Scam letter(s) from Maria Rostova to Wes (UK)

Letter 1

Hello my dear and the most desired Wes!!!
During a holiday of new year the Internet of cafe 2 days did not work.
And I could not write to you at this time.
I have lead New Year's holidays perfectly.
We were with girlfriends on a New Year tree and to us was very cheerful!
But I certainly very much did not have you.
At last my daily life has changed.
My dream really seems turns to a reality.
And we is fast, yes I think that very soon we shall together.
I am very glad that you want to be with me, that you want me to meet.
It is simply wonderful.
I cannot express all pleasure at all.
At me simply fine mood.
Certainly today has brought some good news.
First of all this that that I have received from you the letter.
And the second good news, this that that I has received the letter from the sister.
Certainly all this not as would be desirable me...
My sister and her husband have money only for the travel.
And it is not enough for my arrival to you.
They tried to use credit card Bill.
They cant bank money in our country from his card.
He can make transfer only to credit card bank of USA, and to receive money here from his account it is not possible.
And at me does not remain other way how to forgive you about some help.
Can you receive money from a credit card of husband of my sister and then send this money to me?
I think that it is the best way of the decision of this problem.
It is necessary for they to know number of account of your credit card that might transfer money to your card.
Also need to know Routing number, your full name (first, last and middle name),
address of bank and Credit Line.
After money you will arrive to you would take them and have sent me.
I think that it would be the best way of an exit from this situation.
You can take advantage for this purpose of the majority populare of system of remittances - the western Union.
Dear do not overlook to inform me when money will come on your account!
Also they very much worries that you can deceive him.
I know, that you are not capable to deceive, but before he will send money,
they wants to know your correct full name, home address and phone number.
He speaks, that it with a view of safety.
He is going to help us and he very good person, but he is very cautious person.
Therefore I would give him sufficient information on you.
If all will be already good we very soon we shall together.
I think that after our meeting we should tell gratitude of mine sister and to her husband.
You agree with me?
I think, that it - good idea as we have no other variants.
I very much love the sister and she very much loves me.
Because of it she is almost always ready me to help.
I think that we with you should not have with it problems.
I very much believe you, and I want to be with you more likely!!!
You became very dear to me for an extent of our correspondence.
You simply do not leave at me a head.
This desire as a strong magnet you draw me is so strong..
And I want to be with this magnet.
I wait for the answer from you with impatience.
With the best regards and air kisses YOUR MASHA!!!
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