date we will have dinner great, no matter where even at home with frineds but I will be pleased as this is you and me together... Loving you, Alyonushka
Letter 28
Thanks my Love for all romantic letters for me I love you so much and I want you to know it all the time.I will be happy to see you and your snow is nice, now we have snowy weather too and I love that but it may melt too. Sad deal. I need you romantic affectionate man, my LOVE. I love the wya you think we will eat together sleep cuddle and all the rest it'll be awesome. No matter which city or state will go we will be happy I'll be by your side and wish to emet your family relatives, all. Thanks for care and treatment me like a Queen lady...We will be loving each other marry and live long lasting loving life together . Forever yours, Alyona Hovis...
Letter 29
Dear Michael my Love yesterday I didn't have enough free time to come and write ypou, I was swamped with work and got too tired to go out, the weathewr changes so soon. i'll be happy when we meet and together go shopping and have nice time and life all love and care. I don't need the money after you pass in case, I don't wna tto talk about it at all. Never tell me anything that way, OK. U are my man I neevr want to lose you any morally spiritually or phisically... You are darling, you are valued...I love you, Alyona
Letter 30
Dear Michael my Love your wonderful words. O love you too, I cherish your love, I want you to be mine I want to be happy with you and I am sure you are the One man who will make me happy. Thanks my love for your care, of things for women, shower gel and so on. I feel so much care of me, over me, around me and behind me, I can't believe, Sending you my hottest kisses, Alya
Letter 31
My Love I am reading your next letters, Sorry I didn't realize what kind of sites you sent me, what for? Maybe it is life and death issue and I must takea care of it, I didn't see the idea really. OK. Tell me. My Love don't worry I am not sick I am ok, no better to say I am sick with you, I am in love with you and this disease is not able to be cured...I am so happy and proud for you are proud of me as my heart is your heart and no way to change my mind any more. Our life and destiny are connected and crpssed together and I will never wish to leave you and never let you go, your Alyona Hovis
Letter 32
My Love I am not able to chat right now, Please go to sleep and rememeber of me, let it be in your sleep I'll come to you and kiss you, I love you, Your Alya Hovis
Letter 33
MY Love Michael Hovis I am so happy you are by my side. Thanks for your Love I love you too, Nothing can separate us, I am so happy. My heart is from Ukraine but belong to an American man. I need your love and no matter what isa going to meet on our way we will stand it tough. Becasue of our hot love the snow will melt, you are right my man. You are my Prince my Knight, my LOVE. I love you and need you so much, Alyona Hovis
Letter 34
My Love the weather here is very changable first snowstorms, then melting then snow and frost again and again melting but in my heart all is stable I am loving you and I can't be happy without you my Man. My Love to watch movies while cuddling is so pleasant deal. Thanks for care for surpise and for good treatment to me. I will be happy to get a surpirse and be excited my Love, cnadle dinner it's great, so romantic, intimatic and nice, Loving you, Alyonushka Hovis...
Letter 35
I love you so much all my thoughts are about you, you can't believe how much I nend you. Ny heart is yearning and I am sure your love is giving me so much energy that I can't stand loneliness any more, my soul is yours and want my destiny top be yours. And yours tyo be mine, I can't believe this Saturday we are going to meet, my LOVE is growing. On Thursday I am packed all, go to Kiev to be there on Friday to get papers in my hands and fly out to you on Saturday my BELOVED.
Letter 36
Dear Michael my Love, I am so happy to get all Your Love letters, my heart is open for you, all days and nights I think of you, you are my Beloved you are the person I want to devote to Love and my Life to, I want this to happen to you and me we will meet and be happy, my Heart needs you, forever and totally. My love my size is 36 you have another measure system so don't worry we will go together and try on the slippers together, I love you so much my Beloved, I need your care and love. I use creams for shaving, don't worry we will go shopping together and buy some soft and caring cream. We have cold weather here...Thanks for care I will go to Kiev by train. I am touched for you read of Ukraine and life and customs it means real care of me, you are doing your deal perfectly, no one never not done nothing to me better than you do I feel you through, you feel me through too. No problems will scare me to come to you, I will go by train not bus nor a plane, plane is too expensive... I can't believe Thursday is coming I am packed sitting on sofa with packed bags around only two but big I love you and took only necessary women's trifles. I wish to be with you right now, Loving you, Good night to you my Beloved, Your Alyonushka Hovis
Letter 37
My love what is this money for? I don't know wherer to use it, nevertheless thanks...
Letter 38
My King of Love and Care, my darling I am so happy you are in my destiny playing a leading role a key role. We have warm weather but in Moscow it is 0-15, so in 2 days we will have the same, but I don't care as I am taking my bags and tomorrow go to Kiev, my Love if you sent me money for the plane unfortunately it is too late and I won't have a chance to get a ticket for one day, but thanks for care I will come to your state and city and spend it there already, I love you so much and can't believe so soon we will meet, I want it, I want man...All sky and heavens are for us, angels are flying around us. Oh my love to have a good mattrass is a good way for health and love making...All life is ahead, and it maybe Black and White times, but all is up to us, the way we trteat it the way it is, we will laugh and smile and all will be easy, Good night, Lovijg you, Alyona Hovis
Letter 39
My Dear Michael, my Love I have no words to tell you... I'm writing you from Kiev, to tell the truth I am in a terrible mess. Honey on my way to Kiev in train thieves stole my bag with the money you sent me and some private things. All that stuff is not very valuable except money you sent me. Darling, you know I'm shocked, puzzled I hope that police will help me and I will get the money back, but I doubt. Our police is not the item to rely on. The worst thing is that I won't be let from the Ukraine through the customs gate and won't be let to fly to you, my LOVE. On the mercy of fate, ticket was waiting for me at the airport and the visa with my passport I got today too in Kiev, so the rest is safe, but the Customs money is the necessary and obligatory thing to declare. Honey I pray and hope that the police will help me, they will trace the thieves. Ahead of me today was a long day in the Police Department, I had to tell them when and how it happened. You know, sweetheart, I was as careful as I only could. I kept the money in my underwear but I had to go to the lavatory, so I put it in my smallest bag and left it in the compartment. I was alone there , so I locked it with the key and left for 5 MINUTES ONLY. When I returned I found out that it was unlocked and my bag was no more there. it was time for the stop between some suburbs and the thieves must have left at that stop unfortunately. So the rest of my way to Kiev was terrible and awful, I was crying, I was beyond myself and the lady in the train gave me some pills to calm down my nerves. Again in the Embassy I asked was it obligatory or not to have that sum of money with myself, they said I had to consult customs department in the airport, I was there right now and I know for sure now I will not be let through the customs , honey please help me if you can. I hope of course that the police will find the thieves but if not, there is not too much time. I cannot help crying, darling, I am so sorry your money was stolen, darling, if I only could predict I'd never go to toilet at all, I'd die in a carriage of need to ***, but I can't believe it happened to me, it was your money, I know it's a lot of money, but for now it is the only obstacle for us to meet, I wish we can solve it. I have no one here in Kiev to borrow this money from, my relatives cannot help me either. But I need it till tomorrow Afternoon, I rely only on you. I love you and I believe in us, darling, maybe it is a cruel test for our love set by GOD, though I do not believe it was his wish to make those terrible thing to me. I do not know what to think now, I just hope for the best , please just do not change your feelings towards me, I know you're hurt now, but if I could only foresee that...
Waiting for your reply, Alyonushka Hovis
Letter 40
My Love where are you...???I have no words express my sadness, I have no words. I am so much distressed and have no words to predict my future. I can't believe to live without you any more, Alyona Hovis
Letter 41
I love you so much and pray for all to happen well.
\Ddelta won't help me, I love you no matter what happens, my heart is yours
Letter 42
No matter how maany hours it'll take I am waiting, my love, u are mine forever, Your Alyona Hovis
Letter 43
My Love I don't know why they say that way I am flying to you, tomorrow, I don't know why life plays to me..I am running to make a copy of ticket and send it to you, I don't know what is confirmation number, I simply have the ticket and I am ready to fly to yuo, I need you, I love you, I wat to be only you with, I am all head mee\ssed, Why Delta plays to me? I am serious and I will convert the money in Traveller's checks, I am following your advice.. Of sure I will give you money back and debts will be payed, I love you, Alyona
Letter 44
I will find the place I can make copy of ticket if you need it, it is so hard, strange city, strange people and all around hard to live around I can't survive if you don't trust me and don't help me I will die, Please help me, I can't believe my future without you I need you my Love
Please be with me, No money can break my love to you, I don't need your life empty and don't want to have my life empty without you, I need you, Your Alyona Hovis
Letter 45
My Love I will try to call and get you, thanks for care, I ened you, very much, I will be with you tomorrow, Love you, Kisses, Alyonushka Hovis
Letter 46
My Darling you are my Man I thank you for care I thank you for love, my dream is to be with you forever. I am going to take the money for one hour as it may close, I am not sure if it is night and day working Western Union here...My Love write me back now, if you sent one sum totally or there's another letter that must come, I can't believe this happened to me I don't wnat to lose the clue and will eb wtih you tomorrow, Loving you, Alyona Hovis
Letter 47
Dartling I am keeping the money toight I love you, thank you I am trying to find the scanner and copy ticket to you, and find the free phone to call you, I need you my LOVE.
Your Alyona Hovis forever yours
Letter 48
I want to love you and be with you and tomorrow I will be with you my heart needs you, I need your love and forever will be with you, I need you by my side tomorrow I will be there, I am so happy at last I can have relaxation, I lost all energy and now I feel so much relieved, Loving you, Alyona Hovis
Letter 49
My Love I am OK, I am here waiting impatiently till my flight is announced I am going to be with you tonight, For now all is behind and nothing more stops me my Love, any way I will write you later before the flight, OK, my LOVE, I've converted money into cheks now I feel safer.
Your Alyonushka Hovis
Letter 50
OK my Love I am leaving I-=net try to safe as much money as I can, I mean no need to waste spare money, papaers are restored and I am able to fly right now but I will need to wait a little more, it is 10.00 here Love you my Love...
Letter 51
Dear Nichael One more hour ahead and I am havng problem, Maybe Devil is mocking at us not to meet, But I am striving to meet so much. I am still at the airport, as I've been told to pass one department here dealing with the relatives bounds and so on. I do not know how to write it to you for you to comprehend. You see my father has a brother and his brother is a real *******, he is in the prison for 6 years already and will be there for 3 more. He ***** one girl long ago, but we have never had any warm relations with him and he is not "an uncle" to me at all, I mean spiritually. I don't know him at all. But as he has the same surname his crime was seen by the officials here via the computer database. I spoke for an hour with the chief manager here and I begged him to understand my situation, but he said rules and laws are strict for them. But as I probably felt there was only one way, I offered him money, he asked how much...I did ask him how much he wanted from me. He told that 500$ would be enough. I told I have no money and what if I give him the part of my entry money, and go to the USA with 550$, he rejected, telling that he has no ties with the customs people and that they do their work and he does his. Darling, I had to act urgently, but my flight has already taken off. My thoughts are mixed and I don't know how to tell you the whole situation for you to understand. Darling, you see if a person has some relatives who dealt with crime he cannot be let abroad. Darling, I hope you will forgive me I am shocked , but I know that our love will win, I am sorry I didn't mention about it earlier, I do not consider him my relative at all, but you see because of him I have problems now. Please write me as soon as possible, your Alyona Hovis
Letter 52
I am doing my best I have traveller's checks in my pocket but I can't fly out I postponed my ticket and still at the airport the plane has take off. I can't believe I am not there I can't believe I am in strange city and can't see you this night
I can't see you and make love to you, kiss you and be with you tonight. I feel so sad about it, my LOVE, Alyona
Letter 53
My Darling there's no problem to get another ticket the problem is they put a veto on my dociuments I can't have my Visa back and passport too, my papers are in Police Department and I can't get the on plane if I don't have the papers I can't get on plane, I am so sorry my LOVE I can't be with you tongith I am doing all from my side and I hope I'll do my best but without this bribe ****** people ask for, I realize you paid all your money adn you have no more, but I am still here and my heart is breaking to pieces...I have to clear my name, I need you and your support without it I feel so sad and strengthless.
Your Alyona Hovis
P.S. In airpoirt phoner boothes are only for city call and Ukraine call, but informational service numbers are not allowed to use, I mean operator or ticket cleark or Cusdtoms officer all have phones but they don't allow to use, even in Police.
Letter 54
Darling of sure my name is clear but my father's brother blackened it out and now I can't have my papers if I don't pay them the money, if I do they will close their eyes and give me back my papers and I will fly out to you tomorrow, What to do I don't know why must we be apart? I can't belieev, my Love 2 ways out: any of them doesn't let me come to you... 1. I pay them 500$ and free to fly but I have only 500 left and no way to cross Customs...
2. I don't pay and go back home but they will NEVER let me go through abroad...Even after you come and marry my name will be blackened and Visa will be put a VETO on me Forever... Any way is bad if you don't help me my love, I realize you have no more money but I have no one to ask for help but the Beloved man I have, You, my Honney, Forever yours, Alyona Hovis...
Letter 55
Dear Michael ! I am so sorry for this is to you and me happening, I will follow your advise, thanks. I am here to meet you and want to be with you, I will do it. I will take the ticket asap, I wnat to meet you, Alyona Hovis
Letter 56
Thanks my Love Michael, you see your care, your support,m your love eneded to me, I don't wnat you to sell anything...Love you, Alyona
Letter 57
Deear Michael my Love I am waiting for your letter, but not this is the main thing I am dreaming to emet you and kiss you and hug you and be together and later in few years I hope all bad will be forgotten only good times remain, my Beloved...Alyona Hovis
Letter 58
My LKove I am loving you I didn't get money today only tomorrow morning, today Saturday they closed early, it is Ukraine, even if it is WRITTEN DAILY WORK they may have million reasons to colse early, I want to be with you tomorrow, I am trying to clarify for free seats for now, I have no clear answes, many reserved seats and if they decline the reservation then I'll have free seat if not then not, I love you. Your Alyona
Letter 59
Thanks for the money my love I got it safe and changed so now I am able to get thinking only of the flight...Wait a little I am still up, Love Alyona
Letter 60
Darling I am happy you care of me but unhappy tomorrow no free seats, I am trying to find other flights other airlines any way I want to be with you, maybe Delta has flight on Monday and has free seats, I am so sorry, but I am hoping maybe tomorrow morning I will be waiting for maybe some person declines his resertvation and that ticket will be mine, GOod night my love I am going to go and fiight more but not sure if I can stand all night without sleep, thanks for support, I am fighting for our Love, Your Alyona Hovis
Letter 61
My Love I am here and still today no ticket is free now I am looking for tomorrow for Monday, my old ticket is out of registration and now you won't find my name if you even try to find you won't find now I am in the air between the sky and land and I am looking for seat in the plane to come to you, thanks for help, thanks for support Loveing you, Alyona Hovis
Letter 62
My Love I am doing my best I had a night in close to airport rented room, it is possible for 20$ to rent a room, hotel cots more the cheaper ones are all occupied, I am so sorry, I am tryign not to eat much to keep money safe and in needed amount, Love you, thanks for support, praying for tomorrow to have a free seat...Alyona Hovis
Letter 63
Dear Michael I am here my Love, thanks for care, thanks for help to get a free seat on the plane, yes Delata doesn't work. I miss you so much I wnat to be by your side I can't believe I could be with you soon but I am still here and you there, Love, Alyona
Letter 64
My Love I am going to take a sleep as tomorrow will be a hard day, I am string to get the ticket tomorrow Delta will work and we will meet, I love you, thanks for support, I am healthy and safe, thanks for all you are doing for me, my LOVE, Your Alyona Hovis
Letter 65
I am so sorry my Love, MyDarling, I've no time for emotions as I'm writing from the police general study and behind me there is a militia man. I have to tell you something: when I was in the airport one woman came to me and asked me if I was going to the storage cell to put my luggage there and I said yes. She offered me to call the clerk to help us both to bring her and my luggage, I agreed and she put her two suitcases near me and said: "Stay here and I will call the clerk. I agreed and thought that it would be cozy for me not to lift such heavy things by myself but to call the clerk. So she went to call him and put her cases on the floor near me. I have been waiting for 5 min when I saw some policemen with one girl coming to me. That girl was pointing to the suitcases by my side and cried something loudly. They came up to me and told me that I was arrested as for theft. I was astonished and puzzled, I didn't know what was happening. They took me to the police department and told me that the cases which were standing near me were stolen and I was a thief. I began to tell them that a woman came to me asked to look after her luggage and she might be a thief ,but they didn't believe me and told that there was no woman noticed with such an appearance I've described. So now I am totally depressed. I asked them what was the way for me to be free as I have to fly to you,so they advised me a kind of ransom: to pay them 400 American dollars. I do not know what to do, darling. I know you must hate me already. Please forgive me and advise something. I love you , your Alyona Hovis
Letter 66
My Love I am so sorry, my head go pop and I am all mixed up, I can't believe this is happening to me and you, I can't go out I can't go ahead I can't go back, my heart is dying for you and me not to meet, No more life without you, SO sorry for I give you only problems, you spent all on me, Love must be worth of that I can't believe again I got my *** in trouble. I feel in mess in ****, heart is dying and I am ready to commit a suicide for sake of our Love for you and me, I want to be with you, I feel God doesn't want us to meet, money all the time stands on my way, money is only piece of papers but all they need them to ask for letting me go further, either one then another, I can't stand better die, Loving you, so much, Alyona
Letter 67
I can't believe I have to go back, I can't believe it is finishing I so much want to be with you, No matter if FBI helps me and you or not, but we won't meet soon, you will start getting money back to come here it'll take years I will die here, Alyona
Letter 68
Thanks darling I feel not much better but a little, thanks for support, I ened you, I am so sorry for all this turned to be so bad way, Love Alyona
Letter 69
Nothing good my Love, I am all in mess what to do, I don't wnat to pay them but I feel so sad for we can't meet, I love you, Alyona
Letter 70
I wrote you a letter I am OK and thankful. Love Alyona
Letter 71
I am back home Michael, U willo be very sad when you know Ukraine is so freak country, many reasons:
1. I have no mobile or any other ophone for you to call here
I ddin't see friend I am crying fofr not see you
2. Ticket is non-refundable, you may call Ukrainian airport you will know it too
3. I want to die, get ***** and forget all this
I won't go to work, I am so sad to see those faces laughing at me for I am silly couldn't go through customs, I want to be with you
But now I feel I am in so great mess
4. I have some money but have no ID, as my ID is in Kiev at the police, they left it and Visa is not valid NEVER IN MY LIFE I WON'T BE ALLOE\WED TO GO TO ANY COUNTRY MY NAME IS SPOTTED EVERYWHERE. **** THEM ALL, Alyona
Letter 72
Thanks for care, sorry I ***** and don't care, I will send money when havea time, don't help me, I have funny drinking tonight with girls , no matter when we meet, Alyona
Letter 73
Hapy Val Day, sorry you think so bad of me, Alyona
Letter 74
you said "*******" scammer to me, it killed all love in my heart, I so sory. Alyona
Letter 75
It's too good home to be true, come and that way only you can be herer, I will NEVER be allow to cross border, you maY MOVE TO UKRAINE TO LIVE ONLY, ALYONA
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