Scam letter(s) from Larisa Aistova to Alan (Australia)

Letter 1
Dear Alan. I am glad, that you have time to answer my letter. We are familiar with you small quantity of time, but with each day I understand, that I wait your letter more. you are very interesting to me and sometimes it seems, that I know you already for a long time. dear I want to inform you that I live in city Kanash in Russia. I to not speak you it before because I to think that you then to not want with me to communicate. It is a pity, now to woman from Russia very difficultly to find the serious relations with the man from other country. But I the very friendly relations will hope very much that at us and we shall write each other letters each day. Alan I very much hope that you will write to me the letters each day and when will not forget to do it. Many people do not like to speak about their last relations. But I feel, that you very close for me and I can entrust to you it. My last relations with the man were finished about one year ago. We had the serious relations and even 3 months lived together. I was disappointed with Russian men, as they do not respect the women. Lovely I already wrote to you that I find myself by the attractive girl. But my previous man could not it appreciate. The main problem at Russian men it that they drink of alcohol much and change to the women. I hate a deceit. I consider that main it is honesty and trust. I feel, what you, Alan, the good and kind man. I saw on TV that the people from other countries more respect the wives and they live more happily together. Dear Alan, I want to learn, whether you have the woman now? Whether you can tell about the last relations? I want to know, what qualities in character the woman you consider important? What woman you want to see in your house? What woman is necessary to you to create strong family? Dear Alan I hope, that you will not complicate to answer my questions. If you want to learn more about me, you can not hesitate to ask it at me. I with pleasure shall answer your questions. Now I shall go on training on volleyball, after that I shall go home. Good bye, yours Larisa.
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